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  1. [Ret 6.2 WoD] Retribution Concordance (RetCon)

    The main reason we wait until 5 HP to cast the finisher instead of slamming it at 3 because it's more important to keep our HP generators on CD as much as possible. We put CS > 3 HP TV not because of the Damage of the 1 CS vs the damage of 1 TV but because of the DPS increase that comes from have 0 open GCDs. Keep in mind 3 HP TV is not off the list entirely and we do still hit it quite a bit at low lvls of gear. But if we can generate another HP instead, then we should. In theory, at X value of haste where X is "Enough" we could get to a point where we can hit TV/FV or even Seraphim ASAP and never have an open GCD. And even in this scenario we are still getting the exact same amount of TV casts whether we use it at 3 or at 5 HP. One scenario we always hit it at 3, which means our very first one comes out 2 GCDs early, and you are slightly ahead all fight, but in the scenario where we wait for 5 we end up with a pool of 2 HP the whole fight, and at the end do something like TV CS TV as the last hit on the boss, making up for the one we didn't cast at the start. This mindset of keep the HP generators on CD as efficiently as possible is a model that is followed by almost every class. Whether you're a rogue, DK, Destro-lock (And probably the other specs though I've never played them) Mage or whatever, When they give you a "combo point" system, you generally want to generate as many combo points as you can throughout the duration of the fight, without over generating/wasting potential points. If you're looking at just the first 20 seconds of a fight (or if you're just talking about fighting quest mobs) then you don't really need to generate a lot of HP to kill them and if the mob is dying within 6 GCDs then the 5:1 ratio you mentioned does look bad compared to 3:1. But if you look at the duration of the full boss fight you do (try) to keep your 2 HP pooled the whole fight, so after the first "get to 5" you only ever spend 3 at a time and the ratio is still 3:1.
  2. Prot [5.4] - EF You

    Sorry if it's a little off topic, I've been away from the forums for a bit. Regarding the T16 2-piece bonus of Healing for 75% of dmg taken while DP is up. Has anyone tested to confirm is that is before or after mitigation? I'm wondering for the sake of Effective Healing you get based on when you use it/is it glyphed or not. I understand that even if it's not glyphed it will still take into account physical dmg dealt to you while it was up, but the magic dmg you were dealt while it was up will either heal you for how much you would have taken without it up, or the amount you did take after 40% reduction. If the amount of the heal is based on dmg take after mitigation (Which I suspect based on the wording of the effect) then it may be better to keep it glyphed for fights like Lie Shi or Immersus where you know you will take a lot of Magic dmg. Of course only do this if you healers know what's going on, and you know you will survive Corrosive Blast/that 12th stack of rushing waters or whatever. This will make you take more damage from the initial hit, but also heal more of it back up after.
  3. I suppose in situations with many high health adds to AoE down (Such as Windlord in HoF) you would probably replace Judgement with HotR, though (But keep Exo (glyphed to do AoE)) Typically we would switch to our Multi-target rotation (Same as single target, but with HotR and DS instead of CS and TV) at two targets, but I suppose that wouldn't necessarily be try during AW. The rotation becomes HoW, Exo>HotR, Inq/DS, repeat probably at 4 targets, 3 if you have a high amount of mastery (Doubtful since we typically gem/reforge any excess stats into haste) But to be certain you'd have to sim your gear. I think 4 targets will, on average, be the point of doing more dps than the single target rotation. 5 if you are below the average "raid ready" gear and 3 if you are above the average. (Oh, and don't forget ES/LH in there somewhere. With the level 90 talent having a 1 min. CD and AW two you should be using it near the beginning of AW, once while AW is on CD (Right when it comes up) and again during the second AW. The only exception is if you also have Guardian up. You want to wait for 20 stacks before using the level 90.)
  4. I know it's been discussed in length already but I feel one point was missed. From OP: I'm using JC and BS as my professions, I was wondering what I should be doing with prismatic sockets. Sounds to me like if 2 haste > 1 Str (I don't know how to work SimC but I'm at 485 gear, so I assume I've reached the inflection point) then I should be using haste yellows and that makes sense. But what do i do with my serpent's eye gems? Again I haven't run simc but I don't think 480 Has > 320 str (at least not yet.) I guess JC is just underpowered. Based on past experiences I don't think they're going to buff it either and when epic gems come out, JC will be almost useless. Maybe it's time to switch something else.
  5. Rogue Simple Questions

