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  1. [Prot 6.0] - Kiss with a Fist

    Yeah.  I had a number of additional things I was going to change (including your points #1, 3, 4.  2 and 5 you could well be right but I haven't looked into them) and while I could say that I've been busy, and it'd be true, the reality is that my heart's just not into this anymore and I'll probably step down and pass it off before too long.
  2. [WoD] Marksmanship 6.2

    Huh.  So Glaive is the winner after all until somewhere between 3 and 6 targets.  That's a shame, I really liked the feel of Steady, but if Glaive > Barrage, Steady just isn't quite as attractive.  The AMOC buff didn't move it ahead of Stampede, but at least its respectable now.  Multishot still looks sad.   Thanks for running all of these.
  3. [WoD] Marksmanship 6.2

    Yeah, AoE is kind of unfortunate.  2-target is fine with Chimaera auto-cleaving, but more than that and MM really suffers.  Imo its an additional argument for making Barrage the default talent choice.  Not only is a the best talent, its also our only tool for actual AoE.   Edit - Also, while this will be immediately obvious for anyone who has used it in an instance, it might be worth warning people that Barrage's AoE covers a surprisingly large amount of real estate.  If you're in an area where you need to be *at all* careful about breaking CC or aggroing specific mobs, Barrage is going to be problematic.  On the other hand, if you're with a raid that's into chain-pulling trash and hauling around multiple packs of mobs, gradually cleaving them all down... Oh, baby.
  4. [WoD] Marksmanship 6.2

    Wait, what?  Orc, Draenai and Forsaken racials are all net minuses to dps?  Is it difference in Base Stats?
  5. [Prot 6.0] - Kiss with a Fist

    Well, its not pretty, but it'll do for now.  I'll add in coefficients probably tomorrow, along with Enchants, Gemming, and Consumables.   Edit - I found a couple mistakes in my previous math, so I've gone through and retroactively deleted my preliminary stat-weights except for one.  They weren't as accurate as they should have been, and we're just getting started so no sense potentially misleading people right off the bat.
  6. [Prot 6.0] - Kiss with a Fist

    Hey, thanks, that might be worth doing.  I've got a number of changes I'm trying to make (substantial clean-up of what I've already got up, plus a lengthy reference guide somewhat similar to what I've done with the 5.4 and earlier guides) and its not going very well.  That could be why.
  7. [Prot 6.0] - Kiss with a Fist

    Formatting trouble
  8. [WoD] Marksmanship 6.2

      Interesting observation.  You mention in the original post you're still running AoE sims.  Is Thrill vs other level 60 talents something you're incorporating, just to see if the potential anti-synergy is enough to drag it down from being the top choice?
  9. [WoD] Marksmanship 6.2

    So, to clarify, under Careful Aim, Aimed Shot jumps up on the priority queue to right behind Chimera, right?  And Barrage > Aimed Shot even single target and not under Careful Aim?
  10. [Prot 6.0] - Kiss with a Fist

    I'll admit I'm tempted to go with SW + Final Wrath just for the massive HW's.  On a target in execute range those hit so much harder than anything else we can throw its ridiculous.     Wow, you're quite right, my ShoR uptime was way too low.  Ah, I see, I wasn't allowing any Haste from gear, nor usage of level 75 talents (which I knew), but I was also still coughing up a pair of 3 HoPo EF's per minute for old-times' sake.  That makes Mastery quite a bit better and also makes using Seraphim a little less punitive.     Multistrike is continuing to perplex me.  I can't figure out the right way to go about solving it.
  11. [Prot 6.0] - Kiss with a Fist

    Oh, badass.  Thanks, Theck.   I'm not surprised Mastery outstrips Versatility.  So far I haven't been including our tier bonuses, Holy Shield or 75 talents, and all of those are dramatic boosts to Mastery.  Also I've been assuming virtually zero in other stats which depresses Haste and to a lesser degree Mastery.   In fact, Mastery might even need a small nerf given all the things we can already do to boost its value unless they fully intend for it to be the stat we stack (in which case why did they make Haste our key stat?  Old-times' sake?).   Imo, Multistrike is a trickier question because as you say we really don't know what model Blizzard is going to be using, and they have lots of ways of limiting us.  Tight enrage timers can limit the number of healers you can bring, and healer mana regen might be low enough in the early going that spam healing simply isn't sustainable (I haven't been watching the healer discussions so I don't really know where this stands).  Clearly sheer HPS has some value, otherwise things like SoI and twisting SoI with ES should have no value in TMI and that's obviously not the case.   Quantifying how much value it *should* have is an entirely different beast and one that I don't think we can answer yet, but I suspect it'll end up being higher than TMI is currently rating it.   One question I think we *can* answer at this point is that Haste needs a buff (nerfing our self-healing and AM kicked the crap out of Haste) and Versatility probably needs a nerf.  Its not so much that Versatility is a lot better than everything else (other than Bonus Armor, and you're right, I should probably be clearer that's what I mean), as that its *supposed* to be a mediocre but very broadly useful stat.  If its broadly useful in almost any situation *and* can even make an argument for being our best or one of our best stats, why would you go with anything else?   I'm surprised you're getting 40+% even with a Seraphim rotation, though.  What level of gear is that?
  12. [Prot 6.0] - Kiss with a Fist

