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  1. The other thread's edits didn't work for me when I clicked "Show Example" or when I ran Archimonde Heroic. The new alpha, however, appears to be working great! Thanks so much for adding this so quickly.
  2. Thanks for your efforts. And sorry for the duplicate request. I looked through the titles of every post in Discussion&Feature Requests and Bug Reports and SUpport but missed the archive section.
  3. The HUD isn't centered around the player when a viewport addon such as SunnArt is used. Here is an example of what I'm talking about: SunnArt moves the bottom boundary of the viewable world up, rather than just cropping the bottom. The orange circle from the DBM HUD is drawn at the bottom of my WoW window rather than the bottom of my viewable world. Is it at all possible that DBM could compensate for viewport addons and center the HUD around the player?
  4. World of Logs Analysis (Help me not suck thread)

    You're not following the rotation on page 1 of Exemplar's ret thread. In the first 30 seconds of Twin Ogron, you did: 00:00:00.800 SebillecastsAvenging Wrath 00:00:02.254 SebillecastsJudgmentonPhemos 00:00:03.734 SebillecastsExecution SentenceonPhemos 00:00:05.155 SebillecastsHammer of WrathonPhemos 00:00:06.504 SebillecastsExorcismonPhemos 00:00:07.927 SebillecastsDivine Storm 00:00:09.267 SebillecastsExorcismonPhemos 00:00:12.828 SebillecastsExorcismonPol 00:00:14.778 SebillecastsHammer of WrathonPol 00:00:16.635 SebillecastsJudgmentonPol 00:00:17.972 SebillecastsDivine Storm 00:00:19.319 SebillecastsDivine Storm 00:00:22.240 SebillecastsCrusader StrikeonPol 00:00:28.668 SebillecastsJudgmentonPol 00:00:29.986 SebillecastsExorcismonPol 00:00:31.325 SebillecastsFinal VerdictonPol It appears that you're valuing Exorcism procs above all else. Exorcism should be dead last in priority. Since it's a 2 target fight and you've spec'ed into Final Verdict, you should be alternating between FV and DS. CS should be higher priority than Judgment, not an alternating thing. You're also incorrectly using Divine Crusader procs immediately rather than saving it for after an FV.
  5. World of Logs Analysis (Help me not suck thread)

    Seville, the most obvious problem that I see is that you aren't using CS nearly enough. For example, in 6 minutes on Twin Ogron, you used CS only 19 times, amazingly low. Since your CS usage is so low, your holy power generation is low.
  6. [Ret 6.2 WoD] Retribution Concordance (RetCon)

    Sorry for the late reply. I haven't had much time to look closer due to real life as well as how slow plotting is, like you mentioned. I just plotted the T17 Mythic set using all default settings but changing: Globals->Iterations: 50,000 Plots->Enable Plots Plots->Number of Plot Points: 60 Plots->Plot Step Amount: 5 Plots->Plot scaling for: Haste Rating Plots->Plot scaling for: Mastery Rating This is the resulting plot: I used release 25 of simcraft, so it has the newest haste hotfixes included. The T17M set has 809 haste on it. My theory was that ~15.4% haste is the breakpoint, due to getting GCD capped during bloodlust and fitting in an additional HoW. The exact number required to get the extra HoW is 891 haste, or about 15.3846%. Since I used a "Plot Step Amount" of 5 and the T17M set has 809 haste, we should see a breakpoint or stairstep between +80 and +85 haste (the steps immediately before and after 891 haste), and the plot indeed has the stairstep at exactly that mark.
  7. [Ret 6.2 WoD] Retribution Concordance (RetCon)

    I imagine we should see a stairstep-type drop in the value of Haste when we hit the GCD cap under Bloodlust. Perhaps that's where the 15% number comes from? 15% from gear + 5% raid buff + 30% Bloodlust == 50% haste == GCD cap, or does haste not add up this way? EDIT: Sorry, just double checked and the haste should add multiplicatively instead. But at 15% haste BUFFED, Bloodlust DOES take you to the GCD cap. 1.5 s / 1.15 / 1.3 == 1.003 s. 15% buffed is very reachable even in 630 Heroic dungeon gear. With an additional 0.4% haste, you could also fit a 6th HoW into your >35% AW bursts, assuming perfect reactions and no latency. I don't remember blues saying anything specific about EmpS require more skill. I only remember generic statements that active talents should produce slightly higher DPS than passive talents. Given that FV requires DP to pull ahead of EmpS and Seraphim, and given that EmpS and Seraphim perform at their respective maximums when not coupled with DP, I don't think this breaks that philosophy. Even if FV's performance was decoupled from DP, I'd still argue that the interaction with Empowered DS (and it's proc-based reactions) makes FV an active talent vs a passive one, and that FV is more "skillful" than following what button to push in an addon several GCDs in advance. Blues have explicitly stated during the snapshotting arguments that they don't believe that following when to push a button in an addon equates to skill.
  8. [Ret 6.2 WoD] Retribution Concordance (RetCon)

