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  1. ArcheAge Tips & Guides

    source from:http://2p.com/8895757_1/Archeage-Beginner-Guide---How-to-Become-A-Pirate-by-Abbywu.htm   In the Archeage, one of the key features of this game is the open world PvP which allows us to not only fight other factions, but PK our own faction.There are four major races:Nuians and Elves share the western continent, while the Firran and Harani inhabit lands to the east. Nuia and Haranya, but you may not know much about the third default faction, the Pirates. Do you want to be a Pirate? Now, we are glad to share the Archeage Pirate Guide here.   How to be a Pirate 1.Kill people or steal in your faction as long as you get 3000 Infamy Points. The introduction of Criminal Points and Infamy points you can refer the previous article:Archeage Criminal Guide Methods to gain Criminal Points: Assault - Simply put, the act of attacking a fellow friendly Faction player in a PvP-Enabled Warzone. ( 1 Crime Point ) Murder - As it sounds, to murder someone of you're own Faction in cold blood. ( 10 Crime Points ) Theft - To steal crops that are not you're own from somebody of the same faction. ( 3 Crime Points )   What would happen to be a Pirate 1.You would expelled from your original faction and removed from your guild 2.You are the enemies of all non-pirates, which involves NPCs and Netural Guards. 3.Never can whisper non-pirates 4. Dying to PvP on the Southern Continents will land you in jail for 40 minutes. 5.While you still have access to the speciality workbenches, they are very hard to get to. 6.You can not be in non-pirate guilds, groups or raids. 7.Pirates can not claim regions and own castles on Auroria. 8. Pirates can get a one hour lasting +1% damage buff on the Pirate Island. 9. You can own Pirate Ship. 10.We are able to put our house and farms anywhere in the world, however on the continents are risk. 11. As everyone can attack you and you aren't able to attack back in the world, unless it's a PVP zone 12.There are very little questing however there is a daily quest where as you go dive for treasure. 13.Pirate Island is always at war.  
  2. ArcheAge Tips & Guides

    Everyone in Archeage will inevitably go to jail no matter to murder other players from the same NPC faction or steal plants or livestock from other players, as long as your crime points increased beyond 50 points. Once you were killed by players, you would accept a short prison sentence about over 13 hours of in-game jail time or go to court and plead case to a jury of five other players. While, most of case would be sentenced the defendant to prison.   Prison Life: There are few things you can do in the prison 1.Talk with other inmates 2.Play soccer 3.Break crates to obtain striped prison clothing 4.Dig 5.Kill rats 6.Escape Prison Break If you get bored in the jail you can escape here which is surprisingly easy. How to escape from prison in Nuia? 1.Acquire 5 spoons Click the ground of jail you can dig the key with 5% chance which would waste 1 labor point each time. 2. Find the Room to clear 5 wallpapers. Head back down into the dungeon and locate the room with the fire pit next to it.Click on the Tattered Wallpaper to uncover the Jailbreak Dirt Mound 3. Get the freedom ladder Once you’ve used your spoons to clear 5 stages of Jailbreak Dirt Mound, you will find the ladder of freedom! However, the debuff is not removed until the sentenced time is up, meaning activities are greatly limited.
  3. ArcheAge Tips & Guides

    The currency is the most important economic base in MMORPG.Sufficient game gold can enhance your character power and gain big fun from the game. Same in Archeage, you need cost a certain amount of Archeage gold to build house, ship and enhance weapons! The more money you earn, the more items your will get. In this article, we would like to share some efficient ways to earn money via gathering. Now, we are glad to introduce the new method to earn money fast in Archeage.   There are lots of valuable Archeage source in the game, today we would like to introduce the gathering ways of Archeum Crystals. In the Archeage CBT4, the unit price of Moonlight Archeum Crystals reach up to 7-8 gold. Also, the Sunlight Archeum Crystal unit price are about 2-3 gold. While, the price will be higher.     The Ways to Gather Archeum Crystals     1.Drop from monsters To kill monsters can randomly drop Moonlight/Sunlight/Starlight Archeum Shard/Dust/Crystal. With the monster level increase, the quality of Archeum Crystal would increase. So, the Moonlight Archeum Shard would drop when kill high level monster.   2.Integrate the items In the Archeage, the items drop from monster can be sold and integrated as well. With the different of Items level, to integrate it can acquire different Archeum source. The green armor under 38 level only can integrate to a Moonlight Archeum Dust, and the weapon can integrate to a Sunlight Archeum Dust, the Jewelry can integrate to Starlight Archeum Dust. While, the blue items can get two dust.   3.To Plant Archeum sapling You can plant Archeum Tree to acquire Archeum Crystal. To purchase Archeum Sapling from Mirage Isle woulc cost you 3 Gilda Star.    
