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  1.  Well this is now pretty much resolved! The change for icon size needed to be done in dbt.lua as the dbt template seems to no longer control that function! Crappy but at least got the look back!
  2.  After a lot more messing around with DBT template it appears that the in game slider controls everything and DBT template is not being applied at all to the bars. The only thing that you can still control by modding the DBT template is the X/Y axis of where the bar is positioned in relation to the text / icon. Other than that the font size, bar size  and icon size all are linked and grow / shrink together independent of the DBT template settings and only take on the changes done with the in game slide bar.    Really wish there was a way to override this setting... Love the mod but for us that OCD over customizing our UI it's frustrating :(
  3. [Invalid] Chat text color change

     Do you have a chat box mod? Sounds more like a mod that has warnings recolored to blue when posted to the chat frame > DBM changing the color of your chat box (not even sure dbm can do that).     Another thing you can look for is to see what color your warning and special warning fonts are set to when popping up on your screen. Normally you can find this in Options -> warnings it's the module you can more around with the "dot" to place where you like on your screen and can also recolor.
  4.  Hi,   After the last update most of the custom setup's broke due to changes made with the DBT template file. Many of us have been able to re-create the old layout that we previously had however there is one variable that none of us can seem to figure out and that is how to resize the icons.    If you change the $parenticon1 or $parenticon2 dimensions in the X Y from 15 -30 - 40 nothing seems to change at all with he icon size. The only way I have found to resize the icon is with changing the scale of the entire bar but as you can imagine this is not so great for the rest of it. All the other setting are working fine and I have been able to move the icon, move the bar and resize it, move the text etc the only thing that seems to not be functioning with altering X&Y values is the icon.    Is there any way to change the size of the Icons independently with the newest update in DBT template?   Any help would be much appreciated!   PS: There is a discussion in the interface and UI forums of mmo-champ about this but I can't seem to post links at this time here.  
  5. Thread of Ultimate Stupidity

    I The dps bonus of the images is negligable at best without the 4piece. However what I use MI for is at the start of the fight before the tank has good agro I pop all my CD's and go into a burn phase. Having the immages out allows me to go full out from te beginign since they remove me form the agro table for 30 seconds. At the end of 30 seconds the tank normally has a great hold on agro and you are safe. This is extreemly beneficial as you have used youre CD's and they will be back up and ready to go again. The other way to start a fight is wait let the tank get solid agro then pop CD's. the problem with this is that you may not get to use youre CD's as many times if you wait than if you use them ASAP and as frequently as they pop up. Another good thing about MI is if you know there is an add phase where you need to burn adds fast like heroic anub you can keep your MI on reserve so that you can start to unload on the adds as soon as there in range withouth fearing that you will rip agro off the tanks. This gives you added security of not pulling agro and added dps to fresh adds that need to die fast. Basically MI's true power lies in 30seconds of no agro problems so you can unload. Normally the higest benefits are with the begingin of a targets dps phase when the tanks may be low on threat and when aspecially an arcane mage bursts up DPS really fast.
  6. Thread of Ultimate Stupidity

    I believe you are looking at what the 4 piece and the chaotic skyflare do from the wrong perspective. The 4 piece is as follows: "Your Mirror Image ability also causes you to deal 18% additional damage for 30 sec". Thus You the caster not the mirror images do 18% more dmg for 30 seconds after using the MI ability. Basically you have 30 seconds with 18% more dmg (try timing it with CD's / hero/BL) every 3 mins. This is a pretty significant boost in dmg if you are able to time things properly! The Meta gives you some crit rating but what makes it stand out as the undisputed #1 meta is the fact that it adds 3% dmg to all the spells that you crit with. With the amount of crits that we get now days in raids and the sp we already have the sp/int meta does not come close to measuring up to the gains from 3% more dmg on all crits! As you said it is a personal preference but from a basic performance / trying to sqeeze out the most dps where possible the choices are pretty clear when it comes to meta gem and attaining the 4piece bonus.