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  1. [5.4 Combat] I'm Not Dead Yet

    I was curious if anyone has given any thought to using the subterfuge talent instead of shadow focus as combat. With the amount of haste we have around 585ilvl (62%+), we can easily sneak in two Ambushes using this talent even at their full 60 energy cost. You can either use both Ambushes back to back and then give yourself a 4CP SnD off the pull, or you can go Ambush > SnD > Ambush for a slightly faster SnD. This also reduces the time that we're energy capped for those of us going immediately into KS after SnD to benefit from double trinket procs. The downside of this would be that in order to get the two Ambushes once we're in combat (offensive vanishing), we'd have to pool energy to essentially the cap, and everyone knows this is never a good thing. If, however, the primary reason we've been using shadow focus this whole time was for its essentially free damage and 2CP during combat (as opposed to its utility at the pull), then subterfuge probably does come out much more weakly. Thoughts?
  2. [5.4 Combat] I'm Not Dead Yet

    Oh crap, I read the phrase "rupture damage doesn't scale with insight level" to mean that insight level has zero effect on rupture at all ever (so that clipping between insight levels was irrelevant). My bad. Thanks.
  3. [5.4 Combat] I'm Not Dead Yet

    I was going over this thread and noticed this comment about rupture and insight levels, which is contrary to the guide warning us about clipping higher insight level ruptures with lower ones. Can I get some clarification? No one addressed this comment and the topic changed to the Crimson Tempest vs. Blade Flurry discussion shortly afterwards.
  4. [5.4 Combat] I'm Not Dead Yet

    Yeah, I have the Detonator trinket still. I would be using a more typical opening like the rest of you otherwise.
  5. [5.4 Combat] I'm Not Dead Yet

    I've been going Ambush > SnD > KS off of pulls because trinket procs account for a lot of bonus agility and using KS sooner rather than later gets a huge bump in burst dps. It does mean I cap energy but I like seeing big numbers.
  6. I was curious as to whether others were using the 4pc set or if they were opting for some of the off-pieces. I know there really is no right or wrong answer, but I wanted to field some opinions. Personally, I've kept the 4pc so far only because the secondary stats on the off-pieces I have aren't super strong for sub. The proc is super incredible awesome when it procs, but personally I don't find the 4% proc reliable. I won't see it for a number of pulls, and then all of a sudden it will proc three to four times over the course of a single encounter. In looking over my logs, my 4pc set isn't proc'ing, on average, every 25th ambush, which has led me to this post to see what other sub rogues are seeing and doing. Currently, my 4pc EP is around 1400 on Shadowcraft, and subbing in the off-pieces that I have do create a substantial dps increase of 2k, but I think I am going to be sticking with the 4pc for now because, to be perfectly honest, when it procs it feels like winning the lottery.
  7. So even though Garrote and Hemorrhage will also trigger Sanguinary Veins, I still want to keep up Rupture for the 50% damage boost it gets? Even if Garrote is up? I haven't been applying Rupture during the FW buff at all, but after re-reading the OP and based on your astonishment (haha), I see that I should be delaying Rupture only for a few seconds at most instead of altogether. As far as the FW uptime goes, do you have a general idea of what it should be closer to so that I can track my progress keeping it up? Thank you so much for the input.
  8. Good afternoon, fellow rogues. I've never played sub before--not even in a pvp setting--but this week I gave it a try in a heroic raid setting to see if the theorized numbers could match up with reality. I took some time to play with it in lfr and get a general gist of it, but I'm sure I still have much to learn. I was hoping that someone well versed in sub could briefly look over my logs and see if you notice anything glaringly wrong. Even on the Iron Juggernaut encounter, where I can maintain close to 100% uptime behind the boss, I did slightly less dps than my assassination counterpart. For starters, I know I'm not using premeditation at any time other than the pull. This is simply something I'll have to get used to. Entire raid: Analyze - 15-10 18:31 - Huge in Japan - World of Logs Iron Juggernaut only: Analyze - 15-10 18:31 - Huge in Japan - World of Logs If anyone can take the time to help, I'd be super appreicative and if we ever meet in real life, beers on me. - Patentz
  9. Assassination from the Mists

    I just noticed on Shadowcraft that opening with Mutilate is an overall greater dps gain than Ambush (albeit small). However, if I change the frequency to "start of the fight," it shows another dps gain (albeit small), meaning that subsequent vanishes during an encounter should be followed by an Ambush instead (I'm assuming?). Am I late to the party on this or was this a recent change?
  10. Rogue Simple Questions

    I've always been a little hesitant to blindly go with Shadowcraft's ep values as haste seemed inflated. Even with last patch's RPPM mechanics, I always felt that in a live-raid scenario, realistic mastery was still outperforming realistic haste. Also, if anyone follows the world-class rogues from the various top guilds, there's actually a really decent mixture of those stacking haste and those still stacking pure mastery. If those guys aren't purely going one way or the other, that leaves me more inclined to think that it's a personal, play-style decision and not an absolute necessity.
  11. [5.4 Combat] I'm Not Dead Yet

    Yeah, that's cool. I guess my query was more about the semantics of "how long must a key be pressed before it counts as a 'hold.'" Thanks though.
  12. [5.4 Combat] I'm Not Dead Yet

    I have a preliminary question about this before I go ahead messing around with it. If I use the "3" key for Sinister Strike and set up the script to be enabled while the "3" key is being held down, would I still be able to continue to quickly tap the "3" key to Sinister Strike (while AR/SB are down)? Or will quickly tapping it toggle the script on and off and totally ruin my day?
  13. [5.4 Combat] I'm Not Dead Yet

    Even with the GCD reduction to 0.5s, I am having a tremendous problem not energy capping while SB and AR are active. Other than decoupling the two abilities, does anyone have any tips or suggestions?
  14. Assassination from the Mists

    I would like some input from the community regarding the use of simcraft and askmrrobot. After using the default PVE weights robot provides, I ran my character through simcraft to obtain its unique weighting scheme. Then utilizing my unique weights in robot, I was a little shocked to see that robot was suggesting a complete abandonment of expertise--from 7.22% to 4.67%--in favor of haste as haste had been weighted slightly higher (even when forcing the expertise cap). I have a hard time believing this is advisable even though rogues do it from behind. Yesterday I humored robot and prioritized haste in my gear and there was a noticeable difference in parried attacks but could not discern any major differences in dps or overall damage. My overall DPS according to simcraft was a couple hundred dps higher using the default pve weights, but if we're supposed to be using simcraft to determine unique stat weights, it seems cyclical to me that robot would suggest a plan that results in an overall dps loss according to simcraft, which in turn creates new stat weights. But perhaps I'm utilizing both services improperly. Thoughts? Concerns?