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  1. [WW] 5.4 -Siege of the Fist

    Isn't it better to get your haste to your prefered level, and then all into crit, even if that means going over the white crit cap? As far as I know haste is still the best stat, but only if you can use the energy it gives you, so once you reached your prefered haste level you can go all for crit. Crit after white crit cap is still worth about 82% of the crit before the cap (cause melee does around 18% of our damage), so it is still very good. Edit: Just checked your armory, and our stats are really very similar, even though you are 2 ilvl's higher than I am. The difference is that I'm using TEB and you have AoC trinket, which explains me having the same amount of stats while being 2 ilvl's lower.
  2. Monk Simple Questions Thread: Mists Edition

    As I said I don't trust simcraft to tell me what rotation / build I should use. So my humble advice would be to stop using it that much ;) Without simcraft you are left with the people in the community that try to figure out stat weights and rotations. Even though they can easily have it wrong, and even though sometimes it's hard to tell who actually did the math and who just shouts stuff because of 1 boss fight or 2 training dummy tries, it does leave you with a pretty nice idea of what you should do to max out dps. This means that agility is king. I'm convinced that you should gem pure agility in red and hybrids in yellow and blue. And you should try to play with Chi Brew. I only recently swapped to Chi Brew and only did one raid with it, and it does take some getting used to, but once you do it is better than Ascension. As always you should try to get as much haste as you feel comfortable with, with Chi Brew that will probably be around 10-12k haste. After that go for crit. About the crit cap for 1h weapons: When you are above the crit cap indeed your auto-attacks will not gain from more crit, but your abilities do, and your AA is only about 18% of your total damage. So if your stat weight for crit is 3.39 (and mastery is 2.34), than crit above the crit cap will be worth 3.39 * 0.82 = 2.78. Which is still more than mastery. And remember you are still using all the haste you can, so more haste would not be worth much to you. (btw, I got these weights from Rotund's WW spreadsheet Now using a 2h weapon indeed crit's value would not lower, but it also gives you 1 dancing steel proc less, and I believe there are some other benefits to 1h weapons I'm forgetting atm. Until someone proofs otherwise I'm going for 2 1h weapons and as much crit as possible. Allthough it's always a good idea to keep on eye on the community and see if things change. As for Mr. Robot and reforging: It does that with me sometimes too, being alot under or above the hit/exp cap, most of the time I end up changing my haste cap just a little bit and that makes Mr. Robot decide to do the reforges just a tad different ending in a much better hit/exp cap. And I'm not really gonna notice a couple hundred haste more or less anyways. As for what stat weight you should fill in on Mr. Robot: It doesn't matter that much, as long as crit and haste are above mastery, and you use a haste cap. For instance, atm I have them setup this way: haste to cap: 2.4 crit: 2.39 haste after cap: 2 mastery: 1.8 exp/hit and agility somewhere high around 7 or 8 This way it reforges out of all mastery, it is close to the haste cap I prefer, and all the rest goes into crit.
  3. Monk Simple Questions Thread: Mists Edition

    I'm not really a theorycrafter, so I'm not 100% certain I am correct, but here is my advice: Agility is worth more than twice as much as crit or haste. So, use full agi gems in red sockets, agi-crit / agi-haste in yellow sockets, and agi-hit in blue. Your reforging is sub-optimal. You have 8.09% expertise, but you still have gear with expertise that you haven't reforged out of. Use an addon or mr. Robot to help easily reforge close to the 7.5% caps for hit and expertise. On single target fights do you use Chi Brew and Xuen? Cause if you also use Ascension on single target you're haste is a bit high, I would lower it to 6000 tops if you use Ascension, though I think it's better to use Chi Brew since the recent fix. Personally I only use Simcraft to check if a certain weapon setup is better or not, for everything else I feel I cannot trust Simcraft much. That's all I have for you, maybe someone else can give you more/better advice, though I have to say this topic isn't used much. Good luck!
  4. [WW] 5.4 -Siege of the Fist

    Hey fellow Windwalkers, Until now I was still using Ascension, but I want to swap to Chi Brew. I'd like to know what abilities you guys use and in what order at the pull? I came up with this one myself: EH before pull FSK to the boss RSK Jab TP Chi Brew & BoK Jab BoK Jab BoK Chi Brew & TeB & RSK This is ofcourse when you get no Combo Breaker procs, otherwise leave a Jab & BoK out. The thing I'm interested in most is when you use the initial 2 Chi Brew charges, cause with this setup I'm capping energy if I get Combo Breaker procs. Also, do you think this is a good time to use TeB? the good thing is my stacks will be almost at 10, or close, because I use it after the 2 Chi Brew charges (and before the 2nd RSK). The downside is that my trinket procs are almost falling off at this time.
  5. [WW] 5.4 -Siege of the Fist

    At Nuroshen when doing your test, make use of your Storm, Earth, Fire. Put a copy on 2 small adds and kill the third small add or the big add yourself, depending on if you need to kill your big add first or last. This way they go down super fast and if you need to kill the big add last the ground aoe isn't as annoying while trying to kill the small ones. Also in the boss room if there are many adds or you know that there will be, put 1 copy on the boss while you focus on the adds, remove it once everything is cleared again.
  6. [WW] 5.4 -Siege of the Fist

    I use that one too, I like the fact it gives various sound effects when you target a spirit's target, and when a spirit dies/despawns. For the rest it looks to be very similar to the weakaura one, only the hp of the spirit isn't tracked.
  7. [WW] 5.4 -Siege of the Fist

