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  1. [Resto] Simple questions + WoL Feedback

    1. Your efflo healing was 60% of theirs so placement of your shroom is important. 2. They have an ilevel 30 points higher than yours so don't expect to do well. 3. You need to gem in favor of Mastery or Haste with hybrid gems when the socket bonus nets you favorable stats. (2 Mastery / Haste for 1 Int, you will favor the 2) [Regarding JC gems it's 1.5 secondary stats to 1, so favoring pure red int gems would be better there] 4. Drop down to the 3043 breakpoint or gem up to the 13163 haste breakpoint, 7k gets you nowhere. 5. Unless you pre-plan where you will be using your Heart of the Wild to maximize the 45 seconds or to get a 2nd / 3rd cast in, Nature's Vigil should be worth considering. On the plus side, your Harmony uptime was significantly higher than theirs.
  2. [Resto] Mists of Pandaria 5.4

    Over healing is not important unless you are going Out of Mana (oom) early in fights. It is something you must accept due to the nature of how healing works in the game. A Disc Priest / Holy Paladins shields will trigger before your HoTs can begin healing resulting in their overhealing being much lower than yours. Keep on doing what you're doing, just bump up that Harmony uptime (82% is low given the ability to use sagemender, swiftmend, shroom, or NS as cheap / free ways to keep your 20 second buff up). As others have suggested 10-12k spirit with various mana trinkets will help you gauge how to handle your mana with the aim of just running oom on your longest and toughest fights as they end. One word of advice is to use a raid addon that will tell you the amount of absorbs they have to determine if you really need to regrowth someone or if a rejuv will suffice. Especially when you're healing with a disc priest as your partner and are using a bubble generating tank like a Brewmaster Monk (it will also help in predicting when they're using their Spirit Shield / Guard so you won't have to work as hard during those moments).
  3. [Resto] Mists of Pandaria 5.4

    NV - helps with the magnet phases, with the burst of overloads, and a small portion of AoEing down mines.. Ursol / Typhoon - to aid in the knockback of crawler mines. ToL / SotF - ToL has a use during the empowered magnet phase, else SoTF. Displacer Beast - helps you avoid fire lines when kiting lasers / sawblades. In our 25 strat the ranged stay clumped allowing for the usage of Thok and Prismatic, else Prismatic and Samophlage.
  4. [Resto] Mists of Pandaria 5.4

    If you're aiming to parse most of your healing will occur during the stacked phase and if your comp lacks the necessary devotion auras you can capitalize greatly with mass regrowth spam or empowered RJ. If your strategy allows for 3 min CDs to be up for all the stacked phases as well.
  5. [Resto] Mists of Pandaria 5.4

    H Immerseus, Contaminated Puddle are unaffected by the cleave of NV, however, the 12%+ healing will assist you in topping off the adds. To be honest, the longest up phase on Immerseus will be the first one, so dumping most of your mana healing people in the first one with the mana back via full puddles. Thus you will have less healing required as the fight goes on due to the lower starting HP and thus lower up phases.
  6. [Resto] Mists of Pandaria 5.4

    Additional comment for H Malk, unglyphed RG would continue refreshing for those below 50% HP, ala H Chimera in T11. Also living seed will see little healing done on the fight due to the shields, another reason against RG glyphed.
  7. [Resto] Mists of Pandaria 5.4

    Ancestral Guidance has been changed to the 1 second interval in similar fashion to Vampiric Embrace. NV has not been changed and will probably be sleighed for a similar change due to the similar mechanics. Recasting a shroom will reset the interval timer between efflo ticks. Regarding RG, need ~22.6% as well for RG unglyphed to surpass RG glyphed (assuming living seed and HoT is unaffected by the 60% and does not refresh).
  8. [Resto] Mists of Pandaria 5.4

    Unglyphed Efflo is healing at 1 sec intervals for an amount ~to last week's amount, glyphed is healing ~2 sec intervals for the hotfix'd amount.
  9. [Resto] Mists of Pandaria 5.4

    Observing logs from last week, the number of ticks have been halved and the size of the ticks have doubled. Last week H 25 Prot This week post hotfix H 25 Prot On an unrelated note, ~21.3% raid buffed crit is the breakpoint where the average healing from Healing Touch begins to do more than Glyphed Regrowth. (Does not factor in cast time and the RNG of having 1 in 5 Healing Touches crit, assumes Living Seed is fully consumed) ~40% raid buffed crit for Healing Touch to surpass unglyphed Regrowth. As a reminder that Healing Touch really isn't a great spell unless you stack the deck for it :(
  10. [Resto] Mists of Pandaria 5.4

    Tranquility on the pull if you're going to pad meters or practically to prevent people from dipping from the first seismic smash. Though you do have a monk RV that's helping the monk pad as well. Do remember to RJ pets to recharge your shroom during the miasma phase.
  11. [Resto] Mists of Pandaria 5.4