    Huh.  I initially forgot to include the self-healing benefit from Versatility and Multistrike, and also discovered that Shining Protector works on self-heals as well.
  13. [Prot 6.0] - Kiss with a Fist

    I want to make it clear that I'm editing the stat priority list I originally had and replacing it with the new one I've worked out.  Suffice to say that viewing Haste as our best secondary stat was inaccurate.   Now, onto the actual meat of evaluating the stats.  As a foreword, for this part, I'm only looking at survivability, and in particular damage reduction.  Spike reduction is actually pretty easy.  Armor will be great, Versatility and Mastery will be pretty good, Haste will be ok, Crit will be terrible, and Multistrike will depend on how you look at it but probably a little better than Crit.   Where does the value of each stat come from?   Here's how I see it (note that I'm standardizing around 100 point "chunks".  Also, the reason I'm ordering them in this fashion will hopefully become clear in a moment):   Armor - 1.5% physical damage reduction per 100 points.  No impact on magic damage.   Multistrike - Has a 1.5% chance of increasing all incoming healing by 30% and a 3% chance of increasing all self-healing by 30% per 100 points.   Versatility - 0.4% reduction in damage taken  and a 0.6% increase in self-healing per 100 points.   Mastery - Increases ShoR's damage reduction by 0.9% for every 100 points.  Also increases Block% by 0.9% for every 100 points.  If you have Holy Shield, Block damage works on magic damage, otherwise it has the same issue as Parry.   Crit - Increases Parry by about 0.6% per 100 points, reduced by DR.  Also, it increases your self-healing by about 0.9% per 100 points (Bonus Healing is kinda, sorta equivalent to damage reduction in a world in which tanks spend a lot of time not a full health and there isn't massive overhealing.  Kinda.  Obviously its worse so I'm penalizing it a bit) though it does it in a fairly spiky way.  As a further minus, note that Parry has no effect on magic or otherwise unParry-able damage.    Haste - Increases self-healing, except LoH, by 0.9% per 100 points (so, pretty much as good as Crit. Technically Crit is better because Haste does nothing for LoH whereas you can technically crit a LoH.  However, the practical value of critting an LoH is about zero) and does it in a way that's smoother than Crit.  Also increases ShoR up-time by 0.9% per 100 points .  Worth noting is that Haste was never particularly strong at damage reduction in MoP, which was fine because we didn't care very much about damage reduction in MoP.  Haste's spot as super-stat was because it was great at both damage smoothing and at boosting our self-healing.     Now lets make some assumptions.     - No tier bonuses (once we go live, everyone won't instantly get 2p and 4p) - Minimal levels of other stats.  Some stats make each other better (Haste and Mastery), some make each other worse (Crit and anything), and some don't really interact (Multistrike and anything.  Well, maybe very slightly with Crit).  The interactions are too complicated to do by hand, but Theck will probably have it down to the 5th decimal point by the time anyone has enough gear for it to be a serious problem. - 30% ShoR uptime, and no base Mastery so it reduces damage by 20% - No Holy Shield, so we'll go with 15% block chance, and a successful block reduces damage taken by 40%.  Specing into HS significantly improves Mastery (not nearly enough to catch Armor, though). - We generate about 30% of our own healing.  This obviously varies enormously from fight to fight and situation to situation, but this feels at least ballpark-correct to me (its about half what it was in MoP, which is part of why Haste is suddenly so bad.  ShoR's base value being cut by 1/3 from 30% to 20%, plus a whopping ton less itemization available to boost that further, is the rest).   This brings us to actually solving everything.   Armor - Each 100 point "chunk" will reduce your physical damage taken by 1.5%.  That powerful, but it does nothing for magic damage. Originally I was thinking we should divide it by a big number to reflect that weakness, but it occurs to me that a good amount of the magic damage you tend to encounter is of the "pop a big CD now or die" variety, meaning its already going to be decreased by a substantial amount.   