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  1. Hunter DPS Analyzer (MoP edition)

    Zeherah, Is there a way to implement an option to disable the set bonuses in your site ? I find that the set bonuses fluctuate a lot when changing stats, specially the 2 piece one, and it conditionates even more the stats valuation and fine tuning.
  2. [MoP] Beastmastery 5.4

    There are 2 default settings that are universal to every MM hunter: Disable AS during CA, and Steady Shot in pairs in <4 sec in ISS. Those 2 settings affect greatly the DPS in a negative way if not set properly. People usually sim their toons without changing anything on the setups, and that handicaps MM as both SV and BM need no further tweaking to give an accurate result (of there's some fine tunning for them too) but for MM to give an accurate result you need to at least modify those 2, or it will go significantly lower than it should, and people would say "mm sucks"
  3. [MoP] Beastmastery 5.4

    You can push the higher MM profile a little more by changing the AiS cast time rule to something higher than 1.53 (the AiS cast time on the profile) and the "always" selection, so it always uses AiS instead of AS. That change yields 700ish DPS, up to 377175.47. Also, if you want to increase the output on every possible profile, I would recommend adding some uses of Stormlash Totem and Skull Banner in the Buff/Debuff section. It will give more realistic results, as at least on 25 man, It would be save to asume that there will be 2 shamans and 2 warriors, no matter what spec.
  4. Hunter DPS Analyzer (MoP edition)

    I think that if you change the www for the subdomain ptr when linking to wowhead should work, at least it does on the browser
  5. Hunter DPS Analyzer (MoP edition)

    Zeherah, are the RPPM trinkets having a 10 sec or a 20 sec duration when the PTR settings are enabled? I keep seeing tooltips from the 5.3 version of the trinkets, and in the Gear Bonuses section they are still listed with 20 sec duration.
  6. SimulationCraft for Hunters (Panda edition)

    Thank you for the trinket comparison. Now that FD has all gear available, included HC WF items, I could see a difference of +-200-500 DPS on both trinkets for SV/MM. It is odd that the Kill command 16% buff yields only 600 DPS, it should be a lot more noticeable. Also, for the MM profile, what does it do during CA phase? In FD it is a DPS increase to ignore SrS and CS, and casting only AiS + talents. And one last thing. To try totH for MM, can you make the sim to only cast AS when ToTH has procced? So you always harcast AiS as focus dump, except when AS costs 10 focus
  7. SimulationCraft for Hunters (Panda edition)

    The choice was not between Ebon Detonator and Haromms, but between Haromms and Assurance. Ebon detonator is likely to be BiS for every spec. Ill try to compare when I get home
  8. SimulationCraft for Hunters (Panda edition)

    which are the overall stats for the profile ? FD shows a higher DPS on BM reforging to haste, while crit is superior for SV. Ebon detonator should be a lot better for SV than Assurance of consecuence, since the CD reduction on Black Arrow is a very very marginal DPS boost, while BM gets reduced BW CD, which is bastly superior, as well as a superior stampede. So both specs should use Ebon detonator, and AoC for BM and Haromm's for SV. Talents should also be noticeable, as it has been reported that TotH now can procc from itself on arcane shot (like multishot on live) which it didn't do for the earlier builds. That should make it the superior choice for SV, as it sinergyzes with the 2 piece tier which is still 8 secs for SV, while 4 for SV and MM.
  9. Hunter DPS Analyzer (MoP edition)

    Zeherah's Hunter DPS Analyzer There you can see how it can be reforged, and the haste is actually functional and accounter for. About the 2 piece, it says 8 sec on external links and so, but once you log into the PTR and switch specs you can see the number changing
  10. Hunter DPS Analyzer (MoP edition)

    When simming the 2pc tier bonus, what is the RF CD reduction for each spec? it says 8 sec for the 3 specs, but it is 4 sec for BM and MM and 8 for SV in the PTR Also, Haromm's talisman seems to be giving 1959 haste in the page, when it shouldn't, instead of the multistrike procc.
  11. [MoP] Beastmastery 5.4

    There are different approaches for it, but there are some things that everyone should do regardless: First rule, DON'T macro KC to BW. As someone has proven on these forums, that KC will not benefit from BW due to lag issues. Second, cast a Cobra Shot early in the opening to fish for a 2 piece procc. It is almost a guaranted procc. Don't bother with focus capping, the benefit outweights the focus loss by far Third, cast Stampede after rapid fire/Bloodlust, not before. It looks like their focus regen doesn't update dynamically. There is some other old rules for a good opening: You should get 5 KCs and 3 GTs during the 2 BWs.
  12. Hunter Simple Question / Simple Answers

    as a rule of thumb if you can use a spell twice with partial buffs it is usually better, than once fully buffed. There could be a chance that 2 totally unbuffed Stampedes would be worst than one fully buffed, but since 99% of the time your first stampede will be there with prepot+ trinket proccs+ cds, it is always better to use it twice than once, unless of course you need that stampede to be fully buffed due to boss mechanics
  13. Hunter DPS Analyzer (MoP edition)

    Try to remove the Wait time for the Signature shots in the shot priority. If it works as I suspect, having more haste means shorter casts=more room to squeeze another shot (having more total shots) within the "Wait time" window. Thus you can end delaying KC (up to 0.3sec as default) more times and finally losing that one KC
  14. Hunter DPS Analyzer (MoP edition)

    The main issue with FD is that fight duration is a fixed time every iteration, not like simc where theres a fluctuation in fight lenght. That can make adding or substracting a single point in haste rating to change the overall DPS/breakdown quite a bit, and get weird numbers for stat values like negative ones. Also the equilibrium between haste and crit is so weak with this implementation that it can also affect greatly Wild Hunt uptimes, etc. FD is great for anything but for haste related tests and stuff (if any simulator is)
  15. [MoP] Survival Hunter 5.4

    It is not a flaw on your thinking, this is simply impossible. Equipping on my 495 gear an ilvl11 bow, 7.74 dps (14-26 dmg) gives me 9k+ arcane shots. to hit for 5k you need something like firelands gear with the same green bow.