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  1. [Ret 6.2 WoD] Retribution Concordance (RetCon)

    Just to add to this, I tend to run Selfless Healer because of this kind of thing. ES / LH have 1min CDs, but you can do an instant Flash of Light every, what, 12-15 secs with Selfless Healer (Judgement is low in our priority list after all)? Sure it means the odd GCD lost for me, but on the other hand it means a decent amount of healing on someone in danger. You can also consider going Clemency with the HoSac glyph - if your raid leader isn't using your Hand spells for anything on the fight then you can keep them free for emergencies.
  2. Ret FCFS Rotation Helper

    It should this for clcinfo: eds5_fv If I remember correctly, that's for an Empowered Divine Storm with the FV buff active & 5 HP banked. If you just mean using a DS after an FV in AoE situations, I can't recall if there's a DS_FV or similar option. Personally I just use my head for those situations though, because most boss fights are fairly light on AoE combat.
  3. [Ret 6.2 WoD] Retribution Concordance (RetCon)

    The OP has a small typo in that it says "Exo withT16 4p..." rather than T17, but you'll note this places Exo + T17 below HoW even when you have the buff active & only 1-2 HP. My clcinfo priority string is thus as follows: es tv_dp_4s eds5_fv tv5 ds5 how exo_bc cs j exo tv4 tv3
  4. [Ret 6.2 WoD] Retribution Concordance (RetCon)

    Did another bit of testing in v603-13. Same rules as before, but with 2 different items owing to this change (note: I added in a custom shirt with the "missing" 95 haste to bring the % values in line). Swapped out the Seal of the Savage Howl for Phosphorescent Seal, and Thogar's Control Rod for Ka'graz's Burning Blade, and compared this with the standard Mythic gear (again, with bonus haste to allow for the haste buff). Finally, I did a test with Ka'graz's Burning Blade & Seal of the Savage Howl as a "low-Haste" set mid-way between the two options... NewSet:39,400.6 DPS (range 4038 / 10.2%) /// Phosphorescent Seal, Ka'graz's Burning Blade Old Set:39,440.2 DPS (range 4065.1 / 10.3%) /// Seal of the Savage Howl, Thogar's Control Rod Mid Set: 39,372 DPS (range4164.6 / 10.6%)/// Seal of the Savage Howl, Ka'graz's Burning Blade New Stat Rankings: Mas (3.62) >> Crit (3.15) >> MS (3.06) >> Vers (2.93) >> Haste (2.75) Old Stat Rankings: Mas (3.54) >> Crit (3.12) == MS (3.12) >> Vers (2.92) >> Haste (2.82) Mid Stat Rankings: Mas (3.54) >> Haste (3.17) >> Crit (3.09) >> MS (3.07) >> Vers (2.91) New Stat Totals (Unbuffed): Mas (1492) >> MS (1162) >> Haste (952*) >> Crit (794) >> Vers (100, human racial) Old Stat Totals (Unbuffed): Mas (1619) >> Haste (1058) >> Crit (906) >> MS (831) >> Vers (100, human racial) Mid Stat Totals (Unbuffed): Mas (1614) >> MS (1064) >> Crit (906) >> Haste (813) >> Vers (100, human racial) * The actual Haste on the gear is 857 haste rating. Divide by 90 to get 9.52%, which is 952 rating under the pre-haste-buff system. To make up the difference, I added a custom +95 haste enchant. Did the same thing (well, +96 rating :P ) for the others too. Finally, a note that Str/Stam/etc are identical with both sets. All 3 profiles had 100,000 10min (no variation, elite skill, fully (de-)buffed, single target, 25ms latency, default 603-13 rotation / action priority list) sims done on them with a human paladin with PoJ, FoJ, Selfless Healer, Unbreakable Spirit, Divine Purpose, Execution Sentence and Final Verdict. + + + Well, now that you've made it this far, what's new? Actually... nothing much, actually. The way Haste drops off the face of the Earth in stat rankings past a certain point can be clearly seen, but this buff to haste doesn't do anything for us this tier unfortunately.
  5. [Ret 6.2 WoD] Retribution Concordance (RetCon)

