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  1. Warlords of Draenor hunter discussion

    They have also said they wanted passive talents to be weaker than ones you have to use, but given the way the level 100 tier looks that may not apply/make sense. But still, from 50% to 70% damage bonus for BM (assuming the passive isn't changed for the patch prior to the talent being taken), isn't that huge.
  2. [MoP] Beastmastery 5.4

    Its also much more likely that a 25man raid can swap people out or will have people miss days more often than a 10man. In my own 25man, we only ever have 1 warrior, who is our tank, and probably doesn't Skull Banner optimally so much as he does it on CD as he has other crap to worry about (he's also an officer and helps our GM raid lead), however, we have between 2 and 5 shamans on any given night. Changing the MM profile linked above to reflect this props it up to 392,455 with 5 Shamans, and 386,927 with just the 2, however they can't always be relied upon for various reasons including simple roster changes per fight and the nature of progression sometimes leading to deaths or sitting on CDs for various reasons.
  3. [MoP] Beastmastery 5.4

    So, something I've sort of been wondering about since 5.2 added RPPM trinket procs, is whether or not BM should or even can react to such strong agility procs that we have in this final tier. SV is far more suited to doing so and is why I swapped to mainly SV late in ToT heroic, though again sims show BM as better currently in BiS. With TED and AoC proc'd at the same time, at full stacks, I gain over 100,000 attack power from the procs. Adding that to the 80,000 or so I have when raid buffed, and potentially adding a weapon scope proc, the amount of power gained for that short period of time is mind boggling, and yet BM can't really reap the benefits of this very effectively without holding onto abilities when they're off CD, primarily Bestial Wrath and AMoC if talented (which these two trinkets make me consider but I despise the 60 focus cost of it as I have all xpac). Almost makes me want to swap back to Survival since its far more likely that you'll have a BA and/or ES up to line up with those procs, along with Fervor to allow focus regen without CoS to allow a buffed SrS to tick for a while without a weaker refresh. I don't remember where I heard or read it, but something akin to what makes or breaks the top DPS this expansion being how a player can react to these new RPPM procs is making me doubt myself when sticking to BM whenever I run these types of trinkets.
  4. [MoP] Beastmastery 5.4

    I've noticed that with the 2pc as BM Rapid Fire has nearly a 1 minute cooldown, give or take, and tends to line up right before or right after Bestial Wrath (using 561 reduc trinket), however it sort of... bugs me to use Rapid Fire during Bestial Wrath as I recall that being a basic of BM as a no-no. RF isn't as effective during BW due to not getting the cast time benefit of it on CoS, but the increased auto attacks while you're buffed from Bestial Wrath along with getting more total Arcanes off between Rapid Fires gives you more RFs over the course of a fight... I've never been extremely sim savvy, but can you give me an idea of whether or not more RFs will outweigh those RFs being less effective to some extent? Hmm, an idea occurred to me about how to attempt to sim it but I fear it will be very unreliable as I'll be simming like a 20 second combat segment in FD... Well, having done so and testing 0.3 and 1.3 min fight durations and simply changing Rapid Fire's priority to default, or just above Bestial Wrath has given no change in DPS, and I'm assuming this is because FD averages out set bonuses? As it gives a rough estimation of the DPS value of the 2pc at about ~4k dps.
  5. [MoP] Beastmastery 5.4

    Looking over the BiS profile, is there a reason prepotting was turned off?
  6. [MoP] Beastmastery 5.4

    Something I've been wondering and incapable of simming in FD or SimC (probably/possibly due to ineptitude with them) is whether or not during short AoE sessions in a fight holding off on casting Focus Fire to allow for more pet attacks with beast cleave up outweighs potentially losing a multi-shot or two (depending on length of aoe) due to loss of focus regen through losing some Focus Fire uptime. I'm figuring that at my gear level, with a 536 weapon, it probably isn't worth it, but it is a curious idea given varying gear levels and ilvls of weapons. Also, to touch on the opener discussion people were having recently, in regards to 2pt15, a proc can be all but assured right on the pull by precasting a Cobra Shot right after popping your prepot. I'd wager that this outweighs a KC right on the pull but given [at least my] tanks' inability to pull precisely on the pull timer I may be losing out on fractions of a second on the pull, so perhaps it isn't worth doing. Haven't seen anyone mention doing so so I figured I would.
  7. [MoP] Beastmastery 5.2

