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  1. What is the best way to share results from a simcraft simulation? Copy and paste the xml or csv straight into your post? Upload them somewhere as a file and provide a link? Upload screenshots of the results? Upload the html file itself into google drive and provide a download link?
  2. Unholy DPS | My Friend of Misery [4.3.0]

    Even though blizzard fixed gargoyles from melee'ing, if you don't gargoyle twist, the gargoyle simply moves out of melee range and then resumes gargoyle strikes. That movement loses you a few casts, even more with high haste procs and heroism. You can test it on a dummy now, summon him on top of the dummy, watch him move and lose casts. The problem is amplified with more haste and larger boss hit boxes. On Ultraxion my gargoyle only casted 14 times per use. I've made a topic in the DK forums about it here Gargoyle bandaid fix incomplete - Forums - World of Warcraft
  3. Unholy DPS | My Friend of Misery [4.3.0]

    Looks like the ICD for Rosary of Light is closer to 50 seconds now. I also don't like how the OP says that "Generally, proc internal cooldown will equal 5x the effect's duration." It is very misleading, the equations listed as well are also wrong. Rosary of Light procs at 19:55:28 Rosary of Light procs at 19:56:18 [Edit] further testing shows that it is 50 second ICD.
  4. Unholy DPS | My Friend of Misery [4.3.0]

    When two trinkets are very close in raw EP I also prefer to use the "on use" effect as well, simply because you can stack it with gargoyle (EP values for stats are much higher the instant before you summon gargoyle, so take Essence of the Eternal Flame which can be used before every gargoyle summon. The way EP is calculated is that it takes the average uptime of effects like gargoyle and calculates how much STR is worth based on that uptime and how much dps the gargoyle does. But with a CD that will always be up before you summon gargoyle it will effectively have 100% uptime so stats that affect gargoyle will have higher EP values. Proc effects this isn't always the case) Also, I tested this yesterday: Ultraxion is still not affected by DnD. I tried putting it as close to the edge as possible but I saw zero ticks in my combat log.
  5. Unholy DPS | My Friend of Misery [4.3.0]

    I just downed Deathwing last night as unholy so I thought I'd like to impart some knowledge on that fight. For any platform you don't have Nozdormu alive (and have to deal with elementium bolt), AMZ will block 75% of the brunt of the initial impact. So instead of blocking its normal ~40,000 damage it will block a lot more. Other, than elementium bolt, AMZ will get eaten up pretty quickly when the claw/wing tentacles are low on hp so it won't block as much damage. Because of the insane haste buff you receive from Nozdormu and AMS runic power gains you will easily find yourself GCD capped throughout most of the fight (also depends on how your guild does it). If you are stuck on this fight I would suggest reforging haste to crit. I also noticed that occasionally your pet will despawn or even die. The despawn probably has something to do with switching platforms but it only happened 1 once a fight or so. When it dies I think it is because of a bug with the large tentacles (the ones with impale) where they randomly autoattack a melee person instead of the tank regardless of threat or positioning (we had many melee people get one shotted, if you see the tentacle target you it may melee you). Just keep in mind of when your ghoul dies or despawns so you can summon it quickly, if it only despawned then it will retain its stacks. Lastly, a few more general bugs: Swapping platforms sometimes fails and you fall through and die, unrezzable. Alexstrasza will occasionally not kill all of the blistering tentacles she is supposed to kill so be prepared to kill a straggler even if she is alive. It got to the point where the raid leader wanted to kick her out of the raid. Other than that, depending on your strat/dps each platform took about 2-3 minutes I think, and you obviously want AMS for when the claw/wing tentacle is low on HP because thats when they hurt the most.
  6. Death Knight: Cataclysm Simple Q & A

    I have a question for AoE'ing the adds in phase 2 Ragnaros. Sometimes in 25man it is hard to tell exactly where the add your targeting is standing and I have trouble facing the right way to use howling blast. Is it possible to simply target and attack rag and hit him with howling blast and will it hit the adds too? Does anyone have any tips on this?
  7. Warrior: Simple Questions/Simple Answers

    For SMF, if you have BT available and a Slam proc available, is it better to use slam first then continue with BT? This situation often arises when I hit BT (and get a blood surge proc) then I hit CS, and now I have the choice to slam or hit BT again. Lastly, regarding hit rating over the yellow cap, I have seen many answers for TG stating that in most boss scenarios mastery will come out on top, but is that also true for SMF? Or is the inflection point where mastery surpasses hit over the yellow cap a little further away.
  8. Unholy DPS | Cataclysm, Semi-Charmed Life

    The reason they destroyed shadowfrost last time for PvE was because it did not use SS, it was just disease applicators for runic power and then death coils. (if you remember back when they nerfed SS so it hit like a wet noodle). Blizzard wants us to use our core ability for DPS. For PvP it was nerfed because they did not want DKs to become a ranged dps class. "The DK that runs around and does nothing but Icy Touch or Howling Blast or Death Coil feels like a rogue who forgoes combo points and openers and everything just to spam Fan of Knives and nothing else." -Ghostcrawler World of Warcraft - English (NA) Forums -> Design Intentions for DKs in Arena?
  9. Frost DPS | Cataclysm, Larger Than Life

    Actually I just noticed Ulothar and Mynou's 2nd stat list are w/o ICC buff, which both show haste above crit. I'll rerun the simulator as well without the ICC buff like Consider suggested and see what I get. So with ICC buff crit > haste and without haste > crit (under 800 haste rating)? (and if anyone is wondering, we're talking about DW)
  10. Frost DPS | Cataclysm, Larger Than Life