Multistrike - Each 100 point "chunk" will give us a 1.5% chance of increasing any incoming heals (ours and anyone else's) by 30%.  1.5% * 30% = 0.45%, so we're effectively increasing our incoming healing by 0.45%.  The healing spikes up much less dramatically than what we get from Crit, and it also happens a lot more often.  As an added bonus, its not just our heals that are effected.  So if we're Stunned or stuck out of melee range of the boss for some reason, the actual healer heals are still improved even if we aren't generating any of our own.  I view this is better than either of the other two kinds of heals.  Perhaps 75% as good as damage reduction?  0.75 * 0.45 = ~0.35%.   Additionally, we gain a 3% chance of increasing our own heals by 30% (technically its 2 individual 1.5% chances, but this is close enough) which gains us another .03 * 30% = 0.9% (the exact same amount as Crit and Haste, almost like they intended it that way).  Lets say its worth 75% of damage reduction.  That gives us 0.9% * .75 = ~.75%.   So, 100 points of Multistrike are worth 1.1%.  Wow, that's a lot better than I thought.   Versatility - Each 100 point "chunk" will reduce your damage taken by 0.4% and will increase your self-healing by 0.6%.  Its a pretty smooth increase, so lets say its 3/4 as valuable as damage reduction, making it worth 0.45%.   So 100 points of Versatility is worth 0.85%.   Mastery - Each 100 point "chunk" will give us 0.9% more ShoR damage reduction (on top of a base 20%, so really we're reducing damage by 0.9*1.25 = 1.1%) which is active 30% of the time, so we're talking 0.33% damage reduction.  Additionally, it increases our block chance by 0.9%.  We're already at 15%, so it actually increases it by a little under 20%, bringing us to 0.9*1.18 = 1.05% (close enough).  And if we block, we reduce damage by 40%, so we're looking at 1.05% * 40% = 0.42%.   So 100 points of Mastery is worth roughly 0.75%.   Crit - Each 100 point chunk will give us 0.6% of Parry (reduced for DR, which is pretty minimal right now but will go up as the expansion progresses), and another 0.9% in self-healing from critting our self-healing more (yes, Sacred Shield can both Crit and Multi-strike). Though its spikier and less consistent than the bonus healing we got from Haste, so lets say its maybe 2/3 as good as damage reduction, instead of 3/4 as good like Haste.  That gives us 0.27% * 2/3 = 0.18% damage-reduction-equivalent from Crit's additional self-healing.   So 100 points of Crit is worth roughly 0.6 + 0.18 = .78%.  In theory this is better than Mastery, but with Mastery we could spec into Holy Shield and make the Block damage reduction work on basically anything, while Parry is going to remain useless against anything Magic or Unparryable no matter what we do.  Additionally, Parry will make our incoming damage marginally spikier.  So I'm going to say Crit is in fact slightly worse than Mastery overall, but they're very close and it will be heavily fight and assumption dependent.  I'll artificially reduce the Crit value to 0.75%.   Haste - Each 100 point "chunk" will increase 30% of your healing by 0.9% or 0.27% more healing.  The bonus healing isn't as good as damage reduction, so lets say its 3/4 as good. So that makes it worth .27 * .75 = .20% damage reduction.  Additionally, we get 0.9% multiplicative uptime on ShoR (not a flat +0.9%, instead its 0.9%*30%, so we gain an additional 0.27% uptime).  We're assuming ShoR carries 20% damage reduction, so this reduces our damage taken by 0.27*20% = 0.05%.     Each 100 points of Haste is more or less equivalent to 0.25% damage reduction.  Which is crap-tastic.   Now you can see where I got my numbers from.  I've tweaked things slightly from the numbers I posted earlier, so they aren't quite the same, but you can see how they line up:   Bearing in mind that many of them have weaknesses.  Armor, Mastery, and Crit work less well against Magic damage (except for Mastery and you've spec'ed into Holy Shield), and to varying degrees against un-Blockable or un-Parryable damage.  Haste and Multistrike get almost all of their value, and Crit gets some, from increasing some amount of incoming healing which is generally less useful than simply reducing incoming damage.
  14. [Prot 6.0] - Kiss with a Fist

