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  1. [Resto] 6.2 Guide and Discussion

    Yes, but it should have buffed it very little, a few % at most. I'm not sure what could be causing any significant change.
  2. [Resto] 6.2 Guide and Discussion

    Followed up in some detail on haste vs. mastery here: http://iam.yellingontheinternet.com/2015/01/16/resto-druids-haste-vs-mastery/ It's worth pointing out the none of the other stats are by any means terrible--mastery, crit, and MS are all very similar. Mastery just edges out the others slightly so it gets used for comparison. This is really about "haste vs. other stats."
  3. [Resto] 6.2 Guide and Discussion

    Haste gets basically 11.1% stronger, right. If you're like me and thought haste was better to begin with, of course this doesn't change much (well, any temporary confusion related to the breakpointing bug is now gone). If you were on the fence it does get stronger. This summary of what I think about haste hasn't changed: http://forums.elitistjerks.com/topic/132767-resto-60-guide-and-discussion/?p=2275975 Syllba: reducing Rejuv by 5% doesn't change the value of haste all that much--the spells that are unaffected by haste (SM, NSHT, Tranq, and technically the one initial Rejuv tick) are still roughly as a small a % of healing as they were before. Overall the haste buff and the Rejuv nerf are close to a wash for total healing. Depends on your haste level and a few other things, but it's generally close--guessing that's why they put in the 5% nerf, just to avoid giving us a windfall with the Haste buff (which was intended for classes for whom haste was bad).
  4. [Resto] 6.2 Guide and Discussion

    Multistrike and Crit are almost identical in value. The only material difference is crit giving LS, but that only impacts a minority of spells. They're not bad at all--our stats are very well balanced. MS/Crit/Mastery are so balanced and so similar in function it's hard to get worked up about the differences between them, but where you have a choice I think mastery edges out the other two. Haste is of course an interesting stat that does something different, and I've said above why like I it as the top stat. Versatility is odd. You can hear me talking more about it here:http://iam.yellingontheinternet.com/2014/10/25/healing-discussion-podcast-2/. I don't have much to add to that--it's still hard to predict how good raid leaders will make DPS/survivability tradeoffs, which is what Versa comes down to. There's possibly an argument that the healing team rarely wants to use Versa, since you're trading off heal ability on the whole raid for survivability that affects only yourselves, but I have to think through that more. ------- I haven't thought much about evaluating tertiary stats, but it would be good to do. Logs can probably show how much Avoidance is worth at various encounters. Leech should be easy. Sockets vs. Forged should be an easy numbers question. I don't have them right in front of me--I think on most slots and current ilvls, sockets are better for reasons people have said. And soon +50 gems will be practical to use instead of +35, making them better. But eventually the value of Forged will go up and the value of sockets will stay the same. On a 640 item with a high budget like robes, Forged adds around 10 Int and 12 secondaries. So pretty similar in value to 35 secondary already, but not 50.
  5. WrathCalcs 6.0

    No, the DPS from Int is still correct as shown in the sheet (i.e. it includes the effect of spellpower). He was just saying that the way you put it into the sheet is confusing. I posted an updated version on account of the hotfixes last week:http://iam.yellingontheinternet.com/wrathcalcs/ (the buffs shown here: http://www.wowhead.com/news=244030/class-tuning-changes-for-october-29th-blizzcon-2014-charity-auction)
  6. [Resto] 6.2 Guide and Discussion

    Yeah I'm not surprised that build shows crit above mastery. Crit was never bad per se, and more frequent SMs (which can give LS) make it better than usual. A DoC build would favor haste because DoC is only unaffected by mastery but also doesn't cost mana. I think that's a pretty real result coming from the sheet. I think the SotF-RG build is still viable, but not overpowered like people were worried. It's a really odd playstyle and some raid experience will help evaluate it (a while away still), but preliminarily seeming like an interesting and balanced option. e: Note that the sheet is probably overestimating the importance of DoC by assuming you use it during all time that you're not casting something else. Since it requires you to stay still it won't be quite that constant in reality.
  7. [Resto] 6.2 Guide and Discussion

