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  1. [WW] 5.4 -Siege of the Fist

    In SoO it is between Orcs and Pandaren for best horde race. If you are using the protectors fists/paragons axes, then orcs will pull ahead slightly, due to the free exp, and cd to stack with TeB. Otherwise Pandaren pull ahead as the 300 static agility will provide a better gain than a troll's Berserking. The prevailing theory is 2p with 3x 580 off pieces. Said off pieces being Immersius helm, and Norushen chest/gloves. Dropping to 3p with 2 WF should in theory be a dps gain, but it will be close enough that you will need to run a personal sim to get the EXACT numbers you should go for. Seeing as the IJ shoulders are one of your WF pieces, the H tier would be a better piece than the WF version of them. If you have a normal shoulder tier then drop them for your WF shoulders, as the agi gain would offset the loss of 4p
  2. [WW] 5.4 -Siege of the Fist

    A heroic Thoks will certainly be bis for you and a noticeable dps gain. You will want to play with sims and see when it becomes enough of an increase to your monk to warrant taking over any str classes that may want it. From some sims I've done on the matter at roughly ~575 gs it becomes enough of an increase to be a comparable roll to your other would be recipients. Normal should still be an increase over a H AoC as that trinket is vastly over valued by many. The proc is all that it really gives you. But in a normal I'd run your own sims with it just to see how it turns out. At a quick glance at your gear Id say the Thoks would certainly be better than normal TeD.
  3. [WW] 5.4 -Siege of the Fist

    Some of the quick pointers would be starting to gem any off pieces you get around your WW set. Common sense yes, but that much crit will be wasted in heroic gear. You will exceed your white crit cap (60%) so it will diminish slightly in value. You would want mostly agi to help get those bigger weapon damage numbers, but as always sim yourself and check how to best optimize. Your haste is actually under what I would say is the optimal range. Around 10-11k is where most of the high end WW monks are sitting at atm. Its a bit personal on the exact number you go for based on latency, and how much you are intending to optimize strictly for each fight. IE fights where you lose 2-3 seconds dps time on a semi regular basis for w/e reason you would want less haste. If you keep capping gcds at that low haste you just need to work on the rotation more. Make sure you arent hitting EB exactly on cd if it isnt going to be a gain. Ive talked to a couple people who do that with the cdr trinket, and it wastes potential resources. Even if it sits off cd for 3-6 seconds its better to not waste what you get out of it. Chi Wave should take priority over a standard BoK filler so that will come with more practice.
  4. [WW] 5.4 -Siege of the Fist

    This is just from personal experience, but I found a larger increase when I focused on crit over haste for secondaries. I've gotten quite used to using Chi Brew, and since I'm using AoC I can afford to have slightly lower haste atm. If/when I get a H TeB, Id get a little more haste to balance it out.
  5. [WW] 5.4 -Siege of the Fist

    The piece in question for me was a jump from http://www.wowhead.com/item=99156">Headpiece of Seven Sacred Sealsto Hood of Blackened Tears. I then after noticing the change went fromLeggings of Seven Sacred Seals toRiou's Vigilant Leggings for my further testing. As to stats Im currently at the white crit cap so I have been balancing into haste and out of crit slightly. The stats on the items arent perfect, but I havent finished simming for mastery levels and seeing if there is a swing in secondaries somewhere that I could hit as a balance. ATM my stat set up is crit to white hit cap > haste > crit > mastery.
  6. [WW] 5.4 -Siege of the Fist

    The biggest reason you gem agi is how well it collectively scales with weapon damage. Wep damage is king for scaling our dps so as you upgrade your weapons the gains from agi will become larger. So doing some personal testing Ive noticed a dps increase when dropping 4p for higher ilvl off pieces with 2p. My secondary stats stayed almost static through the upgrade. Checked again on target dummies and I was seeing anywhere from 5-8k increase for each individual 10 minute iteration. With no buffs I was sitting at ~305k using 2p, with my lowest iteration being 289 with 4p and highest at 308k with 2p and higher ilvl offpiece
  7. [WW] 5.4 -Siege of the Fist

    As were in between pulls tonight on Thok Ive been testing it and its still working the same way. I think its just the interaction with Spirit Link. Because it drops off when I dont pair them after two roars
  8. [WW] 5.4 -Siege of the Fist

    Generally I can fit in a single Chi Brew after my tiger palm and rsk on the opener. Its off the global so make sure you hit it directly after your rsk and it should let you get that bok->jab in before you cap energy. My usual opener barring combo breaker procs looks like: Jab->Tiger Palm->Chi Brew->BoK->Jab->RsK->Chi Brew->Bok. Atm I have just under 9k haste and Im able to do that without energy capping. It works well with BL on pull fights so we can have TeB up almost immediately. On another note I found an interesting interaction with Spirit Link Totem and Touch of Karma:http://worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-gmiz5791zc352lbe/analyze/dd/source/?s=1275&e=1383 Apparently if you ToK as spirit link is dropped it will deal heavily increased damage because of the way spirit link distributes health. I noticed this on Thok last night and after testing it a few times it did the same basic thing every time. On some pulls I was getting ticks of ToK for over 600k per second.
  9. [WW] 5.4 -Siege of the Fist

