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  1. DBM can be configured to match bigwigs in assignment locations. neither currently assign soakers though. most often go to assigned spots of boss mod then use a diff aura just for assigning those who do NOT have debuffs to give them positions.   I think today I'll just add that second part to DBM too
  2. Auto assigning groups for soaking is not something DBM does. I've had many requests to add it so I probably will though. Right now it just assigns correct locations for debuffed players (which can also be changed by raid leader as well based on preference HOW they are assigned, to also be compatible with whatever strat you are using).
  3. NEWS: Why WoW Makes a Terrible eSport

    270355World of WarcraftMMOEditorial World of Warcraft makes for a terrible eSport. Don’t get me wrong, the game is amazing at so many other things, just not as an eSport. However, this factor is a pretty big deal when you consider that Blizzard is making a huge push towards all things eSports. Just take a look at the most recent BlizzCon or their choices for upcoming games; it is all about the eSports. Why exactly is WoW lacking in the eSports department when the rest of Blizzard games are so successful? The answer can be found in a variety of reasons: Community The PvP community in World of Warcraft is passionate, dedicated, and intense. There is no doubt that those that take part in player versus player combat are serious about what they do. The problem here is that the community is very, very small. I know there will be many cries of outrage at this proclamation, but in reality; the WoW PvP community is tiny in comparison to other games. This small community severely limits the success of World of Warcraft PvP as an eSport. The more players who play, the more interesting things can be. With a very limited pool of players, things quickly become stale. eSports are all about excitement and a small community drastically limits that essential excitement factor. Composition Diversity Remember when the Heroes of the Storm team won with a team member playing Murky? Fans were skeptical and puzzled as the team took the field, but they managed to score a huge victory. It was unexpected and utterly glorious, one of those wins that will not be forgotten. PvP in World of Warcraft doesn’t really have room for this kind of diversity. Basically, there is one set team composition and you had better have it, if you want to win. Sure, you can try and mix it up a little and take something unexpected, but typically it will produce disastrous results. No matter how well you play a typically unused class/specialization, it won’t matter. The standard is set and deviation from the norm is almost unheard of. This rigid format leaves little room for the unexpected, a key point in arousing excitement in the eSports community. Lack of New Content In recent years, new content for the PvP aspect of World of Warcraft has been pretty sparse. This holds especially true when it comes to Arenas. In other games, new maps, new objectives, and other interesting additions keep things interesting. While some of these things have been implemented, PvP in WoW is sorely lacking. In the last few expansions there has been little change to the PvP scene and this does nothing to promote an exciting eSports presence. No crowd wants to watch the same team compete on the same maps over and over again year after year. Unfortunately, the PvP scene we see in game today has become rather stale in comparison to other Blizzard eSport ready games.   PvP in a PvE World Besides all of the above, PvP in World of Warcraft just isn’t the main focus. When you think of Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, or even Starcraft; competition among players is the main event. World of Warcraft is vastly different. From the very start of the game, PvP has been a side endeavor, with PvE on the front lines. With most of the focus firmly on PvE, PvP has always taken a backseat. While this isn’t a terrible thing necessarily and goes along with the formula the game has always used, it means that WoW PvP is at a serious disadvantage. Other purer PvP games have the resources devoted to them to constantly improve, change, and recreate that allows them to maintain their ability to maintain relevance and interest in the eSports arena. Not that PvP in WoW isn’t great, it just has a hard time keeping up to games solely dedicated to the PvP life.   PvP in Legion and Beyond With all this in mind, we can’t count WoW PvP out as an eSport. It has thrived so far, with an Arena event taking place at BlizzCon every year. However, the future may be sketchy as Blizzard unveils more and more games dedicated solely to PvP and the eSports community. How relevant PvP in WoW will remain will be determined on how willing developers are to improve upon the model in Legion and beyond. However, all it will take is some improved entertainment value and an influx in the community, which could go hand in hand, to keep this eSport candidate thriving well into the future. Players need to feel encouraged to play and have tournaments that feel worthwhile and also have the potential to have shocking and aw-inspiring finishes that leave us wanting more. Then and only then can WoW PvP compete with the rest of the pack. View the full article
