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  1. Warlords of Draenor death knight discussion

    If a mob can have multiple instances of Necrotic it seems like in a Protectors style fight that just chain rolling plagues onto the bosses would be a very efficient way to dps, I'm guessing the execute time/dps on it will be pretty attractive. Also in a single target fight being able to time your ticks of Necrotic with your needing to grab aggro seems like a good way to both utilize DPS and snap aggro to you with ease. I'm really excited about the potential for a great looking spell effect on the breath. I also think it might be a great way for blood to keep sustained AoE aggro which is something we lose out to other tanks fairly regularly. I have to say I'm interested to see if they change Bloods mitigation this xpac. It seems like they're very interested in tanks lately and how to make them more engaging to play, anyone have thoughts/read something I haven't?
  2. Hey @Furi0n, I didn't start Tanking until Mists, until then I had been a Mage in a very competitive guild (lots of US top 75s) and was used to having concrete stat weights and breakpoints. The short of it is that the stat weights rely on way too many factors for someone to create a concrete number list. Your mastery can change value based on your total Stamina to an extent and the value of dodge/parry/mastery can change on personal evaluation of your healers in a raid. My philosophy is that during progression content, if you have solid DPS in the raid, you should be gearing to smooth damage. Making healing you easier means your healers can focus your attention elsewhere to make difficult phases/bursts of damage more manageable and keep dps alive to dps harder. Based on some Sims that I've run through SimC using my current gearing and balancing roughly 85:15 Damage Reduction : DPS stats I've landed on the following: (these are how I set them in AMR for the optimizer) Stamina: 1.2 Dodge: 1 Mastery(to 230%): 1 Parry: .95 Haste: .87 Mastery(past 230%): .5 The reason I have Mastery set the way I do is that during my Simulations I found that going past that mastery point was actually detrimental to my TMI (Theck-Meelore Index) rating. I'm guessing it's due to how valuable other stats that were being sacrificed are when rating TMI. I set dodge and parry that way because it balances for where my gearing is at currently, those will probably change significantly now that I'm seeing more and more heroic gear. Again, these are very subject to change but so far I've seen a marked improvement in the size and number of spikes I'm taking in Normal/Heroic content compared with previous weeks.
  3. I wanted to very quickly contribute what ive found with the admittedly flawed sims Ive been able to run. Dodge and Parry seem to have a heavy effect on a Tanks TMI, which I think is important to keep in mind. Currently it valuates parry much higher than dodge but im keeping them balanced according the the DR equation and my incoming damage feels good. It seems like there might be a point where we have more mastery than we can adequately make use of based on boss swings/swing timers, can anyone shed some light on this? Am I not setting up the sim correctly and getting an anomoly?
  4. Hey Cryo, I haven't seen the AMS behavior you described on Immerseus but on normal as long as you have semi-decent dps you won't need to worry about it since it will drop off during the dispersion phase. Do you stream, if so can you PM me a link to a clip of it happening? On a completely different note, from what Simming I have done (relatively low repetitions, I only have a quad core) I'm with a balance of 75% DTPS stat weight and 25% dps stat weight I'm seeing dodge and parry come into a more balanced light with haste as a viable gearing option. I will post up the results I've been cacheing when I get home but was wondering if anyone else is seeing something similar. My choice to go with those ratios of stat weighting is partially due to my being a tank in a 10 man with substantial DPS who are very good at pushing numbers. I could even probably go more heavily into defensive stats to ignore some of the semi dangerous mechanics in certain fights (tanking multiple large adds in Spoils comes to mind).
  5. Was talking about Simcraft for Blood, hence the Riposte reference. It's possible that with the change Dodge/Parry could outweigh Haste as blood values it. I'll mess with it Mend, it was spitting out some really strange numbers recently
  6. I realize this might not be possible right now but are any of the theorycrafters involved in Simulationcraft working with the 5.4 changes at all? I'm still new to manipulating it and can't wrap my head around a way to implement Riposte to try and get accurate stat valuations for Dodge/Parry. If any of you have any help on this it would be much appreciated. Thanks
  7. I'm also 10 man heroic but I think that, much like my normal gearing strategy I'll probably stick to tank meta/cloak and explore a 2/2 tier combination. I'm a gigantic fan of gaming mechanics and don't know that I will want to give up a zero draw back cheat death, but after the bulk of progression is over I'll move away from a mitigation build to more of a balanced focus. It's possible I won't want to give up the 4 piece blood though.
  8. Hey Cryo, interesting numbers, I'm wondering how much of that difference is the change to the meta + the change to how Runic Corruption changes RPPM on live at the moment. Did you try it with Blood Tap?
