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  1. Warlords of Draenor rogue discussion

    Odds and ends:   I have a general question in response to your concerns: How much does the math matter right now? In the past, when we've seen early data on relative stat weights/values in upcoming expansions, how indicative has that been of the final product? Do we have any real sense yet of how much Rness will be on gear, or what the delta is likely to be across the life of the expansion?   On the surface, I don't have much of an issue with Readiness in 6.0 being a nerfed version of AoC, which IMO is far too powerful -- I don't think any single piece of gear should turn a spec from "meh" to "holy crap!" or change how it feels to play a spec as deeply as that trinket does. But I agree that it'll be a bummer if the end result of Rness for rogues is that we'll aim for a gear build that gets to one specific "break point" that is likely to be of value in most raid fights, and then just not bother after that. That doesn't immediately feel to me like a fun way to gear up.
  2. Rogue Simple Questions

    Let's see them there logs, Mutïju.
  3. ShadowCraft for Mists of Pandaria

    I only agree to an extent. I think it would have some use for theorycrafting purposes (and for PvP), and it'd have value for min-maxers who understand how ShadowCraft works and what its current limitations are in regards to auto-reforging. So if it's a relatively easy implementation, then cool. But imo, such a menu would be more likely to *worsen* confusion than ameliorate it among folks who don't understand how ShadowCraft works. If a person doesn't understand why ShadowCraft sometimes changes its reforge recommendations from button click to button click, how likely are they to look at the stat weights on the left, realize that the relative ranking of some stats keeps changing, make note of those shifts, seek out a menu in another tab, do a couple of custom reforges using that menu, compare them, and then go with the more optimal solution? Again, I think it's a cool idea in general. I just think that, for many users of SC, it'd have limited to no impact. (And it'd make it even more desirable for us to have some sort of ShadowCraft FAQ or tutorial, or at least perhaps a prominent link to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wSvib0aCEY.)
  4. Thread of Ultimate Stupidity

    What are you worried about, exactly? Unless I'm missing something, the worst-case scenario here is that, at a pre- or very-early-5.4 level of gearing, Combat will be as shunned by progression raiders as it already is right now. Once you grab even the LFR version of AoC (which drops from the final boss of the first "wing" of SoO -- so, pretty early in the raid) you'll catch up rather quickly to Mut in terms of single-target damage. (Perhaps Sub as well; Sub has been entirely ignored as a raiding spec nearly the entire expansion, but I haven't seen any evidence yet that its uselessness will continue in 5.4.) Ergo, that first week or three of SoO might feel a little substandard as Combat, but if you're into that level of min-maxing you'd likely just be running as Mut anyway on a typical single-target fight, I'd imagine. I'm not saying it's wonderful that so much of Combat's viability in competitive raiding appears to revolve around the relative power of its set bonuses and one particular trinket. But the spec could be in much worse shape. Meanwhile, "dangerously close" is subjective, but I also think 12 days is still plenty of time for the class designers to work out critical balance issues if they're deemed important (and legitimate) enough.
  5. ShadowCraft for Mists of Pandaria

    OK, seriously, one moment please; I just... I need a moment. Am I the only one who thought that was the most awesome unexpected cameo in the history of this forum? I... OK. I'm OK. Moving on. Tied into Aldriana's post is a question that we touched on this very thread way back near the beginning of this expansion, and that Palanuial re-raised above: What do we, as a community, want ShadowCraft to be? Is it a modeling tool intended to assist gear optimization, or do we want to use it in a manner that all too many people already do but probably shouldn't: As a measuring stick to gauge how much DPS we "should" be putting out in a given fight, or as a way to measure the relative DPS potential of each spec in various simulated situations? I get that there's some conflation between these purposes: If we're optimizing our gear for a particular encounter, and the value of proc trinkets can potentially vary tremendously for a given fight depending on the fight mechanics, on our guild's strategy for the fight and on our role in carrying out that strategy, it'd be swell to have the flexibility to designate certain fight parameters and automagically have SC take them into account when giving us our relative DPS estimates. And with the variety of proc trinkets exploding here in the final tier, having a means to use our optimization tool of choice to answer that question has some appeal. But... Doesn't SimC allow us to do that already, to a large extent? For those of us for whom our DPS is so critical to the raid group that we feel we need to calculate within a fraction the potential value of one trinket over another -- as opposed to potentially thinking through trinket value in a more logical fashion (i.e., using reason in addition to math, instead of relying entirely on the math) -- we should be able to SimC it, shouldn't we? I feel we've been spoiled by ShadowCraft since it was developed as a prettified, snazzy, interactive UI. Those of us who run LFR for a virtual living are using it to min-max, which is understandable -- but at the same time gets a little ridiculous, when I see people asking about mastery-haste tipping points that make a <1% DPS difference in how they optimize gear for their upcoming Raid Finder Ji-Kun attempt. It's not just about the limits of what any of us can reasonably expect ShadowCraft to do for us. It's also about the limits of the level of optimization we should be expecting of ourselves. And it's about the extent to which many of us should perhaps spend less time fretting over a trinket selection and more working to improve our SnD/Rupture uptime, ensure we use our cooldowns when they're available and stay behind the boss and out of fire.
  6. ShadowCraft for Mists of Pandaria

    That's whatever the heck the flaskataur sold me. i553, so... regular-mode. I hadn't realized that the cooldown reduction itself scaled. Alright, so, everything is behaving as (apparently) intended then, and I've learned a valuable math lesson about how CD modifiers affect CD length. Which suggests we've eliminated incorrect SC modeling and are down to insane trinket-T15 synergy. If this goes live, Combat rogues would have every reason to switch back to (or continue using) the T15 set as soon as they get basically any version of AoC.
  7. ShadowCraft for Mists of Pandaria

