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  1. World of Warcraft: No flying going forward.

    I've been fairly heavily involved in the debate about flying- both conceptually and in terms of the effects it has on the game- over the past few days. I recorded a video interview with Qelric, in which I discussed the potential consequences and impacts that Blizzard's decision would have. This is especially relevant in light of what I see as WoD being a highly disappointing expansion all around, but also in regard to what it could mean for future content. On a more recent note, I published a short note on Twitter about how I also feel that flying whilst levelling could not only make sense, but contribute to the entire experience. The text, if you didn't want to click on yet another link:
  2. Frost DPS 5.4 - Howling Blargh

    Upgrade your Thok's Tail Tip to 4/4 pronto. It is the strongest trinket in the tier available to any DPS Death Knight spec, and going from 553 to 569 ilvl with your trinket is well worth it. After that, you're probably fine with your current 4/4 CDR trinket.
  3. UI Help Center

    This question is best answered by the creator of DKDiseases, Kuren. He is usually able to be found on #Acherus (the DK IRC channel), which you can find directions to in my OP on the DK section of EJ.
  4. Frost DPS 5.4 - Howling Blargh

    First, discard the dummy results completely. In no way does it emulate realistic raid conditions. No movement and no AMS soaking would artificially inflate Haste's value by a lot. I assume that your Simcraft profile matches your gear and glyphs from the armoury. I note one important fact on your armoury that is contributing to your high Haste value: You are not using Plague Leech. This talent devalues Haste by quite a bit, and is essential because it is a much higher DPS gain than Unholy Blight. I would advise switching to it immediately. Moving on, you want to ensure that your sim utilises the following: -AMS soaking (it usually does, but double check) -Accounting for higher AMS uptime due to the Evil Eye of Galakras trinket, and the Regenerative Magic glyph -Plague Leech, assuming you take it (and you really should) -Movement (Patchwerk fights aren't going to give you realistic stat weights)
  5. Unholy DPS 5.4 - The Fun has been Doubled!

    No. Strength's value did go up, but the increased amount of Strength thanks to this buff also makes secondary stats that much more valuable.
  6. Unholy DPS 5.4 - The Fun has been Doubled!

    Your talent choices and gear will significantly affect the amount of downtime you experience. Plague Leech, for instance, will devalue Haste significantly as it fills up 2 globals ever 25 seconds. Trinkets such as Evil Eye of Galakras, and glyphs such as Regenerative Magic will all greatly reduce the cooldown of AMS (the glyph is situational), thus allowing you to soak RP much more often. Looking at your armoury, I note that you seem to be using Unholy Blight- this is a perfectly valid choice, but won't lead to Haste being devalued nearly as much as it would with Plague Leech. You also seem to be using Runic Empowerment, which I would strongly discourage you from doing- if you don't like Runic Corruption, then use Blood Tap. Runic Empowerment is an incorrect choice for Unholy DKs, given that individual Frost/Blood Runes being restored serve no purpose in our single target rotation (the latter being useless for AoE as well). Incidentally, Blood Tap will also allow you to AMS soak more efficiently, allowing you to maximise rune gains from the RP you generate. I would also strongly suggest changing your gemming- with Thok's Tail Tip, secondary stat weights improve dramatically and make gemming secondary stats worth it over Strength. You should see a definite DPS gain if you do so. Make all these changes and then test out how you feel in a raid environment.
  7. #Acherus Theorycrafting Events

