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  1. [5.4 Combat] I'm Not Dead Yet

    my trinkets proc for 20 secs and 10 secs, so i can normally get SnD running and get to shallow insight (5gcd) for the 10% damage boost and still use KS before the trinket buffs fade. Even bigger numbers. But if you are using the Ticking Ebon Detonator, that immediate KS may be better, dunno.
  2. [5.4 Combat] I'm Not Dead Yet

    I do Rvs > SS > SnD > 2xSS to get to low insight > KS > 2 x SS to get energy back down > AR/SB > normal dps rotation. The only time i do ambush now is if I'm in deep insight with AR down and vanish comes off CD, otherwise i'd rather use RvS/SS to advance guile. I doubt it makes much difference either way however. One thing though, you never want to get to 5 Anticipation points if you can avoid it because it will waste the CP you get from ruthlessness.
  3. [5.4 Combat] I'm Not Dead Yet

    the action list doesn't explicitly force them to happen at the same time, but due to the way it's setup, that's what ends up happening just as if they were macro'd together. and looking at sample outputs, it does occasionally do KS while both are up, but it seems to think that getting in extra KS makes up for the wasted energy regen / lost cp generation.
  4. [5.4 Combat] I'm Not Dead Yet

    According ot SimC, you are correct. In SimC, the current rule for KS is basically use when AR is down and energy is below 35. I tried different variations of that rule. 1. Default (AR must be down, energy must be below 35) - 423k dps BiS gear 2. No restrictions, use KS on cooldown regardless of energy or AR status - 427k dps 3. Energy has to be below 35, but using it during AR is fine. - 430k 4. Energy has to be below 45, but using it during AR is fine. - 433k 5. Energy has to be below 60, but using it during AR is fine. - 431k Basically it seems to say get your energy low(ish), but use KS pretty much on cooldown regardless of AR status. Waiting until AR was over has been burned into my muscle memory for so long, I find that surprising, but I'm definitely going to try out more aggressive KS usage during AR.
  5. [5.4 Combat] I'm Not Dead Yet

    I can't imagine that's anything but a loss. It's a 3 second 20% boost to your passive damage (over what you would have gotten doing KS outside of AR) at the cost of a lot of energy and 3 or 4 lowered GCD abilities. Changing the simulationcraft rule for killing spree to allow it in the last 3 seconds of adrenaline rush results in a 1.5% dps loss.
  6. [5.4 Combat] I'm Not Dead Yet

    What if CT happened to cost 25 energy, how would your version of the comparison work? Don't get me wrong, the spreadsheet is awesome, it takes into account about a dozen things i would have forgotten in trying to compare the two. It's just that if you take RS out of the cost before you calculate the value of the finisher, you are inflating the value of that 1.5 energy you get back from main gauche combat potency. The way you do it, it makes it seem like a 15% improvement to eviscerate's DPE when it's not. My method of comparing 33.5 to 35 isn't actually correct either. It's making the same mistake, just on a smaller scale. Overall, you are right. You would have to calculate the impact on the whole system to truly compare the two. It would be great if we could put a damage value on one point of energy in a particular rotation. CT and Evisc do x amount of damage for y amount of net resources. The only difference in resources is 1.5 energy points. The damage is calculated down to the last detail in your spreadsheet. So once your spreadsheet get to 4 targets and the damage from CT is more than Eviscerate's damage the question is... what's worth more, the extra damage from CT or the extra 1.5 energy from eviscerate. Running SimCraft does attempt to do just that, and they've been trying to fix the CT and blade flurry modeling. I don't know how accurate it is, but with SimC in BiS gear, at 6 targets they are essentially even, and at 7 targets CT pulls ahead Edit: Also, I just like to argue. I think your general conclusion is spot on. It's going to be the rare situation where 6 or even 4 mobs stay alive long enough and in adequate numbers for CT to be a (usually small) gain. And even then it's risky because clipping it too early or mobs dying before you expected could turn that CT into a mistake.
  7. [5.4 Combat] I'm Not Dead Yet

    I'm assuming we are still energy constrained as we still are 99.9999% of the time when blade flurry is turned on, and I'm not saying DPE isn't a good comparison, i think it's the best comparison in this situation. I'm saying that your calculation of DPE that includes relentless strikes (RS) isn't the right way to determine DPE. Both of those finishers trigger RS, so throw it out, it doesn't impact which is stronger in an energy constrained situation. What matters is how much energy they actually cost, not how much energy you end up with afterwards due to other things triggering. You can't do an eviscerate at 8.5 energy. Here is another hypothetical example. Assume we are still energy constrained. Say you had a choice of two eviscerates. One that cost 50 energy and did 50 damage, and one that cost 75 energy and did 75 damage. By your calculation, the 50 energy evisc with a net cost of 25 is 2 dpe, but I say it's 1 dpe. And you say the 75 energy one at 50 net is 1.5 dpe. Clearly worse by your standard but I still say it's 1dpe and they are the same as far as energy efficiency goes. And in the long run, using the 75 energy eviscerate will be better because while its DPE is the same it's more efficient in using combo points. Or for a more practical hypothetical demonstration of why including relentless strikes is wrong, pretend you reduce the total damage you get from using CT by 20% but you also reduce its energy cost by 20% from 35 to 28. According to me, it's DPE shouldn't change. You're spending 20% less energy and getting 20% less damage. However, if you make those changes in your spreadsheet, CT becomes better than eviscerate at just one target because its net energy is 3. But there is no way we magically made CT more energy efficient when we reduced it's damage by the exact percentage that we reduced its cost. But if you use a proper comparison of 33.5 for eviscerate and 28 for crimson tempest it remains only better at 4+ targets. I hope that makes it clear that you really should not include RS energy return when trying to compare the DPE of two finishers.
  8. [5.4 Combat] I'm Not Dead Yet