  4. ArcheAge Tips & Guides

    As we all know, Archeage is a huge online game, one of the most important transportation is using ship.To cross the sea to finish the business and do quest, you need to build ship which will allow you to travel faster. What’s more, some ships can add bonuses when you are under attack. Similar to build a house, you need collect blueprint, materials and money. There are different style you can chose. Today, we would like to introduce the most powerful private ship Black Pearl. This ship imitate the appearance of the Pirates of the Caribbean’s Black Pearl, the performance is very good. With the average small sailboat,it is indeed the most sailing ship in Archeage. Let's look at the basic features of the Black Pearl.     Black Pearl Features 10.3m/s  8 Cannons 6 Aqualungs 4 Trade package Slots Sextant that allows the player to see any ships on the map in the nearby area (1000 m)       Building Black Pearl Requirement: 1. To Collect 55 Black Pearl Blueprint (drop by pirate boss above level 40) 2. 100 x Wood, 100 x Iron to build Construction Platform 3. 5 x Pack Tree,5 x Pack Iron, 5x Cloth Where can we find the Black Pearl Blueprint? As for now, the Black Pearl Blueprint would be the most expensive items in ArcheAge Auction House. One piece of Black Pearl fragment can sell out at 200 ArcheAge Gold. Each guild want to have a Black Pearl Ship which is the best. There are 14 locations you can get Black Pearl from Boss, now we would share the drop location here:   Kyrios Disciple Klei Level: 35 Wandering Captain Kingston Level: 35   Shy Denly Level: 35 Dahuta Slave Belucci Level: 40 Elite / Demon   Umbras's Spirit Level: 35 Elite / Demon Nesah the Witch of the East Level: 40 Elite / Human Golden Goblet Leader Denslow Level: 40 Elite / Humanoid Brainwashed Tutor Evelyn Level: 40 Elite / Humanoid Brainwashed Butler Heinmann Level: 40 Elite / Humanoid Brainwashed Tutor Evelyn Level: 40 Elite / Humanoid Metal Golem #29 Level: 40 Elite / Machine Senior Knight Albert Level: 40 Elite / Humanoid Knight Captain Herbert Level: 40 Elite / Humanoid Ventix the Stormwhorl Level: 40 Elite / Elemental
  5. ArcheAge Tips & Guides

    Today, we would like to share the expert players’ experience of playing ArcheAge. These tips would help know more about ArcheAge.   1.Labor Point play a very important role in ArcheAge which used for pretty much everything we do in the game, especially for gathering and crafting. If you are away from the keyboard for a while, don’t log out and please choose a safe place. 2. Gathering ore is one of the fastest method to earn ArcheAge Gold if you have rich labor point. As for now, there are two places for newbies to collect ore:Arcum Iris – Granite Quarry and Solis Headlands. 3. If the quest shows you can turn in early, it means you can overachieve it 9.5 times out of 10.You need to complete the objective 150% to get Overachieve.So if the quest stated to kill 10/10 you would need to kill 15/10, then you can get more XP and Loots. 4. Some players would wonder how to get rich labor point? You can own a house with a special bed, sleeping allows to recover labor faster ad also applies a special buff that allows to work more effective. 5. You will get quest at level which gives you the first glider and mount. It is completely free and not a hard quest. 6. You should know whatever the environment, you must harvest all Iron ore, plants you see which are ready to be chopped down. To build house, boat,farms and glider all need plenty of wood, iron materials and Archeage gold. Don’t hesitate to collect all! 7.To do the main stroy line is the easiest way to get Gilda Stars which is the currency to exchange the blueprint for building construction. The other way to get Gilda Stars is making cross-continent trade. You can use some gold to get basic Gilda Stars for Boat and house. 8.You know, there is crime system in ArcheAge. If you reach 50 Crime Points value, at the time you were killed by any other players that you would put into Trail. So, if you want to steal other players’ farms you should look for the illegal farms which placed on the outer of each zone using in hidden cracks and hillsides. You can get a lot of resources or profits at the right time.
