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  1. DRW isn't *quite* that terrible. Just almost that terrible. Farther back in the topic there was some intrigue in the details. If you care to see the discussion, it starts here and mostly remains on that same page. Basically what was determined is that the Rune Weapon--by "not copying our weapon damage"--rejects your equipped weapon's damage and substitutes its own. If you have a good weapon (read: any weapon better than a Cataclysm leveling green) then the Rune Weapon's damage will be lower than yours. If you have an ilvl 15 vendor white then the Rune Weapon will actually outdamage you. Through testing of my own at the time I recall coming up with the phrase "Cataclysm leveling green" to describe it, so the weapon damage it works with should be roughly 2500. Sorry, logs from the time have expired and so has my sub, so I can't go check. :ph34r: For clarity, its weapon damage does increase with our AP, exactly as weapon damage ought to. Not to nitpick, just to explain. The difference is only 9k AP for higher DPE on DC than RS.
  2. Eh, not exactly. They fixed the bug where we would get 10 Runic with a Crimson Scourge proc'd Blood Boil. Now we don't get the Runic anymore. Sad day, sad day - as if we really needed dps nerfs. (bug fixes that make us weaker without anything to compensate is a nerf in my mind)
  3. There's a section on exactly that in the Blood thread. http://elitistjerks.com/f72/t130560-blood_tanking_actively_mitigating_since_before_cool/#Death_Siphon_AP_break_points Weapons have gone up a bit, but he shows enough of his work in the spoiler below for you to easily plug in your own weapon damage and plot each spell's vengeance against damage done. If you want Necrotic Strike's damage as well then simply plug in its weapon damage coefficient (150%). Note that the equations there are mildly dated; Death Strike's coefficient is no longer 280% and Heart Strike's isn't 115%. They're 259% and 105% respectively. Here is, for reference, Death Siphon versus Necrotic Strike with a 522 weapon (wolfram alpha because lazy): So at 101,370 AP (not just vengeance, remember you have AP from the Strength on your gear) Death Siphon catches up and then pulls ahead. Shouldn't be too hard to figure from there I hope. Ignore that, Tyvi has pointed out that I missed a Death Siphon nerf in my example... derp The proper breakpoint is 148,156. See his post below.
  4. Diseases spread via Pestilence (regardless of whether it was by the actual spell or via Roiling Blood) count as newly applied diseases, and do not retain buffs or anything from the “source†diseases. They enjoy a reset duration of 30 seconds and employ whatever stats you have at the time of casting Pestilence. The source diseases, however, are unaffected by this. That means that it’s possible to perform a Festerblight rotation on Tortos himself and spread diseases to the bats. The diseases on the bats won’t be supercharged, but the ones on Tortos will. Be careful with Roiling Blood on that though; if you accidentally spread from the bats to Tortos, you'll lose your supercharged diseases as they'll resnapshot.
  5. [Resto] Simple questions + WoL Feedback

    Could some kind soul point me in the direction of how to find higher haste breakpoints than are typically shown in guides/graphs and such? Either a chart/source that goes significantly farther than the Resto Guide here does (I'm thinking at least 150% haste rating) or the formulae to mathematically compute said breakpoints would be perfect. The unnecessary backstory: I've been toying around with Berserking a bit lately, since I've always been a strong believer that being able to keep up when things get rough is vastly more important than having a small amount more throughput for the entire fight. At the suggested 3043 haste rating, I'm only a couple of % away from additional Tranquility, Lifebloom, Wild Growth, Rejuvenation, and Moonfire ticks with Berserking up. A lot happens going from 35% (12.52% + Berserking) to 37.6%, and I'm considering capitalizing on the effectively empowered Incarnation, Tranq, HotW, and just general Rejuv/WG spam. Just going to be doing some testing at first really. At the moment the racial is practically wasted, giving only one Wild Growth tick and a Lifebloom tick. I'll pop it if I want to spam Regrowth or Wrath harder. If my math is right, I can get all this by getting to 3886 Haste. So that's effectively a cost of 842 Mastery, or 2%ish healing. But now I'm wondering if I'm not within 50 haste points of another breakpoint under the effects of SotF or some such bonus. Or perhaps the advanced 6652 is within a Berserking of something worthwhile. (Either that or some source out there that's beaten me to the punch. :v: I try to never ask for hand holding to the extent of making other people do my math, but if it's been done I'll happily be lazy.)
