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  1. League of LegendseSports For some time now, Bora "Yellowstar" Kim has been the face of Fnatic League of Legends. This was perhaps never more true than after the World Championships in 2014, when every other member of the team left to pursue other paths. This put Yellowstar in the position of not only being team captain, but helping to mold four new players into a cohesive team. Everyone involved in that process praised Bora for all of the work he did, and with only one more roster change (bringing back ADC Rekkles), Fnatic went on to an impressive showing at Season 5 Worlds. While Yellowstar has become almost synonomous with Fnatic, he will now be leaving the organization. For their part, Fnatic did their best to try to keep him, offering both a higher salary and options for his future after he retires as a player. However, Bora is determined to seek out new challenges, and that desire is bringing him to the North American LCS for the 2016 season. This would normally spark a lot of discussion and speculation, but many fans already believe they know where he's headed. Team SoloMid has been rumored to have signed Yellowstar since before it was announced he was leaving Fnatic, and that theory only became more popular when the TSM merch store briefly had the option to purchase a Yellowstar jersey, before that was quickly removed. If Yellowstar ends up joining a different team, that would be the move that would generate the most surprise among fans at this point. If Yellowstar does join TSM, it would give that organization arguably the strongest lineup it's ever had. Bora's in-game play and game knowledge are extremely well-regarded, and he could lessen the shot-calling burden on mid-laner Bjergsen (who has stated in the past that he never wanted that responsibility) if the team so desired. The NA LCS is about to be put on notice, as one of Europe's best players is coming state-side.   Source/image credit: Fnatic View the full article
  2. League of LegendseSports Today, the CJ Entus organization announced that mid laner Shin "CoCo" Jin-young and jungler Kang "Ambition" Chan-yong have left the League of Legends team. This announcement comes only a couple weeks after the team finished 2nd in the 2015 LoL KeSPA Cup. Ambition is moving on to join Samsung Galaxy Pro Game Team, but nothing has been made official regarding CoCo's future. Here is the statement released by CJ Entus: Samsung has been re-stocking their roster, after a disappointing finish in both the LCK Summer Split and the LoL KeSPA Cup. Joining Ambition will be former Dignitas AD Carry Jo "CoreJJ" Yong-in as the team attempts to turn things around. Right now, incumbent jungler and AD Carry Eve and Fury (respectively) are still listed as starters, so the organization will have some decisions to make for the coming year. It would be difficult to imagine that Ambition will not take over the starting job, but for now, we'll just have to wait and see. View the full article
  3. Heroes of the StormeSportsMMO German company Bossland has created multiple popular bots for Blizzard Entertainment games, including "StormBuddy", "HonorBuddy", and "DemonBuddy", for Heroes of the Storm, World of WarCraft, and Diablo II, respectively. Unsurprisingly, creating cheating tools has landed the company in legal hot water, with Blizzard filing a lawsuit against James Enright and several other unnamed parties. However, that's where this story takes an interesting turn. While Enright is described as the mastermind behind the operation, that may not be completely accurate. The websites for the cheating programs list Bossland GmbH as the owner, and Bossland’s CEO Zwetan Letschew states that Enright is a freelancer. Apparently, Blizzard offered Enright a deal, and while all of the details have not been made public, it seems it compelled him to hand over the source code for the Heroes of the Storm bot, StormBuddy. This has caused outrage for Letschew, and led to him making the following statement: “Today Blizzard acted in a manner as shady as possible for a multi-billion-dollar corporation. We were informed that the deal compelled [Enright] to submit the entire source code of Stormbuddy, which is actually the intellectual property of Bossland GmbH, to Blizzard. Activision Blizzard is fully aware that Bossland GmbH, and not Apoc, is the owner of the intellectual property of Honorbuddy, Demonbuddy and Stormbuddy, considering that there are six cases that are still in progress […] in Germany.” Letschew now accuses Blizzard of copyright infringement: “Blizzard now possesses the whole Stormbuddy source code. There was no permission given by Bossland GmbH, nor were we contacted by Activision Blizzard, nor had [Enright] the rights to give out our intellectual property.” It can certainly be difficult to tell who's in the right or wrong in cases like these, but a Blizzard representative did release this statement regarding the matter: [url={url}]View the full article[/url]
  4. Thanks for your help mate, my apologies for all the clutter. Feel free to remove the posts should you see fit.