    Here's all the stat ratings from gear, from the sim results: T17H Gear: Mas: 1445 Haste: 837 MS: 739 Crit: 806 Vers: 100(human racial) T17M Gear: Mas: 1619 Haste: 962 MS: 831 Crit: 906 Vers: 100 (human racial) Hope it helps :) .
  6. [Ret 6.2 WoD] Retribution Concordance (RetCon)

    They seem reasonably close to me. Quite a lot of combo choices, but it's a ~1400 DPS difference between the top (SW + Seraphim) and the bottom (DP + Emp Seals) numbers from Exemplar's post on the previous page, which seems okay - a 6-7% DPS difference in ideal circumstances is pretty good. As for stat weights... yeah, I guess just use SimCraft a lot ;) . Based on the most recent figures for raiding gear above, you may want to default to mastery if you're uncertain about gearing, but as even in the above stuff the worst stat is at least 71% of the best secondary stat (T17N Mastery vs Haste, and that with gear setups that need fixing), I think that the worst case is likely to be "suboptimal stats" rather than "junk stats". So again, a pretty good case of balancing in my books. + + + Edit time... Okay, did some comparisons between heroic & mythic gear - that is, identical mythic gear setups but different bonus ids (566 vs 567) for the heroic/mythic difference in quality etc (same legendary rings though, no Warforged gear etc). 25ms latency, elite skill, 600sec fights (no variation), all (de)buffs, and done by human paladins with DP+FV, behind the Patchwerk boss, identical default actions etc... Heroic: 33,900 DPS Mastery: 3.14 Haste: 2.76 (87.90%of Mas) MS: 2.72 (86.62%of Mas) Crit: 2.72 Vers: 2.52 Mythic: 39,292 DPS Mastery: 3.52 MS: 3.10 (88.07%of Mas) Crit: 3.09 Vers: 2.90 Haste: 2.72 (77.27% of Mas) + + + Seems there's a pretty low effective haste cap for us at around 15% (FYI, raid-buffed haste was 13.79% & 15.10% respectively), at least with our T17 set bonuses etc. Once you reach that break point (BTW, the 15.10% haste = 9.62% unbuffed, or 962 rating), haste loses value for us rather rapidly, and MS/Crit become the preferred stats after mastery. Didn't check weapon damage or strength, but I figure that as per previous results they're both well above the secondary stats, so go with those two regardless. Hope this is all of use :) .
  7. [Ret 6.2 WoD] Retribution Concordance (RetCon)

    Haste still reduces our main rotation ability CDs, hence why it's still (just) the top secondary stat for us :) .
  8. [Ret 6.2 WoD] Retribution Concordance (RetCon)

    Nice work you two :) . For what it's worth I've been having a little look at raiding gear setups (seeing as we can't just reforge stats away anymore), and thought I'd make a start here: A few other options to consider for swapping out pieces: Hope that all helps :)
  9. [Ret 6.2 WoD] Retribution Concordance (RetCon)

    Okay, apparently someone at Blizz read this and decided that the Glyph of IT neededa nerf to +30% SoT damage... 1. Assume 5308 av weapon damage & 2864 SP.Ignoring haste & multistrike (for now). 3.45 attack speed. 2. Average SoT swing (no IT glyph) will be 637 damage. Average Censure tick will be 945 at 5 stacks. 3. IT glyph = +30% SoT swing damage, so +191.1 per swing. 4. Total Censure damage = 4725 over 15 secs. 5. 4.34 swings per 15 secs = +829 damage. 6. 4.5 sec CD on CS = 3.33... CS swings per 15 secs = +637 damage. 7. Assume 2 TVs per 15 secs = +382 damage. 8. Assume 2.5 Js per 15 secs = +478 damage. 8.478 + 382 + 637 + 829= 2326.2326< 2362.5 (ie half of 4725). Or just take the previous figure * 0.75 (2469 * 0.75 = 1848) then add Judgement's SoT procs for 2326 total damage. TL;DR -Glyph of Immediate Truth is now a small DPS loss. Given that bosses often have air phases when your DoTs will continue doing damage but you can't keep swinging at them, I can only assume that Blizzarddoesn't want us to usethis glyph<_<. Or if they do,to keep it as a kind of "this player is bad - do not recruit" glyph :wacko: .
  10. Warlords of Draenor paladin discussion

