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  1. [Prot 6.0] - Kiss with a Fist

    Interesting seeing such a turnaround in stats. Not really surprised to see mastery coming out so well, and armor was anticipated to be really strong. Crit jumping ahead is a bit of a shock, but thinking about it from the standpoint of survivability, it does make sense. The parry conversion, and crit self healing, which as a whole impacts survivability. I'm definitely curious how you came by the low value on haste, with the impact on holy power generation, but if Sanc Wrath stays as strong as it's been on beta, we have an extra HoPo generator, which would mean that we'd have more HoPo then we'd really be able to do anything with if haste was overly strong.
  2. Warlords of Draenor paladin discussion

    Find the holy prism changes interesting for rotational AE, would have to see numbers to see if it pulls ahead of hammer at 2-5 targets. Could be a very interesting change. Then, of course, there's the nice offhealing buff for pvp purposes, but that's not really relevant here. With the hammer changes, should be fun seeing how ret's rotation mods out in cleave vs AE vs ST. Presumably with the buffed DS from the leveling perk, our AE should be solid to the point it really hasn't been since entry FL. Edit - Random aside: Buffed DS from FV with the proc from the TV perk is mathematically absurd, leading us to presumably want to thread FV's in AE if the talent proves worth using, and there's something that needs to be focused down first (i.e. shamans on Galakras). Depending on order of application we're talking 250 or 300% weapon damage on that subsequent DS if the perk procs.
  3. Warlords of Draenor paladin discussion

    Another thing to consider with the "usefulness" of this 2p is the perk for HoW, which makes it usable at 35%... seems to be even more lackluster, because you figure on a 7 minute fight where you're getting 4 uses of wings, you're making the availability of this perk less than 50%? Unless of course I missed something and that perk was taken out.
  4. The scaling mechanic you're referring to is for Divine Purpose. I do not believe there is any such scaling for the T16 4p, though as stated, it'd be a DPS loss regardless since Harsh Words does substantially less damage, even at 3 HoPo, than TV.
  5. Warlords of Draenor paladin discussion

    Generally, abilities like exorcism that scale with AP rather than weapon damage will continue to fall by the wayside as damage from weapons increases. Shouldn't be as much of a concern with the squish, since the reasoning behind Exo falling off hard late in this expansion was the fact that we eschewed strength as ret and prioritized secondary stats, so AP didn't keep up with other factors. With the limited gem sockets we're expecting to have in WoD (based on the info Blizz has already put out), AP should be fairly consistently increasing with weapon damage, so Exo should continue to be competitive in our rotation later than it was in this expansion.
  6. I'm going to recommend you create a new profile with the updated weights that SimC is giving you, setting yourself up (perhaps in AMR and importing) and resimming that, so you can see what the DPS change would be if you did that.
  7. Paladin Simple Questions

    In my experience running both specs in arenas, there's no reason for a healer to be switching weapons and trying to add to melee damage or anything like that. As holy your damage is scaled based on spellpower, which is normalized on weapons based on item level. Best bet for increasing damage if you're trying to help burn would be getting all the int you can, and going for a shockadin build with the denounce glyph and the harsh words glyph. All in all, though, you're better off keeping your opponent's partner locked down as best you can so that your partner can have a decent burst window.
  8. Warlords of Draenor paladin discussion

    I could be wrong, but I'm fairly certain that the Seal of Faith 30% damage reduction is relevant to damage output, not damage taken (since it's coupled with the ret one). Presumably to reduce the amount of healing that could go out since the damage to healing conversion with Faith looks like it may be weird.
  9. Biggest issue I see with that is HoPo decay vs. mana regen as ret. Can you get 8 flashes off in the time it takes for HoPo to decay? Bearing that in mind, you could feasibly use the holy pvp gear to precast 3 flashes for inq right before the pull (that's all your mana, more or less), then swap out for ret gear and go on the pull. Then you'd be starting with inq up already.
  10. The 4p proc is VERY good damage on everything. Especially useful on the Mogu side with the little Quilen that like to jump around at people and the stone adds from the boss boxes. The referenced thing there, however, was DP (Divine Purpose). The 4p being hotfixed so it can proc off of DP properly makes it a win on AoE.
  11. Prot [5.4] - EF You

    I don't see there being any place where you wouldn't use the 4p, barring 10 man normal where you substantially outgear the content. Even then, the 2p allowing DP to be used proactively (more so with UBS), in conjunction with EF losing its opportunity cost, makes the 4 set absurdly good. Given that vial is a lock to be in one of our trinket slots (once obtained), the 2 piece becomes even better because of the synergy there. 25 second CD on DP means 40% uptime if used proactively (especially on a fight like Norushen or last phase Galakras, with almost constant magic damage going out).
  12. Prot [5.4] - EF You

    Theck-Meloree Index. Tank smoothness index for damage taken and healing taken developed by Theck and Meloree. Can find a whole mess of posts with mind boggling math on Sacred Duty, Theck's blog.
  13. The stopwatch thing has potential to be useful if you're running HA or DP, since you get more bang for CD's by delaying them 10 seconds (30 second duration for guardian, 20 for non-SW Wings). But it's simpler and more effective simply to have a power/weak aura for GAnK somewhere visible and blow wings at the 20 second marker there.
  14. Holy Moley

    Near as I can see, the PvP bonus giving 2 HoPo on beacon target is intended, as Tower of Radiance gives 1 HoPo on beacon with Flash without the PvP gear. Now if this will be useful in PvE content is debatable, as building extra HoPo that way would really seem impractical except for LoD spam situations, and I would imagine that HR would be a better heal if you're going for big AoE spam.
  15. Mists of Pandaria: All Specs

    I could be wrong, but if warriors work the same way DK's do, there's a 30 second cooldown on the weapon benefit that would make swapping weapons impractical in combat.