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  1. Frost DPS 5.4 - Howling Blargh

    No, in this case it's a simple mistake in the priority. There's no benefit in using HB when a rune pair caps over SR, which (generally) does more damage. Both abilities accomplish the same thing by putting the capped rune on cooldown, so the additional condition on the HB line becomes meaningless when comparing the two actions. Rather than dropping SR from your priority altogether I would recommend using the SR vs. HB mod in DKDiseases. I've configured it so that whenever my target is below 35% and my HB would hit harder than SR it shows a HB icon on my screen. Very easy to follow, albeit not very useful unless you are in heroic gear.
  2. Frost DPS 5.4 - Howling Blargh

    Mendenbarr made a detailed post about the recent hotfix and how it affects statweights on his blog. To answer your question crit has fallen a bit but not enough for haste to overtake it even on a 4k haste profile.
  3. Advanced Death Knight Tactics [MoP]

    It seems that there is a bug on Durumu which makes pestilence jump from the boss to the ice walls/wandering eyes and back to the boss, rewriting the strengthened diseases applied at the start of the fight. It seems to occur around 10% of the time when you pestilence, making FB a gamble on the boss. Other DK's have told me about this happening to them as well. If you have banked a very high duration on your diseases and this happens it's going to be quite a big loss. Here's the bug shown on the combat log.
  4. Frost DPS 5.0.4 - The Cold Hand of Death

    I've been under the impression that goblin haste only affects attack speed and not rune regen. Also, with the new simc out troll tops orc by 200~ dps again in BiS DW.
  5. Frost DPS 5.0.4 - The Cold Hand of Death

    I wouldn't say it's significantly easier, if easier at all. Playing DW BT is basically hitting OB whenever you have an unholy rune up and howling blasting otherwise. What you're doing just leads to easily overwritten Rime procs because of back-to-back obliterates and heavily diminished cleaving potential when moving from HB to OB damage.
  6. Frost DPS 5.0.4 - The Cold Hand of Death

    Thanks to my guild mate Xinou for pointing out the far more logical PL placement and trigger. I made a few changes and additions to your priority. I put raise dead above pillar as xbit pointed out, added death and decay above horn of winter and added plague leech at the very bottom and ended up with 121869 dps. DnD above horn is an increase for the same reason why horn is placed above FS. The situation you would DnD in would be when you have just an unholy rune active with no blood charges to BT, no KM (or not enough RP to FS with it) and RP under 76. Adding DnD didn't affect dps much, but adding PL at the very bottom when you have absolutely nothing left to do was a noticeable increase. We were thinking about BT and death runes and the meaning behind the condition to HB if D=2 at #Acherus. It was meant to be "HB if perma death runes capped", but with BT turning every generated rune into death, it loses its meaning. I tried replacing "death" with "blood" as Haakkon suggested and lost dps. Although that condition shouldn't make a difference in the first place after DnD was removed from the priority above OB, but I lost dps as I tried simplifying it to OB if U runes and HB otherwise so I left it as is. I also played around with FS if RP>76 since going above is not an issue if you're not going to OB afterwards, but didn't manage to get it sim higher either.
  7. Frost DPS 5.0.4 - The Cold Hand of Death

    There is some problem with the spoiler box adding those spaces, since they're not there when I edit my post. Be sure to remove those spaces when running the sim. Thanks for pointing it out! Edit: It also seems that in BiS DW (swords) with BT troll wins vs orc by about ~400 dps (119206 vs 118809) with goblin lagging behind by 1k~ (117997). So change the race in the BiS profile and change "blood_fury" to "berserking" in the priority when simming. Edit2: Forgot about undead, it placed 3rd instead of goblin with 118498 dps.
  8. Frost DPS 5.0.4 - The Cold Hand of Death