  6. Last article we have introduced the new map of Wildstar Blighthaven, there are lots of interesting and new content in the recently Strain Update. There are 15 rare mobs you can encounter while adventuring through Blighthaven. After experiencing all rares, you can complete the achievement “I LIKE IT RARE:BLIGHTHAVEN”. The most attractive thing about Rare Mob in Blighthave is that will drop unique items. Armed with this type of items will give you a new imbuement task.   So, there is a player made a map for Blighthaven and Rare Mobs so that we can easy to finish the adventure fast. http://i.imgur.com/mn8YwMD.png     Source from: wildstar.mmorpg-life.com The Bumbler: Coordinates: 1299, -5028 Level 50, 163, 5k HP. Probably the easiest rare in Blighthaven to kill. Drops small mushrooms that explode when you come close to them, performs frontal cone telegraph Flurry of the Buzzbing.   Aeroth the Sentinel Coordinates: 1657, -5503 Level 50, 156k HP. Has similar attacks as his not so lethal friends Gilded Archguardians. Although his melee attacks are not so lethal, in combination with his telegraphs, like Cull (frontal cone) and Swirlwind (AOE around Aeroth the Sentinel with frontal push), they can be deadly.   Wretch the Impure Coordinates: 2037, -4752 Level 50, 158k HP, infested version of Aeroth the Sentinel. It has strong ranged attacks. They become more deadly in combination with Eliven buff (Increases Critical Strike Chance by 25%). Range telegraph Infestation (small circle under players feet) and Swarm Storm (frontal cone) are some skills you should be careful about as well. Gnarly Hookfoot Coordinates: 2312, -5315 Level 50, 158k HP, similar to Radical Hookfoot. His telegraphs are extremely deadly. Move away from them as soon as possible. They come in form of frontal cone telegraph (Life Leech), circle telegraph under players feet with chance of expanding (Caustic Leap) and so on. Radical Hookfoot Coordinates: 2805, -5388 Level 50, 158k HP, similar to Gnarly Hookfoot. Has same behavior and attacks as Gnarly Hookfoot. Make sure not to take them for granted. Dramatic Skug Queen Coordinates: 2667, -5661 Level 50, 169k HP, rather large and funny looking creature. Has series of telegraphs that it likes to cast a lot: Add Splash (large AOE around him, with only a few spots to hide in), Royal Offense (large frontal cone), Sticky Spit (small frontal cone, it can debuff player with 45% reduced movement speed). Avoid Sticky Split at any cost, it makes moving away from other telegraphs a lot harder. Soultaker Coordinates: 2455, -5213 Level 50, 153k HP, rather unique and cool looking rare mob. It has ranged attacks and telegraphs. Most of them are large circular telegraphs cast near player’s location. Soultaker can also mess up the player’s movement controls making it extremely hard to avoid other damaging spells Bogus Fraz Coordinates: 2376, -5682 Level 50, 156k HP, infected version of Soultaker. It also has circular telegraphs. Telegraphs like Ethereal Emission (instant circle around him), Flux Fusion (couple of circles with mob splitting up into Fusing Fraz versions of him and spawning on those circles). Gnashing Cankertube Garr Coordinates: 2850, -5591 Level 50, 164k HP, melee crocodile looking rare mob. Gnashing Cankertube Garr has no telegraphs (or at least he refused to cast them on me). Instead of telegraphs he has rather strong melee attacks. Kill or die is his tactic. The Stump Coordinates: 2173, -5782 Level 50, 164k HP. Type of creature you might have had a chance of meeting in the starting zone areas. Don’t get fooled by his looks, this is one powerful rare mob. It is crucial to stay away from his telegraphs. Telegraphs like: Growing Purge (frontal cone), Root Eruption (AOE circle around him), One with the Earth (number one telegraph for avoiding, it has two shapes that he casts around him, move far away from him as he cast the first one), Ancient Spores (many small circle telegraphs around players location) and more. Fool’s Gold Coordinates: 2690, -6371 Level 50, 188k HP, large stone elemental type of a creature. It is hard to notice him, as he has almost the same color as his surroundings. Standing in his telegraphs more then a second will take you to the point of no return. Explosive Debris telegraph attack can almost one shot players. He can also knockdown players making it hard to dodge telegraphs. Some other telegraphs you should be aware of are Maelstrom (AOE Circle around him) and Rock Swipe (frontal cone). NG Protector One Coordinates: 2299, -6288; 2470, -6418 Level 50, 132k HP and 38k Shield. This Eldan looking creature has powerful melee