    On 603-12, I see mostly similar results, except the order of Haste and Versatility are swapped around in the normal and mythic profiles. I used the default values but with 100k iterations. T17N: T17M: But both agree that Haste's value has dropped dramatically from MoP, and Mastery is our best secondary stat by far. However, it should be noted that the T17N and T17M gearsets cannot be directly compared to each other. The two gearsets are vastly different from each other. It appears that one gearset has been optimized or kept better up to date than the other. The stat ratings on each gearset prioritize each individual stat differently. The T17N set appears to prioritize haste: # gear_haste_rating=1159 # gear_mastery_rating=938 while the T17M set appears to prioritize mastery: # gear_haste_rating=962 # gear_mastery_rating=1542 The T17M set also has no versatility on it, and both sets have different legendary questline rings. I guess the point that I'm trying to make is that given the differences in the gearsets, trying to make a direct comparison between item level and stat weights isn't possible. I think many people have a belief that EmpS and Seraphim require more skill than FV, and therefore they should produce higher DPS than FV. Personally, I disagree with this idea. In a world where addons don't exist, that MIGHT be true. However, in the addon world, the skill difference between the 3 talents can be summarized like this: 1) Seraphim: addon reminds you to press Seraphim every 30 seconds 2) Empowered Seals: addon tells you multiple GCDs in advance that you need to change to a different seal and hit Judgment. No special skill or quick reaction times are required. You just push the button that your addon tells you to push. 3) Final Verdict: Jourgensen's sims show that FV must be paired with DP. With DP, an addon can still tell you what to do, but with less advanced warning. As DP procs occur, the addon changes what it's telling you to hit next, and you must react to each proc in under 1 GCD of time. Not reacting fast enough results in lost HP generation. IMO, FV+DP takes more "skill" than Seraphim+SW or EmpS+SW. EmpS may be more tedious to maintain than FV+DP, but in terms of skill or concentration, I'd argue that FV+DP requires more.
  9. [Ret 6.2 WoD] Retribution Concordance (RetCon)

    Just did a very short test. SoT can multistrike. SoT can crit. The multistrike from SoT can be a crit. Censure can multistrike. Censure can crit. The multistrike from Censure can be a crit. Multistrikes do not proc SoT. Autoattack, CS, J, HoW, TV (and FV) all proc SoT. Exo and DS do not.
  10. [Ret 6.2 WoD] Retribution Concordance (RetCon)

    You're getting 4.34 AUTO attacks per 15 seconds. The tooltip states melee attacks, so CS and TV should definitely proc it. Perhaps Judgment, DS, and HoW as well, but I'm not at a computer to test. Edit: Multistrikes from those attacks may proc SoT as well, further tipping the balance in Glyph of Immediate Truth's favor.
  11. [Ret 6.2 WoD] Retribution Concordance (RetCon)

    Do you want updates/corrections to your WIP posted here or sent to you via PM?
  12. Warlords of Draenor paladin discussion

    New datamined changes are on MMOC. It looks like Blizzard is doing preliminary damage tuning. The most notable changes that I saw are: - AW now gives 20% crit in addition to 20% damage for ret (seehttps://twitter.com/Celestalon/status/469351114010161152) - Final Verdict now does 280% weapon damage as holy - All aspects of Empowered Seals were buffed. With the damage adjustments, DS is now doing 50% weapon damage as holy, TV is doing 185% weapon damage as physical, and Final Verdict is doing 280% weapon damage as holy. Even if Final Verdict is on par with Empowered Seals and Seraphim on single target damage, it will surely fall behind them on AoE. If you pick up FV as your level 100 talent, it will take at least 6 targets for DS to pull ahead of FV. You'd be better off taking one of the other two talents on AoE fights.
  13. Warlords of Draenor paladin discussion

    At first glance, it doesn't look very fun. They removed Inquisition because it was "too hard" for players to maintain, but they added Empowered Seals instead, which will be way more difficult. Seal twisting was fun when we had far fewer buttons to push, and we spent more than half of the time just autoattacking while waiting for abilities' cooldowns to expire. We now have a much more active rotation with few GCDs to spend changing seals, so maintaining the buffs will be very tedious. I suspect that the ability will also create new haste breakpoints, where adding X amount of haste allows you to fit in one more ability before having to change seals and judging to refresh the buff. The holy power cost on Seraphim looks tedious as well, and I'd argue that the 30 second cooldown is enough. I'd rather see them remove the holy power cost and slightly lower the 30% effect or the duration of the effect to compensate for the extra TVs that we'll get from 5 extra holy power.
  14. Paladin Simple Questions

    It's due to scaling, like you suggested. Exorcism has a high base damage with low scaling. When you first hit 90, Exorcism hits hard relative to CS and J, but as you gear up, CS and J hit harder than Exorcism. Additionally, the suggested rotation in the ret thread emphasizes maximum holy power generation. Exorcism has a longer cooldown than CS and J. Using Exorcism over CS or J reduces the amount of holy power that you generate over the course of a fight, leading to lower DPS. Early in this expansion, Exorcism hit so much harder at level 90 than CS and J that it was worth prioritizing Exorcism higher than CS and J, even though less holy power was generated. With the buffs to Sword of Light over the course of the expansion, this is no longer the case, and CS and J now take higher priority at all gear levels.