  4. DBM 6.2.18 Released

    Key: Blue: Noteworthy, Purple: Major New Features Emerald Nightmare: Added complete mod for Ursoc with data available from heroic testing Added complete Nythendra mod with data available from heroic testing Added stub mods with only combat detection for rest of bosses in zone Suramar Raid: Added complete mod for Skorpyron with data available from heroic testing. Added stub mods with only combat detection for rest of bosses in zone Hellfire Citadel: Added new feature to mannoroth to Assign icons/yells for wrath of Gul'dan by role (TANK/HEALER/DAMAGER). This option is not on by default and must be set by raid leader only. Wrath of guldan on mannoroth will now have voice pack sounds for what mark to move to. Legion Dungeons: Added mods for all bosses in Blackrook Hold with all data available from normal testing Added mods for all bosses in Darkheart Thicket with all data available from normal testing Added stub mods with only combat detection for rest of 5 man bosses in Legion Bug Fixes Core: Some fixes to timer recovery to hopefully make it work more reliably on some cases. Fixed bug where you may get lua errors on combat end against Legion bosses. Fixed bug where range radar would throw lua errors and not work correctly with Demon Hunters in group. Hellfire Citadel: Fixed a bug on Xhul where it was warning to taunt swap before the boss was in phasing phase. Fixed a bug where HUD dot would still show for mark of legion even if HUD was disabled on mythic Archimonde Fixed a lua error for voice pack users on Blackhand mod. Changes Core: Updated to latest LibChatAnims for Legion compatability. DBM core now lets you set warning duration for on screen warnings as low as 1 second, down from previous 3 second lowest setting. Changed default countdown audio for all countdowns to begin at 4 seconds, down from 5. (mods that already use less than 4 will continue to do so) Name labels for HUD should hopefully now show up on alert circles even for names that aren't in range. Hellfire Citadel: Further refined add cancel timers on mannoroth to try to be as precise as possible on whether or not the add will come or not during a transition. Reduced yell countdown for mark of Legion on Mythic Archimonde from 5 seconds to 3 to still accomplish purpose but with less spam.   For more DBM news, visit: http://www.deadlybossmods.com For information on known issues, visit: http://forums.elitis...st-known-issues For more information on DBM features, visit: http://forums.elitis...adly-boss-mods/
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AscCWM0dOuI In This video I'm testing a mod on a boss that has never before been pulled that I drycoded before hand using only journal and spell data from wowhead. For most part the mod worked pretty well to warn for important debuffs and already had working yell countdowns and the works. The mod of course lacked perfect timers and instead used the built in AI system to try and learn some on the fly which it did but not perfectly since it's hard for ai timers to perfectly learn how phase changes reset timers and such. You can also see the debug I run in chat and transcriptor of course running to log fight to complete mod later (and the mod is complete now).
  6. 7.0 Progress Report

    Things have appeared quiet around here on DBM end but this is because work is well under way for Legion 7.0 content. Currently DBM already has full support for all dungeons and raids for pull/wipe/kill detection and basic features like range finder and other manual commands.  For raid mod support, all tested bosses so far (3 raid bosses so far) have full and functional mods. For dungeon mod support, 2 dungeons are fully supported right now. Backrook Hold and Darkheart Thicket I will start publishing test videos and then linking to the threads in this sticky so you can see my testing first hand and development process for many of raid test bosses. I'll also update this thread when I do updates and add more bosses/dungeon support.