    I found a few mistakes in the simc priorities in Haakkon's and the default priority. The biggest mistake is what is devaluing BT so much on the sim; BT's placement. It's placed below plain frost strike, which means that when you could've used BT to generate a rune to HB with, since HB is higher in the priority, you're frost striking instead. This leads to less KM procs utilized, since its milking out your RP before even using your runes properly. The line "actions+=/obliterate,if=(unholy=2|frost=2|death=2)" was also bugging me, so I rechecked the meaning of "|" to confirm it to be "OR". In the default priority the sim is obliterating with double F and D, even though a single HB is enough to put the rune back to a regenerating state with the same GCD cost. The default priority is also prioritising Rime over KM FS for some reason. These two were already fixed on Haakkon's priority though. After I fixed those things in the priority lists I got these results with the BiS DW profile with 450 fight length, 0% variation, 50k iterations: RE default priority 114409 RE fixed priority 114669 BT default priority 112996 BT fixed priority 118789 I'm becoming fairly sure that the general consensus about RE>BT as DW originated from a simcraft error, and that BT is actually superior. Here is the fixed RE priority I used: And here's the fixed BT priority: Sorry for the double post, but I felt this needed a post of its own. Edit: As a side note, this would push DW over 2H by around 2k~ dps on single target in BiS gear, making it the universal winner this tier. I simulated the 2H BiS profile with the same settings as above and the default 2H priority (which looked like it was made with a lot more care) and got 116589 dps. Edit2: Added a very slight dps increase update to the BT priority, which stops the sim from using DnD over OB with 2 or more full rune sets, like after an ERW for example. Edit3: The spoiler box adds a few spaces on the priorities, be sure to remove them from these lines when running the sim: actions+=/unholy_blight,if=talent.unholy_blight.enabled&(dot.frost_fever.remains<3|dot.blood_pl ague.remains<3) actions+=/plague_leech,if=talent.plague_leech.enabled&!((buff.killing_machine.react&runic_power <10)|(unholy=2|frost=2|death=2)) Edit4: Very slight change in the BT priority (3 dps up) and to add on BT's default placement on simc priority; it's sitting at 12 charges at times, capping them. Also the default priority, made for RE, doesn't quite work as well for BT which is not sitting any U runes because it doesn't matter if BT procs on U since it makes it D.
  9. Frost DPS 5.0.4 - The Cold Hand of Death

    I am getting similiar results. It is simming 1389 dps higher in my current gear with 450 fight length, 20% variation and 50k iterations. The gap is larger in BiS gear because of 2pt14 affecting a higher portion of dps with this priority and weapon damage scaling with OB. This gap will also widen in practical play because this sim priority is missing the conditionals to HBx2 instead of OB with D and F runes when you can avoid capping resources, as HBx2 is higher damage per rune, but can lead to wasting resources. The difference in this priority is to use every U rune on OB when DnD is not available, which BT makes possible by generating D runes, and to switch to obliterating when risking capping resources by using an extra global with HBx2 on F and D runes. BT also wastes less resources because of the even procs vs the feast or famine of RE.
  10. Unholy DPS | My Friend of Misery [4.3.0]

    Even if you are resource capped using a global and a rune on AMZ you will miss an SS' worth of damage, and saving RP for IBF may cost you a DC while waiting for the cast. It's not a loss if you're sitting on plenty RP and don't lose a DC to pool it though, since you cap RP anyway when you soak the cast. Everyone should be using the AMS glyph, and it might be hard to do in the beginning but doable if you get the rhythm down and easy later in the fight. The point is that you can't save and use AMS when you need the RP, but you have to use it at least 45 seconds before the Hour you soak. If you're freely able to AMS every time you need the RP the skill is used to its maximum potential (avoiding resource starving, like ERW). You may not simply need any extra RP when you soak the cast either. As for the procedure you use, I admit I have died on Hour a few times with Heroic Will on CD, but I've really been pushing it to like 0.2-0.3 seconds to test my limits. It's fairly safe to use it under 1 sec if you get it down and you don't lag much. That said your way of using it doesn't apply to everyone, staying out might be an increase for you, but it's doable to squeeze an ability in at under 1 sec and spend the time in the other realm when you're on GCD. You will possibly delay an autoattack at best, and if it lasts a bit longer than your global, it's not a decrease unless you cap your resources (and we're talking about <0.5 seconds here, which is negligible). There is a zone you're supposed to stand in. If you're too close the tentacles spawn over the edge not doing anything and if you're too far they will not have range to the boss. I was starting to suspect I am not in this zone seeing such low dps from the tentacle every week for such a long time. I am aware this topic has been exhausted, but what I've read here is basically "don't stand too far", nothing definite about the zone. Thank you for mentioning that addon, I will try it out.
  11. Unholy DPS | My Friend of Misery [4.3.0]

    I'd argue that this is a loss since you will have to hold your AMS for the Hour casts, AMZ costs an unholy rune and IBF costs RP. Being able to use Heroic Will on every Hour cast allows AMS usage on every CD, and no, it will not last for a few extra seconds if used correctly. You can time your Heroic Will usage straight after using an ability to spend the majority of the time in the other phase during a GCD. Using AMS on the pulsing AoE also lets you cap RP with AMS twice, it lasts for two pulses of damage if used correctly. Speaking of Ultraxion, I've had trouble with my tentacle damage on the fight. For the last few months it has averaged around 2k effective dps for me. Here's a log from last week (I had only 1 pot since there was a ninja pull). I'm standing on the spot right after the 1st line from the edge. If anyone has discovered a spot which doesn't waste any tentacle spawns could you provide a screenshot or something? I know this has been discussed but I can't seem to find the correct spot, or I've just had bad rng for 2 months straight. I also noticed that since the kills are getting faster and faster you might not be able to hold your garg waiting for a Creche proc soon. Mine almost lasted until the boss died last wednesday when I was trying to hold for Creche, I had to use garg just before I got the proc since I couldn't accurately estimate 30 seconds until boss death (imagine my face when 2nd pot won't work and I garg like 1 sec before proccing Creche).
  12. Frost DPS | Winter of Discontent [4.3]

