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  1. Like Water - The Brewmaster's Resource [5.4]

    Checked back here for the first time in a while and it's not so dead anymore! Hurray! Anyone care to discuss anything from what they've seen of the monk changes in WoD? Obviously it's betaalpha and all but here's my initial thoughts: I feel that haste is going to be a low priority stat for monks on most fights, with crit being roughly equal to mastery and haste much further behind. Chi Explosion looks very dumb. Soul Dance lackluster. Serenity looks ridiculously amazing compared to the other two. the guard change (guard has 2 charges) looks neat. Hopefully we see some changes to Zen Sphere, Chi Torpedo and Healing Elixirs; the talents that brewmasters barely ever take.
  2. Like Water - The Brewmaster's Resource [5.4]

    Yeah, I take 3 stacks then run out. There's no warrior in the raid group, but if there was, I'd make them drop skull banner for me during the first death from above, and not for anyone else. This would reliably allow me to kill the shredder before the fourth overload, unless nothing crit at all with ~70% crit. Usually don't get many stacks of superheated on the first shredder, but the second I tank in fire the whole time, so that does a bunch of damage at 20 stacks during DFA. @Gorbachop, I'd recommend grabbing diffuse magic if you can help it, and during the blood rage phases, use tiger's lust and sprint around soaking orbs with diffuse magic + zen meditation, seeing as the other tank is soloing it. You actually get pretty big vengeance from soaking a ton of orbs, and you can follow up with a massive guard and soak more. However, if that's not needed, rotate cooldowns so you have dampen harm, fortifying brew, and dampen harm for each time you are tanking the boss with ~10 stacks, to carry you through to the end of 15 or whatever. If you're a dangerous man, deliberately dip below 35% health, and replace jab with expel harm. When your shield is off when you are not tanking the bossyou can use glyph of targeted expulsion to spam heals on the other tank. I wouldn't recommend it if you're dying, but if the reason you're dying is because your healers are struggling, then it's something to consider doing, even if you just take the glyph on the off chance you dip below 35%, and don't purposefully allow yourself to fall that low.
  3. Like Water - The Brewmaster's Resource [5.4]

    Gorbachop, logs would help out a lot, but from the looks of it, you're pretty undergeared. Malkorok does hit hard, but you shouldn't be dying at 8 stacks if you're using shuffle and EB correctly. Most likely you need to learn brewmaster better, however, your trinkets are kinda crap which doesn't help much, nor does the lack of legendary anything. Dual wielding isn't the best either, but you don't really have enough crit for it to matter at the moment. Also the 4pc is really good for malkorok, gotta say.
  4. Like Water - The Brewmaster's Resource [5.4]

    Zikura, are you talking about normal or heroic? Are you using the sawblades and/or the superheated fire? Either way, try glyphing touch of death, and using unglyphed fortifying brew (to increase max hp) and touch of death on the third shredder. I kill the first shredder on heroic by using an agility pot, pooling 4 chi, and precasting chi wave while it is casting death from above. I'd suggest against rolling back as it takes up a gcd, if you tiger's lust yourself and stand just out of death from above you can get back in melee range fairly quickly. After that, with agi pot and death from above, you kinda just gotta pray that keg smash crits. Usually I'm at about 70% crit, but I get the occasional occurrence of NOTHING critting at all during DFA. It's very close for me, sometimes I kill the shredder before the 4th overload, but a lot of the time I get shit crits, or the dps drop horrible sawblades / no fire at all and I'll get the 4th. Doesn't help that I'm still using flex trinkets, but eh. After that I take a 4th stack, immediately snapshot Xuen with the ~280k vengeance I get, then blow the next shredder the fuck up, because you really want to kill the second shredder as fast as possible, since that's when extra overloads are going to cause deaths. The second shredder usually dies seconds after it does it's third overload. If you don't tank the second shredder, consider using Xuen for the first. Other than that, you could ask for skull banner, tricks, etc. Boss damage is largely irrelevant on siegecrafter.
  5. Like Water - The Brewmaster's Resource [5.4]

