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  1. Warlords of Draenor death knight discussion

    Talked with the devs at Blizzcon and a few bits of information: Necrotic Plague stacks are always seperate, they never combine. So it will tick at 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 then fall off A mob can have multiple instances of Necrotic Plague on it at once Festering Strike in no way interacts with Necrotic Plague. So it will never get exteneded beyond 30s ATM Unholy Blight applies Necrotic Plague, it will continue to do so unless it's overpowered I got the impression that Necrotic Plague just dies with a mob that dies but needs clarification
  2. To further explain Nekrose's answer it's because the gems have twice as much secondary stats on them as primary stats. 160 STR or 320 Haste/Mastery/Crit or 80+160 for 50/50 on a hybrid. And like Nekrose said 2x secondary > 1x Strength. And all the stats are generally close enough that the socket bonuses are worth getting.
  3. Frost DPS 5.0.4 - The Cold Hand of Death

    Well according to spektor's post this might end up being invalid, but nonetheless here's a plot I did for haste and crit. 50k iterations, 20% variation. The 0 marker would be the stats in the T14 1h BIS, so 4338 for haste and 2468 for crit. As you can see crit is basically linear as one would expect, but haste has a definite plateau effect at what looks like around 4250ish.
  4. Frost DPS 5.0.4 - The Cold Hand of Death

    Sorry I guess I didn't really make my case clear. I get that you're losing 1 second of PoF time to ghouls GCD. What I meant was given the priority list Pillar of Frost will be cast immediately after Ghoul, still losing most of it's GCD to it. Say the real world situation is this: Real life (aka what we want) 0.00s Ghoul 1.00s Pillar of Frost + Ability 21.00s Pillar of Frost falls off. Simcraft (using 0.01s as 1 iteration through priority list): 0.00s Ghoul 0.01s Pillar of Frost 1.00s Ability 20.01s Pillar of Frost It does look like the switch gives a small gain in simcraft, so maybe everything lines up so perfectly the 0.01s is all you need. Anyway in the long run what I'm saying is Pillar of Frost should have a if=(gcd=0) condition, but honestly it's more to just make it match the intended real life usage.
  5. Frost DPS 5.0.4 - The Cold Hand of Death

    In practice that would indeed save you a GCD. However this shouldn't make a difference in simcraft should it? Because Ghoul is on the GCD and PoF is off the GCD PoF can still be cast during the GCD of the ghoul. So one update through the action list it should cast Ghoul, then the next loop through the actions it would cast PoF, with (1s-looptime) of GCD still going on. Unless there's some reason it wouldn't cast an ability off the GCD when a GCD is going on that I don't know of.
  6. Frost DPS 5.0.4 - The Cold Hand of Death

    Here's a version of the priority I posted earlier for DW-BT that works in simulationcraft 505-3 *guess it wasn't a 505-3 problem just the spoiler tag adding random line breaks, wrapped it in a code block so it should copy/paste fine now.
  7. Frost DPS 5.0.4 - The Cold Hand of Death

    Yes that would indeed be the conclusion with one caveat: remember that values are for BiS gear. If your gear is significantly lower you'd be best calculating stat weights for your specific gear in a sim.
  8. Frost DPS 5.0.4 - The Cold Hand of Death

    After playing DW Frost with Blood Tap (as per Magdalena's suggetion in Acherus) I did some playing around on simcraft. I made a priority that was more fitting to how DW plays with Blood Tap. Starting from the BiS T14H profile on version 5.0.5-2 I was able to get it to sim at 117.6k which is higher than the BiS profile. When I looked at the differences of the results what it boiled down to was a larger portion of Obliterates vs Plague Strike, and less wasted runic power along with fewer wasted rune regen (though that could be because I left out the default of using ERW when the fight is near over). I'm sure there's other improvements that can be made to this especially because I was swapping it over from the default profile instead of building it fresh. But this does lead towards some possible merit to the smoothness of using BT.
  9. Frost DPS | Winter of Discontent [4.3]

    This is why I hate the terms "Masterfrost" and "Hastefrost". It's not so black and white. Optimizing dps as a Frost DK is mostly about balancing your two main resources: Time and Runes. You have two main attacks to use your runes on: Obliterate, which is higher DPS but eats up runes faster and you have Howling Blast which is higher DPR (damage per rune) but eats up GCDs (thus time) more. So depending on your current haste value you use a combination of Obliterate/Howling Blast to fill all your GCDs, so on one end of the spectrum when you stack haste you get to cast more Obliterates and not run out of resources and on the other you cast more Howling Blasts in order to fill the extra GCDs you have from lower haste (which is countered by mastery boosting the strength of your attacks). Regardless of your gearing there are situations where using one attack is more useful than the other. In a burst situation Obliterate will always be better because it is higher DPS (only taking one GCD vs 2 for HB). Starting from pooled resources and having about 20 seconds you're not going to run out of resources in such a short time so regardless of your haste / mastery you'll do more tendon damage by obliterating. On the other hand take into consideration a situation with AoE and a Single Howling Blast will end up being more DPS than an Obliterate, at this point it's both higher DPS and DPR so you'd use it regardless. So while your patchwork style dps rotation will vary based on your individual stat values in specific situations like the tendons certain moves are going to be favorable regardless of gearing. TL;DR: To maximize DPS during the ~20sec burn on the tendons you want to stack Mastery (because haste won't matter much during the 20s) and prioritize Obliterate (Because it's higher DPS and you don't care about resource longevity). Names like Masterfrost / Hastefrost are dumb because half the time people use them to mean Stat priorities and half the time people use them to mean rotation priorities which leads to confused sheepies.
  10. Frost DPS | Winter of Discontent [4.3]