    PPP allows for the ability to reach the higher HBP without a strict itemization of items, allowing for flexibility for gearing while gearing up for progression. Aiming for a lower HBP the other trinkets would be better option as dropping below 3043 would be difficult at these higher ilevels without ideal gearing.
  12. [Resto] Simple questions + WoL Feedback

    Discussed in the main resto thread, the caster amp trinket will proc off of melee attacks (cat), direct damage component of moonfire, and on wrath casts.
  13. [Resto] Mists of Pandaria 5.4

    Although there is no INT proc for a DPS, our Ele Shamans contend that the PPP is BiS for them complimented with the Immers trinket.
  14. [Resto] Mists of Pandaria 5.4

    Trinkets: Multistrike in application was doing about 4% of my healing (H 2/2 17%) vs Cleave doing about 4.7% (N WF 0/2 ~3.8%) which does coincide with wanting the Cleave trinket in my bag for situations over the multistrike. Multistrike procs off of Efflo, HoTs, and other heals spellid is 146178 or Multistrike Cleave is spellid 148235 and Cleave PG Comments Waves: 1: 1 Large Pyro + 2 Small Skrimishers Any CC on the Pyro will help with mana, else enjoy dpsing and regen mana. 2: 1 Larger Aqua + 1 Large Sonic + 1 Small Skirmisher Your DPS should be able to kick the first two sonics, leaving you to handle the next two before their CDs come back up. Heavy tank damage with some moderate raid damage. 3: 2 Large Tunnelers + 1 Small Skirmisher Stunning a large Tunneler can help you offset their bleeds giving you a small window to Triage those bleeding. 4: 1 Small Pyro + 1 Large Aqua + 1 Small Aqua If you can put the DPS onto the Large Aqua while your DPS work on the Small Pyro they will switch to the Large vs the Small normally (not easy to differentiate the debuffs cast be either, doing a blanket silence when you think they'll cast it can help offset it). Healing will be dependant on how you handle the double debuffs, melee have higher priority and the mage if they go in to AoE. 5: 1 Large Sonic + 1 Large Crusher w/ 1 Small Tunneler later in The 3rd and 4th Sonic will be up to you, however, on the 4th Sonic the Crusher will enrage and the small tunneler will bleed. Triage, good time to Ironbark and pop a shroom. Do help DPS the Crusher after the enrage and other two are down as you will normally have this mob sub 25% when the next wave spawns. Heavy Tank damage possible moderate to severe raid damage 6: 1 Small Pyro + 1 Small Aqua + 1 Small Tunneler + 1 Small Skirmisher This wave is hectic but is healable as long as you handle the Large Crusher from the previous wave. If you are going to Tranq do make sure the debuff has just been handled so you don't have to interrupt your channel. Moderate raid damage. 7: 2 Small Crushers + 1 Small Sonic You can interrupt the Small Sonic but it would be better to prepare the Tank for the big spike damage incoming when the 2 Small Crushers enrage, Ironbark should be available. Heavy tank damage, light raid damage. 8: 4 Small Pyro + 1 Small Skirmisher Wait for the adds to begin channeling before you do an AoE interrupt or knockback, else individual CCs will help offset the cast times of the adds. If you do knock them back try and get them grouped up for easier AoE for your DPS. Heavy raid damage. 9: 1 Small Aqua + 1 Large Sonic + 1 Small Tunneler This wave is similar to wave 5 the only difference is your party is focusing on the Small Tunneler letting the Large Sonic free cast. Do your best to interrupt the first 2 with pref Fae at the start (no raid damage) and then a Mighty Bash (you want the 3 targets to remain grouped up for the AoE). After that you may want to knockback the Sonic to buy a little breathing time on one cast as the DPS will likely switch to the small Aqua rather than focus on the larger threat. 10: 1 Large Crusher + 1 Small Pyro + 1 Small Aqua later in There will be some large tank damage, don't forget to dispel, you will want to throw in whatever available mana you are comfortable with into the Large Crusher as the faster this add dies the sooner you can drink. Waves 11+, just repeat 1-10 but now with additional damage. Have fun! Speaking from wave 57 PG Healer experience (limited time to try it out). What you have to keep in mind to is that you have to spend as much time as a cat DPSing in order to help DPS meet the DPS benchmarks before the next wave in order to have the most downtime to regen. (You don't need to glyph shapeshifting, but it is a viable option)
  15. [Resto] Mists of Pandaria 5.4

    Using Hamlet's equations HLG HC TF 2/2 is equivalent to 2613.6 avg Spi and won't be matched until H WF DSD 1/2. (DSD H 2/2 is 2600 avg Spi). Though do remember that the static int will be significantly different ~500 INT by DSD H. Regarding DSD vs Chalice, besides the static INT, one gives mana the other does a heal (albeit small portion of your heal due to the uncontrollable aspect of the heal) and will depend on the fight you're handling. PS Thank you Hamlet for correcting my mistake, I mishandled the mp5 conversion.