    Was totally wrong on stat valuations. Better list goes: Armor - Mastery - Crit - Versatility - multistrike - Haste Very rough valuations Armor 1.5 Mastery .95 Crit .6 Versa .4 Multi .4 Haste .25 I'll explain how I got there and what it means tonight.   Edit - I've deleted all my other stat weights and rankings because they were bad.  This one wasn't really all that far off so I'll keep it for posterity.
  15. [Prot 6.0] - Kiss with a Fist

    "You hit me once, I hit you back..." I'm really hoping Holy Shield ends up as our go-to talent choice at level 100.   Protection Paladin 6.0 Overview First will be Major Changes, then a quick-and-dirty how-to, and then we'll get to the real guide itself.   Major Changes Changes from MoP to WoD 6.0 and the start of WoD brings some fairly substantial changes, but they're really split.   - On the one hand, how we play is barely impacted at all, and we can get at least moderate use out of almost any piece of plate gear.   - On the other hand, optimizing your gearing and choosing the stats we want to stack remains a work in progress   For the time being, stick with your MoP rotation and take the highest ilevel pieces available with STR. Crucial changes from MoP to WoD - STAT SQUISH - No, you haven't been nerfed.  Everyone and everything now has less health, less stats, and hits less hard.  Expect to see smaller numbers on your screen.  Everything has been balanced around this. - Vengeance renamed to Resolve, and it now only effects defensive abilities (no more punching up your dps by taking more damage) - Less expectation of being at full health - The plan is for tank health to be relatively high relative to boss hits and healer output, making it hard to keep us topped off or to kill us in less than 4-5 gcds.  We'll see how well this holds up - *Lots* of changes to stats, see below - Profession perks have mostly been gutted, with Engineering as the only semi-exception - No more reforging, and gemming and item enchanting have been streamlined - Most abilities and rotation remain the same.  Ability pruning didn't affect us very much, except for: - No more Wings.  Avenging Wrath is gone for Prot   Changes to Stats - No more Hit or Exp on gear, you are assumed to be Hit and Exp Capped  - No more Avoidance on gear either, though you do get Avoidance from stacking STR and Crit - New tanking applications from non-tanking stats (basically, Crit now gives Parry) - Entirely new stats:    - Multistrike - gives a chance of each attack landing additional, softer, "echo" hits, as well as a chance of incoming heals healing for more    - Versatility - flat increase to damage done, healing done, absorbs done, and a smaller reduction to damage taken    - Bonus Armor - Is different from regular "armor" that you find on most gear.  This shows up occasionally as a secondary stat on certain pieces of armor.  It works basically the same as normal armor, but it also provides Attack Power.  - Mastery and Haste are still pretty much the same - You will occasionally get other stats randomly on gear, things like +run speed, Cleave (free AoE damage), or Gem slots (gear will have far fewer gem slots than now), but it will apparently be uncommon enough that you shouldn't count on it   Preliminary guess is that stat attractiveness goes something like: Bonus Armor > Mastery > Multistrike >= Versatility >= Crit > Haste But they do different things and its hard to judge.  How much more extra healing taken do you need to counter out a flat reduction in damage taken?  We'll get into a little more detail on this later, but an overall solution is going to require more raid data than we currently have access to. Also, some of those stats affect tank damage done more than others. How much will tank damage done matter? We'll have to wait and see.  This feels really wishy-washy, but MoP was kinda the same way at this point.  We didn't figure out how good Haste really was until well after HoF was out.     How to Play Overview I'll paraphrase Celyndrashad to start: The objective isn't to tell you how to build your character and play (though some of that will sneak in). Only you can do that the best way for your situation. But to do that properly you need to know how things work. I'm here to tell you how everything works. That having been said, I'm going to break from recent practice and give a TL;DR on how to play a Prot Pally in 6.0. I'm going to assume some basic knowledge of MoP mechanics and I'm not going to go into any details. All the detail you could want is down below this part in the bulk of the post. Getting your Character Ready Stats, Gear, etc Gear is going to be *far* easier to loot and immediately start using.  With the various stat changes, we have almost no "breakpoint" stats anymore meaning the classic "Oh, no, I'm 73 points over-capped on Hit!  I need to Reforge and Re-Gem 7 pieces of gear to fix it!" is a thing of the past.     Also, Reforging is gone and Enchanting and Gemming are much less of a deal.  The *only* gear that can be enchanted going forward is: Weapons, Cloaks, Rings, and Necks. That's it.  Also, most gear does not innately have gem sockets though it is moderately likely to get lucky and spawn with one.  So if a piece of gear drops that's an ilevel upgrade for you, its entirely possible you will be able to immediately use it with no additional adjusting required.  As time goes on and we get more gear with "tertiary" stats this may change, but for now you will be able to "grab and go" much of the time.   