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  1. Rogue Simple Questions

    This might be silly but I didn't see the answer anywhere. This tier we often pop hero on the pull. With Pots/Trinkets/CDs at the start, I wind up capping energy very often if I try to use my blindside procs. Is it better in this case to just ignore the proc and continue to spam Mutilate? I don't want to energy cap, and Mutilate will give more CPs (and therefore more Envenoms to spam). It also costs more energy so I don't wind up capping. If using Dispatch on a blindside proc during hero would cause energy cap, should we still use it?
  2. ShadowCraft for Mists of Pandaria

    There is a dropdown (click on the gear at the top) which allows you to refresh from armory which will do exactly what you are asking for. It keeps the last setting you had manaully done, in case you are working on something between visits to the website. Although you may prefer it to always reload from Armory when you first connect, not all users would want such a feature. Just click the gear and select "Import from Armory" and it will go to your active Armory spec, gear, etc. EDIT: Unless you are saying you used that, and it didn't switch to the Armory spec which then I would agree should be changed.
  3. Assassination from the Mists

    If you know it's about to expire wouldn't vanishing -> Mutilate -> Rupture be a better solution? (Assuming Shadow Focus)
  4. [5.4 Combat] I'm Not Dead Yet

    I seem to remember a blue post which suggested decoupling AR+SB with 4pc was an intended DPS increase for those that wanted it, and not doing so would likely cause a small DPS drop due to capping energy. I also seem to have problems with CP capping. My UI delays just a little bit and with RvS + SB + AR in 4pc, sometimes I wind up with 4 anticipation points after 1 SS, and since I am spamming the button by the time I realize I need to Evis it's already too late and another SS comes out. Any delay or lag on your client side really makes the GCD difficult to deal with during that time.
  5. Rogue Simple Questions

    RoR modelling is a little glitchy. Or perhaps it is working perfectly and I just have a hard time dealing with it. I was using VP Talisman and normal RSC, and on our first Lei Shen kill I had RoR drop to me (nobody else could use it.) I assumed (oops) that it would be a DPS increase and Shadowcraft gave it a small edge after reforging over RSC. This does not seem to be the case in practice. When it procs at the beginning of most fights and my crit/haste drop to 0, my startup rotation gets significantly longer. It feels clunky and overall I believe my DPS is suffering. I've tried to delay the proc by unequip/requipping right before the pull, and in a few cases it still went off immediately on the pull. Shadowcraft also seems to update my stat weights after reforging so drastically that hitting "Reforge All" twice in a row gives me two COMPLETELY different reforges and stat weights. They flip flop over and over with about a 3k difference in DPS. I reforged for the higher one. I think its my best option at this point to item restore the RSC and get rid of RoR. Although shadowcraft gives it a VERY slight edge over RSC, it does not seem to be worth the hassle and a proc at the wrong time FEELS like a significant DPS loss. (Obviously a feeling is no math base, but I bet if you calculated 0crit 0haste and 28000 Mastery during a pull where you are getting up Rupture/SnD instead of Envenom, it's going to be a pretty good loss overall.) (I guess my 'simple question' is looking for confirmation that RoR needs to be ditched for either 2/2 Normal Bottle or normal mode RSC. Both which seem close in DPS via shadowcraft.)
  6. Rogue Simple Questions

    I knew that - but since the Dispatch ability specifically says it "replaces sinister strike", I thought it'd be worth testing. I assumed it wouldn't work, but figured I'd ask since I never heard anyone say anything on it. Thanks! :D
  7. Rogue Simple Questions

    This is probably a dumb question. Does the 2pc T14 bonus (15% increase to Sinister Strike) also apply to Dispatch, since dispatch takes it's place in assassination spec? My guess is "no" since they are different spells, but since Dispatch states it replaces Sinister Strike in Assassination spec, I thought it actually might. (I would test this myself, but I do not have my 2PC yet. I have been severely unlucky since getting a ton of drops the first 2 weeks of Sha/Galleon kills. Woe is me!)
  8. Assassination from the Mists

    How does the new Trinket stack up against Relic of Xuen (and the others, I suppose) from the new 5.1 Faction? I havn't really seen it discussed. Woundripper Medallion - Trinkets - Armor - Items - WowDB ilvl: 496 1152 Agility On use: 3838Crit for 15sec (60sec CD)
  9. Rogue Simple Questions

    If you read my entire post and take that quote in context, that is exactly what I was saying. I never suggested you clip Envenom (or anything else) just for the sake of spending CPs. Anyone with a basic understanding of Assassination would know you want to avoid that. The portion you quoted was simply a way of saying you pretty much never want to purposely stack all the way to 5 Anticipation points when there are things (like Envenom or Refreshing of Rupture) that you can spend the points on. I apologize if I wasn't clear originally.
  10. Rogue Simple Questions

