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  1. Your forum name did calm me down (chillbro) (and i loved your transmogr) . I saw all those reductions together and i was rather shocked. As the ptr progresses towards live version it seems that blizzard is reducing some nerfs on numbers. If Lava Lash spreads FS perfectly on 2nd hit (4 new targets) then it is a good set bonus even though i wonder if we have tier 16 boss fights where we AOE 4+ targets in a small radius. If it spreads FS randomly then perhaps the cd reset is useful as a passive skill but definitely it's not that awesome to be tier set bonus. :/ Two things i am concerned with in 5.4. 1) Will haste be closer to mastery now that the rppm trinkets will have a cooldown on pull and that these trinkets wont "double dip" * on haste? 2) The new trinkets at tier 16 content, linking from wowhead ptr. Assurance of Consequence BiS i guess? If these numbers are final .. I took some info from Enhance shaman CD reduction which link i found from wowhead.ptr comments about this trinket. This explains the change on the glyph of fire elemental **. If you glyph FE with this trinket i suppose you will get FE cd down to 108seconds (3.6mins = 3min 36sec = 216 seconds -> glyphed = 108sec). 108 seconds is slightly more than Elemental Mastery of 90 seconds and ascendance cd will be 129.6 (2.16 mins = 2 mins 9.6seconds = 129.6seconds) I will be spamming EM Ascendance and FE glyphed every 129.6 seconds and be done with them. Racials, engineer glove buff and alchemy haste cd should be used delayed and only when EM/Ascendance/FE glyphed are ready to be used again. Haromm's Talisman Fun and possibly our high end gear BiS Sigil of Rampage AoE Fun! Ticking Ebon Detonator A bad Renataki's sould charm reincarnation of 5.4 patch. (it does start with max stacks :/ ) * The "double dip" expression is blizzard's words about a huge haste rating giving us more attacks while an rppm trinket with agility proc is active for x seconds (Bad Juju) ** If the FE glyph remained at 40% then it would get a cd of 216x40%= 86.4seconds, so we would spam EM and FE glyph every 90 seconds, too overpowered i guess.
  2. In fact this is a huge nerf. Why? PE goes well with EM. (AS and Echo , i use only on AOE fights with big chuncks of aoe time) So let's theorycraft on the go. the 5.4 Primal Elemental glyph will give you a Fire elemental for 30 seconds every 2.5 minutes. The battle time needed so that the new glyph will spawn a Fire Elemental more than the 5.3 glyph is at a 10.5minutes fight. However there are not many 10.5 min fights. More often you will see a 6-9 min battle so sometimes you don't glyph the fire elemental and just spawn it at 6mins (to sync again with EM and delayed Stormlash totem) and sometimes you glyph it. I don't think that there is a viable option of spamming every cooldown buff on cd and not synchronizing them together either. Cds after all work better if combined. Two options if you want your Fire Elemental Glyphed. 1) To use Elemental Mastery on sync all the time with the new glyph, you will have to refrain your self from using it every 1.5 minute, resulting in a 2.5 min condition of use for the Elemental Mastery. Also Berserking and orc racial and lifeblood will become a 5min condition of use to sync it again with fire elemental. I really believe that delaying 2 haste cds that affect most of our personal dps is a mistake. Less Maelstroms, less flameshock ticks , less autoattacks etc. 2) We will still spawn our fire elemental every 3 minutes, sacrificing 30seconds of ready cd in order to use our racial (troll orc etc) with elemental mastery AND fire elemental. This way the fire elemental will fight 30seconds every 3 minutes (resulting in a 17% less dps time compared to 5.3 glyph). However 30seconds are more than enough to fit your Elemental Mastery and Racial/Lifeblood together for your Fire Elemental. Spreading and delaying your racial and haste cds to sync it with a 2.5 min fire elemental doesn't feel right, especially if the fight is less than 10.5 minutes. So say, this, if a fight is at 6-7 minutes, with this strategy on cds we will spawn the fire elemental same times as if we spammed it every 2.5 minutes, with the advantage of having it buffed all the times. If the Fight won't fight perfectly 3 min spam of fire elemental, we can decide on the go how to deal with it. But it generaly seems better to me and gives ease of brain to just use it every 3 mins . Heroic modes especially are really unforgiving, spaming all cds on cd is tiring. Better to sync them every 3 mins ^^ I would add another parameter in this post but totemic restoration is gone at 5.4. If we had it at 5.4 we could just spawn our fire elemental as long as our haste/racial cds are up then with draw it. In theory i think we could spam it every 1.5 minute like this! And yes now that i think about it this is the reason totemic restoration is gone ...So we won't have our fire elemental glyphed and out every 1.5 min masacring poor bosses. So the changes on fire elemental glyph and totemic restoration are intended and were intended to hurt our dps. So no, i don't expect to see buffs in 5.4 for us, enhancement shamans. We are getting bad nerfs. 