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  1. ShadowCraft for Warlords of Draenor

    What spec and settings?
  2. Warlords of Draenor rogue discussion

    No, all poisons have a 30% chance of triggering, except for Crippling. More chances to trigger results in more procs on average.
  3. ShadowCraft for Warlords of Draenor

    I would think it would be updated before then. The API transition going on is just another thing Shadowcraft-UI is being updated for. In the meantime, running the engine from the console still works. The wiki is a little out of date, but a starting point nonetheless. https://github.com/dazer/ShadowCraft-Engine/wiki/Installing-Python,-Shadowcraft,-and-Prerequisites
  4. ShadowCraft for Warlords of Draenor

    It's whatever data Blizzard's API delivers, and there's a bug on their end where they provide the wrong item IDs. I don't know when it will get fixed.
  5. ShadowCraft for Warlords of Draenor

    That's what brief testing and current understanding shows. The last time I talked to Navv about this, SimC also modeled it as it was originally designed (1/(1+x)). So both resources will need to be updated to account for this if they didn't fix this trinket problem without handing out a new build. Unfortunately we probably won't know until tomorrow night.
  6. ShadowCraft for Warlords of Draenor

    This is a complicated problem, and the last time I want to address it. The way Shadowcraft (Combat, in this scenario) works is that it calculates damage and activity based on whether the character has Adrenaline Rush active or not. This provides a lot of leverage in calculating GCD limitations, but also helped handle synergistic mechanics like Shadow Blades in Mists. If anyone remembers what Combat DPS looked like in the early days of Mists, it was accuracy was awful until I implemented the new system. People were skeptical of Assassination for most of the expansion, but the way Combat functioned was leagues away from even being relevant. Using this system is actually a lot better than how things used to work. The reality of this "cliff" is that the value lies between the two, if you're running up against the breakpoint, then the actual value is closer to the lesser of the two. But this is the problem. The "breakpoint" people will find is a limitation of how well I can calculate the effective GCD cap. Once you reach the hard limit in the calculations, the engine thinks any further haste is awful while in Adrenaline Rush, which, is true from a certain standpoint. Haste will only affect energy generation while outside of AR according to the engine, and swing speeds at that point, which is where the dropoff comes from. Couple this with an extremely low effective CD on AR (thanks AOC) and "haste" essentially becomes "attack speed". Hence the massive drop. In reality, this isn't supposed to be a cliff. It's actually a slow wobbly curve over time. The curve is due to the way RNG influences APS. As your mastery and haste increase, the probability of capping energy rises. This probability starts at 0 at the start of an expansion and slowly climbs at an increasing rate. To use another historical anecdote, at the end of Cata SimC determined that haste decreased in value enough for mastery to take priority at the final gear levels. ShC didn't show anything like this, ShC didn't even understand that rogues were wasting energy due to the GCD cap. So while this looks broken and bugged, it's still far more helpful than ShC was. So I know the problem, why can't I just fix it? Because it's hard. It's a hard problem to solve because I can't just use calculus to calculate the part of the area under an aps curve, I need to figure out how to create that curve among other concerns, and I'm not sure how to go about doing that. The data so far is, for the most part, in agreement with SimC. You just have to understand what the 2 values are, and use a little basic math to determine a practical value that exists between the two.
  7. ShadowCraft for Warlords of Draenor

