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  1. Cenuij added a topic in Archived Reports   

    [Fixed] DBM-PvP Deepwind Gorge not consistently loading
    The Deepwind module for DBM-PvP isn't loading correctly if it's the first BG you zone into.
    I've finally debugged it down to needing the zoneID for Deepwind Gorge (1105) added to the 'X-DBM-Mod-MapID' line in the file 'DBP-PvP.toc', per this unified diff:
    -## X-DBM-Mod-MapID: 529,489,30,628,566,998,726,727,761 +## X-DBM-Mod-MapID: 529,489,30,628,566,998,726,727,761,1105
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  2. Cenuij added a post in a topic [Dev] SVN Repositories   

    Could we get this list updated for the current repos?
    It's missing at least the 'dbm-pvp' mod:
  3. Cenuij added a post in a topic Deepwind Gorge   

    Thanks for adding it.
    I'll follow up formal access next week - I'm AFK for a few days from today.
  4. Cenuij added a post in a topic Deepwind Gorge   

    svn diff: http://pastebin.com/hW1qqCRV
    Raw source of the new module: http://pastebin.com/zGEWjUed
    Arguably a chunk of the PVP mods could be refactored to share common functionality (e.g, winTimer support), but that's a separate effort.
    I haven't done the localisation cut&paste for non-EN.
  5. Cenuij added a post in a topic Deepwind Gorge   

    I've been working on a proof of concept Deepwind Gorge module (cribbed from the AB one).
    I've got the cap timers and a first cut of the win timer working.
    What's the best way to get the code contributed back to subversion repo?
    Edit: Win timers working.
  6. Cenuij added a post in a topic "Private" armory database   

    Looking at the HTTP headers returned when fetching mini-search-templates.xsl, it appears that they're setting a few headers relating to web caching:

    Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2008 01:32:50 GMT Server: Apache Last-Modified: Fri, 11 Jan 2008 19:27:36 GMT Cache-Control: max-age=259200 Expires: Sun, 27 Jan 2008 01:32:50 GMT

    It appears that they're doing the right thing and setting stuff like Cache-Control and Expires on that more "static" content.

    I asked a friend who is a web caching guru; his response:

    Given that, the browsers should be doing the right thing and caching the those particular files.

    Another thought; those HTTP headers indicate that the server claims to be Apache.
    Unless the armory is fronted by a transparent redirector, I'm not surprised that there are performance problems; in the past Apache has been shown to top out at about 4000 connections per second, and given each Armory request may result in up to 100-200 requests based on what Kalroth wrote, that may explain some of the performance issues we see.
  7. Cenuij added a post in a topic Feral Megathread   

    If no-one else is applying Mangle then you should be doing it to boost your own Rip damage as well as the bleeds from other classes (Rupture, Deep Wounds, ...). Using Rip with Mangle has been shown to be beneficial for personal DPS numerous times in this forum. The second post of this thread (The Cat post DPS Cycle) even describes the attack cycle you should be using. In my humble opinion, there's no need at this time to collect stats to prove it again.

    Sure, if you can get someone else to be the "mangle bitch" (to reuse a term used on these forums :) such as a lower geared kitty or a bear tank, then "keep on shreddin'" and you will have a boost to your DPS. Otherwise, ensure Mangle is up and miss out on the occasional Shred whilst doing so.
  8. Cenuij added a post in a topic Feral Megathread   

    Rogues use bleeds: Rupture (bleed DoT) is the most common finisher for a rogue on a non-bleed immune mob, and is used in a cycle alternated with Slice & Dice. So keep the Mangle debuff up for them. See the Combo point cycles section of the Roguecraft 101 thread.

    Regarding Warriors and Deep Wounds: I haven't done enough research on that.
  9. Cenuij added a post in a topic 2.3.2 is Out   

    A few nice little improvements I've noticed:

    Title settings are both persistent across logins, and don't appear to bug-out by having multiple titles selected in the list.
    Druids automatically shift out of Travel Form or Flight Form when talking to standard Flight Masters.

