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  1. [WoD] Beastmastery 6.2

    Here is how your current gear sims against every other ring available in heroic HFC (including socketed and warforged) in single target and five target. Single Target Five Target AoE Simcraft Explorer Settings The BiS list for BM single target is mostly dictated by ilvl, but mastery and multistrike are powerful enough that if you are only playing BM, the ring you have is pretty strong. Keep in mind that any non-legendary ring upgrade is going to be amongst the smallest upgrades available to you, simply due to how little stat budget the item slot has. The above was default fight length (450s, which is long for current kill times) and 10k iterations.
  2. The Effin Hunter Guide (6.2)

    Hunter ability changes have been datamined from Legion beta. Keep in mind this is preliminary and the beta always starts out pretty unstable. http://www.wowhead.com/news=250045/legion-beta-build-20740-class-spell-changes#hunter
  3. The Simcraft Explorer Tool (Hunter module)

    Version 0.9.10 is now uploaded to the project site. https://sourceforge.net/projects/simcraftexplorer/files/installers/ Major changes: 1. Upgrades are now an option to Simcraft Explorer (se) and Simcraft Armory Explorer (sea) via the -u or --upgrade options. By default items are not upgraded. Suggested options are -u 1 (for 1 level) and -u 2 (for 2 levels). 2. Source files may now be tagged with noupgrade=1 to indicate they are unupgradeable. Current items tagged with this are the legendary rings and boa trinkets. 3. The MM and BM T18M trinket scripts have been updated to include -u 2 for all items that can be upgraded.
  4. [WoD] Beastmastery 6.2

    T18M Trinkets with Full Upgrades The following sim includes all versions of Kihra's above 705 warforged, including socketed. Infallible Tracking Charm is included but is mostly useless compared to the best HFC trinkets, even against demon bosses. Simcraft settings: 623-01 (11/20/2015), build 20726, 450s Simcraft Explorer version: 0.9.10 Gear Listing: http://pastebin.com/vKqTASNv
  5. [WoD] Marksmanship 6.2

    T18M Trinkets with Full Upgrades The following sim includes all versions of Kihra's above 705 warforged, including socketed. Infallible Tracking Charm is included but is mostly useless compared to the best HFC trinkets, even against demon bosses. Simcraft settings: 623-01 (11/20/2015), build 20726, 450s Simcraft Explorer version: 0.9.10 Gear Listing: http://pastebin.com/4rjT6zdC
  6. [WoD] Marksmanship 6.2

    The problem with our heirloom is that the damage is flat, and it is a single target proc. If this was an agi, mastery or crit proc along with the damage buff to demons, we'd be talking about something entirely different. I'm rerunning all trinket sims and these will include the 705-725 versions of the Mythic Dungeon trinkets, including all variations of Kihra's with sockets to help people see where that falls in line. Even when simming against demons, the heirloom trinket does not currently appear to be worth it, especially if you have mythic trinkets.
  7. [WoD] Marksmanship 6.2

    After talking with reia and others today in the Simcraft IRC, it appears that the RPPM has been adjusted up from 1 to 3 and that even with the 5s duration rather than the 10s duration, the demon damage buff is supposedly up to ~30%. I need to run some sims on it, but the damage should go upward a bit on demon bosses.
  8. [WoD] Marksmanship 6.2

    Wowhead has been displaying weird information on the trinket for a while. After patch goes live tomorrow, they'll probably get everything corrected. I assume the wowdb information is correct though: http://ptr.wowdb.com/items/133597-infallible-tracking-charm
  9. [WoD] Marksmanship 6.2

    I included the Infallible Tracking Charm sims on the Effin Hunter Guide here: http://forums.elitistjerks.com/forums/topic/133605-the-effin-hunter-guide-62/?do=findComment&comment=2282477 At level 100, the item level is only 715. The trinket is significantly under the other raid viable trinkets atm.
  10. [WoD] Marksmanship 6.2

