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  1. [Resto] Mists of Pandaria 5.4

    @ Markyus Hey there, Basically this is what absorbs do to us druids, shamans and monk healers. As Kjeldorian said before absorbs will trigger first when taking damage than anything that wasn't absorb will be the damage taken for that player. Lucky for us our hots will most likely be the first thing to heal that damage. I had a similar issue when I first discovered absorbs making me overheal a fair amount. I track spirit shell, guards and power word: shields and weakened soul especially. If a priest is using spirit shell I generally don't heal unless its Thok then I want to keep refreshing my mushroom absorbs from overhealing otherwise you will find yourself doing nothing in terms of effective healing. Once you start tracking absorbs you will find yourself ooming less since you wont be healng on top of absorbs therefore you can effective use that mana after the shields. Don't bother tracking Illuminati healing (illuminated healing) paladins only screw you at the start of fights while everyone is waiting to pull. I use Vuhdo and track everything with that. You can find more healing if you keep your lifebloom as close to 100% as possible and only using Wild Growth with Soul of the Forest if you are running that talent otherwise you are using more mana for less healing. If you are having mana issues then no one can really tell you how to play that part better. In my opinion mana issues reflect on how you heal and how comfortable you are with your spirit/gear. I'm running 12,300k with Dysmorphic Samophlange of Discontinuity and on some fights Thok's Acid-Grooved Tooth. I'm not entirely comfortable with this amount of spirit but I'm trying to get more mastery by doing it and also our kill times are shorter every few weeks which brings me to a good point - you need to know how long a fights going to take and the damage output for that fight to decide how much spirit/trinkets you want to use. Galakras has mutiple breaks to gain mana back while you sit around doing nothing so you won't use any mana trinkets and go with cleave/amp. Whereas with Iron Jugg, Malkorok or Siegecrafter its almost mostly constant healing so you want the mana regen. Another way to increase your healing is to always have lifeblooms and rejuvs on your tanks 100% of the time if you can. Tanks take the most damage in the raid and generally a lot of spike damage which is why our 2 piece is so good - you can snipe those heals faster. Don't regrowth or healing touch unless you have a clearcasting proc, 3-5 stacks of sage mender (2 piece) or you will actually save the player from death otherwise let your rejuvs heal them up. Doing unnecessary regrowths/healing touches will oom you faster than you know. And lastly you should get to know raidbots.com which is a site where you can compare world of logs parses with your own and see where you might have lower numbers and uptimes and even cooldown usage.
  2. [Resto] Mists of Pandaria 5.4

    You may have stronger heals yes, but your tanks are way more geared than early tanks in early kill dates i.e they're taking more damage back then including your entire raid based on the fact they would of had less health to deal with mechanics than your raid has now making the fights a bit harder to heal because you don't have that cushion of extra health. What you're saying will translate when we have 560+ ilvl where we can drop regen for throughput, but I don't think is the case with a new tier. SoO mechanics are going to be hitting harder than ToT is currently = more healing which may require more regen depending on fight lengths and/or how many mechanics are hitting the raid.
  3. [Resto] Mists of Pandaria 5.4

    You must understand that you're progressing through your guilds content with much higher ilvl than what some of the druids here were at during their progression. I believe I was around 512 ilvl when I started progression and finished at 530 at ra-den without my cloak and I tried to keep as much spirit as I could throughout progression. Unless the fight permits us to not use any spells to give the healers a break then I think spirit is still my best option for 10mans. I think the safest way to head into a new tier is to cover your ass with spirit since you'll most likely be over healing the fight to some extent in the beginning purely because you don't know the encounter that well.
  4. [Resto] Cataclysm 4.3 (Dragon Soul)

    It depends on the fight and how you feel you are going on mana during each encounter. Mastery is definitely our main stat once we have reached 2005haste (2032woe). Fights where the raid is grouping up a lot is worth breaking out of spirit and going into mastery and where burst healing is required i.e Madness instant meteors and where you have breaks in healing to regain mana from burst healing. I think its preference based on whether or not druids go mastery builds.
  5. [Resto] Cataclysm 4.3 (Dragon Soul)

    Probably because it's being counted as an absorbed heal so cancelling any chance of going onto another player.