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  1. Using stampede at the start to get him as low as possible for phase 3 instead of in phase 3... Good thinking. I suppose that the fact that you had ring + pot + heroism at the time made it a better choice? Either way, congratulations.
  2. I had some doubts at the start of the expansion, when I realised Sikari grabbed way more aggro than in MOP, but the legendary ring makes this still possible: This time, I did it in BM spec, not survival.I wiped on wave 39, same as last time :) The other waves didrequireexecution, and I didwipe on them (well, some of them), but that 9th wave is still just horrible, whatever the spec. I used a shell shield pet for this, summoning my core hound for heroism before wave 6 to avoid entering wave 7 with 2 large mantids up, and keeping last stand for wave 9 (I'm not sure wether my pet can survive an enraged conqueror + large mantid, even with last stand). In the end, wave 38 my pet didn't stack FF, so when wave 39 started I had 40% less attack power than I could have, resulting in my pet's aoe not being high enough (the fact i needed stamina trinket, food and flask didn't help, but they were necessary for my pet to survive wave 9 and 2 - this is actually the first "soloing" where I used exhilaration as a pet panic button). So while the pet was taunting one mantid and me another, the Sauroks attacked Sikari, and the world lost a Panda that day :) I'll release the video once I've edited it, since the first 14 waves are a black screen.
  3. So I "finished" HOF - garalon 25h seems doable but un'sok 25H still took 5 HFC heroic geared dps. For the kill, I used a restorative potion to dispel 2 of the fears. I could also have used a pvp trinket if my dps had been a bit lower. A mythic-geared hunter should be able to kill her using a pvp trinket and agi potion.
  4. I decided to check the terrace. Protectors 25H: ouch, took a few tries. Didn't really have a problem with berserk, but I think the adds spawn faster than in 10H. Hardest part was of course killing Regail because of the lightning prisons. After that I killed Asani. Tsulong: in 25, there a many adds that spawn, I couldn't kill all of them. Also, I didn't manage to stop all the terrorizes. So 25H may be possible in mythic gear, but not sure. I just dpsed as hard as I could and tried to limit the damage during day phase. Got him with a few seconds to spare. Lei Shi: lots of damage on my pet, and during hiding phase, on normal. On Heroic it was way too intense. I had the impression she missed less than in 10h, but I think it's subjective. Either way, I had to do her on normal. Sha of Fear: way too easy, managed to one shot him. Since he uses his cackle far more often, you'll need to keep you pet's heal for every one so he can grab aggro each time. But I managed to get him while adapting the strategy on the fly.
  5. Had some fun in HOF 25H: Zor'lok didn't cas his mind control (don''t know why) but even if he had I'd have dealt with it like in 10h, so it didn't exactly change the fight. Really easy, the damage is pretty low now. Ta'yak: I think I avoided one wind step, but here again pretty easy. Also, somehow posthaste managed to cancel his push. Are all bosses bugged in 25h? Still, I don't really care for such trivial bosses. Garalon: if someone want him in 25h, get kazzaks' trinket (it works on his dot) and mythic gear. I got him to 5% (then fd'd) on my first try in normal. Mel'jarak: both easy and hard. I just needed to get the strategy right. You want to trap one healer, cut another and ignore the third, and then aoe like crazy. I used the pvp trinket on prison then always kept 1 stack of the debuff. Care, you still take a lot of damage. Make sure to keep every single CD for when the first adds fall and tunnel the boss - the ring's explosion will kill another set of adds, and then you just need to finish the boss. Fun fact: my Maalus exploded for 1.7 millions on the boss, and therefore was sure to one-shot any other pack even if healed to full health.
