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    Been playing a dual wielding dark elf nightblade, mainly split between assassin and shadow.
  2. [5.4 Combat] I'm Not Dead Yet

    The BF-Evis vs CT discussion is not as straightforward as it seems. I've done extensive testing in-game and Blade flurry does not behave like it has in the past. In the current game, BF copies unmitigated damage which is then mitigated by the secondary target's armor. If your primary dps target is level 93 and you're cleaving/aoe'ing adds that are level 91-92, blade flurry will not necessarily do 40% damage to secondary targets. This also means that blade flurry benefits from glyph of sharpened knives to spread sunder. Here's a combat log from when I was testing it. My primary autoattack target was the one sundered. You can clearly see my autoattack damage decrease without any corresponding change in the blade flurry damage once weakened armor expires. 1447 * 0.4 = 578.8 expected damage while sundered, but blade flurry was hitting for 565 damage. After weakened armor faded, 1415 * 0.4 = 566 damage, which is about what blade flurry was hitting for the whole time (the secondary target was not sundered at any point). I've done the test the other way where I left the primary target unsundered and sundered the BF target and the damage of BF did decrease once sunder expired on the BF target. BF did more damage than expected while the primary target was unsundered and secondary was sundered. 17:10:58> Shadowvenom's melee swing hits Training Dummy for 1 Physical.(1447 Overkill) 17:10:59> Shadowvenom's Blade Flurry hits Training Dummy for 1 Physical.(564 Overkill) 17:10:59> Shadowvenom's melee swing hits Training Dummy for 1 Physical.(1446 Overkill) 17:11:00> Shadowvenom's Blade Flurry hits Training Dummy for 1 Physical.(564 Overkill) 17:11:01> Shadowvenom's Weakened Armor dissipates from Training Dummy. 17:11:01> Shadowvenom's melee swing hits Training Dummy for 1 Physical.(1414 Overkill) 17:11:02> Shadowvenom's Blade Flurry hits Training Dummy for 1 Physical.(565 Overkill) 17:11:02> Shadowvenom's melee swing hits Training Dummy for 1 Physical.(1415 Overkill) 17:11:03> Shadowvenom's Blade Flurry hits Training Dummy for 1 Physical.(566 Overkill) The long and short of it is that treating blade flurry as copying 40% of the damage exactly without considering sunder is going to favor blade flurry and raise the target cap needed for CT to be worthwhile. That said, don't think it will change things much as the cutoff point might be one target less. The problem with CT is that most of the damage is in the bleed. The other (minor) thing I noticed with Pathal's update to the spreadsheet is that it is not considering the DP-I proc from MG on the eviscerate side. This favors CT so between the armor and this it's probably not a very different conclusion.
  3. ShadowCraft for Mists of Pandaria

    The bigger question, I think, is "does it matter?" While yes, you can model any sort of fight in Simcraft, but my observation is that one of the pre-defined simulation models should get you close enough. Even in the most complex fights, interruptions are generally pretty short compared to your uptime on the primary target. The impact of the generic simcraft encounter modes (light movement, heavy movement, helter skelter), should give you a reasonable expectation of the impact of interruptions. I've run the non-patchwerk modes a fair amount and what I've found is that the light movement results are very close to patchwerk, and the heavy movement results are very close to helter skelter (and the 2 pairs are fairly widely separated). If you want to know what to expect on a fight, just choose either light movement or helter skelter, whichever is closer to the fight you're trying to gauge. Incidentally, I found the simcraft mode (based on an older build) with the smallest spread among all dps specs was helter skelter mode. I'd argue that's what Blizzard balances against.
  4. ShadowCraft for Mists of Pandaria

    While that would be somewhat useful, what I think would also be a useful feature is a button that takes you straight to the highest dps setup that session (especially useful when you start manually changing gems/enchants/etc to find a peak dps setup when you're near an extremum).
  5. Thread of Ultimate Stupidity

