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  1. Warlords Mechanic Testing / Verification

    20. http://i.imgur.com/Vy5flCK.jpg Shadow Reflection applies a 16 second debuff on the target. During the first 8 second the shadow just stands there watching your abilities, adn then during the remaning 8 seconds the copy performs the same actions you did during the first 8 seconds. The copied abilities performed by the Shadow Reflection use new rolls to determine damage, hit, crit, multistrike etc. (Green outline) Shadow Reflection also copies Multistrikes off of white hits (again with new rolls) (Purple outline). Bonus: Shadow Reflection does copy Killing Spree, if there was any doubt it would act in a different way compared to other abilities. (Blue outline)
  2. Mists of Pandaria: All Specs

    I didn't know that secondary stat gems were doubled in value, that makes gemming Expertise and Hit far more attractive, and using reforge to make the final adjustments to get as close to the stat caps as possible. In theory, yes. In practise, it will be a case-by-case deal. Red and Yellow sockets will most likely already have gems with Haste/Mastery/Crit so gemming purple (exp+hit) over those gems only to reforge back the H/M/C is at best making it overly complicated. Your main priority will be to have Expertise and Hit values as close to the cap number as possible so you don't waste any stat points. It will definitely make gemming more interesting though. Assuming the stat combinations exist, we could gem any of the six gem colors (Exp/agi red, H/M/C yellow, Hit blue, and any combinations of these stats) for high stat customization.
  3. Mists of Pandaria: All Specs

    Since Agi still beats haste/mastery/crit, I'd say you'll reforge as normal and gem as normal since gemming expertise/hit means you replace Agility, which can't be reforged. It's not as simple as just figuring out what gem has the highest EP since hit and expertise are cappable stats. Edit: The same goes for the hit and expertise racials, they are not worth their own EP values but rather the EP values of whatever stat you replace them with.
  4. Mists of Pandaria: All Specs

    Shadow Blades simply turns your auto attacks into shadow damage (and thus ignores armor), any other functionality remains. Simple answer, yes, Shadow Blades is copied in full by Blade Flurry.
  5. Combat Guide for Cata [12/01/2011]

    I was noticing the quickening of stacks as well, but wrote it off as anecdotal evidence based on not playing with daggers for a while. Not that it matters all too much since Mop is less than a month away, people might as well play what spec they prefer at this point.
  6. Mists of Pandaria: All Specs

    Don't forget that Evlusiveness only adds the 30% all reduction, the 50% is from Feint as baseline and is still there if you pick Leeching Poison. While Leeching Poison doesn't reduce your damage taken, it alleviates the healing you require (which in most cases is why you would reduce your damage taken in the first place) and as such works the same way as Elusiveness would, without costing energy. The only scenarios I would pick Elusiveness over Leeching is where you have to either heavily mitigate damage in temporary bursts, or in fights where the only damage you take is temporary AoE damage bursts (Lei Shi for example) where the effect of Leeching Poison is mostly wasted. Both talents have clear uses, but in general I feel Leeching is stronger for overall healer relief.
  7. Mists of Pandaria: All Specs

    Pretty sure the enemies you face in heroics aren't 3+ levels higher than you, hence the amount of hit /expertise rating you need to make sure spells hit is lower.
  8. Mists of Pandaria: All Specs

    From comparing numbers, it looks like Main hand and Main Gauche attacks are doing shadow damage, while offhand attacks remain physical. I can't be sure of this for two reasons; Having 8/10 attacks proc Main Gauche is improbable and if attacks are supposed to do pure shadow damage as the tooltip suggests, the damage of the attacks should be bypassing armor and do more damage, otherwise the shadow damage part of the ability is pointless. At any rate, it doesn't seem to be working as intended.
  9. Cataclysm Subtlety Compendium

    The "Weird" weights come from the stat values lying somewhere between your current setup and suggested setup when you hit reforge. To clarify, your expertise capped reforge would be slightly better if you reforged a small amount of expertise into crit, so the value of expertise in that reforge is higher than expertise. When you hit reforge, it assumes crit is better than expertise for all the reforges possible, and you end up with an expertise minimal reforge which is lower DPS than your current one. If you pick a specific piece and change it's reforge from expertise-centric to crit-centric manually you might see better results. As for the crit cap, I don't see anything else that could explain the suggested stat priority change. I doubt that the given Agility value for oranges set bnous would surpass 74% innate crit to make backstab autocrit. Most of the hit value is probably coming from the chance to trigger Shadows.
  10. Cataclysm Subtlety Compendium

