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  1. Warlords of Draenor warrior discussion

    Updated for build 18689. Rather than continually spamming this thread, I'm just going to keep this thread up to date: http://www.tankspot.com/showthread.php?82417-WoD-Protection-Warrior-Spreadsheet
  2. Warlords of Draenor warrior discussion

    Updated spreadsheet again: (2014-08-05) WoD - Prot Warrior v6.01.003 changes on onlog tab.
  3. Warlords of Draenor warrior discussion

    For those who want to muck around, below is a pretty rough spread sheet I've created. (Intended for level 100, does not support level 90 characters) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1...sp=sharing Inputs are on the stats page, results are on the results page. Everything else is either mitigation/dps/rotational calculations Bonus armour seems to be our best stat and is also our second best dps stat. Depending on your shield block usage/gear level (default values are ilevel 578)... stats priority is likely: Armour Strength Mastery Crit Versatility Haste Stamina Stamina is pretty bad. It increases your expected damage taken due to its effect on resolve. Armour reduces spike size by almost the same health that the same budget of stamina would grant. Anyone can edit the link above. If it gets butchered and you want to copy the original, use this: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1...sp=sharing Still needs: non-gnome racial supports avatar talent support bloodbath talent support figure out how to leave api data in cells when turning off api update multiple mob support for dps multiple mob support for tanking does multistrike affect shield barrier? add victory rush to damage list blood craze other things If there's interest, I can keep posting updates as I make them.
  4. Warlords of Draenor warrior discussion

    One thing that I don't understand from a design philosophy, is how much stamina negatively impacts resolve percentages. Resolve from stamina at level 100 is: Rs = Stamina / (250 * 261) Resolve from damage taken is: Rd = 0.25 * 10 * (DTPS / (60 * Stamina)) Source: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/13087818929?page=1#2 The negative impact of using a Stam Flask, Stam Food, and Commanding shout are as follows: Tanking Dungeon Target Dummy: -12% shield barrier size Tanking Raid Target Dummy: -11% shield barrier size This seems insane to me. EDIT: Solved for the cross over point. At 100000 Damage Taken Per Second, I would need to be beyond 16500 stamina for stamina to provide a net-resolve increase. Before that point losing stamina increases resolve. (For those not currently on beta, I have 2916 stamina at level 100)
  5. [MoP] Protection Warrior

    Citation needed. Heroic Garrosh is often solo-tanked, this point is largely moot. Even with 100% uptime on shield block, avoidance rating reduces twice the damage at 82% of the probability. Probability of damage reduction does not necessarily mean you have an easier tank to heal. Taking the example to the extreme, 100% uptime on 1% damage reduction is not easier to heal than 90% uptime on 90% damage reduction. EDIT: A large reason that people tend to think mastery reduces spikes better than avoidance is a mis-representation of the piece-wise nature of warrior tanking. In the simulations you'll often see people look at spike reduction over a certain number of swings What follows are the worst case scenerios for 8 swing melees. Case 1. BBBBMMBB Even naked you are taking only 77.5% of possible incoming damage (hooray shield block) But your actual worst case is Case 2: MMBBBBMM 85% of incoming. So when people look at the effects of mastery on those streaks, even converting one block to a critical block pulls you below the 75% spike range. However, that same rating budget, applied to avoidance instead of mastery, will take the 85% spike below a 70% spike more frequently than the mastery budget would take it to 75. When you look at the smallest streaks avoidance much better at reducing the spikes (Even in bis gear, garrosh can still 2 shot you), and any streaks looked at above six are largely useless due to the cyclical nature of warrior tanking. This seems to always be overlooked when people are analyzing the spikiness of a tank.
  6. [MoP] Protection Warrior

    Not sure why this lie keeps getting perpetuated. In my gear, while shield block is down: Avoidance rating is 261% more likely to reduce 10.75 times more damage than mastery rating. while shield block is up: Mastery rating is 22% more likely to reduce 48% less damage that avoidance rating would. Which means that while you are least vulnerable (while shield block is up). Mastery technically does a better job of smoothing damage than avoidance (even though you take almost twice the damage). However, since no amount of gear can break 67% uptime on shield block, you're much better off gearing for when you are most vulnerable. Even independent of the damage throughput argument, avoidance is a much better survivability stat than mastery. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AjS-yRwHEzQ2dHRaOVBNVUJ4R1R3cW5ZR29lWVdHcmc&usp=drive_web#gid=5
  7. [MoP] Protection Warrior

    I'm not sure why people continue to perpetuate this line of thought. Parry rating always provides more combat table coverage than mastery regardless of where you are on the DR curve. And given that we can't have 100% up-time on shield block, it makes a lot of sense to gear for the 3 second gaps. Mastery ends up being ~22% better than avoidance during shield block in terms of TDR, but falls to 55% of it's value between blocks. Gearing for when we are vulnerable is not a mistake.
  8. [Cataclysm] Protection Warrior

    @swcarden When you list optimal parry/dodge ratios, are they: a) Ratios of post DR percentages (with the inclusion of non-DR avoidance)? b) Ratios of their respective combat ratings? c) something different?
  9. [Cataclysm] Protection Warrior

    Pretty significant oversight on my part... but moving forward then: 179.28 mastery rating would bring you 1.5% critical block. 176.71899 dodge would bring you 1% pre dr avoid. 1% pre DR avoid is 1% damage reduction all the time (independent of shield block - pre DR) 1.5% critical block is 0.642% damage reduction (before shield block) So when does avoidance DR to under 64% efficiency? ~2500 of an avoidance rating. averaging in shield block, requires closer to 3000 of an avoidance rating to balance.
  10. [Cataclysm] Protection Warrior