Priorities 1 - ilevel - highest ilevel piece of gear with STR wins 2 - Prioritize anything with Bonus Armor 3 - Prioritize anything with tertiary stats (+run speed, lifesteal, gem sockets, etc) 4 - Preliminary stat prioritization:   Bonus Armor > Mastery > Multistrike >= Versatility >= Crit > Haste   Tier Sets T17 - 2 piece - When you cast Avenger Shield, your chance to block is increased by 12% for 5 seconds T17 - 4 piece - When you block an attack, you have a chance of increasing your block value by 20% for 5 seconds (roughly 2 ppm) Our current tier bonuses aren't overly powerful on their own, but they work together and with Holy Shield very well, and scale strongly with Mastery.  IMO, they're currently making Holy Shield and Mastery look somewhat stronger than they would in a vacuum.     Talents, Glyphs and Professions Talents Most talents on each tier are pretty well balanced, use the one that seems best for each fight's mechanics. Its ok to swap them around a lot so be sure to keep a ton of the books on hand at any time. A bit of description on some: - Level 45 talent - Sacred Shield is currently looking a little stronger than EF (Bastion only enhances the initial heal, not the HoT) - Level 75 talent - Since we no longer have Avenging Wrath, Sanctified Wrath now makes Holy Wrath hit for +100% damage and give 1 HoPo.  This makes HW hit *very* hard.  In a nutshell, Sanctified Wrath is our top DPS choice this tier though it generates the least HoPo, Divine Purpose produces the most HoPo (and is best for general survivability) but the least dps, and Holy Avenger is in the middle on both counts while being the most controllable. Surprisingly, these abilities are very evenly balanced. In a Patchwerk fight, as long as you play well, the top-to-bottom gap for both DPS and survivability should be around 5%. HA is good if you need another cooldown, but be aware it does not play especially well with Seraphim. - Level 90 talents - They're all pretty balanced. Take the one that seems the best for the fight (periodic single target vs periodic AoE vs rotational AoE) and that you can use the best. - Level 100 talents - Ok, this is the decision that matters. All three choices are powerful and steer your play in different directions. Holy Shield is the simplest. +15% to Block chance, allows you to block magic attacks, and does damage to opponents when you block their attacks. It is very strong in fights with lots of magic damage, or in AoE situations. Single target dps is weak. Seraphim is the middle choice. It gives you a powerful but expensive cooldown powered by HoPo. Your game play becomes 30 second cycles of storing up HoPo as quickly as possible (popping short cooldowns for protection) until you get to 5 HoPo, then popping Serphim (+1000 to all secondary stats) and going nuts until it wears off. Rinse and repeat every 30 seconds. DPS and survivability are both solid, though it doesn't match up well with HA since you want steady HoPo production rather than bursts. Emp Seals is the most versatile option but also requires the most maintenance. Every time you activate a seal, you get a 20 second buff depending on the seal. If you want more survivability you can simply refresh SoI every 20 seconds, for maximum dps you can alternate SoT and SoR (hitting a new seal every 10 seconds), and for middle of the road performance you can alternate all 3 seals or 1 dps seal and SoI. The max dps rotation provides superb dps at a cost of terrible survivability, and you can shift on the fly to just refreshing SoI for survival comparable to Holy Shield albeit at the cost of bad dps. For the time-being I recommend going with: - Tank swap fight or DPS race > Seraphim - AoE/Add fight > Holy Shield - Emp Seals versatility is nice, but its annoying to maintain, and its only actual optimal when you need absolute max dps and don't care about survivability. In that situation it would be a valid choice.   Glyphs Overall Glyphs are very similar to MoP, with lackluster options. - I recommend Divine Protection, Alabaster Shield, and Final Wrath - If we aren't using Eternal Flame, Glyph of WoG is much less useful - Blinding Light is now a talent and its glyph went away - New Glyph of the Consecrator makes your Consecration area move with you is probably the most interesting - New Glyph of Judgment (+10 yards to Judgment range) might be useful for picking up stray mobs - New Glyph of Ardent Defender removes the -20% damage reduction, but if you cast it and it expires without needing to save you, its cd is reset to 1 minute.  If you're in serious danger of dying that often, you're either doing something wrong or Blizzard has *BADLY* missed its stated target on Tank spike damage. - If we ever get access to Glyph of Merciful Wrath (currently Holy-only, halves the damage and CD of Holy Wrath), the talent Sanctified Wrath would look a lot more attractive   Professions - Perks have mostly gone away.  There might be some value in taking Engineering for the crafted head piece (though they're now BoE), but its hard to tell how this will play out.  Right now there isn't much raiding value in maxing or even having professions as long as you have access to someone who does. Rotation and Play Pleasantly, this entire section remains the same.  The abilities have seen some modest shifts, but they remain roughly as good relative to each other as they were before, so all the priorities are exactly the same.   You want to hammer your Holy Power producing abilities (CS, J and rarely AS) to create as much HoPo as possible so you can then use it (via ShoR and rarely WoG) to keep you alive. The best rotation for this is: CS - J - X - CS - X - J - CS - X - X (repeat) Where each X is the best "filler" ability not on cooldown. The order goes: Avenger Shield > Your level 90 talent > Holy Wrath > Consecration Sometimes you'll get a proc that clears the cooldown on Avenger Shield, which is nice but still wait until CS and J are on cooldown before using it. Same rotation for AoE, just use HotR instead of CS and move Consecration ahead of Holy Wrath.   Note that Consecration moves ahead of HW when:  # of targets times # of ticks on each target => 10.  