    @ Mynou Although I only simmed around 17000 dps wih my 264 ilvl DW gear, I think my EP values were pretty similar. EP AttackPower 1 (1.4 DPS/per AP) EP Strength 2.86 EP Agility 1.07 EP CritRating 1.71 EP MasteryRating 2.26 EP HasteRating 1.44 EP ExpertiseRating 2.20 Personal Expertise value 0.57 Before Melee Hit Cap 2.45 EP SpellHitRating 1.33 EP WeaponDPS 6.5 EP WeaponSpeed 385.71 EP AfterSpellHitRating 0.83 What I didn't understand was why it was saying crit is higher than haste. With this setup I had 1071 crit rating and 549 haste. But every time I swapped a 10 str/10 haste for a 10 str/ 10 crit I would lose dps. Your expertise and hit values are a lot higher but that's probably because you simmed with better gear and missing would hurt your dps more.
  11. @Lciee I don't think pestilence can refresh diseases anymore. The glyph just increases the range by 5 yds. From what I can see on the ptr right now is that there aren't any major glyphs that actually increase dps directly. Most are just tanking or pvp/utility glyphs. I don't see frost using festering strike at all. Also I've tried unholy presence as 2h frost seeing as we appear to GCD capped in frost presence. Within the first minute or so unholy presence had extremely high burst. On a dummy it was about 8k dps, while 2h frost usually maintained roughly 7.5k. However, after a minute or so there were many long gaps of 1-3 seconds in unholy presence where you just have nothing to do, runes on CD, no runic power, no horn. Eventually unholy presence dropped down to 7k dps. The question is at 85 and full raid buffs is it possible to fill all of those GCD's even in unholy presence. Here's a few thing's I'm interested in right now. What if we were to start a fight in unholy presence, and once we feel we are running out of resources and have 0 or really low RP, switch to frost presence, reapply diseases and start over. In addition, unholy presence benefits from ERW a lot more than frost presence. So when the boss is below 35% and you are in frost presence and still have ERW, try this. Burn all runic power, switch to unholy presence, use the remaining runes you have, then hit ERW and go to town. If the boss is still alive and you are out of resources then switch back to frost presence. ** anyways, consider has posted his amazing frost cata thread! Let's all mosey on over there.
  12. I believe I can confirm Nyth_'s findings. I ran multiple variations of the frost priority for 100 hours and this one consistently came out on top. FF>BP>BS>OB>KMFS>KMRime>FS>Rime. I also ran the same priority but with OB before BS but it fell short by ~12 dps. I do not have the T10 4pc just the T10 2pc. I believe this is because of the necessity to keep the (DD)OB and BS>PT in a more strict "rotation" like style as opposed to a looser priority. As mentioned a bit earlier on this thread, the usage of blood runes is of equal priority to that of diseases. Nyth try prioritizing BS over OB and see what you get, although it may seem counterintuitive. For me it was a slight dps gain.
  13. I'm DW frost with 267 hit rating (10.18% spell hit, a bit off of the 11% spell hit cap). I ran the sim's EP for 500 hours with the draenei hit buff so I would be over the spell hit cap. BeforeMeleeHitCap<8% | 2.57 EP SpellHitRating | 2.14 After spell hit cap | 1.6 Then I ran it again for 1000 hours but this time without the 1% draenei hit buff. BeforeMeleeHitCap<8% | 2.57 EP SpellHitRating | 2.14 After spell hit cap | 1.6 Shouldn't the EP SpellHitRating be higher without the 1% hit buff because I'm below the spell hit cap? The EP base for both of these calculations was at 50. Should I reduce that to something like 10 or 20 in order to see the results that I was expecting?
  14. Since we are on the topic of KM/Rime vs KM/FS I simmed them on Kahorie's DK simulator using 01-52-18 (2/5 black ice, 4/5 KM, 2/2 cotg). I had one priority have KM/Rime above KM/FS(this priority was called Frost) and the other vice versa (this one was called Frost2). I ran different trials of 0 rp every 60 seconds, 60 rp every 60 seconds, and 130 rp every 60 seconds. I ran them all with 100h sims at 270 sec fights. These were done with my gear setup. Priority Frost 0 RP per 60 seconds DPS| 11430(+/- 2132) Priority Frost2 0 RP per 60 seconds DPS| 11428(+/- 2115) Priority Frost 60 RP per 60 seconds DPS| 11473(+/- 2269) Priority Frost2 60 RP per 60 seconds DPS| 11470(+/- 2163) Priority Frost 130 RP per 60 seconds DPS| 11486(+/- 2184) Priority Frost2 130 RP per 60 seconds DPS| 11473(+/- 2134) Now one would think that Frost2 (KM/FS prioritized over KM/Rime) would win out over Frost with more runic power present, so I can't really explain why that would be the case. I believe it is because the sim literally gives you X runic power every 60 seconds instead of a constant flow of RP with druid revitalize this means that around the 30th second you will have burned up all the external RP you gained by prioritizing KM/FS over KM/Rime so no matter how much additional RP you get it wouldn't make a difference in the simulator. I wish they would implement a better system, like having something that lets you choose how often you use AMS for a full bar of RP, uptime on WG and Rejuv, and how often you use blood tap. ** Oh right I totally didn't see that you could change the 60 second interval. I must have tunnel visioned that one. I am going to redo this and if I find anything significant I'll repost or re-edit this.
  15. In response to Uther's claim that there must be a Lich King or else Azeroth would be overrun, I thought he was referring to the fact that there is still a part of old Arthas that is somehow holding back the scourge in some small way. I think this old Arthas is something Jaina is so determined to find out as well.