attacks and even more deadly Telegraphs. Telegraphs like Homing Missile Salvo (circle telegraph that is cast on players location), Acrobatic Dash (frontal cone charge), Energy Storm (large number of circle telegraphs that are cast in short period of time at different locations around player)… Keep in mind that this rare mob can get into a conflict with nearby 5+ mobs, thus leaving you without loot as they can do more damage than you and having the system deny you of kill credit. Marmota Coordinates: 3144, -6762 Level 50, 158k HP, white and funny looking creature with his large teeth. Has strong melee attacks and telegraphs. Standing in the area of his underground attack will one shots players. Not so lethal, but also to be avoided, telegraphs are Playful Mauling (frontal cone) and Carnage (frontal cone) Ruga the Ageless Coordinates: 3521, -6036 Level 50, 169k HP, large turtle looking creature. Found on top of a tall hill. You can climb to this location from the west. Tends to cast large telegraphs that take time to complete and are easy to avoid. Watch out for spells like Violent Roar (frontal cone), Rumble and Shake (AOE around him) and others. Lightback Coordinates: 3916, -5689 Level 50, 188k HP, large turtle looking creature with large crystals as part of his shell. You can find him at this location between two rather tall boulders. His melee and range circle telegraphs are easy to avoid. Grace Coordinates: 3811, -5793 Level 50 with only 44k HP. Grace is found around Grove of Hope. Grace has the lowest health pool of all rare mobs found in Blighthaven. Reason behind is that Grace might only spawns when there is an attack on the nearby Grove of Hope, but I was not able to confirm this.
  7. Thread of Ultimate Stupidity

      After the Wildstar Strain released, we finally can enter into the new map Blighthaven.What’s new characteristic of this map? Now, we are glad to introduce the new Blighthaven.
  8. Source from: http://www.wildstarstore.com/news/43--analysis-for-dps-and-tank-classes-in-wildstar-halls-of-the-bloodsworn Halls of the Bloodsworn is a 10v10 PvP map in Wildstar. The previous article we have detailed introduced this maphere. Most of players are keen on challenging this PvP map, so we are glad to share the experience of DPS and TANK classes in Halls of the Bloodsworn. Before we enter into this map, we should prepare two necessaries.   1. To practice more in Practice Grounds,  2.To prepare a whole LV. 50 PvP blue suit. It is the basic necessary in battleground! DPS Classes in Halls of the Bloodsworn   * Warrior is very aggressive type of DPS class which has high explosive damage. If you enter into this battleground to use Rampage without great PvP equipments, you would feel frustrated. The Warrior would better focus on the light armor class or the healer, as you know, the high damage means week viability. Therefore, you need the powerful Healer to match with you.   * Spellslinger, almost every player would choose DPS Spellslinger although it need your smart operation. The characteristic of Spellslinger is long-distance attack and high damage. The Flash Freeze which prevents movement for 4s, and the Assassinate can deal amazing physical damage to a foe. As for my personal experience, i think Spellslinger need to speed lots of time on Practice Grounds.   * Stalker: Please choose Tether Mine, or else nobody would be afraid of you. The behind or in stealth damage of Impale is very high, even though the Tank can’t bear it.While, the disadvantage is that only for 1 foe, the ability in group fight is feeble.   * Engineer: The DOT of Engineer is incredible, it is a good forward. Especially, you should pay attention Electrocute which has a slender electricity, it has high damage and long distance. If you are a DPS Engineer, you should choose some attributes to increase viability.   TANK Classes in Halls of the Bloodsworn   * Engineer: It is the most common Tank in Wildstar, which has various assistance skills. Such as, Unstable Anomaly,Unsteady Miasma,Particle Ejector,Cook Red,Obstruct Vision and so on.We can adjust the skill build in according with the opponents’ skills.If you play as a main Tank, it has high resistance and endurance, but the weakness is the poor movement ability.   * Warrior: There is less people play as Tank Warrior due to the powerless attack. While,the skill of Grapple, Power Link and Defense Grid,Flash Bang are great. The DPS warrior sometimes can play as TANK Warrior as well,because the high damage are easy to output. As for now, the specific Tank Warrior is less. So, to choose Warrior as the vice-Tank would be good choice!