    Mastery provides comparable damage reduction to dodge and parry going from 100% melees to 70% melees. Going from a 70% melee to a 40% is more damage reduction. Meaning, Mastery is better at reducing damage after unhittable than it was before. Especially since you will be higher up the DR curves on your avoidance stats. There is no "theoretical point" where we switch back to dodge and parry. If you hit 100% critical block - sure, okay. If you can hit unhittable passively, you'd be ~35% passive critical block. And then when you hit shield block you'd be up another 50% bringing you to ~85% crit block before hold the line. Essentially: when you hit unhittable, shield block will almost bring you to crit block cap. The question then is: If you can hit 50% passive crit block is it worth it to keep pushing mastery as you push shield block off the combat table. And keep in mind this is all dependent on bosses not catching expertise in later tiers (though this would be independent of block) So if you are at "Soft Critical Block Cap" then shield block naturally brings you to crit block 1/3rd of the time. And since the mastery argument is always centric in damage reduction comparisons to avoidance... Meaning: independent of "smoothing out the damage" - no I'm not an advocate, but it gives them a leg up stepping into the argument. Mastery brings your critical block up twice as fast as it does pre unhittable, because the block portion is also converted to critical block. So stepping from a a 70% melee to a 40% melee is a 42.8% damage reduction. 179.28 mastery rating would bring you 3% critical block. 176.71899 dodge would bring you 1% pre dr avoid. The rest of this will be laid out relatively. Meaning that if you are at 30% avoidance, 1% avoidance is ~1.4% damage reduction, not 1% damage reduction. But since you are at equal levels of avoidance given the argument, the mastery/avoidance argument has the same reference point. If you want, you can bounce the numbers through, but the conclusion should be the same). Just thought I'd mention this in case I am missing a glaring issue where it isn't. Moving on, 1% pre DR avoid is 1% damage reduction all the time (independent of shield block - pre DR) 3% critical block is 1.28% damage reduction (before shield block), which only works 2/3rds of the time (thanks shield block) and is therefore only worth 0.85% damage reduction on average. So where does avoidance DR to under 85% efficiency? Around 1000 avoidance rating. (Nice greens) TLDR Until you hit 100% passive Critical Block, mastery will still warrant more damage reduction than avoidance. EDIT: Thought I would include this for the sake of elegance: Imagine the last 3% of hits that you are trying to cover with avoidance or mastery after unhittable. Normal Block (baseline) 70 + 70 + 70 = 210 ~175 avoidance rating (assuming no DR - lawl) 70 + 70 + 0 = 140 ~175 mastery rating 40 + 40 + 40 = 120
  11. [Cataclysm] Protection Warrior

    Fun tip for chim: Heart of Thunder - Item - World of Warcraft or any other battlemaster trinket. Should buy you a free "life" in the last phase.
  12. [Cataclysm] Protection Warrior

    Cuties Only Pretty consistent with beta: 33/34% uptime.
  13. Warrior: Simple Questions/Simple Answers

    Has anyone come up with an elegant solution for managing Inner Rage? Macroing it into revenge and cancelling the aura on everything else works as a baseline, but obviously you'd prefer to have it up for free shield slams/all shield slams (or more in high rage situations). The big culprit is heroic strike, but because it is essentially on it's own gcd - it's hard to ensure that Inner Rage will be off when HS is getting qued. I'm not necessarily looking for an ideal solution, that is accomplished by manually hitting all the time. But as tanks we have a lot to focus on in terms of positioning/leading/cd management. Just looking to find a way for this ball to juggle itself.
  14. [Cataclysm] Protection Warrior

    My concern is that the argument you are giving is for threat, which is not an issue - I don't think anyone is contesting that point. I have serious doubts that we will be sitting at full health on HM progression - even with all the healers alive. These bosses hit hard. Keep in mind that the impending victory buff lasts 20 seconds (maybe 25 with minor glyph?) So you devastate twice, and sit on the buff until you can get an effective heal out of it. Even in a fight where you don't cast the spell because you are not at risk - you would have gained ~3% damage output with those talents in a threat slot. With three points in War Academy - my average victory rush is hitting harder than my average revenge. I'm not convinced the threat trade off is as large as it is being presented, and if you are forced into a devastate/VR spam fest because of needed heals, who cares if you have a threat drop off? I know the leading post in this thread says a 5% heal. But glyphed and spec'd these are hitting for 9.54%. These are not little heals. (included a couple SM's for a sense of relation) I just don't think from an end-game progression perspective that you can ignore this for the sake of marginal threat gains.
  15. [Cataclysm] Protection Warrior

    I've been playing with Impending Victory a bit. The concession is that threat talents are lackluster with the current implementation of vengeance, and that the last 20% of a boss can often be the roughest. On a slow hitting boss like Atramedes, Blood Craze ends up being pretty useless... we know that. But look at VR spam sub 20%: Self heals are not game-breaking, i only did 9.8% of the healing on myself over the course of the fight. But VR was 51.2% of that healing. Assuming that the last 20% of the boss lasted 20% of the fight. (Sounds redundant - it's not) ~5% of all incoming heals sub 20% are from non VR self-heals. Now VR covering 51.2% of my heals is 5% of my total incoming heals over the course of the fight. But, VR is 25.01% of all healing to me sub 20% Which means when a boss is under 20% potentially 30% of all incoming heals are self heals. Has anyone else been mucking around with this? When the other options are threat talents, can we justify not taking IV? World of Logs - Real Time Raid Analysis