    With the strategy most groups are using to kill h shaman you seperate harrom and should never have to deal with ashen wall because the tank faces him into the corner and slowly backs up from each wall
  10. [WW] 5.4 -Siege of the Fist

    Actually hadnt thought of that but certainly useful to know. I still wouldnt advise it because the wall has a decent melee range and you would have to get fairly close to make sure you dont get hit on the backside of the roll. Good for oh sh#$ moments. Harrom can be disarmed so it is always worth doing if you see a tank dropping lower, or just as a general dps cd to line up with TeB/procs. 5% for 15 seconds certainly is nothing to scoff at. Also Zen Med does work to redirect damage from Iron Jug. I noticed it getting eaten through fairly quickly during siege and when popping it before Shock Pulse went out it would be out of charges by the time I landed 1 sec later. I didnt comb through logs much but it seemed to be redirecting damage from puddles people were in.
  11. [WW] 5.4 -Siege of the Fist

    So after doing some more heroic progression here are a few little tips and tricks Ive found in case people aren't aware. Sha- Ascendance by your spot on the prison. Makes breaking it a cinch. You can easily re-drop it in the half second while waiting for people to get there. Galakras- On top of being prime candidates for ccing the grunt for tower groups you can chain disable the first add to root him for about a second. The root will break, but has no diminishing and can continually be applied to the first grunt of each tower. Ascendance will make an easy transition to moving Flames behind the assigned group if you choose to use it. Juggernaut- Lots of reliable damage early on in the fight so using a first Touch of Karma offensively is easy. For siege mode you can cd every shock pulse and dont have to worry about anything. 1-Fort Brew/ToK, 2- Diffuse Magic, 3- Zen Med. If you get a second siege phase they should be off cooldown so rinse and repeat. Unsure if Zen Med redirects any damage or not. Dark Shaman- If you get Foul Stream targeting you and you are using a strat that requires you to move out of the melee group do not roll, walk. It is the same concept as jump movement where your calculated position does not move till the roll is finished. If not done immediately you risk not moving the stream. (happened to me twice as I wasnt aware of that issue at first and the first time I assumed it was a latency issue of sorts)
  12. [WW] 5.4 -Siege of the Fist

    Using SEF on mass aoe is a strong dps increase as long as you make sure you dont accidentally target the same target. On Garrosh I honestly use RJW over Xuen to speed through intermission phases and to help make sure each wave of adds is dead by the time Iron Star goes through. Anyway since I have been playing around with stat weights a bit Ive found that Im comfortable using Chi Brew and 6700 haste for most single target fights, and Ive been getting good results. Current gearing priority is agi > crit > haste to my cap > mastery > other haste. Currently Im gemmed all agi with socket bonuses matched. Crit:12118 Haste:6696 Mastery:7578. No 2p/4p Here are logs from our guild's first H Norushen kill: Damage Done - 24-09 20:24 - Months Behind - World of Logs Ive also noticed that I get better results using TeB revolved around my heavy hitting skills as opposed to with trinket procs. Since I dont have AoC Im running higher haste/lower mastery and I have 10 stacks of TeB up for almost every FoF off cd.
  13. [WW] 5.4 -Siege of the Fist

    One thing Im curious about. What is the usage you all are simming FoF at. Since TeB will line up with every FoF off cd with a warforged normal or higher AoC, and it is still our highest dps skill when able to be used, would it be better to apply a higher priority to making sure we can use it on cd? It wont be as practical in heavy movement fights, but on something like Malkoriak it should theoretically be an increase unless Im making a grievous mistake somewhere in the theory
  14. [WW] 5.4 -Siege of the Fist

    So some food for thought. I just did a bit of testing on live. Doing the math of what my SCK does in damage I calculated dps for RJW per execute to be higher than a jab/bok/bok dot. TeB free my bok/jab is doing 110786 per execute. The projected damage of RJW based on my current SCK would be 163800 per execute. I did not check if the 1/2 of a teb charge loss would be enough to make it less gain but after the nerf to 4 chi per stack Im thinking that it will end up being the most marginal of gains. I compared it to Xuen damage and on a 6 minute pull Xuen did 2162012 damage making RJW sustained do 1018828 more damage. Marginal but should be taken into consideration. I dont have access to ptr testing atm, so would someone mind checking these numbers with the current ptr build and seeing how they hold up.
  15. Windwalker (DPS): a flurry of tender fisting.

    There isnt really a hard number. Your personal haste value to become soft capped for a specific encounter will vary. Strategies that your raid uses may differ, giving you more or less time of un-disturbed dps, luck with mastery procs coming at good times, mastery level, etc. In general the only way you can know how much haste to look at aiming for on a specific fight is just by playing it, finding what youre comfortable with and have the best results with. While undergeared, Im running about 3k haste atm and I rarely have resource deficits, just to use that as an example. Another thing to consider is that while your haste value on a target dummy may be ~6k to get to your resource cap, at any given time you might have to move, stop dps on a boss for a few seconds, etc. In which case crit gains in value over haste due to the need to capitalize on the time you do have to dps. TL;DR play around with it. Your personal haste cap wont be as high as 6k usually, and you should find the value that you play the best with for each encounter since it will vary