    I will personally wait a bit more and see what other people do with AoC when they get it. Until it is more certain AoC is BiS I will not treat it as being BiS yet (this is just personal preference). Unless maybe it just happens to drop and no one else in my group wants it ;) I don't really know how high our 4pc is valued, but you are a bit mistaken of the profit it gives. It not only saves you a GCD, it also gives you the damage you can do with that chi, and that during TeB. Also, the free chi counts towards building the TeB stacks for your next usage.
  8. [WW] 5.4 -Siege of the Fist

    Hey Salty, I have a couple of questions: 1. If I fill in your spreadsheet with 17% haste and having T16 2&4 pc the stat weights are: agility 13.91 mastery: 7.85 As mastery is worth more than half the agility, this would mean gemming pure mastery in yellow sockets right? 2. If agility is worth so much, then attack power is worth alot too right? Would the +170 strength enchant for gloves be the best enchant then (before getting T16 4pc)? With T15 4pc it gives 14.20 for agility and 4.8 for haste, meaning if attack power is worth more than 4.8 then the strength enchant would be better. 3. Can you explain why mastery becomes so much better when we have T16 4pc? I can see that it works well with mastery, but making it 5 times more powerfull? I mean, it only gives 1 extra chi for use during TeB (which also contributes towards generating more TeB stacks). If it's too complicated, don't bother explaining, I just like to know the mechanics behind it :) And a big thanks for all the work on the spreadsheet!
  9. [WW] 5.4 -Siege of the Fist

    Thanks alot Hinalover, that's exactly what I needed! And wow, that is easy to reach if you count trinket and enchant procs! Now to pester you a little bit more: When we are over the 60% white crit cap more crit stops giving our auto-attacks more damage, so crit would be worth less. To calculate this I would only need to check what percentage of my damage comes from auto attacks and subtract that from the value of crit, right? so lets say my crit weight is 3.00 and damage from auto-attacks is 18%, then crit above 60% is worth 0.82 * 3.00 = 2.46. Or is there something I am forgetting here? (If it is actually far more complex than this you don't have to go into too much detail, I just want to know roughly how much crit is worth after white crit cap)
  10. [WW] 5.4 -Siege of the Fist

    Could someone tell me how to calculate our crit cap? I've just wasted an hour searching the internet, but almost all results seem to be outdated in one way or another. I'm guessing it has something to do with the increased miss chance for dual-wielding, glancing blows and boss crit suppression, but what are those numbers? I wanted to know this cause we might be going for crit in 5.4, and I wanted to know how close I am to it if all my procs proc :) About crit: will that indeed be the best secondary stat? and will mastery pull ahead when we have t16 4set?
  11. [WW] 5.4 -Siege of the Fist

    Salty, if it is not too much trouble, could you add Agility stat gains, and maybe even Attack Power stat gains? That way the mastery/crit/haste that are allready there are more comparable.
  12. [WW] 5.4 -Siege of the Fist

    Have you also thought about the fact that the 4pT16 gives you half a BoK extra during TeB uptime (which otherwise would have been half a jab). This makes it better than your average BoK damage. This also goes for the formula you described above, that 1/20th of a BoK will happen during TeB (instead of 1/20th of a Jab). Maybe you have allready acounted for this, in which case you can ignore this post, but I just wanted to make sure ;)
  13. Monk Simple Questions Thread: Mists Edition

    I only play brewmaster sometimes as offspec, so I don't know alot about it, but I can give you my thoughts about two of your questions. You shouldn't think about your stagger pool in percentages. In your example, lets say your total hp is 500k. On the first 500k hit, 75% of that is going to your stagger pool: 375k. Then the 2nd 500k hit, again 375k will go to your stagger pool. If you haven't received a tick from your stagger yet, then the new pool will be 375 + 375 = 750k. Meaning over the next 10 seconds you will receive 75k damage per second from stagger. I have never checked this but I would think you can. I think it would be weird if you didn't die from it. I don't know anything about your other questions, sorry.
  14. [WW] 5.4 -Siege of the Fist

    The 4pc doesn't give you any extra damage from RSK, it just saves you 1 chi. With that 1 chi you can do half an extra BoK. So you should take half of your BoK damage and you know what the 4pc gives you ;)
  15. [WW] 5.4 -Siege of the Fist

    For my personal use, I use my old trinket spreadsheet. It's not very up to date, but I added the normal mode trinkets and VP trinket to it. You can fill in your own stat weights and your haste % to check the ratings. Because hit and exp will be maxed out anyways, I use my best secondary stat weight for them. You might even consider doing that for haste aswell, Cause it's easy enough to get to your haste 'cap' and after that you don't need more haste (not that it matters too much, there is only 1 trinket with haste and I don't think any ww monk would take it). Also note that both the exp and the hit trinkets look very good on paper but that only works if you can reforge out of enough exp/hit. to check maximum amount of exp/hit on gear: cap * 10 / 6 = max (before reforges) which means: 2550 * 10 / 6 = 4250 (if you allready have 1% this would be 3684) Example: I personally have 2552 exp, reforged out of 562 and into 1051: 2552 + 562 - 1051 = 2063 exp Rentaki's Soul Charm (522) gives me 1467 exp: 2063 + 1467 = 3530 3530 < 4250 so I can actually use all of the exp on that trinket. This would not be the case for the hit trinket, I would have 835 too much hit if I would equip that. My own personal order I would use the (nm) trinkets in: 1. RoRO (if fight permits it) 2. Rentaki's Soul Charm (if exp is low enough) 3. 510 Bottle 4. Bad Juju 510 Bottle and Bad Juju are worth almost the same in stats, biggest difference is that the bottle procs almost twice as often. So you could let that influence your decision about which of those two you take.