1) Elemental Glyph can't sync with our haste cds or syncs with less dps time overall (17% les unbuffed dps time ) 2) Our Healing storm is nerfed and we can't be extremely useful on aoe stack situations anymore with healing rain and maelstrom x 5 3) Totemic Restoration is gone, we can't fine tune our fire elemental so that it's ready at bloodlust call 4) RPPM trinkets won't proc at pull, almost never 5) RPPM trinkets will get a fix so that they won't double dip on haste if they are trinkets of proc main stat for x seconds. You can read about 5) at EU Battle net RPPM new info Also i am including the rppm changes because they will hurt above all, all specs who stack primarily haste. Ok where are the buffs? Oh yes, Stormstrike affects Elemental Blast. NOT! it was withdrawn at latest PTR. About Lava Lash, seriously it is laughable that they implement a single damage skill to proc at aoe situations. The idea is to spread flameshock faster but i wonder how will we be able to use our aoe rotation, Fire Nova, chain lightning, unleash elements, something else, fire nova again while spamming that Lava Lash. And i really want to ask something that i am not sure about. If you have 10 targets and you lava lash your flame shocked target once, flame shock will spread to 4 more. Will the next Lava Lash spread flame shock to another 4 targets undoted from Flame Shock? Or are they picked randomly without checking if they already have your flame shock on them? If it is the first case then i don't see any reason to spam lava lash except 2-3 times on 10 targets, If it is the later, then Lava Lash should be spammed until you are sure all targets are flame shocked, then return to more focused aoe dps rotation.
  3. The [iTEM]Glyph of Fire Elemental Totem[/iTEM] is crucial for the burst spec. I think you forgot to mention it at your post Pyrdon, on the glyphs section. At pure 522 item level gear on my simcraft simulations as troll (berserking feels more useful to me than orc racial) i do some insane burst along an overall above average performance in bosses that we single dps targets. I am talking about : Tier 15 4pc & Primal Elementalist with Glyph of Fire Elemental Totem & Elemental Mastery (along my Berserking). The synchronization of the CDs is perfect, the tier 15 4pc bonus has our Feral Spirit's be ready for use, even earlier than elemental mastery cd. ( i use them only at elemental mastery cd so they will benefit 100% from it) So every 1.5 minute Feral Spirit will benefit from Elemental Mastery but most importantly Every 3 minutes Elemental Mastery will buff our Fire Elemental (and even more as troll with our berserking) giving huge dps boost to it and to our overall dmg in a boss fight. I rank quite high at Iron Qon 25 Normal, a raid boss of pure single dps fight. And as i said my item level is 522 (only 1 item 25man hc with few thunderforged, 522 weapon and 504 off-hand weapon)
  4. before making this post i searched the whole thread with the keywords :lfr tier set bonus" and nothing came up. So i guess i will ask you guys about something i am wondering. I have a 2 set bonus 14tier from 496 ilvl raid, and i also have another 2 tier14 pieces from the LFR, However if i use the LFR ones too, i will replace 2 non-set 496 item level gear. The 4set bonus that i will acquire by that, will just boost stormstrike critical chance of certain spells. Lighning bolt, lightning shield and earthshock will get +15% chance to crit. added on the already 25%crit chance from stormstrike and about 28-30% crit chance at 25man raids /gear i have, going about 70% crit. Is it worth it ? 2x 496 item level or a boost from 55% to 70% crit chance for bolt/shock/shield. (I do remember that critical chance over a certain percent has something like diminishing returns?)
  5. Shaman: Simple Questions/Simple Answers

    Ah Rounced, thank you for your reply, the truth is that the beta change from 3% to 6% confused me because it gave me the feeling it was meant for spell hit too.
  6. Shaman: Simple Questions/Simple Answers

    Hello i am confused with Spell hit cap and Dual Wield Specialization talent. At the forums here i noticed this from http://elitistjerks.com/f31/t37032-faq_working_theories_raiding_level_80_a/ The dual Wield Specialization Talent of enhancement tree says "Increases your chance to hit while dual wielding by an additional 6%" (if 3/3 talents) Also from http://elitistjerks.com/f47/t20765-shaman_enhancement/ Reading these two posts and considering the data from the talent, one would assume that an enhancement shaman at 25man raid enviroment that has a shadow priest (misery ) should need the following hit rating from gear/food/elixirs to achieve spell hit cap 17% - 3% from misery 14% = 367 spell hit minus Dual Wield Specialization 3/3 talent = 6%x26= 156 means 211 spell hit to be achieved from potions food and gear hit rating. Dual Wield Specialization doesn't mention at all that it applies only to melee hit. All hit talents have been altered to affect melee and spell hits on other classes right? Doesn't that happen with Dual Wield Specialization too? If this talent doesn't apply to spell hit rating shouldn't Blizzard fix this at least in the hove over info? :) PS About Proffessions, i am very happy with Leatherworking and Engineering, combining some good items and enhancements with fun fun fun