    Good assassins never die, they just fade away. Pardon my hubris, but the reference felt too relevant to pass up. A little less than a year ago I said that Shadowcraft would need new able bodied people to fill in where I can't. Well, that time is right around the corner. I don't think I'm in a position anymore where I can intuitively and easily model mechanics or theorycraft, and my ability to test things in game is borderline nonexistent. I'm losing track of spell mechanics and when changes are/were made, and the nuances of what those changes are. I will see the first major content patch through, but I have no intentions of contributing to the development of Shadowcraft after that. I will finish off development of Darkmantle afterwards, where I'll continue to back away from the theorycrafting community even further. Anyone can reach me any time for questions/comments/threats, it shouldn't be hard to find me, and I'll try to get back within 24h if warranted. This means some things about the current status of Shadowcraft should be pre-emptively addressed. I started development of 6.0 in January, before the alpha patch notes ever came up. The focus at that point in time was underlying structural changes to improve runtime performance and format of the code. As of right now, the engine takes roughly a third of the original runtime, although it's not quite directly comparable. That's an improvement of 200%, or 66% depending on how you look at it (doesn't really matter). Assurance of Consequence may be undervalued, it's calculating with the old 1/(1+x) approach, and assumes it will get fixed before launch. I can change this easily if the trinket goes live broken instead of just broken good. Spell data has been updated with the beta patches. Indz has been a wonderful second set of eyes. I will definitely be watching vigilantly for bugs, problems, etc. I have not walked away from this project, and consider it a reflection of myself, something I didn't quite understand when it was said to me years ago. However, based on the way this beta has played out, I don't think either SimC, nor Shadowcraft are entirely reliable for the first week of 90 content (or the first week of level 100 content). Several mechanics have new, obscure, and/or undocumented behaviour and all theorycrafting should be questioned, including preconceived notions about things like stat priorities. We're all just volunteers working with incomplete information. Thank you everyone for letting me be a member of this community for so long. My turn to take off the mantle is coming soon. UPDATE: Please leave this thread for comments about Shadowcraft in Warlords. I'm honored that some of you think so highly of me, but this thread should stay focused to the Shadowcraft engine and UI projects.
  8. Warlords Mechanic Testing / Verification

    Each hit would do 20 / actual_number_of_enemies of the damage otherwise. So 20 enemies hits for the normal amount (20/20=1), 40 enemies hit for half the normal amount (20/40=.5), 60 enemies would hit for a third of the normal amount (20/60=.3333). 5054.4/12636 = .4 so the math checks out. I'm going to assume that the count of 32 enemies is correct. If BF were affected by the AOE cap, then a 12636 Eviscerate should be hitting for3159 at 32 targets.
  9. Right now Shadowcraft is built on many assumptions based on abbreviated twitter details and vague patch notes. These need to get done right before Shadowcraft is ready. This thread will require a screen shot, or clip of a combat log of some sort, before any question is marked answered. If you think an answer has changed, or is incorrect then by all means call it out. Please keep responses strictly about answering, clarifying, or correcting a question/response. The current list of questions is as follows, but may expand. Questions: How have the 2 and 3 roll (combat table) systems changed? What are the new boss armor values? Has the armor formula changed with them? What are the new stat coefficients/conversion rates? What leveling perks are additive? What perks are multiplicative? What abilities are affected by readiness? How is passive energy generation calculated with the various new mechanics? How is max energy calculated? Gnome racial specifically. How do glyphs that modify ability CDs work with readiness? Does Nightstalker affect DoTs, like Rupture? Is Internal Bleeding affected by RvS or Executioner? Can Internal Bleeding be ‘Sinister Called’? Have the rules for Seal Fate changed? Does the Assassination 2p obey the same rules as Seal Fate? Is the Combat 2p additive or multiplicative? How does the Combat 4p work with Anticipation? What triggers Main Gauche now? Does MG still have a chance to trigger Combat Potency? If so, how. Is Blade Flurry impacted by the AOE cap? If yes, how? Anything and everything about Shadow Reflection. That tooltip might as well be 2 words that say “fuck it”. What is the new damage formula and scaling for Touch of the Grave? Are there any damage types/sources that aren’t affected by Assassin’s Resolve? Bandit’s Guile? Sanguinary Veins? Are any attacks not normalized? What are the proc rates and effects of the new trinkets, procs, etc? Are any mechanics still mislabeled? IE, attack speed vs haste. Does the second Mark of the Frostwolf refresh the first stack, or are they independent of each other? Is Mark of the Shattered Hand a "pandemic dot"? Refreshing an active Mark of the Warsong sets the current stack to 10, and not adds 10, correct? Answers: - - - - - - - Expansive Mind is applied to all max energy enhancements, final value is rounded. [link] - - Many sources have claimed no. [link] - - - - - - - No. [link] Left blank for now. There's just a lot of stuff to go over still.
  10. ShadowCraft for Mists of Pandaria