  9. In the Practice Grounds' 10 vs 10 combat, a group of team at least need 3 healers otherwise it  will cause great disadvantage to your team. Well, how can Esper play the role of healer in a group? Now, this is the Esper Healer Build:     As a healer in PvP, your quest not only is healing, you should the ability to control enemies and enhance the viability of your allies. These two aspects you can use some control skills as auxiliary.   Build Analysis: Skill 1 can move to heal and regenerate Psi. Skill 2 is the powerful single healing skill for Esper. Skill 2 and Skill 8 can help you one player has full blood life under three people attacks Skill 3,4,5 belong to the control skills which can assist allies. For example,to help player attack enemies and steal mask. Skill 6 is powerful AOE healing skills, most treatment 10 people. Skill 7 not only can cause damage but also can heal, and it can regenerate Psi. Skill 8 has additional shield to absorb damage, it is very strong powerful!     SOURCE FORM HERE MORE WILDSTAR CLASSES GUIDE YOU CAN GET!
  10. Source from: http://www.wildstarstore.com/news/31--wildstar-150-exile-and-dominion-level-up-guide   Here we are glad to provide the simple 1-50 Level up guide for WildStar players. As we all know, there are two factions we can chose, different choice has different experience. In this article, the blue words stand for Exile/ red words stand for Dominion / Orange word stands for the two factions in the same place.   1-3 Level: Exile Arkship / Dominion Arkship Basically, you just do the easy newbie quest and similar with the operation   3-6 Level: Everstar Grove or Northern Wilds/ Crimson Isle Levian Bay The Exile starts from a a frozen and snow-covered land and the Dominion starts from hot wilderness. Do you want go to the good scenery and more trees place? So, don’t leave the Arkship urgently, back to the to the platform find another ship. In addition that you can enter into PvP area Walatiki Temple join 2v2,3v3,5v5 combat when you upgrade to level 6.   6-14 Level: Celestion or Algoroc / Deradune or Ellevar After acquired level 10, you can use the Tradeskill and learn skills. At 14 level, you can purchase the space land to build your house. In WildStar, housing system would be the most important system, you should pay more attention to build it!   14-22 Level: Gleras/ Auroria As for now, the two factions player can arrive at the real capital in Nexus Star. 15 Level can unlock two PVE Adventures (Hycrest Insurrection & Riot in the Void) 20 Level can unlock a PVE Dungeon (Stormtalon's Lair Ruins of Kel Voreth)   22- 29 Level: Whitevale The new mount Hoverboards can be use at 25 level. The new PVE Adventures War of the Wilds unlock!   29- 35 Level: Farside New PVE Adventure Slege of Tempest Refuge unlock at Level 30   35- 42 Level: Wilderrun The World Event (Main) starts at 35 Level New PvE Dungeon (Skullcano) released at 35 Level New PvE Adventure Crimeloards of Whitevale released at 40 Level   42- 46 Level: Malgrave The Last PvE Adventure The Malgrave Trail released at 45 Level   46 - 50 Level: Grimuault The PvE Dungeon Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden would release after your get full level.
