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  1. Warlords of Draenor rogue discussion

    That'd just mean that you'd pool less energy. I don't really see how it would make the spec any harder to play.
  2. Warlords of Draenor rogue discussion

    I think there are better ways to implement control over BG. Using RvS to delay insight doesn't make a whole lot of sense thematically; looking at it you'd think that a revealing strike would grant you greater insight. What's more, with deep insight being 50% more damage, it's not something you'd feel good about delaying. So I'd rather see RvS remade to have charges, and be used to advance insight levels.
  3. [5.4 Combat] I'm Not Dead Yet

    There's a latency parameter in the settings, right above professions.
  4. ShadowCraft for Mists of Pandaria

    I'd wager the difference in relative value of the two gearsets between AMR and SC is down to the set-bonus. AMR optimizes gear based on stat and trinket weights. It gets those weights from tools like shadowcraft. But the weights in AMR are the same for every rogue unless you manually change them; presumably by exporting them from SC. That doesn't work so well with set-bonuses.
  5. Rogue Simple Questions

    There is no magic number.
  6. This is a good point, and one I did account for when estimating the value of 10 energy. But I simply did something similar to saying that 1/4 times that 10 energy will mean an additional ambush. (Actually it was a little more conservative then that, but I don't have time to lay out all the details right now.) If you are very consistent in your energy management, that need not reflect reality. So if it's never the case that you get an additional ambush, then the difference between using and not using rupture during FW becomes smaller, but it's still slightly in favor of rupture. Also, (10/35 * your average backstab) is a lower bound for the value of 10 energy, but not a decent estimate for it.
  7. I misunderstood you then. But the point still stands, if one is better than the other at some point during FW, then it is better at all points. (Except at the end of the fight, where you might waste rupture ticks.) Keeping that exception in mind, let me draw a hypothetical to illustrate my point. Imagine that rupture, rather than being a dot, was a finisher with a 24s cooldown that did unmitigated damage. Delaying the application of rupture is essentially the same as delaying such an ability.
  8. If what you think is true, that eviscerate is higher DPE during FW than rupture is, then there would never be a time where you would use rupture over eviscerate during FW.
  9. DPE is relevant in most cases, and this is no exception. That 10 energy is worth (on average) 80k damage for me, (I'd look you up but it's not as easy as it once was. A-hem.). So your eviscerates would have to do (on average) 80k more damage than your ruptures. Looking at your log, your average rupture did 417k, and an unmitgated eviscerate would do close to 15% more than that, so about 480k. That's less than the 507k it would have to do to break even. It's possible that since you're not using rupture during FW your (average) rupture damage is somewhat inflated, and the margin might be closer than that, but I very much doubt that it changes the conclusion.
  10. Rogue Simple Questions

    I'd suggest looking at the 'dps-timeline' that simC shows if you want to know more about how the damage of a given spec varies throughout a fight.
  11. ShadowCraft for Mists of Pandaria

    The thing is that SC is a tool for figuring out how to gear more than it is a tool for accurately estimating DPS. And while it would be of some use (though somewhat complicated) to say something about how certain kinds of breaks in 'time spent on boss' would effect stat weights, it would be much more difficult to create a general approach enabling SC to handle every kind of boss fight and strategy, and spit out a decent DPS-estimate. It's also worth noting that blizzard doesn't base their tuning off calculations (or simulations) alone. In fact they go off of logs just as much, if not more, exactly because they know the assumptions made by calcs and sims.
  12. ShadowCraft for Mists of Pandaria

    Mastery and haste are closer in value, and agility has (barely) overtaken haste for me. RPPM-mechanics was just one of the contributing factors to hastes high value, so while it has gone down, it's nothing extreme.
  13. Assassination from the Mists

    With my gear it looks something like this: One CP will give you 5+3/5s of rupture or ~62k damage from envenom. So each tick you cut off is equivalent to a ~22k damage loss. A rupture with applied with fully stacked renataki's is something like a ~45k damage increase compared to one without. So it's a slight increase to cut it before the second to last tick, and a bit of a wash to do it any earlier.
  14. Rogue Simple Questions

    No. The rupture dot itself doesn't really do any damage, it's the energy-regen and venomous wounds that make it worthwhile.
  15. 5.4 Changes Discussion

    Combat had issues with being GCD capped last expansion, and they still let it happen again this time around. Hell, it's worse now. So don't count on anything.