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Funny uses of our abilities

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Posted 16 July 2010 - 03:51 PM

Hello fellow priests,

I think that our class possesses several spells and abilities that can be used cleverly to obtain some funny results.
Obviously I'm thinking about the already famous Leap of Faith that we may get at Cataclysm, but there are other interesting spells like Levitate, Mind Control, or Mind Vision.

I'm curious about how you make use of these, and more precisely about the ways you use it for fun.

I'd be glad to hear your thoughts about it, so that I can check off and gather the nicest ideas.

Let's start :

Mind Control (MC):
- MC an enemy player to make him drown (yes, that is mean). I've performed it successfully in the lake in the middle of the Arathi Basin Battlground. My target was pursuing me in the water and I put him to low hp, then MC'ed him and made him swim to the bottom of the lake. He didn't make it on time to catch air before dying.
- MC an enemy player to make his allies kill him. This can be done easily if you know some friends from the opposite faction. Usually I go to the entrance zone of a popular dungeon, and MC an enemy player, while asking a friend from the opposite faction to attack this player as soon as he becomes MC'ed. This is quite frustrating for the enemy player, because he cannot get his revenge since the man who killed him belongs to his faction.
- MC an enemy player to heal/buff him. When your opponent is MC'ed, you can cast an instant spell on him, causing the end of the MC but still having the proper effect on the target. I sometimes put a Renew on an enemy target who was about to die in a PvP situation, hopefully saving his life. If their are some friendly healers around you, they can put your MC'ed target to full life before the MC breaks, too. That can be funny if you want to help a player from the opposite faction to kill some players from your faction.

Leap of Faith (LoF):
- Valkyr: easy mode. Of course this remains to be tested, but the idea is to put the Valkyr phase of the Lich King encounter into easy mode. During this phase, all dps focus the LK, ignoring as many Valkyrs as there are some priests with there LoF available. When the Valkyr drops the her poor victim at the edge of the plateform, the priest casts LoF on him, saving his life. Could be useful to kill LK in hard mode at lvl85 for those who couldn't do it before.

Again, any good ideas are very welcome. If you have funny names to give to your ideas, it would be even better (so far I haven't done it for mine, though)

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