  7. 257601World of WarcraftMMO In what has become a controversial post, it was announced today via Facebook that the Warcraft movie will open on May 10th in the UK. While this may not seem like shocking news, it becomes slightly more interesting when you consider that this is almost a solid week before the US release date of June 10th. Needless to say, many fans are not pleased with this development. It won’t be just the UK that sees this movie first either. Taking a look at the release schedule on IMDB, many countries will be privy to the movie long before the US. Countries like Azerbaijan, Belarus, German, France, Denmark, Netherlands, and Russia are all schedule to see a release on the weekend of the 26th. While it is unusual for a movie to premiere in so many other countries ahead of the US, it is not unheard of.   While many will say US fans are simply being overdramatic with their outrage; at least part of their struggle is real. You see, the internet is dark and full of spoilers and waiting a week or more after the rest of the world to see the movie could result in ruination. No one likes having the best part of a movie spoiled by some jerk on Facebook. This move could also increase the chance of the movie being obtained by illegal means. Of course, whining won’t help, all we can do is wait our turn and avoid the internet like the plague until the movie is released. View the full article
  8. 270719World of WarcraftMMOEditorial Bots. Most likely you have encountered one of these nuisances during your travels in Azeroth. Whether mindlessly farming or relentlessly spamming chat channels, bots have always been a part of the game. Even with massive bans and other preventive measures, bots are still out in full force in World of Warcraft. Of course, other games have their fair share of bots, but WoW seems to be a perpetual breeding ground for them. What is it about World of Warcraft that draws bots in like a moth to a flame? Is it lack of policing? Ease? The answer here is actually a combination of multiple factors, some big and some small. Here are some of the biggest reasons World of Warcraft seems to be totally infested with bots: Popularity is as Popularity Does Like most things in life, botting in World of Warcraft is all about the money. WoW is a popular game, even after 10 plus years, it still has several million subscribers and is being updated quite frequently. This is great news for developers, but this level of popularity also attracts bots in droves. The more players to target, the more lucrative the business for those running bots. As long as World of Warcraft keeps going strong, the bots won’t be going anywhere. Unfortunately, it will probably take the demise of the game to stop the ravaging of bots. As long as there is a trail of money to be followed, the bots will keep coming. Share and Share Alike Not only is World of Warcraft popular, it is a popular game amidst other popular games. Starcraft, Diablo, and Heroes of the Storm are all huge games that draw in massive amounts of people. Being Blizzard games, they are all set on similar platforms. This means that creating bots is simpler than it would be if these were isolated games. This also means building a bot for World of Warcraft could mean more money in general. Build one bot and be able to simply change it up to run across multiple games that are equally as popular. Sounds like a winner, doesn’t it? With Blizzard games, bots literally are in a money-making, scam-inducing, wonderland. 32-bit vs. 64-bit One of the biggest issues with bots in World of Warcraft and bots is Windows itself. Still supporting a 32-bit binary, it has been fully cracked and is easily and readily accessible. The 64-bit version of the binary has not been fully cracked. If the switch was made and 32 bit was dropped, it would kill many of the bots for quite some time. MAC bots ended when they killed 32 bits on MAC. This same treatment could produce the same results for Windows users. However, in their effort to make the game available to as many players as possible; this likely will not happen anytime in the near future. Wave Banning Also adding to the feeling of bots galore is the way Blizzard deals with them. Banning them in massive waves, this allows bot to operate for far longer and in far greater numbers than in other games. Many other games employ a system where they ban bots on a case by case basis. This takes the bot out of the game and allows for less bots to operate at one time. While Blizzard’s method works, it does make the bot problem seem bigger than it actually is. With no press release and no fanfare following the bans, it can literally feel like nothing is being done while legitimate players are being overrun. While wave bans work, it is probably not the preferred method to keep the player base appeased. The Cold Hard Truth The reasons bots continue to exist in World of Warcraft are plentiful and ever changing. The fact of the matter is, bots can and will continue to find their way into the game. No matter what preventative measures are taken, they will always find a way. There is no perfect solution or ultimate fix. They can be limited, but they can never be totally wiped out. It is the nature of the beast that bots and hackers will always find a way. Where there is gain to be had, they will always be there. Where there are games there will always be people willing and waiting to take advantage of them. All we can do is try to avoid the scams and help Blizzard get a handle on the bots by reporting any and all that we see. View the full article
  9. It's not possible to use english sounds if you are not using english client as far as I know. It uses whatever your current local is set to. Like, you cannot tell it to use a different south path, there is only one sound path.
  10. This is a global override that raid leader sets and syncs to rest of raid on pull that tells all other DBM how to behave and mark. It's setup to require raid leader do the setting, so it's uniform.
  11. That'd work yes. You just would have invalid yells from them. As long as you are raid leader. The RAID LEADER must set the role icon method.
  12. Yes it requires everyone running alpha. Even if they don't have assist because their yells won't match the icon assignments.
