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Warning for Elcher: 4. Whining in any form is forbidden.

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Posted 12 July 2010 - 04:47 PM

Post: Cataclysm Hunter Changes
User: Elcher
Infraction: 4. Whining in any form is forbidden.
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Administrative Note:

Message to User:

Are you in the beta? If so, please back up your statements with personal experience. If not, please don't make guesses about how you think things will work. The expansion isn't finished yet. I know you want the hunter class to be the best it can be, and I respect your passion. Please make sure you're contributing rather than speculating though.

Original Post:


You come off very pessimistic to me. The situation you describe is nothing special for hunters, any class that is focused will be locked down to some degree, also the comparison you are presenting is flawed/unfair. You mention warriors getting healed when being critted, thats not an inherent trait of being a warrior, and neither of us know if that will stay in cata. So you are looking at what the others can do today, and comparing it to your very pessimistic view of what a hunter will be able to do in cata. Even though I just mentioned that the talent trees you've seen are gone, finito, lost in the void, you are referring to them for how things work. Since the focusreduction talents have been put in the trees for the cata change, they are designed around the 51 point trees, and, most likely, they will be among the easiest talents to cut to reduce the treesize. Since they reduce the cost of an ability they might as well reduce the abilitys basecost and balance the trees around something else. Remember they had to fill up the trees balanced around the amount of points we have, not the other way around. Now we have fewer points so they can remove some of the fillers and just apply them directly - perhaps as a part of the specialization choice "and reduces your [insert signature shot] by X focus" poof, only one spec can get each reduction, poof gone are useless talents, poof trimmed tree. They did say that they will be removing the talents that everyone has anyway because they are mandatory first - I can't see any (serious) player in either of the 3 specs not picking up the focusreduction talent for the signature shot, can you?.

Im only pessimistic because I saw what happened to the DK class - Too strong at the start and then slowly nerfed.
I dont want this to happen to Hunters the other way around.

About the whole "Warrior comparison" :
It was just an example of how Warriors "would have it better" , if you ask me Second Wind is a talent with flavour and thus a maybe for Arms warriors (pvp).

You also dont seem to fully grasp what I meant by being focused : When focused I meant that having to move right then and there, most of the time due to a melee battering on you, most of the time that melee is then focused, meaning I would have to move anyways in order to do damage.

The only option I would have to gain focus in such a scenario would be to target a ranged/healer and steady shot him/her while eating big chuncks of damage from the melee alone or from both, depending on skill. - this doesnt seem like a viable concept to me, you disagree, fine; but I still fail to see what a hunter is supposed to do when he/she reaches around 20 Focus and is being focused. Maybe Lay traps, flare, mark and then wait another second to fire an arcane shot?
Doesnt seem too viable to me, seeing as one is able to do this every 28 seconds as MM (pvp set bonus).

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