    Scomt: Given that both weapons deal with capped stats, it really depends on your other gear. Can you use all of the expertise of 2 animus, or all of the hit on the fang.
  6. Assassination from the Mists

    While that is generally true, pialiaa was specifically asking about swapping the offhand for spiritsever during execute range. If it's an agility gain it would definitely be better for dispatch, even if it's slightly worse for mutilate. Whether it's worth it is another story (given that your autoattack damage will go down and you'll likely lose a lot of the secondary stat worth of spiritsever if you're expertise capped before swapping out and the other offhand has no expertise).
  7. ShadowCraft for Mists of Pandaria

    What the yellow vs white hit cap EP values are telling you is the value of hit rating if you're below 2550 (yellow), or above 2550 (white). Both values are needed to calculate an optimal reforge. The correct value of hit for you is the one that refers to the regime of hit your current gearset is in (ie, white if over 2550, yellow if under).
  8. ShadowCraft for Mists of Pandaria

    That is how I understand wait time to be implemented. I would interpret all of the broken commentary that it's just changed. It's a new feature and I understand that it needs to be ironed out.
  9. ShadowCraft for Mists of Pandaria

    The resource cap uptime output is present in all of the class modules, just seems like a baseline thing (I've looked through a very very small portion of simc's code--and very little of that was outside of the rogue-specific source) I think for what you're trying to reconcile, wait time would be a more useful metric. Simc also models latency in its GCD calculations. It appears to use a ~36ms delay (ie, the effective gcd is gcd_size+0.036) I just ran a sim of 1 iteration and wrote a log. here are two example lines of consecutive gcds to demonstrate: 12.195 Rogue_Combat_T15H eviscerate hits Fluffy_Pillow for 105830 physical damage (hit) 12.732 Rogue_Combat_T15H sinister_strike hits Fluffy_Pillow for 33800 physical damage (hit) This indicates a GCD of 0.537s. It was during AR+SB. I don't know if this helps you or not, though.
  10. ShadowCraft for Mists of Pandaria

    Another thing to keep in mind regarding the time spent energy capped: 4.7% means 4.7% of total time was spent with energy at 100. This could encompass a partial GCD (say you hit rupture at 95 energy, then get relentless strikes back bringing you back up to 95 energy, then ~0.2sec later you hit 100 energy again, you were only energy capped for 80% of that GCD). If you want to get a better idea of what is going on mechanically, you can have simulationcraft generate an example log, then you can parse that log to see exactly what is happening. You won't get any useful statistical information but you can get a much more detailed analysis, albeit of a single sample. The log is human-readable so it may not be compatible with, for example, world of logs, so you might have to write your own parsing tool. If I remember correctly, the default fight length is not the same between simcraft and shadowcraft, so that could be a factor between their disagreement too. Simcraft defaults to a 450s fight length.
  11. ShadowCraft for Mists of Pandaria

    The 4.7% is time spent energy capped, not time spent GCD capped. SB/AR are executed at low energy and the energy will eventually fill up during SB until it caps later in the cooldown--you'll be GCD capped the whole time but not energy capped the whole time. Wait time is a better measure of time spent GCD capped (ie, lower wait time = more gcd capped time). If you look in the resource section, over 17% of the energy from adrenaline rush is overflow.
  12. Thread of Ultimate Stupidity

    Gouge as a combo point builder is a VERY moot point given that it has a 10 second cooldown. The consideration of its dps impact stops at that fact.
  13. Thread of Ultimate Stupidity

    Presumably Backstab is going to crit 15% more than mutilate (but with no off hand component). Assuming a 55% melee crit chance (70% mutilate, 85% backstab), Mutilate will have ~18.9 energy per combo point (if glyphed), and backstab will have about 13.9 energy (glyphed) per combo point cost, factoring in seal fate procs. Not only will backstab provide better damage per energy, but also better damage per combo point, better combo point per energy (means faster combo point generation) at execute phase.