  5. DBM 6.2.15 Released

    Probably same sound. But what are you asking, to stop the sound? to change the sound?
  6. DBM 6.2.15 Released

    So what is it that you want? The default sound for that is the pvp flag sound, unless it's been changed.
  7. DBM 6.2.15 Released

    There is never a trumpet sound from DBM. beware plays for mostly aoe attacks and not debuffs.
  8. 269893World of WarcraftMMOCrafting Somewhere along the way Professions in World of Warcraft went horribly wrong. Once almost required for any player hoping to advance in end game, Professions in Warlords are a mere shadow of what once was. In fact, it can be argued that Professions in the current expansion are hardly worthwhile at all. That all stands to change in Legion, the next WoW expansion. With a plethora of updates and new features, developers are working hard to turn the dismal state of Professions around. Legion Profession Overview The idea in Legion for Professions is to give us much more stuff to do. If you want to log in and spend some time doing something worthwhile with your Professions, you should be able to do that. Professions should feel useful, fun, and something that players want to spend their limited in game time on. Here are some of the ways Professions will be changing in Legion to achieve these goals: Profession Recipes No longer will your Profession Trainer be the sole source of recipes for your Profession. Let's face it, clicking a bunch of times and spending some gold to know every single recipe just is not fun. Instead, players will now be sent out into the world to find recipes via quests. These quests will immerse your character in the story, letting you meet epic characters, further your knowledge of the world, and learn some really cool recipes along the way. Also coming to Profession recipes in Legion are Recipe Ranks. No longer will your journey end once you have learned a recipe. Instead, each recipe will have three ranks that players can go out into the world and try to achieve. Each rank will allow you to make that item more efficiently and better than before. Gathering Nodes If you have any of the gathering Professions, you know how frustrating the process can be. You swoop down to pick an herb only to have someone click it seconds before you did. Even worse, you are fighting a mob in front of ore. All you have to do is defeat it and you can mine away. Just as you kill your foe, another player takes your node without a second though. You are filled with rage and loathing. Legion stands to bring that rage into check. No longer will nodes be stolen from any player. Instead, each node will be shared. Every player that sees a node to collect will be able to harvest it. Hallelujah. Improved UI With tons of new recipes and recipe ranks being added into the mix, the Profession UI was starting to look a bit cluttered. Legion will give us a new and improved UI that will make managing our Professions easier than ever before. With a bigger viewable list of recipes a space for recipe details and a cleaner feel in general, the new UI looks glorious. Also notable in the new UI are a newly added Favorites list designed to hold your most used recipes for easy access and separate Learned and Unlearned recipe tabs that will allow you to keep track of what recipes you still need and where to find them. Special Crafted Gear One of the major ideas behind crafting professions in Legion is that the gear you create should feel special. If we are honest, most gear we create doesn't really feel that unique, even though they are specially crafted. Examples of some crafted items that now feel super special include the Semi-Automagic Cranial Cannon that is made from gun parts and allows you to shoot bullets from your head and the Bloodthirsty Furystone Gorget; a Neck with a class specific buff that increases your run speed while worn. The idea is to make crafted pieces worth making and worth wearing. Obliterum Finally, coming in Legion is a new material called Obliterum. Obliterum it is essential to almost every crafting Profession. This demonic ash can be used to make your crafted items more powerful. To obtain Obliterum players will need to break down other crafted items at a special forge that will eventually be unlocked in Dalaran. This opens up a whole other avenue of use for old gear apart from the standard selling and disenchanting of the past. Other Profession Changes Primary Professions Not many details have been released about specific changes coming to Primary Professions. However, we got a glimpse at the future of Inscription at BlizzCon 2015 and here is what we know so far: Major glyphs are gone. Glyph as many spells as you want. New consumable: Vantus Rune. Calls out particular boss. Secondary Professions Like Primary Professions, there are likely big changes coming to each Secondary Profession in Legion. Here is what we know so far: Archaeology Be taken on expansion length campaign. Particular focus on collecting things you can use/equip. Cooking Discover new recipes using Sous Chef. Bacon. Fishing Feel more like an adventure. More exciting. First Aid Exciting bandage-related content! 2 More bandages. View the full article
  9. DBM 6.2.15 Released

