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  1. Warlords of Draenor paladin discussion

    Didn't they say they were going to undo that change to HotR? Overall, keep in mind they haven't played the numbers game yet. Since Final Verdict is by far the easiest of the three talents, it stands to reason that both other talents have the potential to be a tiny gain. If I'm not mistaken with the above statement, then the difference between a good and a great player should become more obvious. A good player could stick with Final Verdict and pull of decent numbers. A great player could pick up Empowered Seals and pull better numbers. The thing about Empowered Seals VS Inquisition is that Inquisition is mandatory for all ret palas, whereas Empowered Seals is a talent, and thus a choice. As for the huge macro, you'd probably still macro your AW to any on use trinkets, but such macros are exactly the point why they want to scrap the additional CDs.
  2. Warlords of Draenor paladin discussion

    Holy Prism serves some use for Prot Paladins that need snap aggro. :P You can't numbercrunch EmpSeals and Seraphim as well as most other DPS increasing talents, as they are very playerskill dependant. Sure, if you're confident about pulling them off, then whichever SimC tells you is the best is the best for you. But for a lot of players this is a trap. I can very well see EmpSeals coming out on top on paper. A lot of players will then take the talent, and maybe do the better numbers on a training dummy, but lose the focus during an actual raid and drop in DPS, or perhaps fail on mechanics, because their rotation demands all their attention.
  3. Warlords of Draenor paladin discussion

    I'm not too sure about that. If there were two low skill talents, someone would math out which low skill talent was better, and people would use that, or if the numbers were close, people would be told to sim both options and base their choice upon the results. Might just as well save people the math and have only one low skill talent. We'll have to wait and see what the numbers are, but it's very likely that Final Verdict will be a solid and decent choice for most players, whereas EmpSeals and Seraphim will have a slight advantage in the hands of skilled players.
  4. Warlords of Draenor paladin discussion

    The difference between Empowered Seals and Inquisition is that EmpSeals is a choice. It's likely the best option, but not much better than Final Verdict, so people that don't want all the hassle of seal weaving don't have to bother with it, and not fall much behind. Not using Inquisition was a much bigger loss. Yeah, I remember sealweaving in vanilla/tbc. It wasn't too bad back then, but we didn't have much else to press, so it wasn't too much of a burden. Now it's a talent that adds 3 additional buttons to our rotation. Good point about haste breakpoints. Seraphim also suffers from it, as there will be haste breakpoints when your 7th, 8th and 9th button fall within.
  5. Warlords of Draenor paladin discussion

    Light's Hammer gets hit especially hard on the mana cost. Bumping up Prot/Ret mana regen won't be the solution, as it'll get very close to allowing us to spam endless Flashes of Light, which can have all kinds of bad results on PvP and perhaps some PvE encounters. It'll likely be holy only changes, else we'll be pigeonholed into Execution Sentence, since it's the lowest mana requirement. Admittedly, Light's Hammer is currently quite strong in the hands of a prot pala with a lot of vengeance, so they might not want prots to cast Light's Hammer every minute, but they could easily have resolve not affect our T90 abilities. What do people think of the sealweave talent? Sealweaving basically adds 3 spells to our active rotation, while removing none for prot and only inq for ret. It's going to be even more of a button clutter. But since it's the more skill driven talent of the three, it's likely the one ending up as the best, and then becoming mandatory to everyone that wants to perform as best as possible.
  6. Warlords of Draenor paladin discussion

    They already said they would change that. - All your own passive bonuses will stack. The bonuses will be additive rather than multiplicative, so +10% and +30% gives 140%, not 143%. - You can have any number of temporary/external bonuses, but only the strongest bonus is applied at any one time, and again the bonus is applied additive. - You can have any number of movement speed penalties, but only the strongest penalty is applied at any one time, and is applied to the total movement speed. So PoJ will stack with Boots enchants come 6.0. From the current looks of it, it's going to become a Holy Paladin only ability.
  7. To my knowledge, the chance of the set proccing scales with the HoPo invested in the move, so a 3 HoPo move has a 25% chance, wheras a 1 or 2 HoPo move has a 8% or 16% chance. This means that overall this is a clear DPS loss, as splitting HoPo up in different moves does not increase your procs, so there's no gain, while there are two losses. First, TV is simply better per point of HoPo than Harsh Words. Second, you're wasting more GCDs spending your HoPo.
  8. Warlords of Draenor paladin discussion

    I don't agree with you there. Classes as a whole, with talents and glyps included, are balanced against one another (or at least should be). It doesn't matter if class 1 has a built-in movement boost, and class 2 has to pick between 3 movement speed boost talents. They both end up with a movement speed boost. Class 1 might very well have a different row of talents that class 2 has built in, or is balanced around not having. I honestly think it's more of an issue for, say, DKs, where taking the movement speed boost is coming at the cost of something else. All paladins have a movement speed boost. DKs that want to have a movement speed boost have to give up their snare or stun. There was some more information shared by Celestalon and Zarhym, as they chatted with Convert to Raid and Final Boss. Depending on how you interpret the discussion, there's a chance that Devo Aura is gone entirely. Also, Wings might still come back for Prot and Holy, but perhaps not be called Avenging Wrath.
  9. Frost DPS 5.4 - Howling Blargh