  6. So the first solo will go to the one who manages to make him not bug? count me in. That's a new kind of challenge.
  7. Really nice! I haven't finished gearing up yet, so I decided to give the lower dps requirement bosses a try, and clean our first MOP 25-man heroic raid. Note: is it normal that elgon 25-H was completely bugged? Also, has he been already solo'd? Although next week I think I could re solo him in a non bugged way if he hasn't. That was kind of a hard boss. At first, it seemed impossible, but then I realised that it was because the titan sparks exploded near the bosses giving them a stacking +50% attack speed buff. And even without the buff they melee'd for massive amounts - 50k every 1.4 seconds, for 25 seconds before spending 25 seconds doing their combo. Since I couldn't kill adds without risking a wipe, I had to kite. Except they move at something between 140% and 150% move speed. But I had just looted, finally, after looting every single loot on that Kazzak the speed/leech/avoidance trinket (that seems so well designed for soloing). So with the +10% enchant, +30% of cheetah and +12% of trinket, I was barely fast enough to run around the middle. Without the trinket, maybe the pathfinding glyph would work. Also, as of now, the cooldown of aspect of the cheetah starts once you cast it, not once you lose it. Is that new? It's the reason I managed this. So the pet must stay in the middle. As in, no kiting the bosses. As in, let your pet take tank full 25 seconds. And if your pet dies and loses aggro the bosses will put a debuff on you that forces you to stay in their melee range. And try kiting adds now. So I used every single stamina thing - runescroll, food, flask, trinket - to get my pet to 540k health. Used last stand the one time he nearly died. Thankfully, after the first few phases the bosses aren't in sync anymore and they are only dangerous when both are hitting your pet at the same time. But since they stop attacking some time, your pet might go behind them - and out of range of your heals. Sigh. I really couldn't focus on my dps with all that kiting and pet managing. Now let's talk about the kiting. There are 3 adds: rages are not dangerous but when the spawn they will usually manage to get a hit or two - forcing you to disengage (with posthaste) and reapply cheetah. Same thing for courages - except they will also apply a slow. Here again, disengage. But if a rage hits you, you have to disengage, and then a courage slows you? Bye. You have to feign death or die. Finally strenghs - if they reach you, they have their stun circle. If you get hit, lights out - all the rages reach you and maybe you can feign death before the next stun. But wait! If you feign death, the all adds go on your pet. So the strenghs get one or two stuns on it. But their circle gets bigger and bigger as they use that stun. So consider feign death a joker - it can save your life, but every time you use it then the kiting gets harder. So yeah, I didn't exactly optimise my dps on this one :)
  8. Steal away, I've always tried to detail the strategies for my kills specifically so others can have a go :) Just remember to put my name somewhere, I have a reputation as strategist to maintain ;)
  9. GG! In the nick of time too, I just got him. Took me a few tries to understand how the mechanics worked - if he gets hit by a ball, he absorbs the other ball, and doing so clears you of the big debuff. So I delayed as much as possible the moment the first vita ball hit him, then next materials of creation I kited him to the vita ball right before the second explosion of the anima debuff, clearing it, then I had my second burst up and with a quick heart of the phoenix I barely got him to phase 2before the next explosion of the anima debuff. Had 711 ilvl/27% ring. The video is here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHYmWDFSC0E
  10. Nice! Only ra-den to go! How is it looking?
  11. Well the warlock who did it had way more self healing than us. He still hurts in phase 2.
  12. I re-updated the list: we nearly finished soloing the 10-man Heroic bosses! (Although the ones that remain won't be easy). I was wondering, in the next patch we might have a trinket that makes our pet big and red al the time. And a glyph that makes it immortal. So. What happens if a hunter gets mind controlled and spams BW? Pet can't die, he kills the boss. Is it considered a legit (read: non-abusive use of game mechanics). Everyone has their opinions, but I would like to know how to update the list. My opinion is: if someone gets to garrosh until the mind control phase, then gets MC'd, spams BW - he's immune, pet is immune, frankly I won't put it in the list. But: what if it is used on Mythic, and MC's get dispelled entering phase 4? Then he solo's phase 4 normally? I guess we'll have to think about it as they pop up. Of course, if they fix the glyph (right now an immortal pet comes with the big drawback of having no aggro), it will complicate matters (note: I have nothing against an immortal pet if you also have deal with your hunter's survival). And what do you think?