    Almost all the sounds used by dbm are blizzard sounds built into wow and played through PlaySoundFile with blizzards built in path. so you can't extract them from DBM. You can extract them with a casc browser probably.   DBM only has the countdown voices and most of those with exception of heroes of storm and corsica voices are for use with DBM only by permission of recording authors. Corsica is public domain, and heroes voices are used with blizzards permission to use within another blizzard game. i suspect if you tried to use those for anything non blizzard related they might not like it either.
  10. NEWS: Legion Challenge Modes

    268569World of WarcraftMMODungeons Challenge Modes are coming to World of Warcraft: Legion. However, they will be a far cry from the Challenge Mode we are currently used to. With changes and improvements galore, Challenge Modes in the next expansion are shaping up to be one of the most interesting and fun features of Legion. Read onward to learn more about the current state of Challenge Modes and what we can expect to see in the next new WoW expansion. Warlords of Draenor Challenge Mode Currently, Challenge Mode is a pretty straightforward system designed as a way for players to revisit old dungeons and collect loot. Timed instance runs, the Challenge Modes we are familiar with today scale your gear down to ensure that the instances will still remain challenging. With three tiers of rewards, players earn better loot based on how fast they complete the zone. This is, of course, not such a bad system. However, it can feel rather redundant and dull. The dungeons never get harder, your gear is always scaled down, and to achieve the best rewards players push through the dungeon at a breakneck pace. While this may seem exhilarating at first, it quickly becomes dull with little room for variety or an increase in difficulty. Challenge Mode dungeons in Legion are set to shake up the same old routine and bring us an entirely new experience. Legion Challenge Mode Overview In the past, Dungeons have managed to fall along the wayside. Players typically do them when they are first released and they quickly become irrelevant as the expansion progresses. Thus, the Dungeon Challenge Mode was introduced to freshen things up. However, as mentioned above, it has some major flaws. Challenge Modes in Legion will hopefully deliver an engaging experience that keeps Dungeons relevant both in terms of difficulty and reward. First and foremost, Challenge Mode in Legion have been redesigned to be a true opened ended game experience that can appeal to many player types. Instead of scaling the players down, the Dungeons will be scaled up to meet the needs of the players taking them on. This will allow players to take on Dungeons at the difficulty they need and want them to be and earn rewards that match the challenge. Perhaps surprisingly, the timer remains in Legion Challenge Mode Dungeons. However, it has been far improved and simplified from the current system. This feature has been condensed into a single timer that may be considered on par with the current Silver tier seen in game now. The idea is to get rid of the mad dash to complete a Dungeon, instead the focus will be on making core Dungeon game play more epic than ever before. To take on a Challenge Mode Dungeon, you will first need to be in possession of a Challenger's Keystone (discussed below). These Keystones unlock the Dungeon for your group and provide information like how difficult the Dungeon will be and what reward you will get from it. They can also come equipped with various modifiers to keep your group on their toes. The idea here is to keep these Dungeons interesting, so that players continue to play them no matter how far into the expansion we get. Challenger's Keystone As mentioned above, Challenge Mode Dungeons in Legion will all begin with a Challenger's Keystone. How you will obtain this Keystone remains to be seen, although it may be through various world events. This Keystone points you to a random Legion dungeon and each will have a power level associated with it. The power level determines the difficulty of the dungeon you will take on and also the reward you will receive from it. The Keystone can be upgraded by beating the timer in the corresponding Dungeon. If you fail, the stone will be depleted and will be unable to be used again. With that being said, you will still gain loot for completing the Challenge Dungeon. At higher levels the Keystone throws an extra curve ball into the mix; modifiers. These modifiers are designed to keep you and your group on your toes and keep Dungeons interesting. Examples of modifiers that may come with your Keystone include: Enemies Enrage Extra Enemies Exploding Corpses Periodic Damage Challenge Mode Rewards Of course, if you are going to be doing Challenge Modes, you are probably expecting some kind of reward and you won't be disappointment. The system starts just a small step above Heroic Dungeons, meaning that almost every player can take on Challenge Modes. As you might expect, the more difficult the Dungeon, the better the rewards. Designed to compliment or take the place of raiding, the sky is the limit with this redesigned Legion feature. View the full article
  11. DBM 6.2.15 Released