  6. Are we certain that Dancing Rune Weapon works for this mechanic? What I've experienced is that only dodges will avoid stack applications, while he'll still Frigid Assault you even if you parry. (do note when looking at logs that he dual wields, and both attacks strike at once, with 0, 1, or 2 Frigid Assaults following shortly after as appropriate) Log of me taking a round of Frigid Assault And here's one of a Druid/Warrior with the same, to better show the dynamic of Dodge/Parry We're inherently weaker against this mechanic than Agi tanks. It's not likely we'll be able to tank him the whole Frigid Assault without getting stunned. That said, Stamina trinkets seem like an obvious choice for this fight, so their procs/on-use effects can be helpful since, stacks aside, the applications do nontrivial damage.
  7. There are a number of other factors to be considered (how close to cap are you, are you anywhere near rune capping, buffs and procs, if you're near another white hit which may give a fresh KM, rune regen talents, etc), but at face value this can be expressed as the choice between: 1) KM Oblit + x% of a normal Frost Strike 2) KM Frost Strike and normal Oblit Including the meta, physical vulnerability, boss armor, and the pantheon of buffs Oblit gets from talents (diseases and MotFW), a KM Oblit is worth (2 * 1.03) * (230% * 1.3 * 1.4 * 1.1) * 0.68 * 1.04 = 670.81% weapon damage . A Frost Strike gets the meta as well, but it's magic so there's a different vulnerability and no armor, and the crit isn't a guarantee (we'll assume the T14N amount of crit, eh?) making it worth 0.8255 * (105% * 1.1) * 1.05 * x + (2* 1.03 * 0.1745) * (105% * 1.1) * 1.05 * x = x*143.70%% weapon damage average, where x is what % of a Frost Strike you're wasting by going over cap. So if you're at 88 runic and making this choice, you're deciding whether to lose 0.5 Frost Strikes. Total damage for this scenario is 1.437x+6.7081. For scenario 2 we get a more stable number. Assuming all we did before, the Oblit will be worth 0.8255 * (230% * 1.3 * 1.4 * 1.1) * 0.68 * 1.04 + (2 * 1.03 * 0.1745) * (230% * 1.3 * 1.4 * 1.1) * 0.68 * 1.04 = 502.93% weapon damage average And the Frost Strike gets the KM, so (2* 1.03) * (105% * 1.1) * 1.05 = 249.83% weapon damage Totaling: 7.5276 for scenario 2. Now we get to solve for x! 1.437x+6.7081=7.5276 x=0.5703 of a Frost Strike is the breakpoint, or .4297 as the "wasted" amount. Phrasing that in terms of Runic, 8.594 Runic as a breakpoint, obviously wasting less will tend towards scenario 1 and wasting more will favor Frost Striking with KM as in scenario 2. Oblit grants 22 Runic, so any amount you're already at above 78 is what's considered wasted. So if you're at 86 or less runic, go ahead and Oblit. If you're at 87 or more, Frost Strike it. Rune regen talents favor going for the full Frost Strike over a theoretical partial as well, as does the chance of an extra KM proc, so one could push this number even lower. On the whole, capping Runic by anything more than a couple points is just bad news, and KM procs are lovely but not worth losing out on entire other strikes.
  8. That would be too easily gamed in my mind. Build a shield to max (easy to do for tankswap fights) and then subsist on minimum sized shields for quite a long time. Not too difficult to do with a mildly faster rotation, bigger shields, and taking 20% less damage. Although it would certainly be an interesting strategy... That's the trouble with making an effect that's active as long as Bone Shield is - the uptime ranges from 13% to 100% even spamming it on cooldown. I think, if the theme is resource gains tied to Bone Shield, it would need to be based on the expiration of charges as it is. Or it could just be something that triggers whenever you apply Bone Shield and lasts for x amount of time. Like the Warrior one, only decoupled from the actual Bone Shield buff.