    Hey I've been looking around for a few minutes and tried to do a search, but it didn't find any results. Where is the subtlety rogue forum?
  6. How Mr. Robot Feels about Hit Caps | Ask Mr. Robot's Blog (I do not own any part of this, nor do I claim to have provided any input towards or against its production or publication.) Just wondering what everyone else thought about this sort of thing. Basically the site talks about why it might be sub-optimal to get the hit cap (And maybe the exp cap by the same argument.) For the record I do not necessarily support this idea of not aiming for hit/exp cap, But I am going back and forth with reasons for and against it.
  7. Maybe I misunderstood something in the OP but I seem to be the only person unsure. (I haven't gotten the chance to play WoW Since just before MoP came out, but I'm about to start again, and wanted to check here for what has changed.) The single target priority mentions the use of ES and the multi-target priority mentions the LH. Which makes perfect sense, but you only get to have one, am I wrong? Given that LH > ES with 1.5~1.7 targets I would think LH is going to be more total damage done through the duration of a raid, so does it fit into the single target priority at all or would it not be cast at all for single target fights? Also I'm a bit confused on what is being said about gems. "if 2 has > 1 str" Last time I checked it wasn't (back in Cata) and I don't understand the math behind how it might be now. So t14H gear, at exp and hit cap, we still do 1 str >2 has or not? Under what circumstances IS 2 has > 1 str?
  8. Paladin Simple Questions: Cataclysmic Mode

    I was under the impression that we should be using SoR for multi-target fights. Does anyone know the exact number of mobs where SoR becomes better than SoT? I've assumed it was 3, but I'm not actually sure.
  9. [Prot] 4.3 - Send me on my way

    A question on block cap again. I was trolling around the Shimmering Expanse and decided to pull Velskar (huge boss level "beast" similar to the whale shark, less health and deals less damage) I have 16.91% dodge 16.57% parry, and 64.82% block. (64.82 + 5 + 16.57 + 16.91 = 103.30 = more than capped.) I dodged/parried the first few attacks, blocked a couple in a row. Then suddenly I was hit for 100k+ by two in a row. I guess this is because of the "diminishing returns" of dodge and parry? Does anyone know how the math for that works out? Should it be noted as a better idea to have block over dodge/parry Even while at the cap, because of this? Edit: Late thought: Perhaps I'm looking at this wrong, and I should get dodge/parry to around 18 or 20 each, and block down to ~60. But the issue still remains, if you dodge or parry the first attack of an encounter, aren't you no longer block capped? How long does that last?
  10. [Prot] 4.3 - Send me on my way

    I apologize if this has already been addressed, but I cannot find it (admittedly I'm new to navigating these threads, and might have overlooked it.) Is there a general consensus about whether its better to gear for more avoidance, or more dps/threat after the "avoidance cap", or perhaps more stamina? Looking at the available end game gear right now, I think that the stamina will come naturally, and I for one support the idea of Main tanks prioritizing threat, and Off-tanks continuing to stack avoidance. Thus leaving Stamina completely out of the question, and any picked up is just a bonus. However, I also realize that if the MT has 26 exp, and 8% hit, the OT will probably not be able to taunt off and hold aggro. Further more, having stacked extra avoidance, the OT will actually be more survivable. So maybe I have them backwards. A small side note, I think the term "avoidance cap" is a bit misleading. I understand that it means you totally avoid ever taking a full hit, but I would be in favor of changing the terminology to "mastery" or "Block cap". Just a thought. One final thing I've been wondering about, and can't find a discussion in these forums; Tanking vs. bosses who spam spells, instead of physical damage. At the avoidance cap it seems I take more damage from enemies spamming shadow spells more than anything. And without any attacks to block you aren't gaining mana very quickly. Is it perhaps sensible to use the Effulgent Shadowspirit Diamond meta gem? It seems to me that 2% reduced damage from spells would be more helpful than 1% block value.