    You aren't a level 85 rogue, you're a 90 rogue. Setting the build to 90 is 375265.3 DPS (1+ mil drop), with Haste 1.900, Crit 1.721, Hit 1.593, Mastery 1.524.
  11. ShadowCraft for Mists of Pandaria

    I think you did something wrong. With a random character with 23k mastery I still only get 440k, which is less than haste centric builds. Can you link it?
  12. Warlords of Draenor rogue discussion

    The intention isn't to figure out what the EP of Readiness will be, or figure out how it stacks up against other stats. Just to point out an issue with how it will work with Rogues, primarily that we lack short CDs. This leads to large % values needed (40% readiness, for example) to achieve a single extra CD use. This creates massive breakpoints that dwarf the haste breakpoints that exist now. Celestalon insists it will be smooth-ish, but based on the alpha data so far, I'm not sold. The second part was that people will need to think of Readiness different than they think of stats we have now. It's going to take personal work to figure out how it applies to you. By all means, it's an interesting stat that makes haste/mastery/crit look generic, it's going to require new lines of thought.
  13. Warlords of Draenor rogue discussion

    I'm questioning the viability of Readiness at level 90 with the datamined data we have now. The current datamined values sit at 1% = 23 rating. 2/2 AoC will have 99 rating (4.304%). Due to breakpoints, you will have to gear up another 15.7% (362 rating) before you can get another CoS during a 300s fight. wolframalpha Vendetta and Adrenaline Rush fair somewhat worse due to their longer CDs. Due to how vendetta fits into a 300s fight, it only needs 20% Readiness for one additional use, but each subsequent Vendetta requires 40% Readiness (920 rating). 4.3% only reduces Vendetta by ~5s, in order for this to have any significance in a fight, the fight needs to be over right before Vendetta would be cast again without the 4.3%. Basically any fight that's a multiple of 110s or within 20s below that; so 90-110s, 200-220s, 310-330s. Obviously rounded numbers, but still. That's 18% of the hypothetical fight lengths where 4.3% Readiness could even have an impact, ignoring if it's even a significant impact. wolframalpha In order to achieve the roughly 50% readiness from 5.4 AoC, you would need 1150 rating. This item looks to be nerfed hard. To put things into context, I'm estimating somewhere between 1000 and 1500 secondary stats at ilvl ~580 to allocate from gear/gems/etc. This seems like it's going to be a problematic stat without some change. A stat where you only aim to hit the first breakpoint if it's small, and avoid any further stats.
  14. Warlords of Draenor rogue discussion

    So, of the two specs that can still use Rupture, both of them have a spell/mechanic that increases Rupture's damage (presumably multiplicative). http://wod.wowhead.com/spell=157570andhttp://wod.wowhead.com/spell=79147 . Interesting.
  15. Warlords of Draenor rogue discussion

    I've already implemented somewhere over half of the Warlords alpha changes to 6.0 Shadowcraft (not all are pushed to github). I'm using the combat script as a base for debug purposes, and then propagating to the other two specs. I have no idea if some of these things are additive or multiplicative right now, but I'm giving them best guesses for the moment. Once beta is underway, not F&F alpha or whatever, I'll open up a different thread specifically about testing mechanics. Things like determining how formulas operate, what abilities are affected by what, etc. Basically the same thing as Mists Mechanics Testing. Two thing that are interesting so far. One is that Restless Blades (which I believe is still in Warlords?) is causing readiness to have increasing returns. The second is that, as things stand now, energy generation will scale faster in Warlords than it ever has previously. That's not exactly a direct relationship to APM, but it is a component.