    Build 18967 has the following for Ret... -Seal of Righteousness up from 5% to 12% weapon damage. -Light's Hammer gets ~66% buff to damage& healing. -Holy Prism gets ~200% buff to damage & healing.
  11. [Ret 6.2 WoD] Retribution Concordance (RetCon)

    SealSwapping macro: #showtooltip /castsequence [nomod] !Seal of Righteousness, !Seal of Truth Simple enough, if you have SoT active it'll cast SoR, and vice versa.
  12. [Ret 6.2 WoD] Retribution Concordance (RetCon)

    I hope it stays TBH: it's nice to have another glyph that's worth using some of the time. As you note though, any fight where we want to hit more than 1 target regularly means you probably shouldn't use the IT glyph, so there's room for players to min/max, experiment, and get away from the standard cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all-boss-fights builds.
  13. [Ret 6.2 WoD] Retribution Concordance (RetCon)

    Thanks for this - and I notice I forgot Judgement in my napkin maths, which will push things further in favour of IT glyph (2.5 Judgements per 15secs = 637.5 more bonus SoT / IT damage= 3106.5 > 2362.5). Off-hand I'd say that crit & MS affect everything equally (eg no extra SoT swings from MS attacks), so ought to cancel out. Good to see we've another useful glyph to use in 6.0 now :) .
  14. [Ret 6.2 WoD] Retribution Concordance (RetCon)

    You'd only have to swap to SoR long enough to cast Judgement to keep that going, so yeah, agreed. Urgh. Okay, that's embarrassing. Moving swiftly on then... back to napkin maths again, because I can't get onto WoD ATM... 1. Assume 5308 av weapon damage & 2864 SP.Ignoring haste & multistrike (for now). 3.45 attack speed. 2. Average SoT swing (no IT glyph) will be 637 damage. Average Censure tick will be 945 at 5 stacks. 3. IT glyph = +40% SoT swing damage, so +255 per swing. 4. Total Censure damage = 4725 over 15 secs. 5. 4.34 swings per 15 secs = +1109 damage. 6. 4.5 sec CD on CS = 3.33... CS swings per 15 secs = +850 damage. 7. Assume 2 TVs per 15 secs = +510 damage. 8. 1109 + 850 + 510 = 2469. 2469 > 2362.5 (ie half of 4725). Based on this, Immediate Truth will win for single target DPS without the need for any multi-strike attacks. So now we need to know: 1. Does SoT proc off multi-strike attacks? 2a. If so, does it do its full damage? If not, what % of its full damage does it do? 2b. If SoT procs off MS attacks, does the IT glyph multiplier work properly with them? Wouldn't be the first time there's a bug here etc. 3. Can Censure do multi-strikes? Wowpedia says that DoTs can, but need confirmation.
  15. [Ret 6.2 WoD] Retribution Concordance (RetCon)

    At 5 stacks against a dungeoneer's trainingdummy in my garrison, it was doing 945/946 per tick (2864 SP BTW), so ~4725 dmg over 5 ticks (under 5% haste BTW, so I ignored it for this). Half that is 2362.5. Meanwhile, a basic SoT strike (no IT glyph) did 625, 621, 692, 607, 616... not great. Let's be generous and assume 700 damage per SoT swing. 700 * 1.4 = 980, for a difference of 280. With an attack speed of 3.45 I can get in 4.34 attacks per 15 secs, so 280 * 4.34 = 1217... about half of the missing Censure damage if I'd used Immediate Truth. In short, if Blizzard want Immediate Truth to do be a viable glyph, as opposed to one of those "is this a good/bad player?" ones, it should roughly double the damage that Seal of Truth does: 700 SoT damage: +77% to be equal to lost Censure damage. 650 SoT damage: +84% required. 625 SoT damage: +87% required. 600 SoT damage: +91% required. Back to ignoring Immediate Truth I guess.