  9. This has a lot of potential for mechanic gaming. Follow up question: If the cloak is absorbing the damage how would it interact with AMS? Do all of these concurrent absorbs have a "Stack" (former magic player, the thought process never leaves)? For instance, Dark Animus, I'm tanking both massives and get up to 6 stacks of the debuff due to an unlucky situation where I took an anima font at the first attempt to avoid gaining stacks (maybe I was just avoiding the first 2 stack application because of a recent tank swap and just want to delay my gaining any stacks). I have the cloak, purgatory and AMS up and Apply AMS first. They're both swinging at a very slightly staggered timing and they start casting. As far as the game is concerned I'm taking one hit, then the other. The first hit isn't enough to rid me of my AMS but the next one would be enough to kill me; does the game look at the cloak first? Would it absorb the hit, AMS would be left up and I wouldn't get a stack of the debuff? I recognize that something like this a fringe case but if we have some kind of stack priority we can use there's a strong possibility to use the combination of these abilities to totally game encounter mechanics.
  10. Any word from the PTR on what happens with the legendary cloak + Purgatory? Could make for a very powerful "ignore mechanics" set up, or completely negate a talent if the cloak and purg go off at the same time.
  11. It seems, from the discussion at least, that the only important thing for determining relative values in this sim would be the ability to adjust boss abilities and inserting the Death Strike rules, everything else seems a bit extraneous to me. Since the primary complaint with SimC is the "dumb strike" behavior, adjusting that alone would get us to a point where the results have meaning and can be interpreted, we don't need to simulate every possible CD use in various boss situations, just types of incoming damage and the way stat weights affect the total amount of damage. I'd love an easy way to plot damage taken in graph form much like the presentation on World of Logs so we can see a snapshot of peaks and valleys of damage and how the stats are changing them. Slightly Unrelated: Tyvi is there any way for us to move the posts in this discussion related to theorycraft to their own post? My thought is that it might be bogging down the post, maybe that's just my perception.
  12. Mend: That article is part of what spurred my interest in getting some more theorycraft floating around in the DK community. It absolutely makes sense that stamina is the most consistent way to reduce spike damage, if you can reduce the % amount that a hit is subtracting from your stamina (by having a ton of stamina) then that spike is always going to be less "spike-y". His findings in that thread are not just paladin specific, they apply to every tank. DKs just get reach the upper bounds of health totals possible in a given tier. It's be said before, but especially with these findings, I don't think we need to advocate stacking pure stam. The relative value of stam is what makes determining value for secondary/tertiary stats so important. What it allows us to do is place a relative valuation on the stat when reforging/regemming though and that can give us a much better idea about which way to gear efficiently. Further, on progression content stamina becomes king for DKs, which really isn't that surprising but it's nice to have a ton of math (thanks Theck) to support that kind of conclusion. What I hope people realize is that "enough" stamina is not a good enough ideal to shoot for. The goal should be reacting to and assisting with your raids progression. There will be points in progression where your healers need all the help you can get and tanks are getting Dark Parasite/Hard Stare/Arterial Cut combo'd to death. At those points stacking stamina will result in a significant increase in survival and spike smoothness, moreso than mastery would. I think that when you're feeling comfortable with your stamina pool it follows naturally that mastery (for survivability control) and then haste (for dps + control) make the most sense to focus on. They're both going to do something we all chase heavily, which is give us control over our ability to take damage and, to a lesser extent, deal damage. It's a happy coincidence that both of those things can be assisted by our tertiary stat focus if we make it Haste. Our current sim tool supports it (flawed though it may be) and based purely on a logical approach to how damage behaves I'm sure a more refined tool would say the same. Edit: Initial part of post was redundant since someone had already answered the question.
  13. If you're reducing your DTPS you're also smoothing out spikes, but more importantly Theck's work with showing how stamina affects the smoothing of incoming damage (something every tank is concerned with, or should be) directly backs the stats posted. I'll point you towards 2 posts, the logic used here can and should be applied to all tanks: here and here The point is, Haste is more valuable as a tertiary tanking stat than Dodge/Parry. As far as the "unnecessary resource usage" argument, if you're gaming RC/BT properly it's a moot topic because you're setting yourself up to recall the resource nearly immediately or immediately. Being able to fill GCD, smooth out regular damage further and recall reactionary resources on demand is the ultimate goal of a tank. Haste assists more in doing so than Dodge/Parry.
  14. EDIT: After retreading a few things my question can be summarized as: Is there a way to simcraft tank survivability that is somewhat accessible to someone who has a distaste for maths? Second question: Is there a point where a certain amount of haste would become desirable enough to pursue? Like to hit a certain rune regeneration rate?
  15. Based on current information about heroic encounters, is there a "health ceiling" that you would get to, and start moving your stat priority to mastery as a blood tank? If heroic lei Shen is hitting for roughly 170k (theoretical number just to conceptualize around) every 2 seconds, would you shoot for 800k to be able to live through 5 hits in worst case, nearly impossible situations? I read the blood tanking post (very awesome place to begin understanding Blood theory, thank you). It seems that even when you get to the theoretical health ceiling that there would be no reason to stop stacking staming as it effectively makes each hit taken relatively smaller and smooths out healing on a tank, but I'm new so maybe there's a part of the theory here I missed