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  • Alternate Characters wats an alt? is that like another ret pally you play when your bored of your main ret pally?
  1. During wings its CD doesnt matter, because the priority with SW becomes HoW-*thing*-HoW-TV- repeat to infinity. Also the reason CS hits harder than judgement is it scales with wep damage, while judgement does not. The better your weapon, the bigger the margin.
  2. some comments for the article: Given the discussions over the past few months, would it be save to say that the 640 haste is the way to go here, rather than it still be in question? It may be worth mentioning other Tinkers such as rocket boosts and goblin glider here. They provide some valuable mechanics for certain fights (fight which involve fall damage and fast movement phases). Also may be worth mentioning the Engineer helm, while obselete for top end raids, appears to be a BiS for Challenge mode dungeons due to the mass amount of stats provided by the gears. Realistically there is only 1 glyph that would provide utility to a fight: Falling avenger. Some fights use fall damage as a mechanic (Iron Jug) so falling avenger can help with increased survivability at times. Hasty hearth assists with your repair bill. If you see an obvious wipe incoming you can bubble-hearth before suffering the death, thus losing your buffs and causing gear dmg. I recommend setting hearth to 2moon/7star so you can fly right back into raid with ease. might need slight re-wording with respect to meta and thok's tail adjustments.
  3. for some reason i seem to remember the 4set being gaining 1 hopo when 3 are spent. if you use the holy helm as 1 of the 4 pieces, you can use the max mana meta for 3 quick spam flash heals
  4. where exactly were you planning on getting this hp before pull? i dont think any bosses have at least 8 critters running around for you to pre-hp. i am 99% certain when changing from holy spec to ret spec your hp is removed, same as your mana.
  5. depends how fast your spoils tank is :p having said that, would that kind of fight change our BiS list for trinkets? mainly referring to [iTEM]102295[/iTEM]
  6. In term of stat weights, the difference between crit and mastery according to the figures you posted are 0.01 in favour of crit. while it is a difference, it is a very marginal one. Having said that, unless you plan on running 2 sets of gear for AoE / Single target situations, running crit once you have Thok's tail tip is probably the way to go this tier. prior to thok's tail is still a matter for debate... As a general FYI, Thok does not drop a sword. He drops a polearm. As for weapon speed, every 2H ret paladin weapon since Firelands has been a 3.6 second swing timer (Sulfuras, oh how i miss your 3.8 swing) so it is not a figure you need to pay much attention to. your weapon speed will be lowered by your haste, which is part of the reason it is so valuable. The other primary reason is Sanctity of Battle causing haste to lower all our primary abilities and GCD.
  7. is it worth running DP on spoils even if u dont have your 4p yet? i havent done enough attempts to get a live feeling between SW and DP, but while running DP on one attempt i had one short window of luck and got 3 successions of DP for DS and overtook 3 people in dps over those 4 globals O.o usually tanks will open some smaller crates while taking down the boss adds. if your DPS isnt hugely fantastic its the only way to make the timer
  8. i know this will probably be a very rare circumstance, but possible all the same. what about those who have t16p2 and t15p2? are there any rotation changes for this setup?
  9. I understand the logic behind this. however LAotL fits this logic better than SoL as it is more on-demand. PoJ is more useful for fights that involve constant kiting like Primordius. So far i havent found any fights with that much movement. The movement is normally bouncing between add spawns then sitting still for a few seconds while you kill it. When that add dies you generally have only Judgement to cast as you close anyway (as you may be running mass exo, and the new target most likely isnt below 20% health for HoW). This seems like a better solution than forcing yourself to bank 3hp for the full 30% speed buff as an add dies, as doing so may screw up your rotation. the haste boot enchant is of course better for raw stats. it may suck a bit but considering LAotL with haste boots may be the best setup for closing gaps quick and raw stats for SoO
  10. yes, this was mentioned before and confirmed that the inquisition glyph only works for Killing blows. Norushen and maybe immerseus would be the only fight with reliable use of this glyph, as you are not guaranteed to kill an add with your final hit in other situations.
  11. I am not sure if you are saying you do your pve in prot or ret, however as of 5.3 the gear choice for prot and ret were actually the same thanks to active mitigation. additionally, SoI was considered baseline for prot. I am not sure if the adjustment to SoI glyph and Grand Crusader has caused this to change, but ret equipment with prot spec is still viable not only for survivability but also unleashing damage in PvE situations (but not so much pvp due to nerfing of vengeance) In a match of prot vs ret, the ret will always win. why? because ret maintains just enough self heals and survival to mitigate what little damage a prot can do without the assistance of vengeance, while the ret can beat through the survival of a prot until a window of opportunity presents itself to burst cooldowns and finish the job. If you want some more information about pvp-specific, including world pvp, best recommendation i can make would be to take a look at the Arena Junkies forums. Elitist Jerks mostly covers maximum dps in a pve situation.
  12. Strength provides parry, and agility provides dodge. i tote ~14% parry in my full tyr from last season. it is not worth stacking expertise to thry and beat through 14% parry or the 14% chance i would imagine leather/mail wearers run, especially when warriors have Die By The Sword and rogues have Evasion. during these times, you are best to utilize exorcism, and possibly even wrath if it is available to you (think lily pad from Sele'na) being parried is not the end of the world for a ret paladin, as our HP is not spent when TV is parried. Judge and HoW can be dodged but not parried. Best advice i can give you for timeless isle pvp (as i imagine that is what you are referring to with all of this) is to run around in Seal of Insight; the on-hit heal, passive increase to heals and passive increase to spell haste make you much harder to kill for 1-2 targets. change back into SoT (and make sure you run Burden of Guilt Glyph) and bust out all your burst on one target, pray you kill something (your a ret pally, you WILL kill something) and get back into SoI and progressively work your health back up.
  13. Was going to ask earlier about preference of movement talent, however this and the OP cover PoJ as the generic winner. some quick notes: " Hand of Purity - Reduce target's damage taken by 10% and harmful periodic (DoTs) damage taken by 70% for 6 sec. 30 sec CD Unbreakable Spirit - When DivShield, DivProt, or LoH are on CD, spending HP reduces CD by 1% per HP spent. Max 50% reduction. Light's Hammer - 10 yard AOE. 3268 to 3993 (+ 32.1% SP) Holy damage to enemies and healing to allies every 2 sec for 15 sec. 1 min CD. " These need to be updated in the OP. " Evil is a point of view - It has no CD so breakage is less of an issue, but the target runs wildly around, causing worry of additional pull or positioning for re-CC. " I thought Turn Evil now had a baseline 15 second cooldown? Also a quick question. Glyph on Inq; does it proc from a killing blow only or participation in the defeat of the enemy? would that make this glyph almost crucial for multi-add fights? (more uptime on inq = more hp for TV instead of buff refresh)
  14. I still feel a bit wierd reforging crit to mastery instead of exp and as a result losing str, but the free DS mixed with big TV hits justified it... i think... the only thing i would nit-pick in this build is the choice of boot enchant. im assuming you run with PoJ for the additional runspeed instead of LAotL and as a result do not need Pandaren's Step. On that note given the amount of haste we will be getting next tier, wouldnt LAotL be more valuable than PoJ given that our judgement cooldown would almost be at a point of having 100% (or close to) uptime on the speed buff? at max tier with max haste, what is the cooldown of judgement (inside and outside lust)?
  15. Effect #2 Heal Value: 475 to 525 Value: 95000 to 105000 - Heroic Value: 760000 to 840000 - Challenge Mode Given those labels, id say definitely a mechanic never introduced for a dungeon boss. If you see those on a spell listed in Wowhead in future, it is most likely a NPC ability.