    Saying that haste was better because of breakpoints is a bit misleading. Haste has the same value now than it did before, but it comes smoothly rather than in clumps. If you have 25% haste right now, the benefit to Rejuv is identical to what it was in Mists (plus it reduces the cast time). Breakpoints didn't make haste better in some special sense; if anything they were limiting. Before, there was no point going past X haste because you couldn't hit the next HBP. Now, you can keep going to whatever point you feel like and get a proportional benefit from it. I'm slightly glossing over the fact that you could squeeze a little extra efficiency out of HBP due to rounding up, but it doesn't change the main point. For more detail, look at the graph near the start of this post (I initially made it for something else, but it's accurate for this point too). The blue line shows the value of haste for HoTs in Mists, the red line shows it in WoD: http://iam.yellingontheinternet.com/2013/08/08/healing-theory-part-5-haste/
  8. [Resto] 6.2 Guide and Discussion

    Talked about haste for healers, haste/mastery for Druids, and various other issues, here: http://iam.yellingontheinternet.com/2014/10/25/healing-discussion-podcast-2/ NV is no inherent %healing bonus now, but it gives a 30% heal-on-heal splash:http://www.wowhead.com/spell=124974 . So still a strong throughput increase whenever multiple people are being healed by Rejuvs.
  9. [Balance] New 6.0 Rotation Discussion

    The Eclipse damage bonus varies linearly with Eclipse energy (which is what the bar shows). When you have 50 Lunar energy, you have 75% of your maximum Eclipse bonus applies to Arcane spells (so, 50% bonus at midpoint, which is 0 energy, 100% bonus at peak, which is 100 energy, linearly in between). The way the Eclipse energy varies with time is more complex--it's a sine curve, with a period of 40 seconds and an amplitude of 105 energy. Actual energy is capped at 100, resulting in the brief flat part at the top that we call the "peak." As far as spell timing, take a look at the guide here and see if you have more questions: http://www.wowhead.com/guide=2165/balance-druid-guide (I need to make a new Balance thread like I did for Resto). I've noticed the SS thing too. I think damage from Eclipse is still determined at cast end, but now I want to check (later).
  10. [Balance] New 6.0 Rotation Discussion

    That's correct, it no longer snapshots.
  11. [Resto] 6.2 Guide and Discussion

    Without any specific context, just for general purposes, my favorite build is the one mentioned in the guide--Incarnation/NV/Germination. SotF and Incarnation are both really good, but don't miss that Incarnation got a lot better since 5.0. Incarnation first became really good in the beta when Lifebloom was condensed to one stack, so you were basically spamming out triple LBs. When they changed it to Rejuv, not much changed: a half-cost 150% healing Rejuv is almost as good as a triple Lifebloom. Also, the big reason that Inc was popular early in Mists (before SotF was buffed) was how nice it was for mana savings, and that's still true. Basically both are strong talents. Inc gets a little better with Germination, which I really like using. NV usually seems better than HotW. Yeah, HotW buffs your Tranq and WG, but like Krazy says, it only has much point when there's exactly 1 phase of the fight where especially high healing is needed. Otherwise NV is a great boost on a pretty short CD. ------ It's always a truism that stacking one stat provides diminishing returns compared to other stats. Two stats A and B that both increase your healing and DPS tend to do it like Healing*(1+A)(1+B ). If A and B have equal value to start (at 0), then the best way to maximize that is to keep them equal. But if one is even marginally ahead--say A is 20% more valuable than B, then stacking A winds up being better for quite a while. Not until A gets far higher than B (around 20% or 2000 rating) would this provide a reason to start picking B. This effect is always true and rarely as big a deal as people make it out to be. You make a good point that haste/mastery items will likely be favored regardless. But you won't always have your pick of items--you have to work with what drops--and knowing what stats to favor most helps (especially when you have choose how to loot items within the raid). Also, there are a lot of cases where you choose one stat freely--all your enchants, gems, and food. There it's important to have a choice of what the strongest stat is.
  12. [Resto] 6.2 Guide and Discussion

    I hadn't see that. Any idea when it happens? Also, is the WG benefiting from SotF as well as not consuming it?
  13. [Resto] 6.2 Guide and Discussion

    As an update to that thinking, haste actually does benefit CCRG, since you get to use it proportionally more often. So it should be grouped with the HoTs.
  14. [Resto] 6.2 Guide and Discussion