  11. In the WildStar, there are six classes we can choose and each class can focus on DPS. While, the development still divide six classes into Tank and Healer. Esper, Medic, Spellslinger can be a Healer, and Enginner, Warrior can be a Tank. Before your character acquired at 15 lvl, no matter you are a Tank or Healer is insignificant. After you level up to level 15, to be a Healer would help you upgrade fast in PvE. Well, we would introduce the DPS Build and Heal Build for Esper in PvE. Hope this guide can help you chose your ideal first WildStar Class. Esper Race Available: Human, Aurin, Cassian, Chua  Roles: DPS or Healer Weapon: PSY-BLADE Armor: Light Resource Skills: Focus and Psi points Main Features: Moxie (DPS), Healer (Insight) Solo Ability: Medium Farm Wildstar Gold ability: Medium   Wildstar Esper DPS Build   Esper Ranged DPS Build Esper Melee DPS Build   As you can see, the different between ranged dps build and melee dps build is about Telekinetic Strike and Psychic Frenzy.   Telekinetic Strike is the most basic ability you should choose in your ranged build. The 30 meter range will almost always guarantee the ability hit multiple targets in any PvE scenario which rockets it's effectiveness with multiple chances , exponentially increasing DPS by transitioning to less builders and more finishers. It is great for your Esper Solo PvE and group PvE veteran dungeons. Psychic Frenzy as just mentioned is the melee builder and it allows you to create 3 spectral blades that you can attack with. Along with the multiple tap change, came a very solid increase in damage to the skill. This skill would great for you solo PvP and small group PvP arena. The mobility and damage of Psychic Frenzy make it is the necessary in PvP. Crush: The dungeon boss needs to be interrupted that where Crush comes in, and in PvP you might want to get away from enemies so knockdown is great way!   Wildstar Esper Healer Build   Mind over body is a great skill which can heal youself and allies within 30 ranged. Meanwhile it would regenerate Psi Point.This way is fast keeps the tank HP pretty high for sometime and gives you enough time to heal the low HP player. Bolster is a pretty skill that Esper Psi point builder in the game, not a particularly powerful heal though. It’s instant and generally in a PvE and PvP environment keeps your health and Psi Points topped up. VIEW FULL WILDSTAR ESPER DPS AND HEAL BUILD
  12. Source from: http://www.dpsvip.com/ffxiv/news/377--the-qa-about-final-fantasy-xiv-zodiac-weapon-in-patch-22   Although Zodiac Weapon Story has upgraded in FFXIV Patch 2.2, there are still lots of newbies and return players have question about this quest. So, we arrange this article to help you. There are any question you can leave your message on the bottom, we are here 24 hours online.   Q: Should we have Zenith Relic to farm Atmas? A: Absolutely yes!  There are 12 Atmas you need to have. The quest of Zodiac Weapon need you arm with Zenith Relic (IL90) to farm Atmas. If you have the IL80 relic weapon, you can’t get any atmas.   Q: As long as we finished the FATE that we can get Atmas? A: Well, the drop of Atmas by chance. Sometimes all teammates changed in around, you still can’t get Atmas. So, to be a better man. God bless you!   Q: I have collected 12 Atmas, why NPC didn’t allow me accept the quest? A: You should enhance your Zenith Relic (IL90) items to Atma Weapons so that you can continue the quest to get Zodiac Weapons.   Q: Each book costs 1500 tomestones of Mythology, it is hard to collect 9 books! A: Please accept dungeon quest as much as possible. For example The Stone Vigil anD The Lost City of Amdapor. Of course, you can purchase it either. Q: Zodiac Weapon would better than Bahamuts weapon in the future? A: As for now, Bahamuts weapons is the most powerful in FFXIV. But the development team promise that enhancing Relic Weapon will always goes on. All in all, it shows great potential! Q: What’s the different between Zenith Weapon and Atma Weapon? A: Different class has different weapon, as you can see, the properties are the same. But Item Level and appearance are different.