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  1. [Resto] Simple questions + WoL Feedback

    Once again I'd like to get my logs analyzed for further improvements. I'm rather happy with my current playstyle and output tho, but obv I bet there are things you can improve :-) http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/38asph3bvd1v8uqi/ This is a recent log with our HC farm up to Thok (unfortunately with a little AQ-rep-thingy). I'm usually aware of Harmony & LB, but lets see what you guys can find. This is my armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/sylvanas/Treenicillin/simple I'd also like to get some hints about Thok, here are some of our tries: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/xbu188x2h5n7z94t/ http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/9zt13ro3j8rni6va/sum/healingDone/?enc=wipes&boss=71529 I'm really curious about SotF <=> ToL and HotW <=> NV. I'm using ToL & NV while the other Druid is using SotF & HotW. I usually do the following: - try to get RJ on as many ppl as possible - use SM & WG on cooldown - bloom shrooms regularly and replace them as soon as possible - pop NV & ToL around screech7 and make use of LB (just keep RJ for SM) and instant regrowths - use barkskin & ironbark - pop tranq with BoP With 2 Druids and 1 Disc it feels rather hard to top ppl, but we managed to get 22-27 stacks in P1. I did some math on the talent-thingy and think that you do better with ToL, while HotW & NV seems to be rather equal (ignoring the fact that it's up when you need it). Any tips appreciated, regards, Tree
  2. [Resto] Mists of Pandaria 5.4

    Thanks a lot for your encouraging words. I never reforged/gemmed for CMs or stuff like that, cse I was mainly "only" going for golds and it wasn't necessary. Most of your hints I was already aware of (e.g. using HLG & DSD instead of the Nazgrim one). The hint that made it is using HotW instead of NV. I couldn't imagine that it's that much difference. I chose wave 7 to pop it (the one with 2 conquerors and 1 small hive-aoe-shit). Pop it ~5 seconds into the wave, dot every mob, wait for enrage. Then Ironbark, pop treants and nuke with your dps. The dmg income is really low, and you are able to finish the wave (even wave27) with 1-4 seconds spare. That way you only have 1 small fireball mob from wave 8 up, when wave 9 hits. That way the only dmg income in the nasty wave 9 is from the aoe mob, which you can more easily heal without any spikes from the fireball-mobs. Made it to wave 36 in my first try I was using HotW :-)
  3. [Resto] Mists of Pandaria 5.4

    Hi guys, I'm looking for some tips for PG@Endless. I can repeatable reach wave 28-30, but those waves fuck me up. I watched Hamlets vid @youtube and I can't see much difference to my playstyle (e.g. spell-distribution is equal). I use Displacer, YG, Typhoon, FoN, Bash & NV. Glyphs: Efflo, RG & Fae Silence. Wave x1: I silence & bash the caster as much as possible, nothing else to do Wave x2: I start with a Typhoon, wait for the rogue to stun the AoE-Hive-Mob, then interrupt it, then stun it. It barely gets a cast off, everything else is easy Wave x3/x4: nothing special Wave x5: I Tranq that one after I interrupt/cc the AoE-Hive-Mob a lot again Wave x6/x7: nothing special Wave x8: knock them all back, silence one, interrupt another. Keep Reju up on everyone, SM/NS for peaks. I usually get that wave down, but lose ~25-30% mana. Wave x9: I immediately start interrupting the AoE-Hive-Mob, cse Wave x8 is still alive. That's where it gets messy. I hot a lot and use Tranq one more time. Sometimes I also spam some RGs to top everyone Wave x10: if I reach that phase and don't get blasted away by the AoE-Hive-Mob from the wave before, I'm oom (only for Wave 30, for wave 9/19 I have enough mana left to recover) What do I do in general: - Fae Silence, Bash and Typhoon when I have spare time (at least Bash & Typhoon on cd, Silence sucks cse of Bear Form and is sometimes risky for Oto) - LBx3 on Oto & Mushroom under Oto obv - Reju on Oto when he gets more dmg than Efflo/LB can heal - Make use of Nourish (2.5-3%) on Oto - Get rid of the Virmen-Debuff with either a Reju or a few Nourish - I dispell the melees. If I have the debuff, I use Deterrence and /cancelaura - I barely pop my Mushroom - I pop a Treant right before the 3rd charge is full (on heavy dmg situations I use all three) - NV nearly on CD - I do not use Cyclone/Roots/Disorienting Roar, cse the important mobs are immune to it The thing is, sometimes I enter waves with full mana cse everything went nice and in the next try I barely have any mana left in the same wave. My main problems: - The AoE-Hive-Mobs are not interrupted and doing a shit load of dmg - The caster-mobs focus one dps, nearly killing them - I never can drink after every 10th wave, because my mobs are not dead yet (I do zero dmg, sometimes I cast a few Wrath and Moonfire the mobs, if I'm @full mana) I really like that feature, but it bothers me that ppl are getting to wave40 -> 60 without any probs and I always struggle @wave30. I cleared ToT 11/13hc and SoO 13/14 so far, playing the Druid since TBC and thought I'm a not too bad tbh. Is there something I overlook? I had ~5 tries in a row now where I wiped @wave29.
  4. [Resto] Mists of Pandaria 5.4

