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  1. WrathCalcs 6.0

    I don't see a link for 140620 version. Looks like 140612 version is missing 5% base crit (all classes, but some, like ferals, get another 10%) and 3% Versatility raid buff included in MotW.
  2. WrathCalcs 6.0

    I'm not sure of the exact mechanics, but assume that the Starsurge timer is set to 30s whenever you drop below full (or it just went off and you weren't full), and also that Starsurge remains an extremely powerful spell (substantially more damage than our other nukes, and much higher DPET). It would mean we'll almost never want to be holding on to more than one charge (for fearthat shooting stars would reset thetimer).That means that we will often be using Starsurge at "poor" times (bad spots on the eclipse cycle, or wasting Empowered charges). I had been thinking we would open with something like CA MF Flare SS SF ... but perhaps it will be closer to CA MF Flare SS SS SF ... and at higher crit levels, at least the first SS might go before Flare.
  3. [Balance] New 6.0 Rotation Discussion

    Well, one second of AC gets your cycle down to 36s. That means you can have 100% Sunfire uptime, with 10s at 50% Mastery, and 26s at 100% mastery. Alternatively, if you arefull of Starsurge charges, but at a bad point for Starsurge+Empowerment, 1-3s of AC could get you to a much better place. I doubt that either of those is a win very often, but a Starsurge with 2s left in Solar is worth a lot less than a Starsurge at effectively 6s into Lunar (2s of AC will move you that far).
  4. [Balance] New 6.0 Rotation Discussion

    https://twitter.com/Celestalon/status/474437667963150337, Stellar Flare mastery bonus will be the product of both current Lunar and Solar bonuses. So If I have 60% Mastery, my MF could get a multiplier anywhere from 1.3 to 1.6 (can't cast MF on Solar half), a 23% relative spread. At worst, Flare would have a bonus of (1+.6)*(1+0) = 1.6, and at best (normally) 1.3*1.3 = 1.69. Essentially that curve is mostly flat and low. It has a peak that is somewhat pointy, but not very tall. The main reason to cast Flare at the perfect time is not to give it a big bonus (<6% more than its weakest bonus), but to avoid casting anything else at a time when that "something else" has a low bonus. However, during CA, Flare's bonus would be 1.6*1.6 or 2.56. At first that 2.56 seems like a lot, but perhaps not. During CA, a MF cast applies both MF and SuF DoTs, effectively doubling the DoT damage it would be doing (at least for a while). CA's damage increase (in my example) is 2.56/1.69, or about a 50% increase. MF probably got an even larger benefit. Bottom line,the quadratic scaling is a concern, but if at 60% Mastery, non-CA MF does about the same damage as non-CA Flare, then Flare's CA scaling isn't going to be "crazy high" until we see Mastery numbers substantially over 100% (third tier of the expansion might be the earliest that happens).
  5. WrathCalcs 6.0

    More named cells (or attached cell comments) on the Rotationtab please. I don't yet have a good enough feel for this stuff to understand all that is going on. Spells tab: It seems that for empowered casts, Bliz is more likely to code t/1.2 than t*0.8, but I don't know that for sure. I'm thinking rotations are going to include rules approximately like Don't cast MF/SuF in the last 5 seconds before CA becomes available. Do cast MF during CA whenever the cast will clip at most one of MF or SuF. Those rules almost guarantee at least one MF during CA (and on rare occasions two MF during CA). That might mean that out-of-CA DoT casts will be a bit less (perhaps 7/8) than you'd otherwise predict.
  6. [Balance] New 6.0 Rotation Discussion

    I agree that Stellar Flare has the best "feel" to it for PvE. Being able to do something useful when Lunar and Solar are both weak seems like a big plus, and should make the rotation more interesting. I'd say the same for PvP, except that Flare is not instant cast. Risking a both-schools lockout for a DoT cast sounds like a poor choice (unless we can kick butt as a Bear or Cat for six seconds or so). I'd originally (incorrectly) read that with Euphoria, SS gave 20% haste for six seconds. That would make that talent much more competitive, since your existing DoTs (which don't snapshot haste), would speed up for a little bit. Euphoria also has the advantage that if you clip a DoT at low energy (because of movement, for instance), you don't have to wait nearly as long to repair the damage.
  7. [Balance] New 6.0 Rotation Discussion

    Worth noting that with Eclipse going to 40s, (and Sunfire to 20+s), only one of the three T100 talents will have a tough time maintaining Sunfire, at least for a Patchwerk fight. Euphoria will have a 20s cycle to go with that 20s DoT. Balance of Power will maintain that DoT for you almost forever. Stellar Flare doesn't have either of those advantages, but it does have another always up DoT.
  8. Warlords of Draenor Druid discussion

