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  1. [Ret 6.2 WoD] Retribution Concordance (RetCon)

    Beta + PTR build 18888 WoD Paladin(Forums,Talent Calculator) Hammer of Wrathnow does 169% of Spell Power damage, down from 211%. Talents Divine Purpose (Protection)- Shield of the Righteous replaced Light of Dawn. Divine Purpose (Retribution)- Templar's Verdict and Divine Storm replaced Light of Dawn. Empowered Sealsnow has spec specific tooltips. Judgment of Righteousness bonus now increases your haste by 15% for 20 sec. up from 10%. Final Verdictnow does 200% of weapon damage, up from 185%. Holy Shieldnow requires a shield. Seraphimnow increases Haste, Critical Strike, Mastery, Multistrike, Versatility, and Bonus Armor by 6,550 for 15 sec, down from 9,826. Protection Guarded by the Lightnow grants 15% of your maximum mana every 5 sec, up from every 2 sec. Retribution Templar's Verdictnow does 200% of weapon damage, up from 185%.
  2. [Ret 6.2 WoD] Retribution Concordance (RetCon)

    Awesome work, thanks again. Here we go again
  3. Does anybody have a beta account yet and could do some testing? Or maybe even access to those special lvl 100 servers with raid dummies?
  4. It might be wiser, more accurate and faster to just simulate your toon in SimC with manually changing the strength values. There is a little more to strength than just weapon dps (the spellpower, which increases spelldmg which is amplified by mastery I think, etc.).
  5. I read in some guide by a Ret Pally, that as soon as you have 4pc you would only push haste to 40% (instead of 50 or even beyond) and that Divine Purpose becomes superior to Sanctified Wrath as well for single target Unfortunately no rationale is given and my simc runs with my toon say otherwise. Can anyone argue for or against this with any reasonable math? Does ability lag come into play? Does TV become so strong with a certain amount of mastery (I would be able to push 70% if I go for it)? Any comments / thoughts welcome, thanks, Bela
  6. This is always a matter of when the damage is needed. Ji-Kun is a good example for that. If you are having trouble bringing down the nests in time, you´ll glyph mexo. If the nests go fine but you are running into the enrage timer you won´t. Always depends not only on the fight but how you and your raid approaches it. Overall DPS and HPS is a nice benchmark for comparisons and optimization, but are not very useful for determining individual setups for fights.
  7. Thanks for pointing this very basic point out. That has been on my mind for quite some time now. To really get the optimal gemming / enchanting / reforging strategy for ones gear, simc would need to sim every possible combination and then give the best one as a result. The computing time for this would be ridiculously high, so I will stick with feeding askmrrobot with the results from simc. Damage output with this strategy is not bad, so I can live with the inherent error.
  8. Well, maybe GC is getting the reason wrong why "pallys love DS". I can only speak for myself of course, but the reason why I indeed like DS better than the other AE (!) spells is, that 1) it has 10y range AND 2) you don`t need a target in melee range in front of you to make it work The most annoying thing for me in AE situations, especially with lots of low HP adds that die quickly is, that often enough your target dies before you can get in range to use that mexo or HotR, or somebody pulls aggro and the target moves away or there is random aggro.... for that reason I even started using macros for all my AE spells with /targetenemy [noexists] which is quite ridiculous but the only way to not loose further dps of our already weak and very conditional AE to targeting issues. With all my mouseover Holy macros I am around thirty macros for my pally alone and could use some more slots. mexo: Needs to be glyphed, target in melee range in front of you, losing single target dmg for not being able to use exo at range hotr: Only on target in melee range in front of you LH: Talent, inferior on single target, 1 min CD, static on the floor, with the amount of movement necessary in fights rarely hits all targets and/or with all ticks So, any way they are doing this 4pc I would like some kind of effect best that buffs our next TV or DS (our choice what we use/need next). Generally if I could choose I would slightly prefer a buff to sustained single target, closely followed by less targeting issues and more range in AE, maybe together with a slight buff to SoR for a small buff in AE damage. Only daydreaming... Or maybe 4pc bonus that makes AE spells refresh SoT on all targets that are hit? Multi-dot pallys ftw, but would probably kill LH... hmmm, not really an option.
  9. Nature? I´ll go hug some trees -.- All these announcements to me sound totally devoid of any long term vision for paladins. Using nature sounds pretty desperate to me, like they can`t balance anything else (did somebody say holy) considering the current mechanics. Changing a 4pc entirely including mechanics and type of damage in mid-PTR does not sound like the pursuit of long term design goals. The good news is, they`re being responsive, but to me those responses only open up more questions and insecurities at the moment. With more and more raids being 10-man, they would need to make all classes better allrounders, because even in an optimal setup you can`t have all classes and specs in a 10 man. Instead there is open talk about wanting to push Ret even further into the single-target burst-only niche. Very curious what is up next and a little worried. Hopefully they do come around and provide us with some paladiny bonus (and maybe sets? *cough*). Sorry, not helping theorycrafting with this, I know, but had to get that out...
  10. Ravicana, what you are describing points even more to some breakpoints ( thresholds may be the better word). I think it is too early to disregard if not fixed but at least calculable thresholds entirely, because a few comments indicate towards them. It is true that when you are quite close to a threshold differences will be small, but it is also true that you might miss a lot of possible dps when in the middle between thresholds without respecting that in your gems and enchants. Anyway I think this discussion is more of a basic argument for developers of reforge and sim tools and not of direct practical use for players like you and me. But if out of it could come adjustments / optimizations to the tools for everyday use, then its still worthwhile.