    I liked the FoN change yesterday, they did ~6.5-7% of my healing done with not too much overheal. Tho I'd like to know whether or not it is viable/important to go for another haste cap with FoN ?_?
  5. [Resto] Simple questions + WoL Feedback

    Regarding Tsulung healing: Tsulongevity, Part 1: Druid Strategies | healiocentric "Talents: NS, SotF, HotW (normal)/NV (Heroic) Glyphs: Glyph of Blooming, Glyph of Regrowth, (Glyph of Healing Touch – if you lack 4-piece t14) Between breaths: Get 3xLB up, refresh it with 4 sec to Sun Breath cast; keep Rejuvenation rolling (but do not overwrite a Bathed-in-Light-boosted Rejuv); use Swiftmend as soon as it comes off cooldown, then hold it ’til the next Sun Breath; cast Healing Touch unless you have Omen of Clarity/Clearcasting, in which case cast Regrowth. During breaths: Swiftmend, Rejuvenation, Regrowth, Regrowth, Wild Growth or NS/HT; allow LB to bloom"
  6. [Resto] Simple questions + WoL Feedback

    I do not click with my mouse. I have the trinket bound to a hotkey (alt+1) which I press when it's off cd, I'm infight and below 280k mana. My improvement after Quincunx feedback is, that I now have an indicator on screen if the trinket is off cd.
  7. [Resto] Simple questions + WoL Feedback

    I was not speaking about keybinds in general, sorry. I was speaking about binding trinkets to a spell like Reju in a macro ;-) ofc I try to keybind every spell possible.
  8. [Resto] Simple questions + WoL Feedback

    Thanks a lot for your objective feedback!! I know that I can use ToL and Trinket more often. I don't like to bind them on a spell so I may use a little indicator on the screen when both cooldowns are ready to improve that behaviour. I will also try to re-gem a little and change that glyph.
  9. [Resto] Simple questions + WoL Feedback

    Hi guys, I'm playing my druid since early TBC and switched a lot in specs, being either heal or tank. I remember the times where you rolled LB on everyone or you were using Reju mainly. Time has come to look for serious improvement, thats why I'd really like to get feedback on my char and my playstyle to see where I can improve, so any feedback/constructive criticism is welcome :-) Armory: Treenicillin @ Sylvanas - Community - World of Warcraft WoL: World of Logs - Real Time Raid Analysis Thanks in advance! edit: seems that I logged out with tank-gear. Shouldn't be a big deal as I use an i492-equipset with 3060 haste and reforging to mastery, having 9k spirit.