So, if you have 2 targets and each is going to get 5 ticks (ticks happen about 1/second, though Haste will shorten that slightly), then Consecration will be better than HW.  3 targets getting 3 ticks each only equals 9, so HW would be better.  You get the idea. Using Holy Power (HoPo) Eternal Flame used to be better than Sacred Shield, so this used to be all about ensuring 100% EF HoT uptime. But now that SS appears to be better, just use all your HoPo on ShoR.  The duration on the ShoR buff stacks, so its totally fine to use it a few times in a row if you have Holy Avenger running or get lucky with Divine Purpose procs or whatever.     If you're about to die and have used ShoR a lot, its ok to use WoG to save yourself in emergency.  As long as you don't do it very often your ShoRs will generate a lot of stacks of Bastion which will buff your WoGs substantially.  But if you start trying to do it a lot, you won't have many stacks of Bastion, your WoGs will suck and they won't save you. If you took HA or SW at level 75, when those abilities are active you'll generate a *TON* of HoPo so expect to be firing off ShoR a lot until its over. Use them on the pull, and after that strike a balance between using them when things are bad and using them as often as possible. Cooldowns Obviously use your cooldowns on big nasty boss abilities. Our biggest defensive cooldown is GoAK, followed by AD, and then DP. Plan out ahead of time when boss abilities will happen and which cooldown(s) you'll use on each. HA is pretty great as a defensive cooldown as well.  And if you know a big physical attack is coming, its worth delaying a ShoR slightly to make sure the big attack comes during ShoR's duration. Now onto the actual guide:   Protection Paladin 6.0 Guide Stats First, lets lay out some assumptions: - Minimal levels of other stats. Some stats make each other better (Haste and Mastery), some make each other worse (Crit and anything), and some don't really interact (Multistrike and anything. Well, maybe very slightly with Crit). The interactions are too complicated to do by hand, but Theck will probably have it down to the 5th decimal point by the time anyone has enough gear for it to be a serious problem. - 50% ShoR uptime, and no base Mastery so it reduces damage by 20%. In a Patchwerk fight, with all your talents, raidbuffs and pre-raid gear, you should be able to maintain 50+% ShoR uptime with Holy Shield or Emp Seals, dropping to 35-40% if you use Seraphim. - No Holy Shield, so we'll go with 15% block chance, and a successful block reduces damage taken by 40%. Specing into HS significantly improves Mastery (not nearly enough to catch Armor, though). - We generate about 30% of our own healing. This obviously varies enormously from fight to fight and situation to situation, but this feels at least ballpark-correct to me (its about half what it was in MoP, which is part of why Haste is suddenly so bad. ShoR's base value being cut by 1/3 from 30% to 20%, plus a whopping ton less itemization available to boost that further, is the rest).   Now the actual stats Bonus Armor - Each 100 point "chunk" will reduce your physical damage taken by 1.5% and provides +100 AP. That's powerful, but it does nothing for magic damage. Mastery - Each 100 point "chunk" will give us 0.9% more ShoR damage reduction (on top of a base 20%, so really we're reducing damage by 0.9*1.25 = 1.1%) which is active 50% of the time, so we're talking 0.55% damage reduction. Additionally, it increases our block chance by 0.9%. We're already at 15% (higher if you take HS), so it actually increases it by a little under 20%, bringing us to 0.9*1.18 = 1.05% (close enough). And if we block, we reduce damage by 40%, so we're looking at 1.05% * 40% = 0.42%. So 100 points of Mastery is worth roughly 0.95%. It will also increase your AP by roughly 0.9%. Multistrike - Each 100 point "chunk" will give us a 1.5% chance of increasing any incoming heals (ours and anyone else's) by 30%. 1.5% * 30% = 0.45%, so we're effectively increasing our incoming healing by 0.45%. Additionally, we gain a 3% chance of increasing our own heals by 30% (technically its 2 individual 1.5% chances, but this is close enough) which gains us a .03 * 30% = 0.9% boost to self-healing which is another 0.9 * 0.3 = 0.27% boost to overall healing(the exact same amount as Crit and Haste, almost like they intended it that way), giving a total of 0.45 + 0.27 = 0.72% increase to our healing received. Additionally, we gain a 3% chance of increasing our attacks by 30% (technically its 2 individual 1.5% chances, but this is close enough) which gains us a .03 * 30% = 0.9% boost to damage done. Versatility - Each 100 point "chunk" will reduce your total damage taken by 0.4% and increase your self-healing by 0.8% (so, 0.8 * 0.3 = 0.24% overall healing received) and increases your damage done by 0.8%. Crit - Each 100 point chunk will give us 0.6% of Parry (reduced for DR, which is pretty minimal right now but will go up as the expansion progresses). With current levels of avoidance, this is worth perhaps 0.6% damage reduction (albeit only against Parry-able damage). Also, it provides another 0.9% in self-healing from critting our self-healing more (yes, Sacred Shield can both Crit and Multi-strike) which is worth 0.9 * 0.3 = 0.27% in additional incoming healing. Also, it will increase our damage done by 0.9% Haste - Each 100 point "chunk" will increase your self-healing by 0.9% or 0.27% more healing. Additionally, we get 0.9% multiplicative uptime on ShoR (not a flat +0.9%, instead its 0.9%*50%, so we gain an additional 0.45% uptime). We're assuming ShoR carries 20% damage reduction, so this reduces our damage taken by 0.45*20% = ~0.1%. Also it increases our damage done by ~0.9%. As you can see, this is pretty bad compared to the other stats.   