    Gotcha. Fierydemise pointed that out over on the wow forums as well. However, I still have one gripe with your spreadsheet. Is it right to use net energy to make the comparison? if you compare based on 33.5 energy and 35 energy instead of 8.5 and 10, then crimson tempest is better at just 4 targets instead of 6. I really think that is the more valid comparison. Shouldn't relentless strikes just be considered part of your overall energy regen (every combo point spent = 5 energy regen on average, regardless of how you spend them) and not really used in determining the efficiency of a finishing move? For example, pretend there was a finisher that cost 25.00000001 energy and did 25 damage. Nobody in their right mind would ever use this ability. And its DPE the way I look at it is 25/25.00000001 which is roughly 1 dpe. However, If you use net energy the way your spreadhseet does, it's 25 / 0.00000001 which is like 2.5 billion DPE which is clearly ridiculous. Including relentless strikes energy return gives false and/or absurd additional value to finishers the less they cost. You should really just use the base energy cost when trying to determine relative values of finishers, which means 4+ targets is good for CT.
  9. [5.4 Combat] I'm Not Dead Yet

    I was looking at that and I can't remember why Eviscerate would have a lower net energy cost than Crimson Tempest.
  10. Assassination from the Mists

    The latest build of SimulationCraft shows that using mutilate as the opener and after vanishes is a significant gain over using ambush. Around 2% or more depending on gear. Shadowcraft shows ambush as being a fraction of a percent better. If Shadowcraft is right then it doesn't matter which you use. But if SimC is right, a 2% gain can't be ignored and mutilate is the only option. So counting the opener, with prep and vanish you end up doing about 1.2ish ambushes a minute. I'm ok with running the sims and messing with action lists, but doing the napkin math / theorycrafting is not my strong suit. Can anyone prove/disprove with some numbers that it's possible that replacing 1 ambush every 50 seconds on average with a mutilate could result in a total 2% dps gain or is SimC just wacky?
  11. [5.4 Combat] I'm Not Dead Yet

    I tried to test this in SimC, but it seems to have bugs where CT is concerned. If i'm looking at the debug log right, CT doesn't trigger poisons or restless blades in the current code. I'm not super familiar with the programming, but I tried to fix it and rebuild it. But I don't know if I did it right, because with my fix, using CT whenever it is about to run out is solidly ahead of eviscerate at just 2 total targets. I submitted a bug to simC to have someone smarter than me look at the code and make sure CT is working correctly.
  12. Assassination from the Mists

    Rogues attack so fast and generate so many attacks that the "unreliability" of crit is mostly eliminated by the sample size. You're going to have a little more variance in your results with higher crit, but not enough to worry about it. With the t16 two-piece, the stat weights are so even you can run pretty much any setup you want. For me that means getting haste up to a point where the rotation isn't mind numbingly slow, and then evenly stacking crit and mastery. But if you just blindly follow the Shadowcraft recommendations, you'll be fine as well. Any ratio of mastery:haste:crit will be within a percent of the theoretical max, so set it up however suits you.
  13. Assassination from the Mists

    they didn't nerf rentaki. they reduced the proc time but doubled the RPPM rate. Your average results should be the same, just less spiky. So you're comparing a 535 trinket that's strong to a 540 trinket that's medium for assassination. And the 535 one comes out slightly ahead. Not that surprising. As far as AOC, it was just barely behind in the early estimates, and I think it was very undervalued for assassination early on. They just looked at it as 30% (or whatever, depending on the version) more vendetta and shadowblade uptime means how much more damage? But the reality is a lot of the time it's strong for assassination and sometimes it's meh. On a fight just over 5 minutes, it turns 3 vendettas and 2 shadow blades into 4 vendettas and 3 shadowblades. That's 33% more vendetta and 50% more shadowblade uptime. Way better than the theoretical valuation. Not to mention the extra cloak and sprint = more mechanics ignored and more dps uptime. Indirect damage boosts that aren't in the BiS calculation. However there are some fight durations (especially in the shorter range) where it would turn out to be weak for Assassination because it doesn't give you any extra vendetta and/or shadow blades. You can play with the fight duration on SimC and see that there are ranges where it's worse compared to haromm/ebon. however, unless I know exactly how long the fight is going to be and can be very certain the reduced cooldowns won't help me, i would never replace that trinket in any rogue spec.
  14. [5.4 Combat] I'm Not Dead Yet

    isn't BG level tied to the player now and not the target? so won't a rupture at deep insight be snapshotted and stay at that damage level regardless of what happens to the player after that? End result being move as many finishers as you can into deeper insight levels without energy capping or wasting combo points but you don't have to worry about exactly when you do a rupture, For example a rupture right at the end of deep insight won't be immediately weakened. It stays at the deep insight level damage (i think).
  15. Assassination from the Mists

    Yes, it is better to clip the envenom buff if you have to. Don't ever let energy cap if you can avoid it.