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  1. ShadowCraft for Warlords of Draenor

    GUI doesn't allow to choose a dagger for main hand for Combat - none in the list of suggested weapons.
  2. ShadowCraft for Warlords of Draenor

    Can't add sockets to CM gear.
  3. ShadowCraft for Warlords of Draenor

    Thank you for the clarification, Pathal. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but is it safe to say that if AoC goes live providing even better CD recovery rate than Shadowcraft currently assumes (like 1-x model versus old 1/(1+x) model), the value of haste that Shadowcraft would "suggest" would be lower? Enclosing "suggest" in quotes for the reasons explained above. In other words, the slow wobbly haste value curve would be lower than its current counterpart built under 1/(1+x) assumption?
  4. Warlords Mechanic Testing / Verification

    UPD Nevermind this post, I misinterpreted the results from the previous post. Thank you Pathal.
  5. ShadowCraft for Mists of Pandaria

    Elimite, what Fight Duration do you have set in Shadowcraft? Settings tab > General settings > Fight Duration
  6. Rogue Simple Questions

    If you're comfortable playing Sub (and I would assume you are, since you use it on the bosses that are turning around quite a bit, like Malk and Blackfuse), you should have no problems learning how to play Combat quickly enough. Sub rotation is more complicated than Combat, and it could be said that the two are more or less alike, while Assassination playstyle is very different compared to both other specs. Generally, in SoO you'll see higher or close numbers with Combat on most of the fights, due to cleaving possibilities, ease of target switching and reduced positional requirements. That's mostly why Combat is spec du jour in the current tier. My point is, don't be scared to learn Combat and start using it on every fight. If you just learned Sub recently, learning Combat should not be a problem. As for which one to drop, I would say leave Assn, since you're most familiar with it (unless there are any aspects of your Blackfuse or Garrosh strategies that require you going Sub, and re-learning how to do the fight as Assn or Combat would take a while). But you can always try dropping one spec and then change your mind later based on the results. Since there are no "strict" requirements now to take one or the other spec for certain fights, each fight can be done while playing each spec (the only "requirements" I can think of might be dictated by your guild strategies), the answer to your question should lie in the personal preferences category. The fastest way to test this and learn more about your personal preferences would be probably to run some Flex raids. You might need to reforge if you go Combat, mostly because you'll have to change at least one weapon and that can mess up your hit/exp caps. If you swap your weapons and find yourself under the caps, I would advise you correct it with reforging (as a cheat, you could tune this by equipping different pieces of gear in other slots if you have spares, and playing with their reforges/gems/enchants). If you go above the caps, you might as well not worry about it in the beginning while you're learning, it won't affect you dps that much. For optimal reforges and gemming consult with http://shadowcraft.mmo-mumble.com/.
  7. ShadowCraft for Mists of Pandaria

    (1) Ok, thank you! (2) Yes, but on the Advanced tab, in DPS Breakdown I still see "Fury of Xuen".
  8. ShadowCraft for Mists of Pandaria

    Hi, I haven't seen it mentioned before, but any chance you could display % in DPS Breakdown on Advanced tab, and not just raw numbers? Also, there's a typo in the proc name in the Breakdown, "Fury Of Xuen" instead of "Flurry of Xuen". Thanks.
  9. [5.4 Combat] I'm Not Dead Yet

    The guide is correct. The guy saying that weapon swapping is not required is also right. See guide: x2 haste means that you're comparing Haste x2 to Agility x1 when making gemming choices. Gems contain twice the secondary stat compared to the amount of main stat. Say, when Haste x2 > Agi, that means you should use "80 Agi + 160 Haste" gem for red socket instead of "160 Agi" gem (this is under assumption that you should always go for socket bonuses, which in case of Combat and this tier is virtually always true).
  10. ShadowCraft for Mists of Pandaria

