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Posted 18 June 2010 - 05:48 PM

Post: Shadowpriest Theorycraft 3.3 Edition - I get by with a little help from my friends
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Original Post:

First My priest has basically the cookie cutter but i was wondering why not to take shadow affinity? Granted its not easy to steal agro anymore if not impossible but even taking that away but without it, is it still impossible to steal agro?(if this is the case then i can respec those three points.)

You already have 30% aggro-reduce through Shadowform, so with hunters, rogues and normal tanks it's impossible to steal aggro.

is it really necessary to take Improved shadow form. Iv always seen this as more a PVP type ability since in raids i find other then moving out of fires and or other "bad" things on the ground that my dps does not really get interrupted all that much.

There are some fights, where you take dmg regardless of what you do.
I think Sindragosa with the frost-aura is one example, although I'm not 100% sure.
With Improved Shadow Form + Concentration Aura you get 100% less pushback, so you lose no Mindflay-ticks.
Also the Movement-part of Fade can be sometimes good. (Valithria Dreamwalker if a Frostvolley gets through)

also i just got to trying the rotation you suggest here not to do SWP until you have the 5 stacks but iv only seen a minor dps increase which yes is still an increase but i was hopeing for more.

It my be not much, but the 5 stacks count for the whole fight. So if you get SWP up with only 3 stacks, it deals roughly -4% over the whole fight, which is a decent amount. Also you don't lose anything by waiting for 5 stacks if you use the opening sequence of the OP.

whioch leads me to my second part of this question. I am fairly well geared(T10ish equipment) good haste decent crit and over 3000sp when self buffed and currently way over hit cap.
But i have seen shadow priests under geared compaired to my character and able to do as much or more dps then me.

On the heroic dummy i hit 4300 dps. So my one theory is my characters lack of Spirit which is not all that high at the moment but even then when i saw another shadow priest do just as much as i could with 2-300 less spellpower half my crit and way less then half my haste i thought id see if i could find some help maybe give some advice to where im going wrong.

Get T10 4p bonus! That is a huge DPS-Increase.
Use the tailoring-enchantment for your cloak. (Lightweave)
Use a runspeed-enchantment for boots.
Also gear is not everything!

Here we come to some basic skill-questions.
Do you clip Dots?
Do you clip Mindflay?
Are there longer downtimes on your Dots?
Do you have high latency? (shadows suffer more severe from it due to channeling)

Other than that, I would not recommend Spirit, since it's not as good as Crit or Haste.
For manareg use your Fiend and if necessary or possible due to breaks Dispersion.
You also have too much Hit (which you said yourself). Draenei-Priests only need 10% = 264 Hit (if I remember correctly).

Hope I could help.

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