    Hmm. The tooltip on the PTR reads 39%, rather than 49%, so that'll temper things somewhat, and further reduce the risk of <15s cooldowns happening. It reads 39% when equipped, regardless of spec. However, the impact of AoC on cooldown tooltips appears to be a 28% reduction: Assassination Vendetta: 2 min => 1.44 min Shadow Blades: 3 min => 2.16 min Combat Adrenaline Rush: 3 min => 2.16 min Killing Spree: 2 min => 1.44 min Shadow Blades: 3 min => 2.16 min Note I haven't tested this on dummies to see what the actual "real world" cooldowns are. This is all from reading in-game tooltips.
  8. ShadowCraft for Mists of Pandaria

    Hey guys, is the Assurance of Consequence definitely modeling correctly? I get that due to its design it will have a disproportionate impact on Combat, but as an exploration triggered by the "Combat PvE and 5.4" thread in the official forums suggests, ShadowCraft is modeling an absolutely insane amount of synergy between the T15-4pc and AoC. Take a look at these two ShadowCraft builds: Hotsauce @ Stormreaver-US - ShadowCraft Hotsauce @ Stormreaver-US - ShadowCraft In both, the rogue has the Tier 15 four-piece bonus activated, but is otherwise equipped in fully upgraded, BiS (or nearly so) 5.4 gear. In the first build, the rogue has Assurance of Consequence equipped. In the second, the Ticking Ebon Detonator is equipped instead. The modeled difference between the two is stunning -- roughly 27% in DPS potential. Is it possible the engine is overestimating the impact of the combination of these two items? Is it maybe inadvertently allowing AdRush/ShBlade uptime to overlap due to drastically reduced cooldowns, or failing to take into account energy capping that may occur from being forced to use KS while those other cooldowns are active? Trying to get a sense for how much of this is a modeling issue, how much is potentially a trinket-tuning issue, and how much is a T15-4pc issue.
  9. Rogue Simple Questions

    Do any of you know how to cancel Bandit's Guile insight levels? I'd never tried before, /cancelaura doesn't seem to work, and roughly 45 entire seconds of Google searching turned up nothing.
  10. Assassination from the Mists

    Since the trinket list in the OP is based on the assumption that you're in BiS gear, listing LFR trinkets feels... incongruous. :) Static trinket lists aren't very reliable anyway, particularly not given the stat-value swings that can take place depending on what you've got equipped. Keep using Shadowcraft, it's your best bet right now for an accurate recommendation.
  11. ShadowCraft for Mists of Pandaria

    I apologize if this is overly contrary, but would that really be worth coding? We already have the ability to look at our recent "history" in the graph on the right, and can click on the points to reload that setup. And we can save a setup anywhere along the way (either by actually using the 'save' feature or by keeping a running list of URLs), so comparing the "best" builds wouldn't be that much of a pain.
  12. ShadowCraft for Mists of Pandaria

    This happens to me, too -- but only when I'm accessing ShadowCraft via my work office's WebInternets. I don't know that side of tech very well at all, but I suspect there's some sort of security setting within the router software that's blocking certain scripts from running. (Similarly, I can't get comment section at the bottom of WoW Insider articles to load.) If this is what's happening with you and you can't track down whatever software setting is potentially behind it, try using a different source for your Web access, if possible. Mobile phone networks seem to do fine.
  13. Assassination from the Mists

    Yeah. Well, and not only that, but it's a lot of hassle to go through for what feels like it's likely to be a *very* small gain. Dispatch and Mutilate are both primarily %-of-weapon-damage attacks, with additional damage dealt based on your attack power, right? Assuming a person's up to the weapon-socket part of the legendary quest chain, the maximum amount of native agility a non-jewelcrafter can have on these suckers is 1304 for the 2/2 H-Spiritsever and 1052 for the 2/2 H-Megaera's, assuming I'm looking at all of this right. (And assuming you're intentionally avoiding the Megaera's socket bonus so you can stack extra agility, which may not be the best idea in terms of overall DPS, but would be "better" purely in terms of increasing AP for harder-hitting Dispatches -- and if you're switching *offhand* weapons to ensure greater overall damage during an execute phase, well, why wouldn't you want to do the same for your mainhand?) Meanwhile, to get at SV's point immediately above, the impact of the secondary stat loss from using Spiritsever would vary. In terms of sheer quantity of "points" to use, the Spiritserver's got 831 to Megaera's 970, so some loss is sure to occur. Depending on how the weapon swap affects your caps, it could be more or less severe. So as SV said, you're probably sacrificing a little autoattack damage, and you're probably sacrificing a smidge of poison damage as well due to the lower mastery. If the switch takes you below the 7.5% hit cap, then you lose a touch of damage there, too. And, of course, you lose a dollop of damage from the swing reset that occurs when you swap weapons. So it's not a straightforward this-gives-me-higher-AP-so-it's-better-for-execute-phase scenario. I've already put a lot more time into this post than I thought would (I didn't realize I cared enough about this question to try to work through it, but here we are), and I'm not about to try to think it through more minutely, but my guess is that the actual, "real"-world difference we'd be looking at here between switching those daggers and not switching those daggers would be quite small. It's maybe an interesting question to consider from an academic standpoint, but in terms of demonstrable DPS impact, I think it's almost certainly better just to stick with what you've got equipped throughout the course of a raid fight.
  14. Assassination from the Mists

    If one weapon were superior to another when casting Dispatch, then it would also be superior when casting Mutilate.
  15. Assassination from the Mists

    Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I was under the impression that currently, Berserking specifically impacts our *melee* haste -- i.e., autoattack speed only. So energy regen wouldn't factor into racial considerations.