    Adding support of some weird gems to Shadowcraft would be useful, for example, in the following scenario: 1) main spec Combat, secondary spec Sub 2) gear sets only differ in weapon slots 3) want to keep reforging optimized for Combat (so that there's no need to reforge mid-raid), but want to do some fights as Sub 4) if keep reforging the same for everything but weapons, Exp turns out to be undercapped. As a result, I want to put a Exp/Crit gem in my Sub weapon. I know it's suboptimal, but main spec needs take preference. It's not very hard to calculate approximate gains and losses based on current weights that Shadowcraft shows, but of course it would be simpler if Shadowrcaft just had those gems.
  11. Rogue Simple Questions

    1. How does one approach estimating how much better Sub is on single target than other specs? It's not recommended to compare dps between different specs in Shadowcraft, and SimCraft never worked well for rogues (compared to Shadowcraft anyway). Last tier, the common knowledge that Assn was "bigger than" other specs was, to my understanding, verified by overwhelming empirical evidence; everyone who could play, say, both Assn and Combat equally well, could switch and notice that Assn was definitely doing more damage. This tier, as I understand, the advantage of Sub is not as prominent, and even WoL does not yet support the premise of Sub being ahead. 2. How can one compare which burst is bigger, Sub or Combat, over, say, a window of 20 seconds? So both Combat has time to burn both KS and AR+SB, and Sub can do its thing (Premed, Vanish, ShD). In the recent thread dedicated to Sub, it is mentioned that Doesn't it follow that Combat's burst is bigger (since it causes high spikes, and Sub's burst, which appears at roughly the same intervals (base 1 min, modified by AoC), doesn't)?
  12. [5.4 Combat] I'm Not Dead Yet

    To answer my previous question in this thread about T16 4pc, I just got it and spent some time on a dummy, and so far it doesn't seem like it resolves the issues with T15 4pc, or, rather, presents its own issues. The playstyle is supposed to be slower, though it doesn't feel like it, because you still cap a lot. You just can't spam the abilities as fast as you could with T15. This leads to CP mismanagement (at least until the muscle memory adapts to T16). With T15, you could queue your finishers and even though they did not hit at the same time you pressed the buttons, they would hit eventually. With T16, you might think you queued something, while in reality you were on GCD and your Eviscerate or SS didn't apply. On target dummy with my own debuffs only, T16 seemed to be doing about 5-7% dps more than T15 (while the overall ilvl went up by 4). In raid environment I suppose it would be worse, because of extra haste that would make you cap even more, as well as likely less optimal CP management. Of course, KS will be hitting harder, but then again you're likely to use KS less often in a real fight than on a dummy. In Shadowcraft it showed virtually no dps difference when I went from T15 4pc (+T16 chest as off-piece) to T16 5pc (with full raid buffs). And it showed about 3% dps increase with buffs that I had on a dummy. That supports my assumption that going from T15 4pc (H) to T16 4pc (N) will likely not be a dps increase in raid setting.
  13. ShadowCraft for Mists of Pandaria

    Minor suggestion/question: do you think it could be useful to add a box for Feint uptime (%) into Settings? I know in reality when you look at Feint uptimes and # in logs, it doesn't mean all of them were used at the expense of a damaging ability. Some Feints could happen during a forced downtime. Still, sometimes it's interesting to know how much dps we lose if use Feint during active boss uptime, e.g. on Thok. So I guess everyone could make their own corrections to the dps delta Shadowcraft would show, but it'd be nice to have an option to see how big of an effect it makes on a Patchwerk-style fight. Thanks.
  14. [5.4 Combat] I'm Not Dead Yet

    Another thing that I'm seeing now is that with all other gear being equal, Shadowcraft shows that my dps actually goes down by about 1% as I replace T15 H 4pc with T16 N 4pc (all upgraded 2/2 and optimally regemmed/reforged). Keeping in mind that these are projected values and in reality lag and other issues were hurting T15 4pc bonus, if it's indeed easier to maintain optimal rotation with T16 then it would be a de facto upgrade, despite what Shadowcraft suggests. I would love to hear thoughts on that once someone gets T16 4pc on live.
  15. [5.4 Combat] I'm Not Dead Yet

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