Evaluating stats against each other is difficult because comparing a reduction in damage taken to an increase in healing received is a very difficult comparison to make in a vacuum. We don't know how valuable they are relative to each other, and it will probably be a while until we have enough data to make an informed call. Instead, I'm going to display the stats relative to each other: Stat DR Healing Damage BArmor 1.5 0 ? Mast 1.0 0 ? Mult 0 0.72 0.9 Vers 0.4 0.24 0.8 Crit 0.6 0.27 0.9 Haste 0.1 0.27 0.9 As is hopefully obvious, Bonus Armor is easily our best ability, Mastery is second, and Haste is dead last. However, there is room for fudging between Multistrike, Versatility, and Crit. Crit reduces your damage taken the most, but does not affect non-Parry-able damage (including any magic), and its boost to self-healing is by far the spikiest and least efficient. Versatility reduces your damage taken by less than Crit, but it works on everything, and its boost to self-healing is extremely smooth and efficient. Multistrike only boosts your healing taken, but it also works on external heals. The value generated by each of the 3 is close enough that choosing a "best" stat could easily change from fight to fight. Weighting them, I would go something like: 1.5 Bonus Armor 1.0 Mastery 0.6 Multistrike 0.55 Versatility 0.5 Crit 0.25 Haste Rotational Abilities [Avenger Shield] - Hard hitting spell attack which requires the Paladin to throw their shield (requires a shield to be equipped to use) at a target. If it hits, the shield will chain to up to 2 more targets and it will intelligently avoid cc’ed enemies. Each target hit is damaged, interrupted and silenced for 3 seconds. Grand Crusader procs from CS will refresh the cd and cause an AS cast to grant 1 HoPo. Hard hitting popular pulling tool. 30 yard range, 15 second cd. [Consecration]- Decently hard hitting AoE spell attack which creates a glowing patch of ground under your feet with a 10 yard radius lasting 9 seconds and periodically damaging all enemies within its area. 9 second duration, 9 second cooldown. Ticks every second. [Crusader Strike] - Soft hitting melee attack which generates a charge of Holy Power if it hits and applies a seal. *DOES* apply Weakened Blows debuff to opponents and shares a cooldown with HotR (it didn't used to, you used to have to cast HotR for it). 4.5 second cd which it shares with HotR. [Hammer of the Righteous]- AoE version of CS, does the exact same thing. Swap from CS to this at 3 or 4 targets. 4.5 second cd which it shares with CS. [Hammer of Wrath] - Hard hitting execute ability only useable on targets under 20% health. 30 yard range, 6 second cd. [Holy Wrath] - Hard-hitting Meteor-style spell AoE attack. Single target, its our hardest hitting ability after AS. Does a flat amount of holy damage which is evenly spread among all possible targets. So the more targets in range, the softer it will hit each one. Also stuns demons and undead in range for 3 seconds, and can be glyphed to stun more creature types. 10 yard burst range, 9 second cd. [Judgment] – Medium hitting ranged melee ability which generates a charge of Holy Power and applies a seal. J is special in that it can Miss but cannot be Dodged or Parried. This means that Expertise does nothing for it. Once you hit 7.5% Hit, it'll land every time, baring special mechanics. 30 yard range, 6 second cooldown. [sacred Shield] - Must be talented into. SS is a self-renewing absorb shield you can cast on any friendly target, but you should generally cast it on yourself (or possibly the other tank if its a tank swap). A paladin can only have 1 SS up at a time, but multiple paladins can all stack their SS's on the same target. SS lasts 30 seconds, and every 6 seconds after its cast, puts up an absorb shield. The first shield goes up 6 seconds after SS is cast. Every 6 seconds after that, the shield is renewed back to full absorption regardless of how much damage it took during the prior 6 seconds. Haste makes it better, shortening the time between refreshes and with enough Haste eventually adding more refreshes per cast. 40 yard range, 6 second cooldown (though after each recast, there is a 6 second delay before the first shield comes up). [shield of the Righteous] - Used to be our principle single target attack, now it's a medium-hitting, off-GCD melee attack which we will still use frequently for its value in Active Mitigation. This requires 3 HoPo to use and as such will not activate unless you have at least that much on your HoPo gauge. When used, reduces physical damage taken by 20% (Mastery increases this up to a cap of 80%) for 3 seconds and adds 1 stack of Bastion of Glory (BoG increases healing done by your next WoG by 6%. Stacks up to 5 times). Note that the increased damage reduction from Mastery is not recalculated if you refresh the duration of ShoR. So if you pop a Mastery trinket mid-ShoR, it won't do that ShoR any good but it will improve the next one. If you bank up a bunch of HoPo and pop Holy Avenger, and then pop a Mastery trinket just before the first ShoR goes out, you might be able to roll that Mastery bonus for longer than its stated duration. 1.5 second cd which is now reduced by Haste so Bloodlust/Heroism no longer can cause conflicts. [Word of Glory] - No longer has a cooldown nor can it be used for pre-emptive shielding. An instant, off-GCD HoPo powered heal with no mana cost. Can be used offensively as a damage spell with the Glyph of Harsh Words. 