  10. Cenuij added a post in a topic The Art of Making Gold   

    Besides the Primal Nether, that item needs, for a Shadowcloth spec tailor:

    5 x Bolt of Imbued Netherweave @ 8g = 40g
    5 x Primal Shadow @ 16g = 80g
    21 x Primal Shadow @ 25g = 525g

    Total: 645g cost, but it requires 20 days of shadowcloth spec cooldowns. For non shadowcloth spec, it's 890g, and 40 days of cooldowns. Although the specced 10 Shadowcloth alone could have made you >150g over those 20 days, assuming you sell the cloth at a cut-rate price of 40g. Still, the Girdle isn't that bad if you can mooch the specced cooldowns out of your friends and guildies.

    General observations about crafting for profit with Primal Nethers:

    For "big ticket" items requiring Primal Nethers, I generally avoid factoring in my "savings" for mats I can farm or generate cheaply (e.g, specced cloth). There are exceptions, such as fairly trivial (time-wise) component to craft where the AH price is significantly greater than the component cost, and the time to make is quick. This goes back to earlier comments about farming; I won't farm for mats when it saves <100g/hr, since that's what a lazy (yet boring) series of dailies provides.

    I prefer to work out if the item is profitable (especially those that need Primal Nethers) if I buy the mats off the AH at or below current market costs, and I can sell the crafted item at a decent profit. Fizzwidget's ReagentCost in conjunction with Auctioneer is rather handy for this. For example, the "Astroboy tanking hat" (Helm of the Stalwart Defender) is about 400-450g of AH mats, and sells between 900-1200g on the AH. Even 450g is a good profit for a Primal Nether, and the reason why I refuse offers of an 80-100g crafting fee for items that use Primal Nethers; I can spend my own money on mats and make 3-5x the profit in the same amount of time.

    For a smith, making weapons with Primal Nethers isn't generally that profitable. (Although I did make a pair of Felsteel Longblades on my rogue, to wear around town with full Darkmantle, for a more "ninja" look.) Certain armor pieces do work out at "multiple hundreds of gold per Primal Nether", at least for Blacksmiths and Leatherworkers. I do tell potential customers that I won't make certain items because it's not worth the money (e.g, the Bracers of Green Fortress, when it's usually going to a tank about to hit Kara, and Attumen drops better), and I'm sure even customers of the Astroboy hat know it's going to be replaced whenever T4 drops off the Prince. There's also competition in various slots from Badge of Justice items, Honor items, and in some cases, Arena items.
  11. Cenuij added a post in a topic Server locations, Latency & Australia   

    I found the TcpAckFrequency=1 registry change beneficial too (for WoW). I went from 450-600ms to 250-320ms. It was much less effort than adding a loopback redirect and netcat hack on my firewall, and a little less effort than using FreeCap to Internode's proxy.

    As other mentioned, enabling TCP_NODELAY on the socket connection that the client uses is a trivial change for Blizzard's developers to add to their client code. It's ~3 lines of C on a UNIX application using setsockopt(3), and the Windows equivalent should be about the same.

    Thanks again to Yarre for the hints on the delayed ACK problem and solution. Thanks also to Internode for working on a (separate) solution.
  12. Cenuij added a post in a topic 2.2 Undocumented 'Features'   

    I have also observed this change of behaviour.

    Using the default Floating Combat Text until SCT is updated, I see the combat flag dropping after Vanish, then getting put back into combat for a few seconds before the combat flag drops a second time.

    I haven't played my rogue "seriously enough" since the patch (e.g., in heroics, raids, battlegrounds, or arena) to evaluate whether this change of mechanic adversely affects my rogue play-style.
  13. Cenuij added a post in a topic Non-Ace2 mods: Two through King   

    PricePer (on WoWAce) does a similar thing; I recently converted from PriceEach to PricePer, because I got bored with hacking the .toc of the former each new patch. PricePer lacks the ability to hide the stack calculations for the 'bid' price, but there's a patch floating around on the WoWAce forums to add that ("/priceper showbid").
  14. Cenuij added a post in a topic 2.1.2 Patch Notes and discussion   

    Some issues I have noticed doing daily quests. (These only started in 2.1.2; they didn't occur for me in 2.1.1):

    The Abyssal Flamebringers in Forge Camp Terror (south end of BEM Plateau) are sometimes unlootable, especially if you don't loot them during the "death animation". You can see the "loot sparklies", but no corpse to loot. (A friend speculates that the bodies are now sometimes underground).
    The targetting cursor for the bombs in the Fires Over Skettis quest seems to clip through objects a lot more regularly, so you throw the bomb and it seems to land under the floor without damaging the eggs. It takes some finicky targetting and camera angle manipulation to get it to work now.