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  1. The direct damage of Judgement might be higher than CS but CS procs our mastery and J doesn't. Go to a dummy and hit it with J and CS only and compare the J damage in your Skada with CS + Hand of Light.
  2. Prot [5.4] - EF You

    I can't say how good the 4 set is from a numbers perspective but for me the convenience it provides is invaluable. It basically decouples my EF usage from my Holy Power which allows me to time my SotR with damage without worrying that I might need to refresh my EF or use is as an emergency cooldown very soon. It might be a personal preference (and a bad choice) but I chose to tank with a flex tier helm and LFR tier gloves over a normal off-tier helm and even heroic gloves. It was just so much smoother for me that it allowed me to focus on mechanics better. The direct heal part of EF can be quite significant at high-ish vengeance levels - I've had >700k ones at Juggernaut HC, so being able to delay that until the moment I will need it without disrupting my SotR rhythm has been quite helpful.
  3. Ret FCFS Rotation Helper

    I think currently this is the preferred rotation: http://forums.elitistjerks.com/index.php?/topic/129738-ret-54-mop-retribution-concordance-retcon-siege-the-day/page-46#entry2269433 TL;DR:
  4. Actually, I've been seeing Crit overtake Haste and Mastery for a while now. Maybe it's because of my gear, maybe I'm doing something wrong. My character ishttp://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/twisting-nether/Romul/advanced (Yes, I have the tanking meta equipped - I use this helm for both specs.) Here are the results for a Patchwerk (where haste should shine, right?) fight at 25000 iterations: I am getting very similar results for "Light Movement Fight", as well.
  5. [Ret 5.0 Pre-MoP] - Panda-ring to all players

    It seems we're getting there already: Beta Class Balance Analysis - Forums - World of Warcraft
  6. [Prot] 4.3 - Send me on my way

    This mob has one ability listed on wowhead: Paralytic Poison - Deals nature damage and stuns an enemy after 15 sec, rendering it unable to move or attack for a short time. Correct me if I'm wrong, but you can't dodge/parry/block while stunned. So that's the most probable reason the mob smacked the hell out of you.
  7. [Feral] Simple Questions + WoL Feedback

    Your gear is good enough for LFR. I spent about 10 seconds looking at it (@work...), so this doesn't mean that it's optimal in any way, but you won't go *splat*. Just pop a cooldown on Impale, ok? :) Just a reference: the most popular requirement for a DS normal pug these days seems to be ilvl 385 (proper tank gear, though - reforged, chanted and all). My experience shows that this is enough (if the players in the group are sort of decent, at least). The Fire of the Deep is a nice trinket, so if you are sporting a 378 or lower - go for it. You can also grind some conquest points or run BH and hope for the neck - it's the highest agility and mastery neck available, so if you don't have the FL HC neck, it's probably your BiS.
  8. Paladin Simple Questions: Cataclysmic Mode

    I have a two-part question: 1. Does switching target reset the melee swing timer? I reckon it does but still want to be sure. 2. Does the dps gain from switching target and applying (also maintaining) Censure stacks on several targets (say 2 or 3 so that we don't use DS) outweigh the dps loss of the swing timer resets (provided that the answer to #1 is 'yes')?
  9. [Feral] Simple Questions + WoL Feedback

    I always have Wrath of the Unchaining (LFR or normal) as my first choice unless I *really* need two stam trinkets. The reason is that so much agility gives a decent amount of dodge and crit (more mastery bubbles) and increases your attack power (bigger mastery bubbles). Bear in mind, though, that I use an agility/mastery build, not a stamina/dodge one, so this might be different if you go for stamina. This is my toon: Garlow @ Darkmoon Faire - Game Guide - World of Warcraft Resolve of the Undying is a solid second choice (paired with Wrath of the Unchaining) and it is the trinket that works best for me on Madness and Warmaster, since with that much dodge I can drop my debuff stacks and healers love me for that. If I need more survivability I usually go for Wrath + Soulshifter Vortex (if the boss is gonna smack me very hard) or Wrath + VP trinket (I think that had dodge on use which is very good when you want to soak a short period of hard hits).
  10. [Feral-Bear] Cataclysm 4.3 (Dragon Soul)

    It definitely depends on the fight. I quickly checked some numbers regarding my performance during the Madness (normal) fight. Here's what I found: 1. I've spent 63.5% of the time in Bear form and 32.9% in Cat form. 2. I've done 31.1% of my damage in Bear form vs 36.9% in Cat form (I disregard the white attacks and Spellweave since I can't determine whether they were done in Cat or Bear). 3. We need to take into account that there are periods in Bear form that I am not doing my maximum dps because I need to let the other tank establish aggro after an Impale and also I'm waiting for the tentacle to spawn in bear form. On the other hand I move between platforms in cat form (in order to use Stampeding Roar). The way I use Cat form in this fight is the following: Immediately after getting on a new platform I Rake, Mangle/Shred until 5 CP and Rip with TF. Maybe I refresh Rake before popping bear and rushing to the back side of the platform to be ready to pick up the Tentacle. After the Tentacle, Elementium Bolt *and* Regenerative Bloods are down I pop kitty again and do my best. The log can be found here: World of Logs - Real Time Raid Analysis