    In DW frost you don't actually wait for Obliterate for Killing Machine procs. If you look at the Simcraft priority Killing Machine actually never determines what ability you use. The DW Frost rotation is more about maximizing your resources. This is because both the factors that A) you get a lot of KM procs as DW but also B) they are still really random so you can't rely on not wasting potential dps time. If for some reason you have the ability to choose without wasting resources it would be better to use a KM on Obliterate. It's more based around not wasting potential resources which means: Not Obliterating with Rime up Not Obliterating with > 100 runic power Not Frost Striking without a fully depleted rune Not Howling Blasting with > 110 RP Not HB/FS when sitting on double runes of a single type If you're maximizing your resources properly things should fall into place so to speak.
  11. Frost DPS | 4.2 Against All Odds

    If you're under the assumption that your value for strength is already accounting for the 106.7% averaged PoF buff then deal with it accordingly. So instead of multiplying strength by 120% multiply it by 120%/106.7% to divide out the averaged PoF and account for the fully stacked PoF. For 378 DW strength is listed at 3.10 DPS. Thus for a trinket with passive STR it would be worth 3.10 DPS and a trinket with a buff which can be stacked with PoF like Essence of the Eternal Flame it would be worth 3.1*1.2/1.067 = ~3.49 DPS. On any trinket where you can stack a strength buff with PoF the whole time strength is 12.5% stronger (120%/106.7%). All other strength multipliers are either constant or random so they factor out the same either way. In the end getting that careful about numbers is a little moot anyway because the actual stat weights will change depending on your gear you're using when you do the sim. It's likely two trinkets will have the same relative value even if you value strength a little higher or lower, and if they're close enough to make a difference then they will probably flip-flop under certain conditions and on certain fights.
  12. Frost DPS | 4.2 Against All Odds

    Pullo your method for evaluating trinkets seems weird. Given that Hit has a (basically) hard cap we don't want to pass shouldn't you not be considering it's stat weight? I mean, given reforging you have a set of gear that has X total secondary stat points on it, ~20% of which can be whatever you want (Limited to some degree by chunk sizes). Given that the amount of hit + exp we need is going to be way less than 20% of our total stat points it seems more appropriate to assume reforging to the highest stat. Even for items with static Hit on them like License to Slay, the hit shouldn't be valued as 2.29 but 1.47 like Haste. I might not be wording my case well. But as a geared 85 you'll always have (roughtly) 601 Hit rating. So say you're Hit and Exp capped while missing a trinket and trying to find the best one. If you put a License to Slay on you're not gaining 321*2.29, because you'd be way over on hit. So the best case here is that you reforge 321 points from various places from Hit to Haste. Thus making the weight of License to Slay equal to 321 Haste. Does that make sense? This is only when comparing single items of course, when you're looking at a full BiS set you have to look at the nuances of what your reforging options are and where you can end up with final stat allocations.
  13. Frost DPS | 4.2 Against All Odds

    Darkmoon Card: Hurricane seems very overrated. It's proc is only worth about 250-300 DPS (Checking logs from Firelands on WoL seems to confirm this). And with only 321 base strength that only makes it come out to ~1.3k dps for Dual Wield, still below things like normal Crushing Weight. Heroic Heart of Rage and Vessel of Acceleration are definitely the two BiS, which is still disturbing given that HoR is from last tier. Heroic Essence of the Eternal Flame does line up nicely with Pillar of Frost and only rides about 100dps lower than those two. Apparatus of Khaz'goroth has be reported as being changed to grant 508 per stack up from 306. This puts it about equal to Essence of the Eternal Flame. Likewise for the heroic version assuming a similar scaling. However, I know I would certainly always take the Essence over it given that that you have to build up stacks, which means they can fall off during things like air phases, and that a large chunk of haste is more awkward than just static haste. Overall talk about disappointing trinkets. [Edit: to respond to Quixote2883] The logs I was looking at were from yesterday live on 4.2. The tinket procs for 7k average damage where as it was 5k before. The logs I looked at showed it at equating to about ~250ish dps. Now a lot of these fights involve movement and gimmicks, but imo that's relevant for valuing gear. Either way the proc would have to account for around 700-800 DPS just to put it in line with normal Essence of the Eternal Flame.
  14. Frost DPS | 4.2 Against All Odds

    I did a bunch of testing and pretty much got the same results as CortDK where the main hand and off hand would sometimes get out of sync but majority of the time they would be almost directly on top of each other. This means as long as you don't have an attack speed that's lower than the GCD you don't have to worry about overwriting KM procs between pairs of attacks unless you have no resource to make an attack. (The BiS 372 gear has a 1.455s attack speed with a 2.6 speed weapon, not counting bloodlust) So every attack pair you have a ~39% chance of procing Killing Machine compared to ~22% chance currently making it about a 179% as many Killing Machine procs as before.
  15. Frost DPS | 4.2 Against All Odds

    Regarding the DW killing machine buff/fix/change, does anyone know how the mechanics of the DW swing timers work? Do two weapons always attack together if they are the same speed or do they vary in phase? If so is it a set amount? Either way given a 5 PPM for killing machine there would be a 21.66% chance per swing of proccing with 2.6 speed weapons. This means if they are completely in phase with each other it would result in an effective 38.6% chance of at least one proccing because of the slight decrease from getting both procs. If they are 180º out of phase with each other it would work out more similar to a 21.66% chance at double the attack speed.