    Few things: 1) Haste does still increase the number of HoT ticks--the blog post I linked in the OP goes into this in depth. 2) Healing in this 6.0 interim is going to be totally weird and basically impossible for judging anything. I explained a bit on twitter here: https://twitter.com/HamletEJ/status/522560579006103555 Dayani wrote up a whole post about it too, since I imagine she'd also seen serious consternation about this from the moment the patch went up: http://healiocentric.wordpress.com/2014/10/16/patch-6-0-2-full-of-sound-and-fury-signifying-nothing/ Point is--even beyond the fact that evaluations like "I tried haste and it felt better" are normally of limited theorycraft value to begin with, right now, observations at L90 have essentially no bearing on what we care about, which is L100. In a practical sense, 6.0 hasn't arrived yet when it comes to healer gameplay. 3) Krazy: that's a good way of breaking down haste vs. mastery's effect on spells. I would organize my thoughts on them this way: --WG, Mushroom, Lifebloom: equal benefit from haste/mastery. (non-spammable HoTs) --Clearcast RG, NSHT, Swiftmend, Tranq: benefit from mastery only. (non-spammable non-Hots) So far mastery looks better, but we haven't considered the two most important/complex categories. --Rejuv (spammable HoT). HPM gets equal effect from haste/mastery, but HPCT further benefits from haste only. Rejuv essentially double-dips haste, which is a big driver of haste's value. I understand that there's debate about how much the HPCT ("being able to spam it more") is worth. And I, more than anyone, usually argue against haste for healers, saying it's not worth as much as it looks like. But the perspective's reversed when haste already gives the spell full value (through added ticks), and we're only debating whether it double-dips or not. Even if it only 1.5-dips, that would put it way ahead of other stats. --HT/RG (spammable non-HoTs). These spells are best viewed together, because they're so similar and you use them in a mixture when spending time healing a single target. You use HT as much as possible of course--and when you increase the HPCT of HT that means you can cover more of the healing with HT and use RG less. This is effect is sort of tricky to evaluate, but the "Druid, Single Target" rotation in HealerCalcs helps. At a glance, haste seemed to be nearly as good as other stats (in a context of the single-target heals) based on this effect alone. That's for two spells where haste doesn't directly increase HPM at all--but using HT more and RG less is a completely real HPM increase. So the conclusion is that, on our workhorse heals, our fillers, and on our most important regular cooldown healing (WG/LB/SM) haste is essentially equal or better than mastery. My estimate is that that outweighs the downside of not benefiting a few less dominant spells: SM, Tranq, NSHT, and CCRG. The modeling that's expressed in the sheet so far supports that too. 4) One issue worth surfacing, although like everything else it's not worth making a big deal out of in the interim. The partial-tick system, which is great and has allowed us to go through the whole beta putting haste breakpoints behind us, isn't currently working for WG. When it expires, you get an extra tick equal to the final full tick. So it effectively does breakpoint, not at the same places it did in 5.0, but every time you pass over an integer number of ticks. With WG, that will be every 14.29% haste. I'm going to get into it too much for now--if it's not fixed before L100 it might be worth mathing out just now significant the breakpointing is (WG is a pretty large spell). I think we'd all rather avoid that though, so it winds up being an issue we can try to push more to have it fixed.
  15. [Resto] 6.2 Guide and Discussion

    With the patch coming in two days, I think this is a good time to get the usual detailed discussion happening again. As a starting point, my guide so far is here: http://www.wowhead.com/guide=2171 Once we have enough more advanced information for a more advanced guide, I'll either put it into the OP here or expand that one. Also, this spreadsheet is what I've been using for most of my healer theorycraft in beta, and should be helpful once you get familiar with it: http://iam.yellingontheinternet.com/healercalcs/ This theorycraft post I wrote is also particularly relevant to Resto Druids: http://iam.yellingontheinternet.com/2014/03/29/behavior-of-dots-and-haste-in-warlords-of-draenor/ ----- One topics that might be good for ongoing discussion, to get started: Haste vs. Mastery. Mastery works as always, increasing all healing by 1% per 88 points. Haste increases healing done by HoT (by adding ticks, as always), by around 1% per 95 points. Haste is actually slightly better than it looks since it's multiplicative with its 5% raid buff, so closer to 1% per 90 points (all of these numbers fluctuate some based on current stats, the spreadsheet can help here). Point is, they're very similar in value as far as healing added to HoTs. Mastery has the advantage of making your non-HoTs larger as well, while Haste, in addition to adding ticks, has its usual function of letting you cast everything faster. I think that has some relevance both to HoTs (your HPCT with Rejuv double-dips haste) and non-HoTs (even though it adds no HPM to Healing Touch explicitly, faster casting lets you do more healing with efficient spells like HT). So long story short, the faster-casting value of haste, which I've always argued isn't that important for healers, does have some non-negligible value. When haste and mastery are tied in terms of healing added to our most important spells however, it's more than enough of a tie-breaker. That's why in the guide, so far, I say I plan to favor haste as a top stat. Definitely interested in any discussion on that, however. This post has been promoted to an article