  13. 270624World of WarcraftMMOEditorial Alaglon, Kil’jaeden, Yogg Saron, the Lich King, and Teron Gorefiend.  What do all these names have in common? They are the names of epic bosses we have faced off against in World of Warcraft. Pitting our skills against theirs, these boss fights helped to define each expansion they were a part of. In order to be successful, Legion will need a collection of amazing raid bosses for players to defeat. Who these raid bosses will be exactly remains to be seen, but we can dream. Here are our picks for bosses we need to see in Legion: Avatar of Sargeras Legion is all about the Burning Legion and as the leader and creator of these forces, it only makes sense that Sargeras would take an interest in this invasion.  Take into account that the corpse of Sargeras can be found inside a temple in Suramar City and it further drives home the idea that we will be taking on Sargeras in Legion. Of course, being intelligent beyond imagining, Sargeras will likely not risk true defeat. Instead, we will likely face off against an avatar of the Destroyer, a mere shadow of the actual being. With that being said, even a shadow of Sargeras will likely bring about an epic battle that could define the whole expansion. This is one showdown that needs to happen, especially if we are looking to push the Burning Legion from our home. Illidan Some players may be hoping for a soppy story of reconciliation and restoration when it comes to this particular fan-loved Demon Hunter. While in the past this may have seen unlikely, it may come to pass. With our need for Illidan great, we may have to “defeat” him to redeem him and convince him to work by our side. Illidan has had it pretty rough, exiled, rejected, and then imprisoned for what might have turned out to be eternity. Now we release him and beg for his help it doesn’t make much sense that our begging would be well received. While a happy ending for Illidan may be what many of us want, it may turn out that he is beyond it. We may have to really and truly destroy this character to win the day. Either way, as one of the most memorable battles in the game, it would be an absolute pleasure to face off against this foe again. Kil’jaeden Technically we have already “defeated” Kil’jaeden at the Sunwell. However, as we all know; demons do not always remain dead. Only partially into this world, we never truly killed Kil’jaeden, we just delayed his entrance. Now, things are personal and with the Burning Legion invading; it is time to settle the score. With his previous defeat still rankling in the back of his mind, it makes sense that we will see Kil’jaeden again. He is a major leader of the Burning Legion and he has a vendetta against us. Hopefully, if we do encounter this demon lord in Legion; the battle will be as epic and memorable as the battle for the Sunwell in the past. Old Gods While we will have to wait and see what happens, I am predicting that we will see one of the various Old Gods as the end of expansion boss. While some players won’t be happy with this set up, I think it would be the perfect end to Legion. Not to mention, considering the power of the Old Gods, it will probably end up being a boss fight that will be memorable for expansions to come. Guild killer incoming?  Wouldn’t it be an interesting turn of events to find out that one of the Old Gods has been leading the Burning Legion forces. It could also be the perfect lead up to the next expansion. Maiev Shadowsong For those who took on the Black Temple, you know Maiev Shadowsong was Illidan Stormrage’s original jailor and the leader of the Watchers. After Illidan rose to power in Shadowmoon Valley, Maiev went after him with nothing but vengeance on her mind. After his capture, she freely admitted that now that Illidan was captured, she had nothing to live for. With Illidan’s release in Legion (and potential redemption?), Maiev could be pushed over the edge. With nothing to live for and her nemesis let loose, who knows what this Watcher is capable of. Would she become a renegade or perhaps join forces with the Burning Legion in her madness? All we know is that this story line has massive potential and it would be a shame not to see Maiev’s return along with Illidan. View the full article
  14. 270286World of WarcraftMMO Students at Pierrepont School in Westport Connecticut are taking the idea of Machinima to a whole new level. Using a little known theater genre known as Machinima Theater (a live-theater format inspired by the Machinima concept), these students are setting classic stories to our favorite games. This type of theater utilizes traditional theater texts as live voice over for visuals that are taken straight from the video game of the students choosing.  One such undertaking brought the tragic romance of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet to World of Warcraft. Entitled Romeoo and Julietet, this student run version of the play took place entirely in game and was projected before a live theater audience. The students have also taken on productions such as Ovid’s Metamorphoses to Halo: Reach and the Masque of the Red Dead Redemption retold in various video games. The EK Theater, as the students have titled themselves, present their works in professional theaters, conferences, and at school in and around Connecticut. Having trouble imagining WoW or an FPS set to classic works? It is something you truly have to see to believe. Check out the EK Theater's various projects and see the magic of this creative outlet for yourself. View the full article