    In 6.2.3, which is to be released on Tuesday, we will have access to valor upgrades and also a new set of Mythic Dungeon upgraded trinkets that before upgrades can reach 725 ilvl through warforge (instead of the 705 ilvl that currently exists in 6.2.2). As discussed elsewhere in this thread and in the consolidated guide, the new trinkets are formidable and one of them is competitive with the BiS Mythic raiding trinkets. But just how close is Kihra's and why? The 725 version (http://ptr.wowhead.com/item=109997/kihras-adrenaline-injector&bonus=642:760) grants a humongous amount of mastery that lines up with the legendary ring on use. As you upgrade your ring, the trinket gets better and better. This means that the 735 version grants even more mastery during this legendary ring usage and this will provide a very, very consistent and high ring damage throughput that is valuable at both short and long fight lengths. Performance in 450s (7m 30s) duration fights Performance in 150s (2m 30s) duration fights Simcraft settings: http://pastebin.com/xf1DWLnn Critics of the trinket will point out that it is not worth going out of your way to farm it. This may be true, but so is the fact that you will be doing Mythic Dungeons to gather valor and upgrade your gear quickly. In fact, Mythic Dungeon per week valor constitutes nearly 50% of the valor potential available per week (2400 out of 4875 possible). So, unless you don't want to upgrade your gear quickly, you are going to be going after Mythic Dungeons to help upgrade your gear, and if you want to max out in a couple weeks, you'll want to go after Mythic Iron Docks. And it may be in your best interests to use a seal for a 2nd opportunity for a completely warforged version (http://ptr.wowhead.com/item=109997/kihras-adrenaline-injector&bonus=642:760). Another criticism of the trinket is that it forces you to stand still. This is not entirely true. It forces you to maintain sniper training, which requires not moving 3s every 6s during the 20s that the trinket is active. You can run your butt off for the other 1m 40s, and it will have a similar impact as any other trinket (and less than doing so during the proc of the Malicious Censer). You should already be maintaining sniper training during your legendary ring usage to maximize your dps during the legendary ring. So, with Kihra's, you are essentially just guaranteed to enhance your dps further with the sniper training you should have already been maintaining during ring usages.
  11. [WoD] Marksmanship 6.2

    Valor upgrades go live on Tuesday. Be sure to run your mythic dungeons, LFRs, etc. to get to maximum dps quickly. Most heroic geared hunters will want to switch to Oglethorpe's Missile Splitter (MS proc) on their weapon because upgrading your crit-heavy equipment is almost certainly going to put you over the 48% buffed crit that prompts the switch. Be sure to sim your gear with your upgrades, and feel free to tweak your gear enchants to see what works best for you! Fully upgrading your gear should result in anywhere from 5k (N) to 12k (M) increase in dps, depending on trinkets, weapons, and general gear levels. Remember that even if Simcraft does not include upgrade=2 to correctly upgrade 10 item levels by Tuesday, you can still sim your gear with ilevel=735 in the item properties to change your tier to 735 item level, for instance. Obviously, change your ilevel= to be the appropriate 10 level upgrade for your specific gear.
  12. [WoD] Beastmastery 6.2

    The stats section has been updated with some graphics based on end game gear profiles. As always, please feel free to sim your own gear to determine the types of gear you should be using. Also, note that the stat weights scale DRASTICALLY when switching between DB and Steady Shot. The following is completely based on Steady Shot. Stats Since BM is at best a farm spec for AoE fights, I'll focus the analysis on that niche. I'll also assume at least a heroic class trinket, though in this particular profile I'm using an HWF talisman ST with steady shot: agi > wdps > haste >= mastery >= ms > vers > crit Differences in enchanting haste vs mastery vs crit for BM Single Target AoE: agi > haste > mastery > ms > versatility >= crit > wdps Differences in enchanting haste vs mastery vs crit for BM Five Target Simcraft settings for above tests: http://pastebin.com/H3VLqpu7 TLDR: Gem/enchant for haste and mastery scope
  13. [WoD] Marksmanship 6.2

    The 725 will unfortunately be a low drop rate. And despite it's power, I think for most mythic raiders, people will stick with the raid trinkets. The belt breakdown I thought might be useful to raiders because our mythic raiding belt options are pretty limited (the haste/mastery belt is poorly itemized for MM and the 720 crit/ms belt is lower ilvl), but in general, mythic raiders will want to stick to the mythic bis. I don't think these upgrades are really meant for mythic raiders. I think they are meant for 1) heroic raiders who would like to dabble in Mythic raiding, 2) returning raiders who want to get back into endgame raiding (and I think resubscriptions are an important issue for Blizzard) and 3) reuse of existing content (e.g., forcing people to rerun dungeons to get better gear that they can use for leveling in Legion, raiding, etc.). So, I don't think Blizzard meant to replace raiding items. I think they're just trying to facilitate people getting back into the game.
  14. [WoD] Beastmastery 6.2

    3 Targets with the same APL changes. It seems that though on single target you may want to limit your steady shots, by three target, using steady shots to refresh steady focus is still important. This makes sense as the focus for your pet will help with the frequency of beast cleaves.
  15. [WoD] Beastmastery 6.2

    Second round of BM APL updates. This time, I focused on cobra shot usage with steady shot enabled. Simcraft settings: http://pastebin.com/DduRaXLp There is some success here with using less steady shots, rather than more. Here, we use steady shot only when certain focus requirements are met (e.g., when we have less than 30 focus) and less time is remaining on steady focus (3s here instead of the 4 from current APL). Trying to push more CS/SS into the rotation during BW was a slight loss over current APL.