    What sound files?
  12. Lua bug report

    remove DBM-Profiles, it is not compatible with DBM at all. The error is with that mod. That 3rd party mod is deprecated now that DBM has profiles built in.
  13. 266517Hearthstone: Heroes of WarcrafteSports It looks like the Hearthstone will be joining all the other major esports this year who saw massive growth in the size of their prize pools. Blizzard will be quadrupling the World Hearthstone Championships prize pool to a cool 1 million dollars. The confidence Blizzard has in their immensely popular trading card game is well founded. It's regular top five game on Twitch, with it's major tournaments pulling hundreds of thousands of viewers. Many other Esports saw a rise int he size of their championship purses this year, most notably Dota 2, whose compendium sales propelled the pool to over 15 million dollars. One can't forget the ever present League of Legends in prize pool talk. Their World Championships has a pool of over 2 million, with the winner taking home an entire million of it. You can check out the full list of details regarding the upcoming Hearthstone season on this official news release. View the full article
  14. 269811World of WarcraftMMO We've done the searching to bring you a collection of various sales and deals on your favorite MMOs and MOBAs. Below you'll find what's on sale so you know if you're missing something big from World of Warcraft to SMITE and everything in-between. We'll be updating this list as we find more deals online, but hopefully you won't be missing the valuable gifts from logging into Guild Wars 2 or the huge sale over at Neverwinter Online if those games are of your interest. Blizzard World of Warcraft is on sale for $4.99. WoW: Warlords of Draenor is $12.49 Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty & Heart of the Swarm is $9.99 ea 50% off Nearly Everything in Heroes of the Storm MMOs 25% most heroes and costumes, plus free hero/costume with purchase in Marvel Heroes. 50% off everything in Neverwinter Online Thank you gifts in gem store for Guild Wars 2 50% The Secret World ($14.99) on Steam 35% H1Z1 on Steam ($12.99) 67% Elite Dangerous on Steam ($14.84) Multiple discounts on both The Elder Scrolls Online and various items in store. Necromaner Pack introduced & several offers in Skyforge Double affinity in Warframe, plus various sales. Pack discounts (including Nightmare Tide) in RIFT 15% off PLEX in EVE Online MOBA Deals SMITE Gem Packs are on sale and monday 50% off 4 legacy chests. Daily sales in League of Legends plus double IP weekend. Dota 2 is free to play still. View the full article
  15. DBM 6.2.15 Released

    There is one for the orb spread mechanic. if ground phase and is a ranged, range 8 shows in phase 1. melee doesn't show one because melee are not valid targets for unstable orbs. if ranged are standing with melee then fight is being done wrong. as for the barrage, you can't range frame that. it's a cone that comes from the boss. there is no way to detect boss facing or location with mods. however it's also pretty obvious which way the boss is facing by looking at the giant robot so that should be enough to move.