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  1. [Resto] Mists of Pandaria 5.4

    Ok well seen as Meltty didnt respond, we have killed garrosh, after a few rooster problems and dc's etc The talent choices that I used were: Natures Vigil Soul of the Forest Trinkets: Prismatic Prison of Pride Thoks Cleave trinket I was also healing with a disc priest, solo tanking, 7 dps The first phase was all about dps prioritizing garrosh over the adds, to which when the first set of adds came out, i popped NV and continued to heal what was left by the disc.... I then also applied a Sotf Moonfire to Garrosh to help with the dps and sent out a few wraths. Using it here allows for the use in the 1st intermission phase, where you can use it on the slams, nothing special here, use it combine sotf with WG and keep rejuv up on everyone If you can tranq as well then go for it! 2nd Phase was all about mushroom placement, seen as we had 3 melee including the tank i kept the mushrooms on the raid. During the whirling corruption i would place fresh rejuvs on the melee, and i would combine a sotf with WG or even Sotf and Rejuv on the tank as he was taking a fair amount of damage, simply pop mushrooms when the range group is getting low, give them a WG and they will be fine, with the melee here is the chance to use genesis if you do not have a OOC Proc or no instant healing touch. I used my NV just before the 3rd mind control to help with them and placed a Sotf moonfire on the boss with trinket procs etc We did not get a second intermission due to the dps being high. 3rd Phase, Garrosh runs to the middle BL GG! But just before you say GG you have to deal with an empowered whirling corruption, Make sure to keep the tank up whilst you tranq (use NV) and avoid the purple puddles. Mushrooms here are a pain to explode unless you get a cloak proc. So i kept mine on the tank to explode when he got low. You kill him, the tank debuff is about to expire hug up, and explode the mushrooms again on the stacked raid. 4th Phase is just simple, handle the malice, spawn an iron star, kite the iron star into the boss properly and its game over! Overall its a great fight! If you have any questions just ask
  2. [Resto] Mists of Pandaria 5.4

    Yes please Meltty that would be very helpful if you could add a Garrosh section as well, had to adapt a few things for 10man but overall what you provided was spot on. It helped me get 28th 10man on that fight. Garrosh Tactics would be very valuable as well if you wouldnt mind?
  3. [Resto] Mists of Pandaria 5.4

    Right Guys, Seigecrafter HC = Dead! Now onto Klaxxi What tips and tricks do you have for a fellow resto druid on this fight? Talents? Glyphs? Gamestyle? The other healer that I am with is a pally just for background information.
  4. [Resto] Mists of Pandaria 5.4

    It has been a while since I have last posted here, However Its time for another question, after my guild disbanded I have been slowly drifting away from WoW in general, however my friend needed me to raid with them on Seigecrafter HC, it has been over 3 months since I last progressed on this boss, So I was very rusty in tactics and just general game play. My question is what talent choices, trinket choices etc are you fellow druids using to kill this boss??
  5. [Resto] Mists of Pandaria 5.4

    Ok here is a question. I have just started Malkorok HC progress only to find that I am getting thrashed by both a Pally and a Monk, I know that this should be happening on this fight, however I do think that we should be up there with them. Anyway, my question is, what talents, haste breakpoints and general tips would you advise on the healing, I want to sky rocket the meters I am already using mushrooms on pull and pulling just about 1mil burst healing, but then the pally steadys along about 500k solid hps for about 30-60 seconds. Any advice from those that have done this fight what did you pick, how did you change your healing style, or did you not care about the meters?
  6. [Resto] Mists of Pandaria 5.4

    With the Cleave and Nazgrim trinket having not ICD would these be taken over the PPP especially if you can reach the 13kbreakpoint without having the PPP trinket? The cleave and multistrike trinkets proc off all hots, so the more hots, the more ticks = the more procs?? Personally I will be going for 1 regen and 1 throughput trinket. The trinket from Seigecrafter and either the cleave or nazgrims depending on the fight ( if the raid are in close proximity or there is alot of stacking up = cleave) (spread out = Nazgrims) I personally do not see any use for the PPP trinket unless it is heroic warforged and even then, its still controversial
  7. [Resto] Mists of Pandaria 5.4

    Yeah I cannot remember exactly which one i tranq'd on, however the hive people, were not a problem for me till i got to level 37, i took the fae silence glyph, bash and typhoon they never got a cast off if taken care of properly. I believe i tranq'd on either 8 or 9, probs 9 though and used NV basically when ever things got a bit heated. Like hamlet has said, i wont be going back either cause it does take a long time before things start to get interesting
  8. [Resto] Mists of Pandaria 5.4

    Just got to rank 37 on PG Basically after a few attempts you are able to figure out when to use cds the ones i had available tranq NV and beserking - would save 3 treants for spam healing Learn when to use these, and then remember to use them on ever round like that so 7th 17th 27th I messed up by using my tranq on 36 instead of 37 which caused me to die, that and i was so happy to get over rank 30 that i forgot to drink oh well got my title im happy :D good luck guys
  9. [Resto] Mists of Pandaria 5.4

    So basically for progression at the start of 5.4 the only haste breakpoints that I should be looking to achieve is either the 3043 of the 13426 ( I use SotF) and with the talent choices Sotf over incarnation? I literally keep changing my mind when it comes to gemming, at the moment i am at the 13k breakpoint, spirit is at 11.5k so below the 12k minimum threshold. Went on the PTR today and realised that i completely forgot about genesis, which if you want to pump out the numbers against other healers will be used quite alot, so therefore I am confused between the two breakpoints once again. Life sucks :( And also does anyone have a table to the new breakpoints for 5.4 with SotF new buff And also ( sorry ) the mana changes to innervate. so 12k returns 60k mana, how much would 13k 14k 15k spirit return? And also (sorry again) haste breakpoints for the efflor ticks
  10. [Resto] Mists of Pandaria 5.4

    Heya, have ready virtually every page of this forum post regarding resto druids in a 10man environment for 5.4 and Im still a wee bit confused What haste breakpoint will people be going for in a 10man environment. As in will people be wanting to go for the 13kbreakpoint, but only once they have the gear with haste on rather than gemming for pure haste in every socket as spirit will still play a big part in progression. Or will people be sticking to the 3043 breakpoint until they have enough gear with haste on it to make it worthwhile If i remember rightly as I am currently on my laptop not the computer with all the gear calcs, there was only one piece without haste or two i cannot remember which makes the 13k very viable without losing spirit from gear. Spirit- With the new change to innervate what spirit target should we be looking at for a minimum of same return as what the innervate is giving us now, and what amount do 10man druids stack for progression Sorry for the long post, but it has been nagging me as the 13k breakpoint is viable but if you want to keep your spirit above 12k then you literally have to have all gear with haste on it, and when gearing up you dont really wanna pass on gear that is an upgrade but doesnt fit into your 13kbreakpoint plan Thanks