    The sim seems to be overvaluing HB by not giving it crit suppression. Crit increase with 5% crit buff, 5% spell crit debuff and crit suppression should only be 5% in favor of spell crit, then you add agility to the melee number and it should catch up within a percent or two. SimCraft shows HB crit rate at around ~6.5% higher than melee crit with Creche, which should not be happening. Numbers from Murava's log after adding crit suppression and a 1.01% spell miss chance to HB; OB MH 19079 + 0.143 * 20008 = 21940 OB OH 11346 + 0.143 * 12015 = 13064 Rime + 2p t13 ((24672 + 0.158 * 28416) * 0.72) * 0.9899 = 20784 Total 21940 + 13064 + 20784 = 55788 HB x2 ((24672 + 0.158 * 28416) * 2) * 0.9899 = 57734 57734 - 55788 = 1946 in favor of HB x2 I have a hard time understanding where this 1300 dps comes from when it is around 2k damage more every HB x2 at best with mastery reforging. Every time you use HB x2 instead of OB you lose 2 chances for melee procs, and your KM's shift from OB to FS with the "masterfrost" priority. With mastery reforging every KM used on FS instead of OB is about a 3.5k~ damage loss. Not to mention the potential dps lost from reforging to mastery instead. I was frost on ultraxion for the first time yesterday. Here are the logs from 8 wipes on ultraxion 25 H. Our loggers computer crashed before the kill and he forgot to resume logging which is why I only have this screenshot of data from the kill. I was using the standard priority with haste reforging and an IBT spec. On a side note, I was on LFR madness today and found out that hitting a blistering tentacle with HB didn't hit the arm/wing tentacle anymore. I could swear it still did some time ago.
  13. Frost DPS | Winter of Discontent [4.3]

    A playstyle, unlike a spec, is not invariable during combat. Priorities change depending on the situation. Reforges aren't set in stone either. If you are progressing on yor'sahj and not a boss like ultraxion, of course you would prioritize mastery over haste when reforging.
  14. Frost DPS | Winter of Discontent [4.3]

    This would also bring HB down to; (25447 + 0.18 * 26012) * 2 = 60258 Reducing the difference between HB x2 and OB to 2368 damage in favor of HB x2, without factoring KM and the fact that HB isn't a melee attack in to the calculation, which means that I was actually overvaluing HB by mistake. We could also subtract the damage lost from the chance for spell miss from the HB number, or the amount of X stat sacrificed to obtain spell hit cap, and the chances for procs that only melee attacks provide (souldrinker, some trinkets, FC and so on). It would be a lot harder to calculate the damage lost from having KM's move from OB to FS in the "masterfrost" priority though, so the only thing I can do is speculate. But, in some cases rime can get overwritten even while under low resources. Though it doesn't happen as often as Cort makes it out to happen. I went into more detail in this a few posts back. You would have to get into a situation where you are forced to OB twice in a row under low resources ~5 times on average for you to overwrite rime for the first time.
  15. Frost DPS | Winter of Discontent [4.3]

    The sim is already delaying it to use it at the right moment, but that's true for untalented BT as well. The average BT intervals were something like ~34 sec with IBT and ~64 sec without. It's a gain of 1 PS worth of damage over the course of a minute, including a GCD cost, though. The longer you're unable to find room for BT when it comes off CD, the smaller of an increase it is. Using BT on a rune that's 50% refreshed would halve its value, so using it hastily isn't wise either. Making simple mistakes in the use of BT can lead to it being a decrease, which makes 5/31/5 the safer option. I'll try how IBT plays out in practice today. I wasn't even talking about mastery reducing the amount of KM procs, I was talking about the utilization of KM procs. The standard priority is able to use KM on OB more often. The difference of KM OB and KM FS in damage is not insignificant. Sigh, I just don't see the minimal theoretical dps gain worth it with the pros and cons we've been debating for a few pages now. I've yet to see it perform better in practice. If in possession of a souldrinker, it's most definitely not worth it at least. Rime still has a 45% chance to proc. What I calculated was how many HB's on average a single OB would produce through rime. I calculated the crit damage increase without subtracting the hit damage from it, which was my bad. I knew I made some sort of a mistake there, but the same is true for the HB damage in the formula.