    I... This discussion over the last few pages has seemingly flipped the priorities upside down, righted them, and then gone senile when involving the Rune of Re-Origination. Having just gotten that very [annoying] trinket tonight, I'm extremely confused as to whether or not it is worth it to do what our Windwalker Monk suggested I do, in that I should try and get all of my secondaries as close to equal as possible to maximize the proc from the trinket. Given its short duration of chaos, I can't really wrap my head around the changes this has for the BM rotation. That, and its tendency to be off ICD and not proc for an extended period of time, makes it a hard trinket to try to delay cooldowns slightly for - as a side note, the worth of doing just that is entirely questionable as well. *sigh* The static agility on this compared to the TF'd normal Bad Juju is looking less and less lucrative as I discover more and more headaches this thing brings upon me. I guess what I'm asking for is if anyone has any general insight that has been agreed upon in regards to this trinket for Hunters. Also, I know a page or so ago someone threw out the notion of 50% focus fire uptime, but I find that hard to replicate in live play. Is it still not worth using Focus Fire if you wouldn't be able to get a 5-stack of Frenzy back on your pet before the next Bestial Wrath? Or is delaying BW slightly for that worthwhile? Also, Zeherah, if you're around, I found it strange that while attempting to swap between the Talisman of Bloodlust to Rune of Re-Origination, the difference in DPS was 0 for my current profile. I am going to attempt to replicate this result now, but I have no idea as to how that would be possible unless Rune and Talisman are just not modeled on FD currently, or I encountered some form of bug. Will edit if I can replicate it. Edit: cannot replicate, it was as SV as well but meh.
  8. [Cataclysm] - Survival Hunter

    So, haven't seen anything in the thread on this specifically, so here's something I've been wondering about recently. Considering Black Arrow's relationship with Lock and Load, would it be better to be firing off Black Arrows after Explosive Shots instead of before? Mainly to hopefully trigger a few extra Explosives over a fight due to Black Arrow cutting into the cooldown of Explosive more often.
  9. Hunter Simple Questions / Simple Answers: Cataclysm Edition

    Anyone else have problems with pets on Magmaw just plain not attacking him even after the boss has been pulled by the tank? I could not for the life of me get my pets to attack him, although I did finally manage to get my cat (not as ideal as wolf for that raid comp) to attack him by manually moving him into melee range, though he did get killed around halfway through the fight to either his lurch slam thing or the threat drop (which I understand and don't care about in the slightest). I can't figure out why my wolf wouldn't attack Magmaw, though. I normally send him in with a Hunter Mark/petattack macro, but that, manually doing the attack command, and even moving him into position didn't work. Bug?
  10. UI Help Center

    Not real sure if this goes here but the only real problem I'm having with my UI is that the tooltip for spells when I hover over them is right in my action bar mod, so it makes clicking somewhat annoying (I'm trying to get into keybinding but RS has made me a clicker by default :/). Any way to change the default location of the tooptip (at least for spells and abilities) popup? If needed I'll edit in with a picture of what I mean tomorrow, on a different computer atm (a really crappy one at that). Oh, and has anyone else used SexyMap (an addon from Curse) and have it load every time with the zone bar (the one thats above the minimap showing like "Goldshire" or "Stranglethron Vale") gone? It only happened to me on one character, but EVERY time I loaded him (he was my main too ffs) I would have to go into the options to reenable it. I quit using SexyMap because of that. :/
  11. Hunter: Useful Add-Ons/Mods

    For people who don't use an actionbar addon, Curse has two nice little aspect/trap bars that are added to your UI to make extra room on your other action bars, and make it easier to find your aspects and traps all together. Updates as you gain more from leveling and training. I believe the addons are called FloAspectBar and FloTotemBar, they work for both Shamans (as the titles suggest) and Hunters.