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  1. [Ret 6.2 WoD] Retribution Concordance (RetCon)

    Just FYI, I'm pretty sure all of the mechanics in SimC are right, but I don't generally optimize the ret APL or gear set. Solsacra (from MMO-Champ) has been submitting changes to me, and I've just been implementing them for lack of any other input. If you guys find ways to improve the APL and/or default gear sets, feel free to ping me (I only check this thread sporadically) on twitter or PM here.
  2. [Prot 6.0] - Kiss with a Fist

    I think we're going to need some time to experiment with MS in 6.0 before we can really nail down how valuable it is. It really depends on what the encounters end up encouraging us to care about - spike damage vs DTPS vs sustainability, etc.
  3. [Prot 6.0] - Kiss with a Fist

    Multistrike is definitely the tricky one. I'm sure those simulations are slightly under-valuing it, at least, insofar as you don't have any external healing. Though, to be fair, that's technically the simulation, not TMI - Shining Protector counts as your own self-healing (just not affected by Resolve), so it would "count" towards TMI if you simmed with an external healer. The question is just whether we should or not, and if so, what level of external healing should we apply? The level of gear I'm using is T17H for those sims, to approximate what you'd have going into Mythic raiding (end-of tier, not Highmaul). You have about 20% haste in that gear. The amount of HPG seems pretty consistent with that - baseline HPG from CS and J is 0.370 HP/sec, which is 37% SotR uptime. Throw a few HP from Grand Crusader in there (maybe 2/min) and we have 0.40 or more, which is 40%. Add in L75 talents and you get even higher - SW is worth around 6% SotR uptime through Holy Wrath. Divine Purpose is worth 13% or more (varies with base HPG obviously). Bloodlust obviously increases all of that for 10% of the sim. The 67% uptime we get in the SS_DP_HolyS configuration is because we're getting almost 52% uptime just from raw HPG from CS, J, AS, and Arcane Torrent, and then DP gives us another 33% of that. Also, I just noticed I mistyped it as SW_DP_HolyS in the previous post - I'll go back and fix that (SW+DP would be pretty cool, but massively OP!).
  4. [Prot 6.0] - Kiss with a Fist

    I have some simulations you might be interested in over at Maintankadin: http://maintankadin.failsafedesign.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=785276#p785276 In particular, I think that a better secondary stat ordering is Bonus Armor >> Mastery > Versatility > Crit / Multistrike > Haste I think you're probably overvaluing Multistrike by a fair bit - even in the ideal case, I don't think it's stronger than Mastery. Then again, I'm pretty sure you're under-valuing Mastery by a fair bit. 30% SotR uptime is pitiful - even with a Seraphim rotation, we're looking at a minimum of around 40%. And certain talent configurations can get over 60% in T17 heroic gear (SS + DP + Holy Shield gives a whopping 67%), let alone in Mythic gear. (Also note that Armor and Bonus Armor aren't the same thing - Bonus Armor is a separate stat, and is significantly better than just regular old Armor that comes on gear by default).
  5. Warlords of Draenor paladin discussion

    FYI, there was a stealth nerf to Execution Sentence somewhere along the way. I've detailed the difference here: http://maintankadin.failsafedesign.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=784654#p784654
  6. Warlords of Draenor paladin discussion

    By the way, I believe I have Ret and Prot up-to-date in the wod branch of simcraft. If you guys want to do some testing with it and/or look for bugs, feel free. You'll find dated alpha builds here: http://downloads.simulationcraft.org/?C=M;O=D Some notes: T17 profiles use the ilvl 660 PvP realm premade gear, because that's the only L100 gear we had last time I updated them. There have been minor tweaks to the prot and ret APLs, but they've in no way been re-optimized post-squish. So feel free to make suggestions and I'll tweak the default APL / profiles. Also, I've coded Final Verdict cleave (when SoRighteousness active) the way it appears it should work based on the tooltip. In other words, hits the primary target for 100% damage, hits all other targets for 50%. On beta, it was working slightly differently: the cleave was happening with any seal active, but when SoR was active the primary target also only took 50%. I'm pretty sure that's just buggy behavior though. Right now it triggers hand of light on each target, so the sim replicates that behavior. In my testing, it also procced Seal of Insight on every target, but not Seal of Righteousness. I suspect that it shouldn't be proccing anything and the SoI procs I was seeing were unintentional. But for the moment, the cleave is proccing all seals (even SoR) in SimC until we determine the appropriate behavior. FYI, I also plan on creating some batch processing scripts for protection, much like my old matlab sims but almost entirely in simc. Once I have the code written for those, it should be easy enough to extend to other specs or even classes (indeed, that's the long-term goal).
  7. [Prot 6.0 Beta] - I wanna get better

    For the record, the WoD branch of SimC is more or less fully up-to-date for prot and ret. However, I haven't been careful about keeping the T16 or T17 profiles up-to-date, and boss damage is more or less a complete guess now (and TMI bosses haven't been updated either). And I haven't done any messing around with the action priority list yet either (i.e. to try out tricks with Seraphim and Emp. Judgments). I'm going to continue focusing on the core internals of SimC until around the end of July, at which point things may have settled down enough that we can start drawing real conclusions.
  8. I'm pretty much in agreement with everything else you said, but this particular piece seems suspect to me. A large portion of haste's value comes from compressing the rotation via Sanctity of Battle. That stops at 50% when you hit the 1.00-second GCD cap. Beyond that 50% point, haste gives you more auto-attacks, faster Censure ticks, and may allow for more uses of preferred fillers (because Sanctity of Battle still reduces cooldowns above 50%), but it does not compress the rotation or reduce the GCD. I would think that above 50% haste, haste becomes a very low priority compared to mastery and crit simply on those grounds. Running a quick sim on the T16H profile with a "shirt=haxx,stats=10000haste" line added seems to confirm this:
  9. Prot [5.4] - EF You

    No, I think that's covered by your SotR uptime comment. I mean in flexibilty by allowing EF to be used/refreshed somewhat independent of Holy Power. Being able to use SotR and EF within the same GCD period is really strong to recover from a large spike.
  10. Prot [5.4] - EF You

    And all of that is ignoring the huge benefit it gives to survivability through EF.
  11. Prot [5.4] - EF You

    It uses post-mitigation damage. Absorbed damage does count towards the amount, however (i.e. Sacred Shield would not diminish the healing amount).
  12. Prot [5.4] - EF You

    I had been thinking about this as well, but hadn't had time to do any simulations on it. A bit surprising as well, I had guessed the opposite result (that the stamina would win out). Nice job.
  13. Just put your new APL into SimC, it was a DPS increase for the T16H profile as well. Should be live in 540-5, which hopefully will be built and released this weekend.
  14. Prot [5.4] - EF You

    It really depends on the boss, and whether you're tanking first or not. I tend to build up 5 stacks of BoG first if I'm not actively tanking on the pull, obviously. If I am tanking, it depends on whether the boss presents any real danger in the first 20 seconds; if not, then I'll probably wait for 5 stacks; otherwise I'll use it the first time I can effectively make use of the WoG.
  15. Not sure what to say about your results, apart from that 10k iterations may not be sufficient to get good accuracy. When I load up your character in 540-4, I get weights that seem reasonable (~11.4 for hit, 5.33 for STR, 4.56 for Exp, 3.68 for Haste, 3.04 for Mastery, 2.88 for Crit).