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  1. Lopert added a post in a topic Frost DPS 5.4 - Howling Blargh   

    Greetings everyone,
    One quick question; Its been a couple of months since I ran a SIMC profile so I ran one today with the newest update and much to my surprise it weighs Haste very high.
    STR       5.59
    Crit         3.06
    HASTE   8.54
    MAST     3.23
    I am running DW and doing Mastersimple. My gear hasnt changed much in two months, I added a normal ring over a flex one is about it. (although I have the mastery sword equipped instead of my normal Skullcleaver both are same iLVL) Has something changed recently?
  2. Lopert added a post in a topic Death Knight: Simple Questions thread reboot -- new kinder gentler rule-7-free zone   

    Does anyone have a Weak Aura setup to watch for Death Shroud procs?
  3. Lopert added a post in a topic [WOTLK 4.0] Cats   

    While I havent capped either I am close, well at least in hit. But I find it hard to believe that you are competitive with hit being that low.
  4. Lopert added a post in a topic Paladin: Simple Questions/Simple Answers   

    I have trouble deciding between two Items [iTEM]40578[/iTEM] and [iTEM]45380[/iTEM].

    With the redemption I am way over hit cap and when I equip the Aegis it brings me back to 7.08% hit. I know this may seem obvious but with the way all the spreadsheets and pawn are modeled, It states the Redemption stuff is better.

    Am I wrong to equip the Aegis? Will is nurf my DPS/Damage?

    I want to trust my instincts and say that me being over hit cap nurfs me more than wearing the Aegis stuff. I guess I am just asking for confirmation. ;)
  5. Lopert added a post in a topic The Retribution Paladin Thread (Wrath/3.0)   

    Great I will give it a try this week. Update profile too. :)
  6. Lopert added a post in a topic The Retribution Paladin Thread (Wrath/3.0)   

    For those of you running with 4 piece T7 how are you guys attaining the hit cap? Are you and enchanting? (I suspect so) What gems and enchants are you using.

    I have 4pc T7 but have not been using it because of Hit.

    BTW I am not a warrior anymore. :P
  7. Lopert added a post in a topic Fury DPS Spreadsheet for 3.0   

    Maybe I am not understanding the mechanic but how is expertise rated so High? When expertise has no benefit over hit rating when you attack from behind, but gain nothing from a miss; so reducing misses is more valuable than reducing dodges, and both Hit Rating and Expertise rating decrease both at the same rating (16 hit rating = 1% hit, 16 expertise rating = -1% dodged/parried).

    Or am I just missing something? So why rate Expertise so high over STR/Haste/AP/Crit?
  8. Lopert added a post in a topic Future of a DPS Warrior   

    OK so throw the macro away and choose Bloodthirst over everything else, GOT IT.

    As for the rage dumping yes I am always threat capped when I have too much of it most of the time. I use subtlety to cloak and of course salve. Maybe I start off slower then go hard middle to end..........

    Thank you guys for the excellent advice I really do appreciate it. My main was a rogue Pre BC and DPS was easy on it :)
  9. Lopert added a post in a topic Future of a DPS Warrior   

    Sadly our latest TK WWS is borked.

    Anyways as for my rotation I am using a macro: /castsequence reset=18 Bloodthirst, Whirlwind, Bloodthirst, Whirlwind, Bloodthirst.

    Using cooldowns for HS, BS refresh, and Rampage.

    During execute phase I usually switch to 2 daggers for executes.

    I do have to comment is that during the middle of fights I find myself unable to dump rage fast enough. I hate to stance switch and lose rage that could be used for damage. Any pointers there?

    Oh and my +hit is 208 rating, and I don't gem for +hit (although I have 1).
  10. Lopert added a post in a topic Future of a DPS Warrior   

    I have been reading this post since its incarnation. Although I am not geared as well as some of you I dont think my gear is all that bad. I have been using the DPS SS religiously. I am group with a feral druid and sometimes an enh shammy.

    But I cannot figure out how to do 1k dps that some of you are obviously attaining. Is it me or is it my raid as a whole?

    I am 17/44 spec. And you can link to my gear to the left.

    Any pointers, help, boots in the @$$ would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Lopert added a post in a topic Future of a DPS Warrior   

    So since Blizz is fixing Defiance where Expertise works in all stances I have a question.

    Would the 6 in Expertise make up for the loss of Deep Wounds and Impale? Mind you I am neither Orc or human.

    Any theory crafting going on about this?
  12. Lopert added a post in a topic Future of a DPS Warrior   

    Put it in the Spreadsheet. Really I got this answer and it was the best advice ever. Take the time set it up and you will never look back on gear decisions ever again.

    Besides, what works for you may not work well for someone else and vise versa. :)
  13. Lopert added a post in a topic Future of a DPS Warrior   

    Just a quick question is the Talon of the Phoenix a viable Fury Warrior weapon?

    Does anyone have it and use it?
  14. Lopert added a post in a topic Future of a DPS Warrior   

    I want to ask for some advice. I have read this thread since page one and I am having trouble figuring out DPS as a 17/44 Fury warrior. I see others do well into 1K DPS on any given fight and the most I have been able to pull off was 550.

    I was a rogue pre BC and it was easy to attain and maintain top DPS but now I am relegated to the bottom of the top 10 list.

    What am I doing wrong. For the life of me I cannot figure it out. Any and all suggestions will be taken.

    is it my gear, weapons, or attack sequence?
  15. Lopert added a post in a topic Future of a DPS Warrior   

    Davia what is your normal attack sequence. That DPS is jaw dropping.

    Also what is the Best enchant for weapons for Dual wielders?