    Blizzcon might be over, but the excitement’s only just started! On Saturday, 16th November at 2PM EST #Acherus, the premiere Death Knight theorycrafting community will be conducting a roundtable theorycrafting livestream, where we discuss Blizzcon, mechanical changes that the Warlords of Draenor expansion will bring, raid format changes and of course, information about changes to the Death Knight class. This Livestream will differ slightly from others, in that many of the mechanics and changes we discuss are significant for all classes rather than only Death Knights. We do fully intend to make this a DK-centric discussion however! Our roundtable for this Livestream will consist of: -Magdalena, 25HM raider of <Something Wicked> US-Whisperwind -Mendenbarr, 25HM raider of <Divide> US-Zul’jin -Reniat, 25HM raider of <Whatever We’re Awesome> US-Magtheridon -Vereesà, 10HM raider of <Depraved> EU-Twilight’s Hammer Some of discussion topics include: -Experiences with Blizzcon -Raid format changes and what they mean for the community and various raiding brackets -New stat paradigms and what they mean for us in Warlords of Draenor -The item squish, changes to professions and how they affect us -Death Knight Level 100 talent analysis and speculation about what’s to come for our class this expansion Following the discussion, we will have a 1 hour Q&A session where stream viewers can submit questions about our thoughts on subjects relevant to what’s already been discussed. While we will primarily focus on 6.0 and what’s been revealed there, we will also allow for discussion 5.4 and the current state of raiding to also be included. Stream location and times: The event will be streamed on our new Twitch channel: http://www.twitch.tv/acherusdk In the event that the channel is down, we will use an alternate channel and alert the community about the update. The stream will begin at 2 PM EST on Saturday- that’s 11 AM PST and 7 PM GMT. Prizes! Thanks to some generous donations from members of #Acherus and the wider community, we have Hearthstone Beta keys to give away this Livestream! The keys will be given out periodically over the stream in a manner that will be detailed during the broadcast itself. We may also offer additional prizes depending on the stream’s popularity at the time. Q&A submission: We have several ways for you to field questions to us: -Use the stream chat on the day of the event. Keep in mind it will be moderated. -Tweet Magdalena, Mendenbarr and Reniat with the #AcherusQ&A hashtag: @MagdalenaDK, @Destinysoftwork and @ReniatDK, respectively. -Post your questions on the #Acherus facebook page (don’t forget to Like us!): https://www.facebook.com/pages/Acherus-Live-Chat-for-Death-Knights/560579180652914 We look forward to seeing everyone in attendance!
  8. Death Knight Cooldown Usage Spreadsheet [5.4]

    Edit: Spoke too soon. Formatting issues are still very much around.
  9. Death Knight Cooldown Usage Spreadsheet [5.4]

    Going to hold off on updating this spreadsheet till a few formatting issues caused by the move to new boards have been resolved. Rest assured, the spreadsheet will be updated when the forum is ready.
  10. Death Knight Cooldown Usage Spreadsheet [5.4]

    I tested your claim extensively tonight and can conclusively say that it was, unfortunately, incorrect: The Shadow Ritualist buff cannot be copied. I also wanted to note that there's been some confusion as to whether Thok's bats on Heroic are susceptible to Gorefiend's Grasp and Remorseless Winter. After more testing tonight, the answer turns out to be "Yes" to Gorefiend's, and "No" to Remorseless.
  11. Death Knight Cooldown Usage Spreadsheet [5.4]

    Added more to the Spoils of Pandaria section, and hopefully I'll have more information about Thok come Sunday. I'd love to flesh out the Siegecrafter and Paragons section further as well; I'd especially appreciate insight from DKs that have had extensive platform experience on Heroic Siegecrafter.
  12. Death Knight Cooldown Usage Spreadsheet [5.4]

    I'll include sections of the IBF glyph and AMZ for Malkorok, though I'd caution 25 man raiders from taking the same route. This is because, given a larger roster for 25s, it is likely that more adept melee such as Rogues can fully handle puddle soaking and thus it is is better to focus on personal survivability and DPS.
  13. Death Knight Cooldown Usage Spreadsheet [5.4]

    Added. Some of the IBF and AMS sections could probably also use fleshing out. Based on my own raid experience thus far, I'm going to add to them later today. More input would, of course, be welcome.
  14. Death Knight Cooldown Usage Spreadsheet [5.4]

    Corrected. Has anyone tried using Gorefiend's Grasp on them? My current progression prevents me from being able to personally test beyond Heroic Malkorok right now, which is why I'd greatly appreciate insights on Siegecrafter, Paragons and Garrosh.
  15. Death Knight Cooldown Usage Spreadsheet [5.4]

    I'm issuing a call for more data on Siegecrafter and Spoils- my Dark Simulacrum tests on Spoils last week were fairly inconclusive, and Siegecrafter experience mainly comprises of Conveyer belt action where mitigation is pointless if you mess up with the beams. In addition, with the progression race largely being over, I would greatly appreciate input from raiders about Heroic only mechanics for the last 4 bosses of the instance.