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  1. ShadowCraft for Warlords of Draenor

      Hey Pathal, just wanted to thank you again for all the work you put in ShadowCraft over the years. ShadowCraft has been a tremendous addition to the game for a lot of rogues, and developing it it even at times when you didn't yourself participate in competitive PvE is a stunning display of altruism. Fade away if you want or need to, Pathal, just don't think noone will notice :-)
  2. Warlords of Draenor rogue discussion

      Well you'd have a choice between pooling less energy to prevent energy capping with certainty or to pool more energy  to better optimize envenom uptime. The choice has always been there but the more predictible the energy regen, the easier the choice. Anyway, I guess there are a lot of ways to improve on Assassination's rotation. My take is that playing Assassination well should be about perfect rhythm and timing (whereas playing Combat well should be about perfect instant decisions). Thinking about it, I guess predictible energy regen actually makes for a smoother rotation, and actually improves this rhythmic vibe I was talking about. Oh well.... :-)
  3. Warlords of Draenor rogue discussion

    I like all the changes to Assassination, both to AoE and Single-target rotations, except "Improved Venomous Wounds". I like "Empowered Envenom" and "Enhanced Envenom" a lot because they will make it so that Envenom uptime will be even more important, which is a very good thing. It will hopefully raise the skill cap of the spec a bit.   But "Improved Venomous Wounds", by removing the RNG factor in our Energy Regen, will make it quite easier to delay Envenom, and therefore to optimize Envenom uptime; So while the changes make the potential DPS gain of playing well higher, they may make the spec a bit too easy to play well.   If anything, I'd like to see the RNG factor of "Venomous Wounds" to be maximized to a 50% chance to proc (and a higher Energy gain to compensate), or maybe the ticks of Rupture/Garrote to be less frequent (and again, a higher Energy gain to compensate), with the same effect.
  4. If both are inextricably linked, I vote to drop them both. Just my 2ç (Disclaimer: In all likelihood I won't be progression-raiding in WoD, so I am not going to be one of Shadowcraft's most impacted users.).
  5.   I believe parry to be quite more important than hit, since if I understood correctly, we will still be parried when fighting in front, and many boss fights force front placement. So the amount of code simplification needed to make it worthwhile to remove parry mechanics would need to be proportionally greater :-)
  6.   I am not a shadowcraft contributor, so don't give too much weight to my opinion. I think you should remove hit altogether. Shadowcraft doesn't aim to model specific fight mechanics, but is mainly about giving an accurate representation of the easiest thing to model: a Patchwerk fight. I believe it will be substantially easier to maintain and improve if you strip the maximum amount of dead code now, in the between-expansion lull. Since you seem to say the amount of code that would be removed by such a move is non trivial, and that it would significantly simplify developing new code, i'm all for it.   If we get one hit-penalty fight in WoD, we'll adapt Shadowcraft recommendations accordingly, like we always (should) do (and I really don't see how we could get more than one such fight).
  7. Bug reports

    It wasn't available yet during last test. It has been available a few days after (the tuesday following the last test weekend I believe). I therefore could download and install the mac client but I have not been able to launch/connect it yet :-)   Maybe they pulled it since, i'm not sure. Can't check because the whole account site is down currently.
  8. Bug reports

      Thanks for the link. 
  9. Bug reports

    I have a very specific issue with the Mac version of the launcher downloading very slowly. I am pretty sure I know exactly why, and I have found a workaround. Just wanted to send a bug report upstream, and the beta feedback email really isn't the place for this. What "official beta forums" are you talking about? It seems I managed not to find them.
  10. Bug reports

    Is there any place to send bug reports about the beta? Specifically, I want to write one about the Launcher.
  11. Rogue Simple Questions

      I'm pretty sure Dispatch's whole point is better DPE. In any case of energy capping, Mutilate should be prioritized for its better DPS. For example, the same reasoning mostly applies to Vanish's reopener while under 35% HP I believe: making Dispatch cheaper is not as interesting as making Mutilate cheaper and therefore you should open with Mutilate after a Vanish.
  12. Assassination from the Mists

      That's hard to explain. Each stats is good for multiple reasons, knowing which one is better for your gear comes from lots of testing or asking a simulation/modeling tool like http://shadowcraft.mmo-mumble.com
  13. ShadowCraft for Mists of Pandaria

      As far as I am concerned, they are too small to matter from the beginning (as Assassination). I currently base my reforge on playstyle choices, since different reforges within 0.5% DPS of each other can lead to dramatically different playstyles.
  14. [5.4 Combat] I'm Not Dead Yet

    What do you guys use currently to monitor Bandit's guile? Bandit's Guile Helper seems to not have been updated in a while so I wondered if maybe something else had replaced it.
  15. ShadowCraft for Mists of Pandaria

    It did for me, yes. EDIT: I should add that it put crit on top, but by so short a margin that I didn't bother regem my yellow slots.