  13. I was thinking, has anyone tried sha of pride recently? I would take a dramatic burst, but maybe it's doable, since some are nearing ilvl 700 :)
  14. Argh. God. And to think I'll have to spend the evening trying Blackhand... Pfew. My poor head. This was intense. In normal, there was one intense phase, and that was it. Here the phases that were as intense were the less intense ones. So many bolts to intercept, so many adds to misdirect on the pet, so many adds on the pet mauling him... I think I'll be really really really happy tomorrow after a good night's rest. I used crouching tiger (needed 2 deterrence per transition for the level 2 or 3 static shocks), thrill of the hunt (I was already really focus starved with that talent, so imagine without it), and blink strikes (more aoe). I had glyph of disengage for my third glyph, surprisingly (the transitions between conduits was one of the hardest parts). I also used a chest with 2.27% leech (I was really health starved). I also used a stamina flask. Also, try to heal yourself with kill shot when you can. Most of my wipes were due to the fact that in phase 2, I had chain lightning overloaded, and did overload, bouncing bolts then static shock. And if there were 3-4 boucing bolts chain bouncing on the static shock quarter (75% chance), my pet just couldn't handle all the adds, especially during the conduit switches (since, for 10 seconds, he stopped attacking the adds, so they quickly piled up). But after a wipe in the second phase 3 I reached (after about 80 wipes), I screwed up and it was the static shock that was overloaded second (I wanted overload). But when I entered the bouncing bolt quarter, there were 6 bouncing bolts bouncing. Despite only 4 spawning there during the transition. In other words, Bouncing Bolts that bounce on an overloaded quarter actually land on an adjacent one. So I started using the transition to catch the bolts in the last quarter I would visit in P2 (static shock), then running through the whole room with my pet on passive to get to the overcharge conduit (keeping my pet alive was a challenge here, among other). Therefore, the bolts on the chain lighning quarter would go either on the overload quarter (where I could intercept them - eventually) or on the static shock, but for example that way on my kill I had only 2 bolts bouncing on the shock quarter. Also, I couldn't afford tanking the adds, that spawn quickly and run to me - I had to misdirect all the time, even when I'm running aroud, out of range of beast cleave, to intercept bolts or change conduit. The vast majority of my wipes were due to the adds dealing too much damage during a conduit switch (I was really focus starved, and barrage was the only thing that could give me a little respite on add aggro). Phase 1 was easy (just minimize damage taken). But as soon as the transition starts it's hell. I'll make a list of steps with their objectives in an effort to be concise. T1: on static shock conduit, grab the 2-4 bolts that spawn (note: there will be a bolt and overcharge at the same time, because if not, it would be too simple). Then get to the opposite quarter without losing the pet. Intense but doable. Overcharge quarter: stay on the boss, near your pet so that he quickly grabs aggro. Use pot + heroism to quickly clear the big wave of adds, intercept bolts when you can do it in a safe manner. Make sure your pet is facing inwards when fusion slash comes. Keep aoeing to avoid having too many adds up. Intense but doable. Switch to bouncing bolt: quickly get in position, despite the fact that tons of adds have to be misdirected while running and having your pet on passive. Extremely intense. Boucing bolts: you have 21 seconds before switching to the next conduit, a lot of adds alive (you stopped aoeing for 10 seconds, after all), and 5-7 bolts to intercept. So you can't stay near your pet, and have about 4-8 adds coming from different directionsto misdirect every 4 seconds or so. And your pet is getting wrecked. But wait! There's more: you'll need Last stand for phase 3. So no using it! Extremely intense. Switch to static shock: same as the switch before. So that's 3 extremely intense phases one after the other. If you manage to get there with enough health to survive the static shock, you'll get Static shock: grab the last one or two balls, and here again there will be plenty of adds on the pet. Extremely intense (see a pattern?). Once all adds are dead and all bolts intercepted, well done, you can rest. For about 30 seconds, top. Just get him down before the conduit's charge surpasses the overload conduit's. T2: Intercept 4 balls on static quarter. Then switch to the other one. Phase 3 (bouncing bolt quarter): So many adds. And 8 bolts to intercept. Misdirect like crazy, use last stand, everything. "Only" intense. Then switch on the boss. Use a spirit beast to heal yourself, and kill him before you die. Frankly, If it was any other boss I'd say it was intense, but on this one it was simple. Just don't screw up at the end. Oh, and kill the small spheres, they actually hurt a lot. NOTE: I managed phase 3 while screwing up on the last deterrence (took 222k unnecesary damage). However I had my health potion and absorb shield up since I really managed to achieve perfect phase 2. So technically, it may be possible to use posthaste and liberation (or animal bond), since it would make the oh so terrible conduit switches a little simpler (and, most importantly, faster). I think I'll do a little break now :p But on the other hand, I'll start making the videos of Iron Quon and Lei Shen Heroic.
  15. Pfew. Very, very hard: Quet'zal would cast his 30 sec stun/144k dot/healing absorb in phase 1 (can't be FD'd), and in phase 2 dam'ren would cast frost spikes that break your FD - then quet'zal would use his stun. Phase 3 was simple, as long as you didn't enter with the stun. Phase 4: quet'zal is back! and he quickly casts his stun. I'm not going to give the strategy here (too long), I'll first take care of the video - it was really about using all CDs at precise moments and positionning. Then there was this piece of cake: Phase 1: keep the beast of nighmares on you and kite. I used a stamina trinket/flask to survive until day phase. Phase 2: nothing special. Phase 3: quickly finish lu'lin. Then I finished the boss.