    Much of this has been covered already, but to summarize: Tanks don't die to damage, they die to spikes. Crit is more beneficial on 10m, where bosses hit for less and tank dps has a larger contribution. On 25, the damage you take is better mitigated through high haste and mastery; haste for increased energy to generate chi and purify, and mastery to mitigate even more damage. Crit is still a useful stat, and is fine to use once you've attained a comfortable level of haste, but is still not as consistent, and thus effective in 25m. However, the general rule is: Expertise (15%) and Hit (7.5%), then you can choose. Taking too much spike damage? Stack more mastery. Taking high sustained incoming damage? Stack more haste. Fine with damage intake but want to reduce it further? Stack crit up until the white hit crit cap. Want to do max damage? Stack pure crit and cheese vengeance.
  6. Like Water - The Brewmaster's Resource [5.4]

    You'd be better off gemming crit, but going for every agility socket bonus. Windwalkers like crit too, so it shouldn't be that bad. If you can, however, get Rentaki's Soul Charm. It's a really good trinket that provides a boatload of expertise, so when you swap to windwalker, you can swap it out and not have a ton of wasted expertise on your windwalker gear from when you were playing brewmaster.
  7. Like Water - The Brewmaster's Resource [5.4]

    Simmed it, I'm wrong, Dancing Steel is definitely better, the difference is very small. Nonetheless, this is consistent at variable levels of vengeance. Back to Dancing Steel it is.
  8. Like Water - The Brewmaster's Resource [5.4]

    Your math is more sound than mine, kudos, but I am not entirely convinced by your argument. While 797 agility is definitely higher budget than 200 haste, crit and mastery, it is not necessarily that good. 797 agility gives 0.63% crit Windsong gives 0.33% crit, 0.47% haste, and 0.21% stagger. I do not understand how the attack power gain from dancing steel is not relative to your total attack power. If you had 0 attack power, the 1594 ap gain from dancing steel is much more useful than if you had 1,000,000,000 attack power. For example, increasing your attack power by 1%, and increasing your crit by 0.5% is a clear choice, the attack power gives a greater increase. However, with vengeance being so variable, in a raid, the attack power gain may be vastly inferior compared to the crit. What I'm really arguing is that +0.2% stagger + 1 chi every 5 minutes > 0.3% crit and 1594 attack power is more mitigation. Dancing Steel is obviously better for damage output.
  9. Like Water - The Brewmaster's Resource [5.4]

    Windsong vs Dancing Steel (Uptimes are based from my logs, they will both obviously differ from pull to pull, but they are fairly similar). Windsong averages out to ~40% uptime, and can proc 1/3 stats. Assuming that this is fairly consistent, each proc can be said to be 500 haste, mastery, and crit. with 40% uptime, this averages out to +200 mastery, haste, and crit. Dancing Steel has 42% uptime, and gives 1650 agility, 1732.5 with stats buff, averaging out to 727.44 agility. Dancing Steel Windsong 0.58% crit (+0.25%) 0.33% crit 1360 AP vs. 0.47% haste 0.21% more stagger Now, if you're over crit cap like I am, there is little benefit, survivability wise, to crit. So we're really comparing the haste, and 0.14 energy per second (8 per minute, or equating to one chi every 5 minutes), and 0.21% more stagger, compared to 1360 attack power. If I have 200k attack power (150k vengeance + base), adding 1360 increases my attack power by 0.68%. 200k is very easy to reach in normal SoO, and heroic should be a minimum, real, on fights where it matters. The survivability gained from attack power attack power is a very small increase, only marginally increasing the healing of expel harm, chi wave, ox statue, and a miniscule amount of self shielding from our 4pc, whereas the haste and mastery is... less small. 0.2% damage This really comes down to 1 chi per 5 minutes + 0.2% more stagger vs +0.68% attack power, roughly equating to ~200 hps and a very small amount of damage Now, I'd argue that the 0.2 more stagger also benefits our self healing, from 4pc, so there's that too.. Windsong's mastery value is increased the harder a boss hits, and Dancing Steel's attack power's value is decreased the harder a boss hits (giving more vengeance, and making the increased % of attack power less and less) Example - boss hits for 100k. With windsong, I take 200 less damage. Boss hits for 300k, with windsong, I take 400 less damage. I have 100k attack power. Dancing steel increases my self healing by about 2%. I have 300k attack power. Dancing Steel increases my self healing by about 0.45% Lastly, I'm not sure how to put a specific value on having an extra chi every 5 minutes, but it's certainly good. To conclude yet another one of my ill thought out, rambling posts Windsong - 0.2% damage is smoothed out. 1 chi every 5 minutes. Dancing Steel. 1360 attack power. I'm really sorry if I've messed something up, kinda tired at the moment. What are your thoughts on this?
  10. [WW] 5.4 -Siege of the Fist