    Ah, I should Sim my char with both rotations and see which one's better for my gear. Still, for the "mastercomplicated" rotation, If Soul Reaper is providing more DPS than Howling Blast, then there is no reason NOT to place Soul Reaper there above Howling Blast. We're using Howling Blast at 2 frost or 2 blood runes to consume a frost or blood rune, so that rune will start recharging. However, Soul Reaper consumes the exact same runes as Howling Blast, so if we're at the situation where we're capped on either frost or blood runes, it doesn't matter if we press Howling Blast or Soul Reaper for rune consumption. If Soul Reaper does more damage than Howling Blast, it should be placed above Howling Blast, not below it. Of course, if Soul Reaper deals less damage than Howling Blast, there is little point including it.
  10. Frost DPS 5.4 - Howling Blargh

    About the DW priority list: Howling Blastwith both frost or both death off cooldown Soul Reaper when target below 35% Since Soul Reaper also consumes frost/death runes, shouldn't Soul Reaper be placed above Howling Blast here? Soul Reaper is better than Howling Blast (or it would never be included in the rotation in the first place), so if we need to burn frost or death runes, and we can choose between Howling Blast and Soul Reaper, wouldn't Soul Reaper be the more senseful choice?
  11. Raid buffs do not affect our Haste softcap, since our Haste softcap is based on actual Haste, whereas the raid buffs affect meleehaste and spellhaste (neither of which is the same thing as actual Haste). Seal of Insight also affects spellhaste, and not actual Haste. (Bloodlust/Heroism/Timewarp DOES affect actual Haste, as does the Kafa Press, so if you're already close to 50%, and are affected by both, your rotation will probably change for the duration of these effects.) Since static raid buffs don't affect actual Haste, their interaction with Thok's Tail Tip is not important for the Haste softcap to reach. EDIT: Charybdis beat me to it.
  12. Frost DPS 5.4 - Howling Blargh

    Yes, it does. Blacksmith is already a strong choice due to it's versility. Engineering might still be a better choice. Note that this makes Jewelcrafting a poorer choice, as you need to use Strength gems to get the Strength bonus. If you use a Secondary Stat gem, you only get half the bonus. To clarify, assume Mastery is your best secondary stat, and it has a value of 0.6, while strength has a value of 1.0, for ease of calculating. Any profession unrelated to gems that grants 320 strength = 320 value. (Norm.) Blacksmithing using strength gems grants 320 strength = 320 value. (Norm.) Blacksmithing using mastery gems grants 640 mastery = 384 value. (Above norm!) Jewelcrafting using JC strength gems instead of mastery gems grants 640 strength = 640 value instead of 640 mastery = 384 value for a gain of 256 value. (Below norm!) Jewelcrafting using JC strength gems instead of strength/mastery gems grants 640 strength = 640 value instead of 160 strength + 320 mastery = 160 + 192 value = 352 value for a gain of 288 value. (Below norm!) Jewelcrafting using JC mastery gems instead of mastery gems grants 960 mastery = 576 value instead of 640 mastery = 384 value for a gain of 192 value. (Below norm!) Jewelcrafting using JC mastery gems instead of strength/mastery gems grants 960 mastery = 576 value instead of 160 strength + 320 mastery = 160 + 192 value = 352 value for a gain of 224 value. (Below norm!) Blacksmithing is good, since it increases your options, while Jewelcrafting is bad, since it limits your options. With Jewelcrafting, the best choice depends on the itemization score of your secondary stat, normalized to strength. If your best secondary stat is worth less than 0.666 times your strength, you always use 2x JC strength gems, preferably in red sockets where you are going for the socket bonus, but if you do not have such socket, any prismatic socket or socket where you are not going for the socket bonus will do. If your best secondary stat is worth in between 0.666 and 0.75 times your strength, you use up to 2x JC strength gems in red sockets where you are going for the socket bonus. If you do not have 2 such sockets, you use your remaining JC gems as JC secondary stat gems. If your best secondary stat is worth more than 0.75 times your strength, you always use 2x JC secondary gems, and use strength/secondary gems for the red sockets where you want the socket bonus.
  13. Long Arm of the Law has serious flaws to it: It'll make your regular movement speed quite bumpy, which can be annoying. It's part of your regular rotation, so if you need it in a bit, you need to hold back on J, and thus gain less HoPo. It's completely useless if there aren't any targets around that you can judge. I used to love PoJ, but ToT has a heavy favor for SoL, and I've grown accustomed to it now. I fail to see a situation where LAotL blinks out. It's neither meat nor fish.
  14. To my knowledge, that's not how it works. If you are a human, you can basically assume that every sword and mace in existence has 340 bonus expertise on it (assuming you're level 90). Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. Do stats really matter that much while you're leveling? As Charybdis pointed out to me, I indeed forgot about the base Strength and Agility on gear, which would raise Parry and Dodge to above 7.5%. I still don't think you should try to compensate for that with Expertise.
  15. Prot [5.4] - EF You

    I actually included that, did I not? :P But yes, GC procs will put HA ahead, though the difference in HoPo generation still won't matter too much. Considering how long SotR will trail off, you might very well not be tanking anymore by the time it runs out. Overall, I see little use for SW, unless you consider the extra healing received, but do you really need that extra healing received during 100% SotR coverage? SW might be more worthwhile in a heavy mobile fight, due to the availability of J. HA vs DP will be "Having a cooldown at your disposal" vs "Maximum HoPo generation". I prefer HA for being such a strong cooldown when I really need it, though DP might help on keeping EF at high BoG stacks.