    Depends on your situation. There are times where you might want to stock CPs in the way you described - like when you have Shadow Blades up in Assassination, and your Envenom buff is on the target already, you don't need to refresh Rupture, and you don't have multiple targets so CT isn't really worthwhile. In a case like that, I will stack to 5 Anticipation charges and then spend them on Envenom when its about to fall or Rupture when it's about to fall. Otherwise, I try to stay at 1-2 charges max. If you are at 4CP, use another CP gainer. This might put you up to 6/7 (5 CPs + 1 or 2 Anticipation). At that point, use a finisher and then start gaining again. There really is no reason to save up the charges in most situations. If you are combat spec, there is the case where you are in medium insight and close to deep, where it might be worthwhile to save your charges to hvae 2 finishers during Deep insight, but I don't know enough about that spec to comment if it's worthwhile. I think a good rule of thumb is spend 'em if you got 'em, if there is something you can spend 'em on. You should only pool CPs if you are forced to do so. Once you are comfortable with that, you can start experimenting with pooling CPs for specific situations.
  11. Assassination from the Mists

    Apparently I must be confused if we are supposed to open with Garrote. My typical opening is: [stealth]Mutilate (Shadow Focus) Mutilate Dispatch(if proc'd and at 4CPs) Rupture (4-5cps) Dispatch(if proc'd from before and not used) SnD Normal Rotation 4-5cp envenoms while keeping Rupture up. The more I think about it, I should probably use SnD first before Mutilate due to our overwhelming amount of damage from passive, but I've gotten so used to this it's automatic. Until I see math that says otherwise, I'll continue to do this rotation. Opening with Mutilate (unless I am overthinking this) gives: 2x Chance to proc Poisons Chance to proc Blindside Chance to give 2-3 CPs Garrote would start energetic recovery and delay our first Rupture - allowing us to get SnD up a little earlier in the opening. Does this outweigh the benefits of an extra CP, Blindside Proc, and Poisons? (all not 100%, of course..)
  12. Rogue Simple Questions

    I am wondering if the change to Poisons (moving to be Melee Hit from Spell Hit) is also the cause of a significantly higher proc rate for Assassination. I JUST got my daggers, so I am not sure if poisons always were able to proc the stacks, or if the original intent was just CP Builders and Finishers. Now that poisons are on the melee hit we could be getting a significant boost (in all specs, but especially mutilate) on stacks. Of course this COULD be intentional due to all the other changes of 5.0.4. The proc itself wouldn't have changed (which would be technically correct based on the blue post) but since poisons would now be in the fold to cause procs, the effective stacking rate would be increased across all specs, with Assassination getting the greatest boost. Just some thoughts.
  13. Combat Guide for Cata [12/01/2011]

    What is the most advantageous opening for Combat now? [subterfuge]+Ambushx2->SnD->RvS (4pt SnD) [subterfuge]+Ambushx2->RvS->SnD (5pt SnD) [shadow Focus]+Ambush->RvS->SS->SnD (4 or 5pt SnD) [shadow Focus]+Ambush->SnD->RvS (2pt SnD) My initial thoughts were to go with the latter, getting SnD up ASAP and with the free Ambush I am getting a 2pt SnD for free and wasting minimal energy due to capping at the start. This also lets me go into normal rotation at full energy. However, if the damage is enough, fitting in 2 Ambushes via Subterfuge gets me a longer SnD, but has me energy starved at the start of the fight. Likely would be fine if you start with that and immediately go into KS or AR on a single-target fight. As an afterthought, I am guessing for Combat, Ambush > Garrote regardless of your choice in opening rotation. (Not sure if this post belongs in here or in the Simple Questions thread for Mists, since we dont' have a new Combat thread up yet.)
  14. Rogue Simple Questions

    Not sure if anyone has noticed/tested, but I have exactly 7.5% (768 hit rating) and I am missing the Raiders Test Dummy with Sinister Strikes. My character sheet has a 0.00% chance to miss a level 88 boss with a special, and yet I am missing. (Log says missed, not dodged or parried.) http://i.imgur.com/YOmc7.jpg Not sure if I am missing something or if the character sheet is off... I am missing enough to notice a significant issue, so I am guessing it's not a rounding error where I can't see a .004 miss chance. I thought the new cap was 7.5 (and per the character sheet it appears to be for both Expertise and Hit.) Am I missing something here?