    Edit: Oops, I misread the SotF tooltip when I wrote this. It seems to add 30% mastery only when casting an empowered Wrath or Starfire. That means the other percentages will drop, and SF/Wr will contribute a bit more, percentage-wise. I did a simple Balance simulator (CA, SF, Wr, SS, MF, SuF, Flare, shooting stars, and empowerment from Starsurge, no talents other than SotF), just to generate some logs and get a feel for how things would change. For numbers, I based things off of Wrath: Starfire: DPET 5% larger than Wrath Starsurge DPET 100% larger than Wrath Each DoT tick, 25% of Wrath damage DoT direct damage, same as a DoT tick (except MF gets double that). I assumed Flare has its own Eclipse sine wave, which peaks when Lunar/Solar are both at 50%. I assumed gaining SS from a DoT tick does not reset the 30s SS timer. I used low gear levels (Crit/Haste/Mastery (with SotF) at 15%, 15%, 82%) Starsurge count (and direct contribution)drops significantly from what we are used to. Over a not-quite three minute fight: SF 27 casts, 28% of damage Wr 33, 20% MF Ticks: 96, 15% SuF Ticks 95, 13% SS 11, 10% Flare Ticks 66, 9% MF DD 5, 2% Flare DD 11, 1% SuF DD 8, 1% The other big surprise was how fast the Eclipse% changes in the middle of the curve. From the log, a Wrath and SunFire were cast simultaneously with, with Solar at 72%, the next cast was a StarFire, completed slightly less than 4s later(gcd+3s cast and not much haste) with Lunar at 68%, so in 4s, the Lunar percentage climbed from 28% to 68%.
  9. [Balance] WrathCalcs

    WC doesn't have a fight length, so it tends to undervalue cooldowns. Cooldowns are very strong at the beginning of a fight, and you can also use a 3m cooldown four times in a 10m fight. WC assumes most procs occur randomly which tends to undervalue the benefit of stacking them. Again, this is particularly important at the start of a fight. I'm not sure either tool does a really good job in fights where the the nature of the fight changes repeatedly (number of targets, damage boosts, ...).
  10. [Balance] WrathCalcs

    Just a note if anyone is currently entering Timeless Isle, "of the whatever" stats into the spreadsheet. Armory currently shows the secondary stats before upgrading (and that is the number you want to enter on the Gear tab). Armory seems to be using the correct value in the total-stat summary. Those totals just don't match what it displays for the gear. I had assumed that armory showed the upgraded stats, and was backing-out the upgrade. That got WC to match Armory on the individual pieces of gear, but the totals were not matching (WC showed me short of the hit cap by about 60, even though Armory said I was at 5100). For example, my upgraded Fire-Chanter boots of the Decimator show 1408/1292 Int/Crit in armory. Armory shows 1307/1292 before upgrade. AMR shows 1408/1392 for the upgraded boots. AMR crit total for the toon agrees with the Armory crit total.
  11. Starfire takes slightly longer to cast than HT, at least without pushback. Last time I checked, pushback is not affected by Haste. There is always the possibility that you won't end up casting any late SF, because of Starsurge procs, but you should probably quantify that argument.
  12. [Balance] WrathCalcs

    If you look at the numbers, with multiple targets, you probably only want to maintain one non-eclipsed DoT, if more Eclipsed targets are available. Suppose I have time to put up six DoTs, and for a single DoT I'd average 1 Shooting Star. [TABLE]#Eclipsed|#Non|#Shooting 3|3|3.5 4|2|3.4 5|1|3.2 6|0|2.4 [/TABLE] In Lunar, I might value SS enough to convert 1MF to SuF, just to gain 0.8 SS (2.4 to 3.2). It seems unlikely that I'd want to make that trade just to gain 0.2 SS (3.2 to 3.4). From a mechanics standpoint, putting MF/SuF on each target is probably easier, but I doubt if it will be optimal.
  13. [Balance] WrathCalcs

    I see the burst at 10296 in both spreadsheets. It is from an extra FoN cast (NG, no other haste procs, goes from eight to nine casts). Maybe you had Incarnation in one of your sheets?
  14. [Resto] Mists of Pandaria 5.4

    However, we have substantial health (140k or so, I believe) that is not from Stamina. Bear boosts stamina, not base health. 500k = 140k base + 360k from Stamina. A 40% increase to 72% of our health, is a bit less than a 30% overall increase. That distinction is particular important at lower gear levels (and ilvl-capped instances).
  15. Assuming 4t15, Sinister, 50% each crit, haste, mastery during Eclipse+NG, napkin math seems to show the following three rotations are about equal DPS: 1) With about 13 targets (or more) do nothing but cast your Eclipsed MF forever. Here I am measuring the steady-state DPS once NG has fallen off. You aren't using 2t15 or 4t15 with this rotation. 2) With five or more targets, alternate MF (or SuF, whichever is better at the moment and not on some target) and instant SS when available (it will be available about 85% of the time, a little less if you take reaction time into account). LS*3 is up all the time. NG is up for about 80% of your casts. You are making good use of 2t15 to extend DoTs, and 4t15 for extra mastery and crit. 3) Seven-target Hurricane (with Eclipse, but not NG or a Sinister proc) is also about the same DPS.