    Hi guys, I'm a brewmaster tank. 11/14h 10m. Here's armory:http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/frostmourne/notruneheal/advanced I often play windwalker for 1 tank fights, but there's not much (on heroic, that is) where we actually 1 tank anything. I've gotten quite a lot of offspec gear, since protector tokens drop like crazy. I do enjoy windwalker, and I do know the basics of it, but I have a few questions. I have Assurance of Consequence (0/2 upgraded because like I said, I'm mainly BrM). It's an upgrade over other trinkets just from it's proc, since I've had kinda bad luck. I know it's not that flash of a trinket. My problem is that I use chi brew, and with so much energizing brew, I seem to be always: Capping Energy Having 2 charges of chi brew for about 15 seconds at the start of a fight Having 2 charges of chi brew for about 30 seconds at the start of a fight with bloodlust Occasionally capping chi Having to jab when I have combo breaker procs to avoid capping energy Occasionally capping tigereye brew (!) when mastery procs lots Also, I find it very hard to use fists of fury. By that, I mean I very rarely find myself in situations where I won't be capping energy, delaying RSK, or not using combo breaker procs. It's a shame because FoF seems like it does decent damage, and the cooldown of it is 17.4 seconds with AoC. Also find it hard to actually get globals to use Chi Wave in. Should I swap to chi burst since it feels like I only manage to get it in every 25 seconds or so. Am I doing something wrong, or is this just a result of having AoC + (4pc + chi brew ) Have I got too much haste/mastery or something? The way I see it, with the 4pc, it basically means mastery = mastery + a tiny bit of haste. Also, some of my gear is gemmed for brewmaster (ie full full crit) -neck -belt -rings -staff -cape -hands -legs -feet
  11. Like Water - The Brewmaster's Resource [5.4]

    Oh, silly me. You are right about it being 315. not 300. I think Thok is really the only fight where Crit food would outweigh agi food. Maybe Garrosh too. Klaxxi its very likely that it will be stronger, assuming that you are a scorpion. Unsure on malkorok. Anyway. Will be interesting to see.
  12. Like Water - The Brewmaster's Resource [5.4]

    Hi Pisshands, thanks for the reply on the dual wield question. Wasn't quite sure if my intuition was right on that one. In terms of orc vs panda, I think that you raise some very good points which I had not considered. Overall I prefer orc, solely because it gives more secondary stats, but thanks for the explanation. I'd also like to ask where you think eating +200 crit food would beat +600 ap and 142.9 crit from eating +300 agi food If my math is right, crit should pull ahead (solely from a damage done perspective) where a tank could sustain 600k attack power (Base + vengeance) Given that crit is a defensive stat, I'm assuming that the formula for working out this would be something like (Healing +600 AP)+(Damage+600 AP)/Healing + Damage (Healing + 60 crit) + (damage+60 crit) + Elusive Brew Generation*avg boss swing / Healing + Damage Obviously this needs to be simmed, but I'm kinda guessing that around 300k ap it would be better to gain 60 crit over 600 ap. Probably less for harder hitting bosses, ie thok.