  11. Following the idea of weapon dps effecting value of haste I ran a few sims (100k iterations) again. I used T14N BiS as base and only changed the weapon each time. wspeed is the same for all weapons (3.6). Of course I allowed mrrobot to optimize gems/enchants/reforges every time, so that caps were met. Talent was SW for all. These are the results (the wdps value is taken from the mrrobot tooltip, it is NOT the scale factor from simc): [TABLE]Weapon|wdps|Haste|Strength|Haste-factor|Strength-factor|Norm-wdps|Norm-H-Fact. [iTEM]82814[/iTEM]|3285.6|9682|13812|1,30|3.50|1.0000|1.000 [iTEM]87542[/iTEM]|3708.5|9493|13928|1.38|3.50|1.1287|1.0615 [iTEM]86140[/iTEM]|4186.0|9592|15334|1.43|3.50|1.2740|1.1000 [iTEM]86386[/iTEM] N|4468.2|9525|15911|1.49|3.50|1.3599|1.1462 [iTEM]87176[/iTEM] H|5043.5|9199|16068|1.61|3.50|1.5350|1.2385 [iTEM]87176[/iTEM] H+2|5433.9|9595|16176|1.55|3.52|1.6539|1.1923 [/TABLE] I reran the sim for Shinka H+2 a few times because it broke the tendency, but got the same results again. The last two columns I tried to figure out, whether there was some linear connection between wdps and haste importance. Correlation does not seem to be a simple one though. With +1 wdps haste scale seems to grow between 0.3-0.5, but that might be to farfetched and is not true anymore for Shinka H+2. A few deductions: Haste does NOT seem to be better than strength between 9200 - 9600 haste (EDIT: though @aylen86 sees haste stronger again at 12k haste -.- Need to run those sims again with T14HC BiS as base...) wdps strongly influences importance of haste No simple breakpoints for haste to be seen. My previous sims indicated to a breakpoint around 7250 haste, @pedjaland seemed to have a change in importance of haste between 8800 and 9100, @aylen86 confirms the breakpoint at 8800 but now at 12k haste sees haste ahead again... Would be great if the real pros regarding stats could step in and see what they make of it. I am not too familiar with the mechanics. To me it seems like there is more than one factor to haste importance (at least: amount of haste, wdps, maybe more) and there seem to be breakpoints. But how many factors and breakpoints there are and what their values are... I don`t know Of course you always need to sim your own character, but it would be of great help to know, whether it is a simple decision of knowing whether haste or strength is stronger and then gemming/enchanting everything into that stat. Or whether there are breakpoints up to which to go for haste and then strength and back to haste and back to strength etc.... If it were the latter, this would be of great help to know for the optimizers as well, so they could adjust their tools accordingly.
  12. I ran all those sims with 50k iterations. Those deltas given were calculated manually by me between (2 * haste-factor) - strength-factor. Maybe I should have used another term than "delta". It just is the difference between haste and strength that I calculated myself. EDIT: The "error" given by simcraft is 0.02 for all those calculations, if that is of interest.
  13. Sorry to bring up the haste vs. strength issue again, but this is starting to frustrate me. I understood from all the previous posts that there currently is a consensus, that haste pulls ahead of strength from a certain gear level on. Since this was not happening for me, being a regular SimC user, I tried this out running a series of simulations with SimC with different gear levels. I used the following gear sets, all using askmrrobot pve default strategy for reforge/gem/enchant: askmrrobot pre-raid BiS my current gear (492 equipped) askmrrobot Tier-14 N BiS askmrrobot Tier-14 HC BiS I simulated each of them twice with HA and SW respectively. These were the results: Talent SW [TABLE]Gear|iLvl|Haste|Strength|Haste-Factor|Strength-Factor|Delta pre-raid BiS|490|6648|17569|1.59|3.01|+0.17 current|492|7645|15596|1.57|3.25|-0.11 tier14N BiS|496|9525|15911|1.47|3.48|-0.54 tier14HC BiS|509|10431|17617|1.64|3.55|-0.27 [/TABLE] Talent HA [TABLE]Gear|iLvl|Haste|Strength|Haste-Factor|Strength-Factor|Delta pre-raid BiS|490|6648|17569|1.47|2.75|+0.19 current|492|7645|15596|1.40|2.94|-0.14 tier14N BiS|496|9525|15911|1.40|3.11|-0.31 tier14HC BiS|509|10431|17617|1.56|3.19|-0.07 [/TABLE] To me this looks like the opposite were true: Haste seems to be better up to a breakpoint between 6648 and 7645, after which strength pulls ahead again (assuming linearity, the breakpoint would be at around 7250 haste for both talents, but I do not know whether this is linear). Maybe there is a second breakpoint at which this changes again, because with better gear the advantage of strength seems to become smaller again. Thoughts / opinions / comments on this?
  14. Exemplar, would you consider integrating a subsection regarding Wrath / Ranged into your main post here in section "Rotation"? Would be easier to find it there than somewhere hidden between all those other posts. Sounds to me it could be worth the effort.