    Crit does have a soft cap. At near BiS, Shadowcraft is suggesting me to cap spell hit due to having 44%+ innate crit making ambushes autocrit. It could partially be because of oranges set bonus being implemented as an agility value, partially because white hits increase the trigger rate of Shadows. In the end, Sub will turn to hit when there's no way to reforge into more haste, you've capped expertise and you're at the crit soft cap. Hit is the next stat in line since there's only two stats left, and mastery is worse.
  11. Cataclysm Subtlety Compendium

    Well, as said before Burning Wounds should never go over 6% regardless of stat buffs, since Burning Wounds is 6% of your physical critical hits. In fact, if we assume all damage is physical and all damage is critical, the maximum amount of damage that Burning Wounds should be able to do is 5.6%~ (100 physical damage equals 6 Burning Wounds, 6/106 is 0.056~). In reality, not all our damage is physical so there's definitely something funky going on.
  12. Combat Guide for Cata [12/01/2011]

    The reason why Unholy Frenzy hasn't been mentioned is because Unholy's value for haste is similar to our own, and that is not considering eventual energy capping on our side. This makes it easier for the Death Knight to use it on himself when he knows he needs it instead of having to keep track of when the rogue could make the most use of it. All things considered, it doesn't make a huge difference whether if it's used on the Rogue or the DK, and the DK will probably be more interested in increasing his own damage output given those circumstances.
  13. Mists of Pandaria: All Specs

    Except that Poisons will work off of melee hit, making spell hit useless for us.
  14. Cataclysm 4.3.x Raid Mechanics

    For what it's worth, I'm with Naihan regarding the use of Rupture on spine. I did study logs and compare when it was relevant, and the results I came to were that using Rupture provided a more stable damage output, while Eviscerate had a fair chance (over 50%) of doing more damage. The only things that really matter for tendon burst is that you precast full duration Recup and Slice (in that order) before the tendon is exposed, make sure you have full duration of Find Weakness up, make sure you utilize Shadow Dance properly, make sure you open with Vanish as often as cooldown allows for MoS buff. Anything else that is debatable usually have such a low damage difference that it gets masked from analysis by the RNG elements of a 20 second duration scenario. If this wasn't true, then there would be more clear evidence as to what method is "the best". At present, top end players are content with doing what they themselves find optimal and aren't bothering with forming a general concensus. Although, there are two things that were brought up in this thread that concern me, the usage of tricks and the usage of 4p evicerates during dance; Why anyone would suggest to not precast Tricks in a short burst phase and instead use a global mid-combat doesn't make sense to me. Precasting tricks still lets the 2set bonus last long enough to allow an Ambush-Evis-Dance-Ambush-Ambush-Evis-Ambush-Ambush combo and still not run out of energy until 2-3 globals after dance fades. (It even supports usage of the Shadowdance glyph, but you run dry on energy just as dance ends.) As for the 4p eviscerates, a dance using 4p eviscerates will have three ambushes and three eviscerates. A regular dance (or as I know it at least) would have 4 ambushes and 2 eviscerates. While I get that the idea is to not waste combo points, I'm pretty sure that the damage advantage of an autocrit Ambush over a 4p Eviscerate is worth more than one wasted CP. I could be wrong, but that's just my 2c on the issue.
  15. Cataclysm 4.3.x Raid Mechanics

    I missed the part where you indicated it was 10man, I haven't had any experience with madness heroic on 10man so can't say for sure. My advice are taken from progression with no debuff present, when damage mattered across the board. Optimizing your cooldowns depends on where your problem areas are, the reason you would have the Parasite close to the Corruption was to maximize damage on the Corruption to avoid the third Impale. Same goes for cleaving the Meteor. Cleaving stuff increases your overall damage done, while hardswitching (with Redirect) increases your damage to specific targets. As for cleaving Regen Blood for Spellweave, at the time when I investigated it I found it to be a major loss in damage to the Arm and Wing tentacles, but this was during progressions which is 8 weeks ago. Looking at logs from yesterday, I compared damage to the limb tentacles where two of my Rogue buddies were cleaving a Regen Blood which survived by accident to pad meters, while I did not. The damage difference on respective areas were less than 1 million damage at maximum, and considering both of them have the legendary pair I'm convinced that it i a damage loss or at the very least not a large damage increase. All of it is anecdotal evidence, of course, and it's hard to prove either statement due to the many factors that determine your damage done to the limb tentacles in the first place. The reason for world first kills leaving a blood up is rather the extra Spellweave damage on the later parasites, I am guessing, or they assumed it would be a damage increase to spellweave onto the limbs without bothering to waste time testing it properly (rightfully so since Madness was quite easy compared to previous bosses Spine and Ragnaros).