40 yard range, Cooldowns These abilities help you survive situations where your risk of death is elevated. These situations range from the obvious - a special attack on a predictable timer - to the more subtle but no less deadly, like a debuff that disables or distracts your healers. Here are a couple guidelines for using cooldowns effectively: - Use cooldowns before you take damage. If you use GoAK at 500k HP, the cooldown is effectively adding 500k more HP before you die. If you wait until things look bad and you reach 200k HP, it only adds an effective 200k HP. Waiting to use your cooldowns until you're at low HP makes them less effective. - You get the most impact by waiting to use cooldowns during the most dangerous situations, but the more frequently you use them, the more total value you get. It's a balancing act. - Match the cooldown to the level of threat by planning your cooldown usage before the fight. Save GoAK for when you know a big hit is coming, but unless there is a special ability with which it lines up well, DP should be used early and often even on regular incoming damage. [Ardent Defender] - While active, reduces all damage taken by 20%. Additionally, one attack that would have killed the paladin (must happen while AD is active) will instead heal the paladin for 15% of max health. Note that this does not typically work on environmental effects, such as falling damage, and a fewbig hit boss abilities are able to negate the save death ability. However, most abilities do not. 10 second duration, 3 minute cd. [Divine Protection] - DP has been changed so that, while active, it provides a 40% reduction in magic damage taken but does not affect physical damage. It can be glyphed back to the Cata version of 20% damage reduction against everything. 8 second duration, 1 minute cd. [Divine Shield] - Makes the Paladin temporarily invulnerable but also reduces damage done by 50% and removes the tank from the boss’s aggro table. Many “big hit†boss abilities are able to penetrate DS (Garalon's Massive Crush being an example). Using DS typically makes the boss immediately turn and attack someone else, so needs to be used with care. It is often used in conjunction with a /cancel macro to quickly cast and remove the effect, as it clears many, though not all, debuffs. This ability also causes Forbearance. Note that both Divine Shield and Hand of Protection can both be used, carefully, as true defensive cooldowns by pairing them with taunts. Cannot be cast while Forbearance is in effect. Causes Forbearance for 1 minute. 10 second duration, 5 minute cd. If a Paladin tank pops Divine Shield, then immediately taunts the mob, instead of heading for the next target on its aggro table, the mob will be stuck on the tank for the duration of the fixate (3 seconds). Obviously the mob will head for the next target as soon as the fixate expires. So while this can be a clever way of avoiding damage entirely for a few seconds, it must be used very carefully and probably in conjuction with a macro to quickly remove the shield. The Glyph of Righteous Retreat makes the activation time of a Hearthstone shorter than the duration of DS, allowing for a bubble-hearth (which should not be used mid-raid, because that would be "bad"). [Guardian of Ancient Kings] - This is now the major cooldown for tanking Paladins. GAK will reduce damage to the tanking Paladin by 50%. 8 second duration, 3 minute cd. [Hand of Protection] - Hand of Protection can be used on yourself or any party or raid member. While active, it makes the target immune to physical damage but also prevents them from attacking physically (spells are still fine) and also cleanses many physical effects like bleeds. Its like DS in that if you cast it on yourself while tanking, it will often cause you to lose aggro and the boss will turn and destroy someone else. Cannot be cast while Forbearance is in effect. Causes Forbearance for 1 minute. 40 yard range, 10 second duration, 5 minute cd. [Lay on Hands] - LoH remains an important cooldown for tanking Paladins. Cannot be cast while Forebearance is in effect. Casting it will heal the target equal to the maximum health of the casting Paladin. It is off the global cooldown, cannot crit heal, is not effected by many healing boosting effects, and will cause Forbearance for 1 minute on whomever it's cast. 10 minute cd. Buffs, Taunts, Interrupts, & Stuns [Rebuke] - Now a baseline ability, this allows you to interrupt spellcasting, and like all non-damaging interrupts it cannot miss. [Reckoning] - Single target taunt, never misses. Increases your threat to equal whatever player has the highest amount of threat on the target. Also forces target to fixate on you (only attacks you) for 3 seconds. During the fixate period, your threat generation on that target is increased by a further 200%, so be sure and hit it with something hard during those 3 seconds. 30 yard range, 8 second cd. [Hammer of Justice] - A dedicated stunning ability. 20 yard range, 1 minute cd. [blessing of Kings] - Now increases party and raid members STR, AGIL and INT by 5%. Does not increase STA or Spirit. [blessing of Might] - Now increases party and raid members Mastery by an amount that scales with level. [Righteous Fury] - This ability increases all threat generated by 500%. Also Blizzard has been nice enough to remind Paladins in the tool tip that this ability makes you a better tank. ________________________________________ Credits and Resources Thanks to Darkside, Malthrin, and emptyrepublic from whom I’ve taken the formatting. Theck and the rest of the Maintankadin crew for their vast awesomeness. Also thank you to Corylus, Ronark, and Celydrashad for the advice and suggestions. Other excellent sources for information on Prot Pally theorycrafting are: Theck's Sacred Duty Blog (cutting edge Theck material!) - Sacred Duty | A Protection Paladin Blog Maintankadin, particularly the Advanced Theorycrafting and Calculations section - Maintankadin • View forum - Advanced Theorycraft and Calculations   Another good resource is the newly re-done CLCProt by Adeya, the counterpart to CLCRet.  http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/fileinfo.php?id=23105#info [Prot 6.0] - Kiss with a Fist