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  1. [Guardian] Mists of Pandaria 5.4

    I am helping out as an OT on some (10m and flex) fights, and I suspect my bear is easier to heal thank the alternative DK or Monk because it's using my cat gear in most slots (wasted months collecting balance rather than guardian gear, c'est la vie), thus abundance of mastery inflating my armour. In terms of reliable vs spiky damage reduction - armour/mastery vs crit/dodge - is stacking mastery rather than crit a terrible choice? I am struggling (without using lower ilvl items) to have more mastery than crit (in bear form), to be able to use RoO (as funny as 110% crit chance on procs are)
  2. [Feral-Cat] Cataclysm Release

    Are the bumps to mangle and shred actual buffs, or it's a wash after the AP nerf from SoE/HoW/STR in general?
  3. [Feral] Cataclysm Simple Q & A

    Are we likely to see, anytime soon slash at all, bears at a point where their combined miss/dodge/parry chance is low enough and their crit chance is high enough that they'll be pushing the (modified) crit cap?
  4. [Feral-Cat] Cataclysm Release

    It's rare above 25% to have all of those going in your favour, sure. But during berserk, it should be doable. I just had a quick play around on a target dummy - obvious caveats about lack of raid buffs etc - but even with UW proc'd, a full FB is better DPE than shred, so I think is still worth using during berserk. Sub 25%, I don't see why the glyph would be useful. There should be plenty of CP/energy to maintain rake, mangle, SR and FB - especially now that glyph of shred has been fixed.
  5. [Feral-Cat] Cataclysm Release

    I've found that without UW proc'd, a full FB is better DPE than a shred. Assuming you have enough time/CP/energy to keep everything else up in the air.
  6. [Feral] Cataclysm Simple Q & A

    The question isn't whether the 15% bonus to rip will be worth missing a tick or two, but is the net gain going to be better than an extra shred or two.
  7. [Feral] Cataclysm Simple Q & A

    How much extra armour is that going to give a typical bear? (Or, I guess as may be more useful at a glance, what kind of mitigation % change will it give, especially compared to other tanks?)
  8. [Feral-Cat] Cataclysm Release

    Is hit/expertise needed to reliably interrupt?
  9. I keep re-reading it and I keep looking at talents and I keep missing it - what is the '40% total' referring to?
  10. [WOTLK 4.0] Cats

    I'm finding that energy regeneration with haste isn't uniform and smooth - there are little jumps and bursts. I can see the benefit of trading off hit and expertise for more mastery, but I'd also be worried about a miss meaning I cap out my energy, especially with a quick succession of OoC procs.
  11. [WOTLK 4.0] Cats

    I'm still a little skeptical on keeping bleeds up as close as possible to 100%, ie not saving rip for TF. After seeing it mentioned on a blog, I noticed that Glyph'd shred extends rip by an extra three seconds per shred, not the two I'd imagined. 12 ticks of rip with the TF 15% buff is worth 13.8 normal ticks of rip. I know it will change a lot at 85 with deflated crit and haste and mastery, but I'm finding it fairly fluid to sneak in a 70 energy FB just as the TF timer is almost up, so that I can reliably dump energy before hitting TF, and then quickly rip and shred to 5cp after I hit it to put rip back up. This generally, but not always, has SR being refreshed ~5 seconds early. I feel like the two missed rip ticks before TF comes off cooldown are being made up for by the buffed version, and my current figures show the shreds + FB bring it slightly ahead when taking into account the couple of seconds with TF active while getting back enough CP to rip. The crossover feels almost too heavily dependent on mastery.
  12. [WOTLK 4.0] Cats

    Mew consistently placed hit and expertise as lower than mastery (and hence agility) but higher than other secondary stats (haste, crit), once I removed all of my hit and expertise gems. Because I find life easier when not dealing with misses (when timers are conflicting, I know I will be able to get something to land and not waste GCDs reapplying and missing windows of opportunity), I reforged to cap hit/expertise before reforging everything else to mastery. I wasted maybe 5 rating points, combined, in hit and expertise that were slightly over the cap.
  13. [WOTLK 4.0] Cats

    I noticed enough of a gain in DPS tonight in Ulduar25, and enough threat issues from tanks not being sure of their new rotations and not being sure if the threat modifier was changed to 200% on live, that I had to use cower quite a bit.
  14. Feral DPS Discussion

    I gemmed everything with 20 agi except for one slot that already had my nightmare tear in it (I'm aware that I could probably optimise a little better with some hybrid gems for a few choice socket bonuses), and then reforged to reach the hit and expertise caps. For mastery, I tried to reforge whatever stat of crit and haste that Mew was reporting as worth less on the RSV table*, which seems intuitive enough. However, I was a little unsure in that I could generally convert more crit into mastery than haste into mastery. *Once I approached ~65% crit unbuffed, it started to show haste with a lower RSV than crit. Is there an easy way to work out which of haste and crit is worth reforging to mastery once they both hit a breakeven point and then start to move in opposite directions, when the value being reforged is slightly different? I'm having a brain fart moment, and don't quite have the time to sit down and sum up RSVs for each piece of gear : \ For reference, WebMewPivot - Yawninglol RSVs as I'm currently geared: Weapon DPS: 4.34 Agility: 2.92 Mastery Rating: 2.15 Strength: 1.95 Crit Rating: 1.41 Expertise Rating: 1.37 Haste Rating: 1.37 Hit Rating: 1.36 Attack Power: 0.93
  15. [WOTLK 4.0] Cats

    Do you know (roughly) when this stealth buff snuck in, Alarron?